Thursday, April 30, 2009

Power Tools

Love of my life is at work. He told me that I could not use the skill saw. He is afraid that I will cut my fingers off. How condescending can he get? I am not an idiot and I take more safety precautions than he ever thought of. This from someone who accidentally cut his forehead with a CHAINSAW! In answer to my first question after he finally confessed what he had done... No, he was not wearing any eye protection!!

I moved the refrigerator last week and want to put cabinets in it's place to increase my counter top. We have some cabinets in what used to be the dining room along one wall. I have measured and I already knew they would need to be altered to fit. As I already mentioned I am not an idiot. It is all a math problem; not that much different from sewing. Well, he made the mistake of telling me that this little project would have to wait until fall. Like I would be satisfied with that!

He is due home in about an hour and I am proud to announce that I found a skill saw and have taken apart and rebuilt the base cabinet to fit my area and all I need to do is put the shelves back in and the doors back on! And I still have all my fingers...and toes! I wore shoes and safety glasses! I do have to admit that I think I may have pulled a muscle in my neck, but he doesn't read this and I am not telling him that part......

Today is cloudy and periodically misting rain. I did venture out to see all the little seedlings popping through the dirt in my garden. I love this time of year. I spent all day yesterday weeding flower gardens. Everything is so wet that you can hear the ground sucking up the water. Makes weeding really easy. I like to pull the weeds and grass by hand. There is something so satisfying about pulling the roots and all up. I thought I had only been at it for a couple of hours, but I weeded for six hours and my muscles were screaming last night. I swear I had a charley-horse in my butt!

Guess I should cook something. Wonder if he will notice the cabinet base?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trash Day

Tuesday is the day the truck comes out to empty the dumpster. I usually try to get all the waste baskets emptied and get it all out there so that I can start the week with empty cans everywhere. I do not know what happened this past weekend, but the dumpster was overflowing. We weren't that busy, but it looked like we had had a three day holiday with a full campground. I suppose everyone was spring cleaning........

So I put off doing the big cleaning job in the rest rooms. I was gone all morning and most of the afternoon and decided to tackle the necessary cleaning. Boy, that put me in a foul mood. It rained buckets all day yesterday and I didn't even check them. I should have. The lights were on and the toilets were disgusting. How hard is it to flush the toilet? The men's room toilet had apparently been used as an ashtray as well as not having been flushed. Makes me wonder if this is how these people live at home. Why did I think owning a campground would be fun?

From there I went to check my garden. Shouldn't have done that either. First was the pile of dog poo in the grass and then the dog tracks through my vegetable garden. I know who did it, but what can I do? I am tempted to take the poo I picked up along with all the poo I can find in my back yard and deposit it on the steps of their RV. They aren't here at the moment or I would go over and ask if they saw anyone in my garden while I was gone. I have been known to grab a handy-dandy WalMart bag and chase people who I see let their dog do his business and not bother to clean up the mess........ but I didn't see this happen, so they have deniability. I don't think that is a word, but we all know what I mean.

I went for my annual pap-smear and breast exam today, so already the day is not fun. I try to get this done at least every three years or so. I know, I know. I do realize how important it is, but life gets in the way. The worst part of the whole thing is stepping on the scales. I hate to be reminded that I now weigh 50 lbs more than I weighed full-term pregnant with twins. I just don't know how that happened. I do enjoy food, but I don't eat that much. In fact I didn't eat at all today until I got home. You know you weight a lot less if you starve yourself before they weigh you, right?

I had three messages upon my return. A pipe line is being built not far from us and I have had groups of surveyors staying here on a monthly basis. Now the workers are coming and will use every full hook-up site I have and will be here from 6 to 9 months. I am thankful for the steady income it will provide. They are due to begin pulling in any day now. The calls are from the frantic ones who waited until the very last minute to book a site. The phone call I just took went like this........ "Have ya'll got any campsites?" asks the good ole boy from Texas. Unable to help myself, I said, "Well, yes, that's what I do here." Fortunately he had a sense of humor and started laughing. All I could do as put him on a waiting list in case someone cancels. I am charging them my normal rate for a monthly. It didn't occur to me that I should inflate my rates. The campground a few miles eats of me is doing just that and charging over twice my rate. I wonder how many will be return customers if they find themselves working in this area in the future. I feel so noble.

Now that I am finished patting myself on the back I shall venture on to the rest of the trashcans ans rest rooms to see what I can gripe about...............I am confidant there will be something.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Orange Juice Anyone?

I lie here in my bed on the edge of sleep, trying to remember my dream. I could hear the gentle rain outside the window and the curtains billowed out now and then with a gentle breeze. I am so glad it is Monday and I am happy that it is raining. The dream comes back to me..... I was peeling an orange. It seemed to take forever as I meticulously peel the rind, then all of the white pith. Then I slowly separate each segment; all the while my mouth is watering. Just as I finally am bringing a portion to my mouth....I wake up. Now I want an orange in the worst way.

I like oranges, but I like other fruits more. My goal this morning was to get an orange. I almost went into the local grocery, but their produce is hit and miss with the freshness factor, so I settled for orange juice. It was good, but nothing like I imagined the orange in my dream would have been. Anticipation............

I am so glad for the steady rain, so good for my garden. But, most important, it will keep love of my life inside until he goes to work. I need only to look at him to see how tired he is. His 'part-time' job is taking it's toll on him. He works the evening shift and gets home before midnight, but seldom gets to sleep that early. Spring is our busiest time of year. All the repairs have to be done and there is little I can do to actually help. To test my patience to the limit the manager schedules him 40 hour weeks now. She knew when she hired him that he only wanted 24 hours a week and that weekends are our busiest time. He has worked at least one day of the last 8 weekends. I have never met the woman, but did call one time when Drew was so sick he couldn't stay far from the bathroom for vomiting. She was just plain rude. She spoke to me as if I weren't quite bright and told me that Drew couldn't call in sick on such short notice. I am quite certain she could hear him hurling in the background. I suppose I was a bit icy when I told her that I didn't realize one could plan when they were going to be sick. I was in my "nice bitch" mode and I was indeed condescending towards her; but, she did earn it. I would love to teach her how to schedule and how to try to keep her employees happy, but Drew won't let me. Of course if I were to happen upon her and she asked..........

I have spent my day running in and out between showers of rain to get flower seeds in the ground. I can see tiny little marigolds poking through the ground already from all the dead heads I toss onto the ground year after year. My potatoes are making great progress and I bet after this day of rain I will see other veggies make their way to the surface. I have several beds of strawberries with tons of blooms and looks like I will have another bumper crop of cherries. I lost one peach tree, but the two remaining are healthy.

The new camera remains an enigma. Every time I sit down and have some little part almost figured out I am interrupted by the store, the phone, or the husband or the dogs. This is not a good time of year to need some quiet down time. I know how to enter the e-mail address, but before I got to actually sending a picture to myself, Wall-E, the wonder dog, knocked over my cup of coffee and I put it all away. Maybe tonight after I lock up.

Fortunately our weekend was unremarkable. One camper was unhappy because I didn't deliver her firewood as quickly as she wanted. I was alone and I hate to constantly call on our friends when they are here to relax and pay us for the privilege to do so. I did lock the store door three times to take the wood and three times I got caught with another customer. I ended up asking Bob (the undertaker) to do my chore after all. I love Bob and Karen, they are my lifesaver when Drew is absent.

I remember the first time I met Bob........ This giant of a man comes into my office to inquire about a seasonal site. I had just had a site become available. It was one of the better sites with a concrete pad and in the front of the park. I asked him about his rig and what his electric needs would be and went over the contract and pricing. I had determined that his camper would not be an eyesore and he wasn't daunted by my price. I don't like to put rif-raf up front to represent what my park is all about. I will admit I was a little concerned when he mentioned motorcycles.

I was standing on the front porch with Bob discussing the pros and cons of the sites I had available when love of my life pulled up in his truck. I don't pay much attention to vehicles, but the truck Bob was driving identified him as having something to do with the coroner's office. The first thing out of Drew's mouth was, "Who died?". And the rest, as they say, is history. They were instant friends, like two long lost brothers. Bob confessed that he really enjoyed mowing grass. Well, we strive to keep our campers happy. Bob mows every weekend. That first year he would come out a day ahead of Karen and mow to his hearts content. I must interject here that he did destroy a couple of mowers. He has more than made up for that by convincing his friend Pat to bring his camper out and occupy the spot next to him. Pat can fix just about anything, all I have to do is ask.

In life you have to take the bad with the good. I have to admit that most of the people who come here and camp are forgettable. They come, they pay, they leave. A few make an impression, and it usually isn't a good one. I complain about them and wonder at times about inter-breeding and such.... But when all is said and done, we have made some wonderful friends here. Life is good.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Friday has arrived and I should be getting my house in order, but here I sit blogging. The phone woke me this morning and I took 6 calls in less than 15 minutes. I was trying to make coffee while I fielded calls and opened the cabinet for a filter and a Christmas mug stored on the top shelf flew down, bounced off my head and shattered. Not a good beginning to my day.

I have been working in my gardens for the past three days. My vegetable beds are raised and the only way to turn the soil is with an old-fashioned hoe. It is all done and seeded. I have the sore muscles to prove it. The weed-eater crapped out, so I edged my flower beds on my hands and knees with a pair of scissors. Yes, I know they make a tool for that, but I prefer my light-weight scissor, thank you very much. I have weeded and planted and separated all morning. I thought it must be around noon, so I came inside to discover that it was 1:30. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun.

Since love of my life had to go to work this afternoon I jumped into the shower. I heard his razor going and I told him I would be out in a second. There he was all ready to get into his shower. "It's not really a good idea for us both to be without clothes on at the same---the store is open." I say to him. I won't repeat what he said, but I did convince him to stay dry until I at least got dressed. We had been here a couple of months when it became apparent just how confining it is to run a campground. We were open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drew stayed away from the store as much as possible (still does). One day, after mowing all morning and tending my gardens I called him in to the store and asked him, "Could you please watch the store long enough for me to get a quick shower?" Reluctantly, he planted himself behind the counter. He must have been listening, because the minute he heard the water turn off he was gone. I heard the buzzer as I dried myself, but ignored it, confidant that he was in the store. Then I heard the little bell on the counter. I threw a robe on my still wet self and quickly wrapped my hair in a towel to go see what was wrong with him..........

Suffice it to say I was not at all happy. I guess I should have been more specific and said that I also wanted to dry off and put clothes on. He will never hear the end of it. I took care of the customer, then locked the door and put a sign in the window giving myself 15 minutes. I was dressed in 5 and the other 10 was devoted to calling my girls to complain about their dad. They called him to ask him what his problem was....... I didn't have to say a word.

In the meantime I have changed the store hours to a more reasonable time frame. It helps, but not with the phone. The phone system here isn't all that great and the tether that binds me to it isn't long. I have to stay pretty close to the building and the flower beds closest to it are the best tended. All of my beds are in full sun and I seem to be stuck to tones of yellow, orange and red. Marigold and zinnia are the annuals I plant over and over because I harvest the seed and they are easy to grow. My day lillies have multiplied and will be stunning this year. The odd one is the hosta. I dug up a hosta from my yard in Minnesota and brought it with me. I had to put it in the ground somewhere. I don't have shade in my phone zone, so I split it and planted it in front of the building facing direct sunlight beating down on it all day. They all survived and grew, much to my delight and the next year I dug them up to move them to a more suitable location. I dug deep, meaning to remove it permanently. Every year two of them grow back even bigger and I dig them up and separate them and replant them. I haven't decided where they will go this year. From the one plant I brought, I now have about 50 throughout the park.

My break is over as my first reservation just pulled in. Should be almost full this weekend. Surely someone will commit a blog-worthy act......................

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Camera

My new camera came today. Now I have to figure out all the features on it. I wish my son was here. I would make him read all the stuff, then just show me what to do. He would, too. He might not want to, but then I would complain to my sweet daughter-in-law and she would persuade him to be a good son....... My son is the peace maker and worrier of our family. He is sweet and sensitive and always cognizant of the feelings of others. He is funny and fun to be around. I didn't set out to write about him tonight, it just happened. He has been on my mind today.

Jeff is a twin. He is younger than his sister by just minutes and he was the smaller of the two. They were sort of a surprise. We only had 10 days to prepare for two babies. In that time Jeff decided that he wasn't going to cooperate and turned around. He entered the world feet first. Maybe he was just being considerate of his sister and not only let her go first, but gave her a little help with his feet. Or maybe he really should have stayed awhile longer to grow a bit. He weighed in at 5 lbs 2 ounces and didn't have any of the reflexes needed to survive. He struggled to breathe and didn't know how to suck. His hands and feet were way too big for his tiny body that was covered with downy hair, giving him the appearance of a little monkey-albeit a cute one.

His sister, Jill, on the other hand was tiny perfection. She weighed 7 ounces more and looked like a little porcelain doll. She cried daintily upon entering the world and reached her little hands out beseechingly to be held, I suppose. One look at her and I was smitten with love. They were both swept away to the preemie unit. This was almost 34 years ago and they were both considered to be high risk. The octomom wouldn't have stood a chance then.

I don't know what took me there tonight, just missing my babies, I suppose. Guess I'll go read about my new camera since my favorite son isn't here. Pictures are coming............

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok, I'll bite. Here goes:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Seeing my grandchildren
2. Seeing my children
3. Seeing my parents
4. Vegetables in my garden
5. A full campground
6. Money in the bank
7. Warmer weather
8. Flowers in bloom

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. I cooked a really delicious chicken dinner
2. I talked to my sweet grandson on the phone
3. I sewed all afternoon
4. I disappeared into blogosphere for a wonderful read
5. I enjoyed a rare evening off with my husband
6. I cleaned out my husbands sock drawer
7. I planted flower seeds
8. I missed my grandchildren......

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Wish I could go see my kids
2. Wish I could fly--not in a plane, but really fly
3. Wish I could move to Mexico
4. Wish I could soak in a hot tub
5. Wish I could eat and not gain weight
6. Wish I could publish my book
7. Wish I could disappear sometimes
8. Wish I could make all my children's hurts go away

8 TV shows I watch
2. Bones
3. The Mentalist
4. House
5. The Daily Show
6. The Colbert Report
7. The Office
8. Saturday Night Live

I won't tag any one -- if you choose to play, go for it.....

Where Am I Going?

In the early years of our marriage love of my life was my compass. I was a timid, shy little thing (of course ALL that has changed tremendously). He would take me to where ever I needed to go if I was the least bit unsure of how to get there. If he couldn't take me he would drive there first and then draw a map for me. If I simply didn't want to run an errand he would jump right in there and take over. I liked it--a lot. Who wouldn't; and anyway there is nothing wrong with being a "kept" woman; is there?

I am not the only one who has changed. This morning he arose early, showered and got into respectable clothing. The day of the dreaded IRS audit has arrived. He really wanted to push this off on me. Like that was going to happen. He is the one who does the taxes (though after this, I plan to become more involved) ; and he is, after all, the master of bullshit. So, off he went. This is the second time he has made this trip. The first auditor retired and apparently kept notes much like Drew does. Her replacement decided she needed more information and added 2008 to the audit. Why not? You would think they would have bigger fish to fry, but what do I know?

I got up as he was leaving on his mission and started my day. I reheated yesterdays coffee while a new pot brewed and got started on the amazing amount of laundry generated by just two people. The phone rings as I am fighting to keep the dog from eating some socks. "Didn't those papers the IRS sent have a map?" asks Drew. "It is the same place you went to before." I say as I throw down the load of laundry and let the dog have his way with those socks. I grab the papers that are miraculously right where I put them--next to where his wallet and keys were--so that he wouldn't forget them. "Well I can't find it." he says impatiently. So, I go through the directions with him. I have never been there, but I have been in the general area and can see it in my minds eye. I patiently tell him which exit to take and which turns to make and then say, "Honey, isn't it right after you exit on that first road before you get to the mall?" He growls at me then, so I tell him again how to get there. But what I really want to ask is, "Who are you and where is my husband?"

I then wrestle the laundry from the dog and fill the washer again. Phone rings again. He is still lost. I go over the very simple directions once more and hang up. He hasn't called back or shown up, so I assume he found it. I do not like this change in my husband; no, not at all.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thinking about my Grandchildren

It is raining....again. Love of my life is at work and the store is closed for the evening. I am missing my kids and their kids. I was scrolling through pictures and found one of my favorite of me and Maya. She was only two here. She will be going to kindergarten this fall. Seems like just yesterday I was holding her.... and in a fit of insanity, rolling her hair. Looks cute in the rollers, not so much when we took them out. Let's just say that maybe we shouldn't try this again. But, it made her happy; just look at that sweet face.

Look at me--what was I thinking with that hair color? I was really into covering the gray and got a little adventurous with colors. I have let all the color grow out and am now sporting my natural mousy brown streaked with gray hair. No wonder I got that senior discount.....

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day with the promise of Spring in the air. I felt energized and ready to tackle all my out door projects. When I got up before the sun on Saturday it was raining steadily---still is. Spent the whole weekend indoors. I got a lot of sewing done, but little else. Love of my life played with plumbing all day Saturday, then we had a lovely dinner with our friends.

While I was on the phone with the gentleman trying to cancel a reservation without providing a name Friday evening I heard a rig pull in. After hanging up I stuck my head out the door and saw that they had taken a check-in packet. I was longing for sleep and went on to bed. When Drew came in I woke up and he asked if I had checked in anyone. Told him that I had not checked the drop box. He decided he was too tired to check it and we both went to sleep. I slept! I slept until around 5:00, took out the dogs and went back to sleep until 9:00. The big motor home that was towing a car and had a truck parked behind them was gone---and there was nothing in the drop box.

I paid for that sleep. This happens a lot. I hate to go banging on the door of an RV and ask to see their registration. I usually wait until I see them unhooking and getting ready to leave. Actually I prefer that Drew go collect the money. One incident stands out in mind. It was our second season and I was feeling bold that morning. I had gotten up early and checked the box and I watched for signs of awakening. I guess I could have woken them up, but that would be rude. The man was unhooking the water hose when I approached him and asked to see his registration. He accused me of trying to charge him twice. He told me that he had put the form in the drop box and had not kept the customer receipt. "I knew this was gonna happen! You people are running a scam here! I left my credit card number and now you are going to charge me again." He immediately put me in a defensive mode. He was following me back to the office and I stopped to check the drop box again before he came in. He presented his credit card and I completed the transaction, all the while listening to this jerk tell me how I needed to run my business. Before he left, he once again insisted that he had put the registration in the box and wanted me to check it "one more time". I did. The jerk had dropped it in as he came into the office. "See, I knew you were pulling a scam!" I took the registration and ripped it into small pieces and handed it to him and told him to have a nice trip.

I need to say here that the drop box is directly under the outside light--has to be so the late arrival can see to register. So there is an opening to put the form in. Bugs that are attracted to the light also go into the box. I HATE sticking my hand in that box. I HATE fumbling around a bunch of dead, and sometimes live bugs looking for an envelope that isn't even there. I have figured it out. They take the check-in packet and fill out the registration. They hold onto it and if they aren't challenged they simply drive away the next morning having stolen a free night. If they do get caught, they simply say they were going to pay before they left. Or they go bonkers and accuse me of wrong-doing.

But, I have slept two nights in a row; life is good.......

Friday, April 17, 2009


The "season" has arrived. This is the wonderful time of year that lets my life be dictated by customers.... in person and on the phone. Bathroom breaks can be interrupted very abruptly; food is consumed at odd intervals and my chain of thought is interrupted with regularity. So if my posts are more like the ramblings of a mad woman I apologize in advance.

The store is closed and I had just settled down to catch up on all my favorite blogs. The dogs were all settled beside me and I was happily logging on when the phone that I had left in the other room called out to me with it's shrill voice. I had to get up out of my comfy spot and retrieve the hateful intruder. I answer in my fake cheery tone with the name of our campground. The caller says, "Hey, this is T (his last name), how are ya'll doin tonight?" Without really waiting for an answer he says, "My buddy wanted me to let you know he had to go to a different job and won't be coming."I assume that he is with a group of RVs coming in next month and head into the office to look at my pending reservations and see his name. "What is your friends name?" I ask. "Uh, his wife made the reservation and her name is Sue." was his reply. "I really will need the last name to cancel the reservation." I tell him. "So, you don't have a reservation for a Sue?" he asks hopefully.

This is what my life will be like for the next few months. As annoying as it is, I don't lack for entertainment........
1. Have you ever been influenced by a work of art – music, painting, book – and if so, how? I would have to say that music influences me profoundly. Books and paintings, too; but music above all. I have been known to cry during commercials if the song hits me. I think that is why music is so important in religious ceremonies. Can you imagine a wedding without music...or for that matter a funeral? Don't you think that is why commercials have a to soothe the savage soul.

2. If you were a chocolate bar, what type would you be? Hershey's dark chocolate...... with nuts.

3. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex? That's a hard one. What is it about any one that attracts? Is it a look? Is it an attitude? I consider myself to be pretty average, not homely and I am clean. I am over weight-- but I carry it well (or so I've been told). I would have to say it is my sense of humor and sharp wit..... yeah, that's me.

4. What, in your opinion, is your greatest accomplishment? My children. I didn't even have to think about that one.

5. How many friends do you have on your Facebook account? 31 and most are family.

Here it is, my answers to the interview from Jo. Gee, I don't have many friends on Facebook, do I? Does that reveal anything about me? I had never really looked at the number until now.

I spent an interesting morning with a lady who lives in her car. It is not a big car either. She stayed in our tent area.... I always feel bad for women alone, sleeping in a car. I took her some coffee and we sat in the sun and chatted. Her identity was stolen and that's how she ended up in a car. She is on social security and still trying to untangle her legal mess. This is what she told me and she seemed to be honest; but after the last fiasco with the non-paying renters from hell I find myself to be not as trusting. She asked about renting the trailer, so I showed it to her in it's current state of needing a lot of work. She then told me she could come up with a deposit and the first and last month's rent. I almost gave voice to the thought running through my mind--"Then why are you sleeping in a car?" But my rent is low here and I guess if you rent motel rooms you will never be able to get the necessary funds together to be able to secure an apartment. I don't know. I liked her and the hair on my neck didn't stand at attention so we shall see. I will try to keep an open mind and weigh the pros and the cons............

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Senior Discount

I continued to miss my dog as I took advantage of a sunny morning and worked the vegetable garden. I kept expecting to see him laying in the grass by the maple tree, watching me hoe and weed. Miss him.

My raised beds are looking good now that I have removed all the weeds. I flipped my compost bin and found some lovely fertile soil to add to my beds and planted my early peas. We have had a lot of rain and I was not a pretty sight after two hours of playing in the dirt. Even though it was still cool outside I was sweating and looking forward to a nice hot shower........ Love of my life turned off the water for some project or other. The phone was ringing and I took the reservation with my dirty hands. I couldn't touch anything else. My hands were quite literally caked in mud. I wanted to get some things done......

Inspiration finally struck and I "washed " my hands in cold coffee. At least I smelled good. While I waited for water I piddled around the office, sweeping and filing, and waiting. After an hour of this Drew appeared and wondered about lunch. "Umm, no water..." I say. Then he tells me the water has been on for a long time! So, I strip and get in the shower, turn the on the faucets and .... no water. He has, of course, left the building to go do what it is he does at his beloved sanctuary, the "barn". So, I call him. " Oops, I forgot to turn the water on to the main building." Oops, indeed. Finally I get my morning ritual out of the way and prepare the feast for the man.

So, I was slightly irritated as I went into town to run errands. I stopped at the library, dropped off my over due books as inconspicuously as possible and paid my 15 cents. The librarian is a schoolmarmish type who will tsk disapprovingly and I wasn't in the mood for it. As it is, I live outside the city limits and have to pay an annual fee for the privilege of using the library. She was on the phone, but she did manage to give me a look. I have often wondered if she checks the accounts to see who has an over due book. I am glad that she has found a job she so obviously is well suited for; but, geez, get a life!

From there I went to the Alco (Wal Mart wanna be) and perused the "As Seen On TV" aisle and checked out the clearance items. Saw nothing I couldn't live without and went on to the grocery. They had Dr. Pepper product on sale. It was cheaper than I can get it from my vendor so I bought a dozen cases to fill the outside machine. I picked up a few other items (they double coupons) and went to the checkout. I was loading my cart and thought that the total got lower before the young gentleman (kid) scanned the coupons. But then I thought maybe it was the cases of soda...maybe it rang at the regular rate and then took the discount? I didn't give it any more thought.

Thinking I was so smart I got the hand truck to unload the soda and take it around the building to the machine. Yep, I was one smart cookie. I piled it all on the hand truck, then moved my car from the front of the building. As I tilted the truck with it's mega load back, I discovered a flat tire. Not to be deterred I drug it around the building anyway. It wasn't easy and I almost lost my load several times. After I filled the machine I went on to price the rest of the merchandise. Most of it I remembered what I had paid, but I had to consult the receipt for an item and discovered at the bottom of the receipt just before the coupon senior citizen discount. He didn't even ask! Boy, I must have looked.... well, old.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Missing Sarge

A year ago today we put our beloved 14 year old Collie in the car and drove to that dreaded appointment. I had spent the day tending him and telling him how loved he was. He could not get up unless I put him on his feet, but then was unable to get back down. He had been in this condition all weekend after suffering a stroke. The other animals were subdued, keeping the death watch.

I didn't have many pets as a child. The constant moving was a factor and my mother wasn't as forgiving of puddles in the floor as I am. Love of my life is a pet lover, too. I can't remember any time during our life together that we haven't had pets. We made the move from Tampa to Minnesota with only one cat. Misty was already an old lady and not used to living indoors, so we let her come and go at will with the garage door open just enough for her. One day she left and never came back. So the search was on. I couldn't be without four-legged companionship. I scanned the pet section of the newspaper.

We drove and drove, headed for a farm in Menomonie, WI. We finally arrived and were led into a barn where bales of hay contained three litters of these amazing bundles of fur. All Collies. The parents -- one male and his harem of three wives -- were right there to see. One of the mom dogs stayed by my side and kept slipping her head under my hand for a pat. While the kids and husband were scooping up one then another puppy to check the gender I told the farmer that I wanted one of the dog at my side's pups. I had a little male in my hand at that moment and he told me that I had already chosen one of hers.

We paid the man and left with our bundle of fur. He was scared and spent the ride back to civilization burrowed in my daughter, Adrienne's hair. We talked about names and finally settled on Sargent Pepper. Three year old Danny wanted Pepper. Might have fit one of the black and white border Collies, but our puppy was sable and white; a Lassie look alike. Adrienne finally convinced Danny that we should add the Sargent to the name. Big brother, Jeff, was in a Beatles faze and had recently purchased that CD and we were all sick of hearing it.

Sarge was my dog from the very beginning. I was the one who fed and cared for him, after all. He was extremely easy to train and was very protective of his family. He slept at the foot of Danny's bed until we bought the bunk beds and then he claimed the lower bunk as his own. He welcomed each new arrival to our pet kingdom graciously. He even acknowledged that Oscar was the alpha male and let him lead the pack.

Sarge loved the campground and the freedom it provided him. He was leash trained, but didn't really need one. He obeyed commands and we let him roam the property when the campground wasn't busy. He would walk with me and if the rambunctious Louise broke through the fence he would help herd the others in. His favorite spot was the side yard close to my vegetable garden. He would lay in the shade of the maple tree while I tended the garden. He was the first to make friends with the cat that was left here and they would lay close to each other in easy companionship. He would greet anyone approaching me and was okay as long as they didn't get close enough to touch me. He would warn, then bite if you bothered me.

Sarge did not like water. He wouldn't go into the lake at our cabin. He would board the pontoon boat and go for a ride, but would remain standing, looking at the water, alert for any invasion. But he loved the jet ski! He would stand at the end of the dock and bark and whine until you came back and let him climb on. He would sit in front of me causing me to have to contort my body to see around him. The faster, the better he would bite at the wind, making it look like he was laughing gleefully. I have a wonderful picture of him on the jet ski with Drew. It is framed and mounted on the wall above the container of his ashes and his old leather collar. No pictures of my old boy on this computer and the desk top has crashed so many times that I can't find anything on it.

Sarge was the image you have in your head when you hear the word Collie. He was very handsome. I would buzz Louise (our St. Bernard) every Spring to rid her of her heavy winter coat. One year I decided to buzz Sarge..... not a good idea. He was always on the lean side and the new hair-do made him look like a deranged hyena. I hope he forgave me that grooming session. I'm sure he did, he was always very forgiving. I miss my old boy today.

You get a puppy and then are amazed at how fast they grow. The years pass very quickly and you are suddenly faced with problems of old age. Sarge had cataracts for several years and I knew his vision was going, but he was still happy and at times playful. He would pick up Oscar's ball in his mouth and kind of toss it for him when we tired of the game-- always the peace-maker. He would stand back at the food dish and patiently wait for Oscar and Louise to finish. If ever there was a dog that deserved cloning, it was him. I think I will take my coffee outside now and sit in the shade of the maple tree while I cry a bit and miss my dog.........

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sleep Crisis Continues

I continue to gather my sleep in 2-3 hour naps. Last night was no different. After my fourth trip to take out the animals this morning at 6:30, I crawled back into my cocoon of warm covers and fell back to sleep immediately.... until the phone rang. I answered it and stayed in bed. Drew got up, and after dressing left the room. I finished the call and came out to find that he had made coffee for me. Bless his heart. This stuff was SOOOO strong. I don't know exactly how much coffee he used, but I had to dilute it with water to drink it and am now wondering if I will ever sleep again. He meant well. Didn't he?

While I was so sick this past winter I "played" with the computer a lot---a whole lot. I joined a few survey sites and I read e-mail for points and money. Love of my life has kind of joked about my "jobs" and has wondered if any of them will actually pay me. I earn 2 cents for every e-mail I read on one site and I earn points on another. One of them simply offers the opportunity to win various sweepstakes. It takes minimal time to keep up with them and it certainly isn't hard to do. I received an e-mail this past weekend---I won a $250.00 gift card on Amazon!! I ordered a digital camera--a Nikon. I am so excited! I have a really wonderful Nikon with an extra zoom lens that I absolutely love, but I have to drive 23 miles to develop the film and then load the disc onto the computer to send photos. The new camera is wi-fi compatible and I will be able to e-mail straight from the camera. And I didn't spend a penny!! So there, husband of mine!

Now I will go forth and make use of my caffeine "high". My inability to concentrate makes it a challenge to post anything. I am hoping that the dogs will soon acclimate to each other and allow me to sleep. A customer offered me a St. Bernard puppy the other day..... they aren't born yet. When I mentioned the offer to hubby he proclaimed, "Absolutely Not!!!!!". Then asked, "What does it look like?". He would be more likely than me to accept another dog into our harem. He is such a sucker for a cute face. For me, it is the sweet puppy breath along with the puppy kisses. It hasn't been a year since Louise died and I am still finding her fur in odd places. As I write this I am listening to crazy cat snore. He has lost a lot of weight and sleeps 90% of the time. He is still quite affectionate, though and I don't think he is in any pain. I may need that new little life if Crazy Cat continues to deteriorate........

Friday, April 10, 2009

Still Sleepy

I still haven't quite "caught up" with my loss of sleep.... as if you really could. I am feeling much better, though. Thanks for all your kind comments on the subject.

My mother was a poor sleeper. She attributed it to the cycle of the moon. She swore that if the moon were full she wouldn't sleep a wink. Of course she took a nap daily and woe be unto the person to interrupt that nap. In her later years she developed restless leg syndrome; however she named her condition the "heebie jeebies". I don't look at the moon lest I jinx myself into anticipating a sleepless night. I have always preferred to think that I am more like my dad than my mom. I can see parts of his likeness in the mirror, but I also see Mother. Can't be helped, I suppose; we are what we are.

I ask love of my life to tell me what actor would portray me in a movie about me. He is still pondering, trying to come up with someone. So far we have agreed it would be Kathy Bates. I think he is afraid that it offends me. Maybe if I were younger, I suppose; maybe. I find as I age I care less about how I look than how I feel. Personally I think she is a wonderful actress and we do share a same body type--love of my life says I am much smaller. I guess that is why he is the love of my life...... When asked the same question about himself, he said Tom Cruise. I suppose it was rude of me to laugh so hard; but all I could think of was Fred Flintstone. I chose not to share that with him and told him I thought he was more like George Clooney. Ahhh, the eyes of love!

I am still not thinking too clearly, still longing for more sleep. All my thoughts are running into each other inside my head making it almost impossible to narrow them down to an intelligent post. It is rainy and cold, so I am going to have a cup of tea and watch Lifetime, and if I am lucky enough to have silence from the phone and buzzer I may even catch a little nap.........

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Too Tired To Sleep.....

Ever heard that expression, "I'm too tired to sleep." ? It is a condition I now find myself in.

After locking the door to the store last night at 7:00, I took the animals out and tossed some logs on the fire and lay down with my favorite flannel comforter and pillow. Closed my eyes... sleep would not come. Made myself a cup of herbal 'sleepytime' tea. That was a mistake.... made me pee all night. I was still very much awake when Drew came home at 11:44. The animals were on their best behaviour last night, but every little sound was magnified and I could not sleep.

Love of my life has to sleep with white noise. No noise machine for us. Every year he buys a new box fan; the loudest running one he can find. They only last about a year before the motor dies. I don't know why he needs this, he can't hear anything. Even with this fan, that I liken to the sound of a jet taking flight, I still hear everything. I heard Drew go to the bathroom at 2:00. I heard the door hinge squeak. He left the door open and didn't turn on the light. I heard him pee. I heard him carefully close the door, the hinge squeaked again and then, though I am sure he tried hard not to, the door clicked when it shut. From there he went to the wood stove and pulled open the door--it squeaked, too. Then I heard him go to the fridge and raid his private stock of Reeses. I heard the paper rip. I smelled the chocolate and peanut butter as he got back into the bed. I heard him swallow!

This morning I strolled through our home, coffee in one hand, WD-40 in the other. I have really big hopes for tonight. I thought about sleeping in the guest room, but the dogs would insist on going with me........ I thought about sleeping pills, but I hate the way I feel the next day.......... I have even considered putting pillows on the phone and disconnecting the buzzer to the store door and taking a nap, but the coffee has kicked in. I am determined to sleep tonight!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

I am chronically sleep deprived. I feel like a new mother. I get a series of naps through the night and after a few weeks of this I become pretty crabby. I always let Drew sleep. I feel like it is the least I can do, since he has to work an extra job. It's not that I think he works any harder than I do.....

Take last night, for instance. I don't even try to go to sleep before he comes home from work anymore because Wall-E will bark and wake me. He gets home around 11:45, so at best I will go to sleep at midnight. That wouldn't be so bad if I was allowed to sleep until morning. With three dogs in the bed and a crazy old cat it is guaranteed that I will have to get up at least once. Last night at 2:30 love of my life got up to go to the bathroom. It woke me up and I was lying super still hoping that the dogs wouldn't realize he was up and want to go out. If he had simply come back to bed it would have worked. But he decided to open the wood stove (the door creaks) and heave all the wood available into it. All three dogs jumped up at the sound and guess who took them out? The added wood made it way too hot to sleep and I don't know how long I lay there trying to get back to sleep. Seems like I had just dozed off when Crazy Cat decided to relieve himself on the rug beside our bed. The pungent aroma pulled me out of a dream as I felt Wall-E leap out of the bed to investigate this intriguing event ( I could actually hear Wall-E singing to himself..."whatever it is I think I see, becomes a tootsie roll to me...") I jumped out of the bed, grabbed the rug with it's wonderful content and took the mess out side.It is 4:30 am as I wake the other two dogs by opening the door and they all took another trip outside. Love of my life slept through this. This annoyed me as I once again climbed into bed. I guess I should be glad he didn't get up and add wood to the stove. He has a mattress warmer on and I can see a sheen of sweat on his brow. I fantasize about pouring a pitcher of ice water on him as I finally drift off to sleep once again. It wasn't quite 6:45 when the phone woke me up. I didn't find the phone before they hung up and the read out was "caller unknown". I lay back down and slept until 8:00.

As I write this I am on a coffee overload and my heartbeat is irregular. Drew has gone to work after having slept until 10:00. I would take a nap, but I know that even if I lock the store and put a sign in the window that some one would wander up and pull on the door making the buzzer sound and wake me....or the phone would surely ring. Drew tells me that I am to wake him to care for the animals tonight. Sounds good in theory, but if I have to wake him, won't I already be awake? I give up.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Addicted to the Blog....

I am not a computer person. I don't know how to type, I kind of peck this out with a style that is mine alone. I only know how to do what has been shown to me and what little I have learned by trial and error and I never thought I would be on the computer as much as I now find myself. I usually read my e-mail just to make sure I don't have any reservations hanging out in limbo. Our website links to my e-mail.....or it is supposed to. Husband created said website and my kids occasionally go on it to tell me what should be changed. It seems that spelling isn't one of his strong points and he tends to capitalize in mid sentence words that don't need to be.

That being said, the only reason I ever created my account on blog spot was to follow my daughter's blog. It wasn't enough that I read it, she was trying to get more followers than her friend. Then she started encouraging me to write my own blog, really more like harassing me. I have been working on a book for a couple of years about owning this campground. I would like to publish it, but I know that I can't even think about it until I no longer own this place. Would you want to come here if you knew you end up having some embarrassing, albeit hilarious, incident about yourself become material for my book?

I have become addicted to this blogging adventure. I can't wait to open the computer every morning to read all my favorite blogs and most especially to read the comments on my blog. Nothing is more encouraging than a kind word from some one who only knows you through the stories you share. I am always surprised that someone likes what I write--gee, that sounded like Sally Field gushing about being liked.

I love to tell stories---just ask my kids. Sometimes I worry that I might be boring people, sometimes I know I am. They get that glazed look in their eyes like a trapped animal. This way, if you don't want to read it--leave it. No story comes to mind tonight, though. Maybe tomorrow Iwill regale with some wonderful and amazing anecdote. Who knows.......

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boys and Their Toys

First and foremost--the gutters are up! Love of my life purchased the wrong brackets the second time around..... and I held out no hope for installation. Bob, the undertaker, to the rescue. He managed to purchase the correct ones and bring them with him yesterday.

Drew has managed to ingratiate himself to people who either own or have access to heavy equipment. He borrowed an excavator this past week and trenched the ditches for the water lines for the new sites. As long as he had it here he decided to dig all the cattails out of the pond. We have a family of muskrats tunneling holes in the pond causing some drainage problems. He scooped out the cattails and big buckets of mud. Deposited all this on the side of the pond. Picture in your mind a once pretty little pond with piles of mucky clay with weeds in it all round the once pretty little pond. I didn't say a word, just stood there looking. He assured me it wasn't going to stay like that.......same man who bought gutters and painted them with cheap spray paint. He is making this promise even as those gutters are still laying on the front porch welcoming any one coming in for a stay.

The excavator has gone back and now there is a bobcat here. He has hauled some of this sticky mud down from the pond and "filled in" a low spot on the lawn by the residence side of the building. It is lovely, just lovely. Let me explain that I mow this with a push mower because I have flower gardens and fruit trees to protect. I take a lot of pride in the appearance of my personal space as well as the grounds. So to say I am annoyed is an understatement.

Back to the bobcat. I ventured out this morning to work in my vegetable garden. I looked towards the disgraced pond to see that Drew had apparently managed to get the bobcat stuck in the mud. There was Bob, the undertaker, with the body transport truck pulling him out with some chains. Fascinated, I had to walk down to get a closer look to see the mighty duo in action. As I approached, Bob, the undertaker, was disengaging the pulling chains, then got into the truck and his tires were spinning as he tried to back away from the pond; finally they caught and I could see that he was going to hit the flowering pear tree that I had lovingly planted myself. He saw me and tried to avoid it but he hit it. Oh, how he wishes I would stay inside! He tries to avoid eye contact with me; then tells me that when he told Drew he might hit the tree, he shrugged and waved him on. I believe Bob, the undertaker, because I know Drew. Drew alone is bad enough, but with a sidekick, it's frightening. I later found out that before I happened upon them that Bob's truck got stuck on his first attempt to rescue the bobcat and Drew had to get his truck to pull out Bob's truck. I always think of those big toys in the sand at playgrounds that move the sand around when these two get together. I have to admit it is entertaining, if unsightly.

After the bobcat rescue and lunch, Drew bit the bullet and set up the ladder for the great gutter installation. The now scratched white, painted black, gutters are attached to the eaves along the front of the building. No downspout yet. I want a rain barrel, too. These things take time, I know. I am thankful that I at least have the gutters because the forecast for next week is very wet and cold. And deep down I know it would too much to ask that he finish one project before moving on to the next. And so it with a thankful heart that I go to bed. I have gutters.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Goodbye, Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is on his way home to Minnesota. Gee, I hope he had fun. He penned a very informative letter to Layla's class about life in the campground. He helped me rescue the first sign of Spring before that last bout of nasty weather. My camera doesn't do the daffodil justice--or Flat Stanley for that matter.
Flat Stanley folded himself in half and slipped into the envelope wearing his new flat clothes. It was a last minute thing and unfortunately I didn't get a picture. He has on jeans, a turtle neck and a jean jacket, all secured to him with velcro. I do love that child!
Love of my life and I actually went out to eat last night! I should qualify this by saying we had a gift card from a camper who stayed for a time. They had a sweet little girl the same size as my granddaughter, Jada. I made her a dress (I was actually trying out the new pattern on her). Anyway......we went out to eat. I actually got to sit down at a table and eat food I didn't prepare and have a conversation that wasn't interrupted by the phone or a customer coming into the store! It is a big deal for me. We have friends that camp with us regularly and we always eat at least one meal together. If we eat here in my house, everyone will pause as I seat myself and pick up my fork, without fail, the buzzer will announce a customer or the phone will ring.
After our dinner we went on a shopping mission for electrical supplies and store stock. I was dropped at WalMart, while he went on to Lowe's. The gutter still lays on the front porch and on his list are the brackets for installation. I raced through the store gathering everything on my list and then some. This was not my regular WalMart and I was delighted to discover a fabric department. I found the cutest pattern for my girls and some fabric on sale. I approach an empty checkout lane....little did I know just how empty headed the clerk was. I put my fabric and pattern (along with some buttons that were clearanced--to feed my button fetish) and told her that I needed to pay for those items separately because the remaining items were tax exempt. She looked at me blankly and then asked if I had a tax exempt card. "I need to see it." she said. Once again I told her that I needed separate tickets and why......she was studying the card. She handed the card back and then said, "You sew? You gonna make this? I wish I could sew. Do you think I could learn how?" all in one breath. I think, probably not, but say, "Sure you could and yes I am going to make that." "Who you gonna make it for?" she asks. I want to be sarcastic and tell her I am making it for myself (it is a child's pattern), but figure it would be lost on her and would take too long to explain so I just answer, "My granddaughter." Finally she proceeds to ring the items up and I pay, she gives me my change and then says, "Where's your card, did I give you your card? I can't find your card! What did I do with your card?" I tell her that I handed it to her and she laid it on the belt in front of my remaining merchandise. "Oh,no, I think the belt done took your card!" While she is frantically searching hither and dither, exclaiming about how she could have done that, I call Drew to see if he has his card and get the number. I try to assure her that it is just a card and they can print me another one and that I know the number. But no, she actually called a supervisor over and wants to dismantle the check out station to retrieve my card! The CSM and I exchange a knowing look and he tells her that all she needs to do is enter the number I give her. She does. Then she asks me if my name is 'Candy'. I answer no without further explanation. "Well, it says candy on the computer for this number." "It should say 'Kan-Do RV Park' " I say. She then spells out 'K' 'A' 'N' .......... well you get the idea. She begins ringing up the items, most of them for the upcoming pool season, then stops to ask me if I know how to swim!!!!!!! She doesn't and she wants to know if I think she could learn how......... I squelch the urge to give my opinion that I am wondering how she even knows to get up in the morning. "Sure, you could." I tell her as the man in line behind me raises his brows. She finally has a total for me, I remind her that I have some coupons to redeem. "You can't use coupons and a tax exempt card!" Did I really think it would be easy? "Sure you can, I do it all the time." I tell the dimwit. "No, I don't think you can." she says. "Well, why don't you simply scan them...if it is not allowed the computer won't accept them." Once again she calls for the CSM and is told to just scan the coupons and finish the transaction so that the customer can go.
It could have been worse, I suppose............ I could have been the CSM. What do you want to bet that her cash drawer doesn't balance.....ever.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Guiding Light

I happened to see a little news blurb yesterday. CBS is cancelling the longest living soap on TV. It caught my attention because I grew up with the CBS soaps in the background. Mother referred to them as her 'stories' and was a very faithful viewer. This particular one started out on radio and was the very first soap on TV. Seems like my mom ironed every day and while she ironed she watched her stories. I would play with my endless collection of dolls close by. When ever I smell that special, one of a kind smell of the iron touching the damp fabric, I am transported in time. The original roles of The Guiding Light have long since died. The off-spring live on and either age at a highly accelerated rate or seem not to age at all. I haven't tuned in to this show in awhile, but out of nostalgia I have it on now. Reva is giving birth as I write this. Apparently menopause is not part of the life span in soap opera land. I figure that she should be in her 60's. Her children are all grown and she has a grandchild well into child bearing age. Of course, Reva has defied death many times, has come "back to life" twice (that I know of), and has even been cloned.

Used to be the old men still procreating late in life. Since the soaps are supposed to mimic real life I guess I shouldn't be surprised that older women are popping out babies. This one seems to like to really push the issue, though. Not only is Reva giving birth today; she is also battling cancer...for the second time (that I know of). There is also a character on this soap who has twin boys and each has a different father, this same character had an affair with her mother's fiance. I can't think of her name; she was Roger Thorpe's daughter. He was a the villain for many years, always causing his one true love Holly trouble. Blake, that was her name! Geez, she was a real slut for awhile until she married the DA who had been engaged to her mother. When he died she ran for public office. This is sad that I have all this trivia floating around in my head! What with all the bizarre illnesses and circumstance of parentage going on I have to wonder if there would have been a multiple birth taking place if this show had not been canceled. Quite possibly, I would think 9 or more, after all ,they would have to one-up the octo-mom, right?

Reva's baby has arrived! The child, fresh out of the womb is blinking his unswollen little eyes and cooing and gurgling. Wow. Dinah Marler is in the court room suing herself, while Reva chats with the new citizen of Springfield. Poor baby is probably wondering if this is his great grandmother. And me........ I am entertaining myself making fun of these absurd situations and remembering a chunky little girl content to play under an ironing board with her dolls.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

It was 9 years ago today. My grandson was 9 and a hockey player. We adopted him when he was a baby, so we think of him as our son. I had gotten up early that Sunday morning. We had a hockey game scheduled. I got the call telling me it was canceled and I had just settled into a long phone conversation with my daughter-in-law. I was wrapped in my robe, coffee at my side and I had pulled a comfy chair next to the phone. I was on the corded phone, because, as usual the cordless handsets were nowhere to be found.

Love of my life came down the stairs and called my name. I looked around the corner and told him the game had been canceled and to go back to bed. "I'm having a heart attack" he said. I was annoyed and said, "That's not funny." It was after all April 1st. Then I looked at him. He didn't look so good. He was kind of gray. Diane had heard the exchange and like me thought he was joking until I told her I needed to hang up and call for an ambulance. Drew, in the meantime went back up the stairs to take an aspirin. I dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that my husband was having a heart attack. The first thing she said was "Don't put the phone down!", then she wanted to know if he was breathing. "I don't know, he went back upstairs and I am on a corded phone!" "Drew, are you breathing?" I hollered....she told me to stay on the phone, didn't she? No answer, so by now Danny is looking at me wondering what is wrong with me and upon spying him I say, "Go upstairs and see if your dad is breathing!" At the time it didn't occur to me that I was scaring the hell out of my kid; but I did not put that phone down, even when the dispatcher told me to do just that after she heard me instruct the child to go.

Drew was breathing and appeared at the top of the stairs to tell me so. Then he came down the stairs and sat on the couch to wait for his ride to the hospital. I was still clutching the phone like MY life depended on it and reporting all of this to the dispatcher. The first team arrived and I let go of the phone. We lived in a culdesac and soon it was filled with emergency vehicles. One of the EMT's was a rather large woman, who upon arrival pushed me and my kid into the kitchen and then began moving all the furniture in the living room to one side. She was very heavy set and soon was red-faced, sweating, and breathing hard. She kept pointing her finger at me and telling me to calm down. She looked as if she were at risk for a heart attack herself and she was really pissing me off.

While they were assessing Drew, I called my daughter-in-law back and was told that my son was already on his way to the hospital. I tried to call my youngest daughter, but couldn't find her. I hesitated calling Jill. She was pregnant and I didn't want to scare her. So, I called her number and asked yo speak to my son-in-law. That didn't work so good, she knew something was wrong and I had to just tell her. She made it to my house before the ambulance left and stayed with her little brother/nephew.

Throughout the whole ordeal, Drew stayed very calm and rational. All the blood work was drawn and he was admitted. I am a nurse. I haven't worked as one in over 20 years, but when I did I worked in the emergency room. That's actually how I met the love of my life....he was an EMT. So, you would think I could handle this, right? Not when it is someone I love. I am sure that in the event of having to handle an emergency with no help available I could do so. However since that was not the case and I had my kids to help me......... Fear is a funny thing. Not just a feeling, but very physical. I had absolutely no saliva after arriving at the hospital. The release of adrenaline had left me spitless! Guess I must really love him, huh?