Friday, July 29, 2016

Printers Come and Printers Go, Only The Ink Remains

When I woke this morning I could hear. Wouldn't you know it, now that I have an appointment. I am still going. My ear still feels wonky. Yesterday if I cupped my hand over my ear I couldn't hear the ocean, but it did sound like road noise. And, if I pressed my ear in just the right place, it sounded like an ultrasound.

Enough about my ear, let's talk about printers. Being the wife of HeWho loves new gadgets is not for someone who likes order in their life. We had a printer/fax machine when we moved here 12 years ago. It was big and bulky. Took up a lot of space ...... but it got the job done. I was quite content with it, until it was struck by lightning. Or, that is what HeWho is wise about such matters told me. For whatever reason the faxing of documents was no longer an option. Printer still worked and I wasn't all that keen about having the ability to fax documents for others. One customer asked if he could receive a fax once and it was the closing of a house!! Sucked down the ink and paper, then he wished to sign it and fax it back!

The lack of a means to fax was monumental in the eyes of HeWho rarely needs to fax anything. The search was on and he came home with a newer sleeker model, took up less space. He pointed this out, knowing that was his only selling point that I would be remotely interested in. Life went on and the printer was used a lot and the fax was used only occasionally.

Lightning struck twice, according to HeWho loves a fax machine. This time I convinced him that all that was necessary was a printer. He did some research and decided upon a Kodak printer because the ink was so much cheaper. He extolled the virtues of the ink all the way home. We were going to save so much money. We didn't. The ink itself may be cheaper, but it uses twice as much.

After many runs to buy ink, I was not surprised when he came home with yet another printer. This was an HP. I don't even remember why it was no longer suitable for our needs, all I know is that we have lots of ink for all kinds of printers in our possession, some brand and some after market.

The printer that ousted the HP was an Epson. worked just fine, still does. Or, it would if I put a black ink cartridge in. Problem is that according to HeWho purchased the printer, you can only buy the ink in a package with all the colors. I don't mind printing in color, but all the colors must have ink in them to print at all. I think most printers are like that. HeWho is allowed to escape frequently from the premises (unlike me) was alerted to the need for ink.

He came home with Epson 200, instead of 220. He OPENED the package before he checked to make sure he had the right one. I was not happy. Ink is expensive, you know. So, as he left on a mission to Sam's for chlorine and other items, I reminded him to get some ink.

Are you all way ahead of me? The new printer is a Brother and uses none of our cache of printer ink.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Coke Head

The ear is still blocked. I finally got a referral for an appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat doc for next week, actually a week from today. I am becoming used to it, but I don't always hear the bell that alerts me to a customer. That is annoying, since I am sometimes chatting with the animals when someone enters and I am unaware until they call out. Some look at me like I am crazed, guess they think I am talking to myself. Some apologize for taking me from my family. I am usually admonishing one of the dogs for peeing in the floor as I mop it up .......

So, anyway, I was hit with an inspiration just now. I have been working in a garden all morning, pulling out the spent stalks and weeding heavily around all my plants to get them ready for a winter mulch (I have to start early, I have a whole lot of garden beds). I was determined to make it to end of this bed, since I started in the middle. I will finish the other side when the sun goes down.

But, that is not the inspiration. I was dripping wet and hot when I came in. I perused the cooler and chose a can of ice cold Coke. I don't indulge very often, but I really wanted one. I have seen all the things you can clean with coke and unclog drains with coke ..... usually Diet Coke, but still, this is some powerful stuff. I wondered for just an instant about pouring some in my ear!!!!

No, I didn't actually do it, but in mind's eye I could see it churning through whatever sits outside my eardrum and relieving the pressure in my head. I came to my senses as I went on to see it eating away at my eardrum and entering my brain. Would I then be a Coke Head??

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Do Ticks Lay Eggs?

Today IS Sunday and I did get to close early. I even got a break midday from HeWho, with instructions to go take a nap. I did not nap, though. I discovered that Oscar, the old dog had vomited in my bed. I changed the bed and washed sheets instead.

About 2:30 am I plundered through all the medicine bottles until I found the lone Tramadol hiding in the bottom of the basket of pill bottles. I swallowed it and went back to bed. I was oblivious until nearly 10:00 am.

 My ear is driving me crazy. I cannot hear and it is my right ear, the phone answering ear. I forget and answer the phone and think I have a bad connection. I have taken the antibiotic religiously and put the wax removing drops in as instructed. I used a syringe for injecting turkeys and irrigated my ear with water and peroxide several times yesterday.

The ear is still blocked. A camper checking in today told me that she had had the same problem and when they finally got the blockage out, it was a tick!

Now, that is all I can think about. In my mind I see a big tick attached to my eardrum surrounded in wax. It is not remarkable to imagine a tick. I have been working in gardens with overgrown shrubs and cutting them back. I find ticks on me all the time.

I am going to the clinic tomorrow and make them dig this blockage out of my ear. I will hunt for something to help me sleep tonight. Remember that movie about the earwig that was in the man's ear and was driving him crazy? It finally comes out and he is told that it was a female and had probably laid eggs ...... Do ticks lay eggs????

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Day Ahead

So, as I count the minutes until closing, a camper rolls in. They seem to take forever to get out of the vehicle and come inside. I am dividing my time between the kitchen and the office. HeWho has been hinting that he "needs" a cake to satisfy his sweet tooth. I am loathe to turn on the oven unless I am making a lot of oven bound food at once.

I had just turned on the oven to preheat and had mixed the batter. It is just a boxed cake mix of German Chocolate and I saw a tasty looking recipe for an Earthquake cake. Called for coconut in a 9 X 13 pan, topped with the cake batter and then topped with a mixture of cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar. HeWho will be sharing this with some special campers that we love.

So, back to the checking in process of the slow people. They finally came into the store with a medium size dog that did not look like a bath had ever been a part of his life. He smelled. I can't hear, but I can smell. I told them to please take the dog out. After a long discussion at the door, WITH THE DOOR OPEN, they finally decided the cigarette smoking man would mind the dog while she checked in.

The temperature in the store probably gained 10 degrees while they had the door open. She looked at the registration form as if it was an alien and suddenly the door flew open again for him to tell her they wanted a 30 amp full hook up. I had already knew that by eyeballing their travel trailer. Another gust of hot air and then we were alone again. She tells me they had reservations. They did not, but I had a spot for them. She then decides that he should fill out the registration and she can watch the dog. This involved another open door discussion and my cold air left the building.

Not only that, the oven timer indicated that my oven was ready to receive the cake. The cake that was not in the pyrex dish because I was dealing with these people. I could have been wrong about the dog smelling bad, because his scent did not leave when he did. As she left to go get "him" she confided to me that she couldn't move fast because  " I broke my butt cheek".

Some days I think I have "confess" written across my forehead. I finally completed what should have been a less than 5 minute interaction and returned to the kitchen to quickly pour the batter and smooth the last layer on my cake. I saw a camper entering the drive when I headed to the kitchen and got busy. I was done by the time they opened the door to my office.

The cake is starting to smell good, the aroma is creeping into the office and I was in my happy place ....... thinking that today was Sunday. I just found out that it is Saturday and I am so very disappointed. Instead of 15 minutes, I have three hours and 15 minutes left!

I don't know if I can make it!

RV There Yet??

I have not had an earache since I was a young child. I remember just sitting and crying and rocking back and forth. This is acceptable behavior for a toddler, not so much for an almost 63 year old woman.

I am absolutely miserable and this is day 4 with antibiotics. I cannot hear out of my right ear. The drops do not offer any relief and I just want to sit and rock and cry. But I must suck it up and check in campers whether I can hear them or not. Three more hours here.

It is even hard to listen to audio books! The one I am listening to now is set in London and the narrator is very British. I am saying things like "bloody hell" to my husband. He rarely hears me and I have taken to texting him, even when I am sitting next to him. He hears things that I didn't say. It does make life interesting.

Life goes on even if your ear hurts.

The birds are back to nest again. Their Spring babies have learned to fly. HeWho took the nest down and now they are mad. Since I took this picture, they have built another nest INSIDE the porch. It is huge and encompasses one of my windchimes. Thanks a lot HeWho takes away nests!

This may be one of my favorite signs thus far. It is small .... note the sunglasses above it. I am working on another one today that says, "all who wander are not lost". This does not require the ability to hear.

My equilibrium is off. I walk like a drunken driver swerving all over the place. Accidentally stepped on the cat's tail. I would feel bad about it, if he didn't take so much pleasure in clawing me as I walk by the chair he is hiding in.

Time for another dose of antibiotics and Tylenol.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heat Waves and Earaches

We are in the midst of a heat wave. The humidity (my youngest used to call this humility) is overpowering and I find it difficult to mow and tend gardens. We did get a brief shower last night and a respite from the heat. The night air was cool enough to actually open windows.

I watched the forecast last night while enjoying the cool breeze through the window. The clueless young man spoke in earnest and warned us that by midnight the temperature would climb to 80. Didn't happen and was still quite nice this morning at 7:30 when a barking dog woke me. HeWho had already left the building and was no doubt on a breakfast mission to McDonalds.

He always takes the doorbell out of the socket when he leaves, causing it to reprogram to Jingle Bells when I plug it back in. I don't know why he bothers, I am sure that Toni Louise decided it was time to wake me as soon as he closed the front door. But, he was trying to be considerate.

I would rather have been treated to that consideration last night when Oscar got me up 4 times before 1:30. I was in a considerable amount of pain and wanted desperately to find sleep to escape.

I took my aching head to the doctor's office Monday afternoon. I do not see the doctor, I prefer the nurse practitioner. They have two at  my clinic and I saw the one who is usually visited by HeWho has not a clue about his medications. Both of them are quite competent and very thorough. Although my headaches present as migraines with the warning aura before hand, the fact that they do not grow into a full blown migraine leaving me in a dark room, curled in a fetal ball in agony, made an investigation be necessary. We decided that I have a sinus infection and am now taking antibiotics, very strong ones with all the undesired side effects. She decided to check my ears at the end of the exam and that is when she discovered the real culprit. I have an ear infection. She was unable to see my ear drum, it being totally blocked with wax, but I admitted that it hurt, too. I just thought it was part of my headache misery.

So, ear drops were prescribed. I administered them myself the first night. It is hard to count when you can't see what you are doing. You can feel the drop hit, but what if the drop is just sliding down the canal. Thinking I may have been a little heavy handed with the application, I asked HeWho could see what he was doing to put them in last night.

The first drop felt like it must have fallen from the ceiling! It hurt! I felt each and every drop and my ear commenced to stab me with pain all evening. I had some outdoor chores that needed doing after the painful dropping of drops and went about the business of doing so, all the while hoping the pain would subside. It didn't. I watered and weeded and even mowed before the first drops of rain sent me in. I was in so much pain I was on a hunting mission for any painkillers I could lay my hands on. I found a Tramadol left from HeWho's motorcycle flipping event and took one, then treated myself to a nice shower. I waited for over an hour and the pain still lingered, so I followed up with some Tylenol.

When it had finally eased and sleep was about to overtake me ........ the dog whined. I truly love my old guy, Oscar, but there are times when I just want to scream at him. HeWho got up with him the first time, but was back with him way too fast. "Did you let him have his fill of water?" He answered in the affirmative, but I was back up with him in the next 20 minutes and 3 times after that. He was just restless and maybe the change in routine with HeWho confused his inner peace.

Bad enough that Oscar was unsettled, but Wall-E jumps out of the bed whenever I take Oscar out. He can jump down, but he is unable to jump up and has to be lifted. He is our heaviest dog at 22 lbs. and offers no help in the lifting up. It is like picking up a toddler gone limp in the floor. Doing that with my ear hurting was beyond bearable, so after the first lift, I simply gated him out of the bedroom. Wall-E is sensitive and if one of the other dogs offends him and won't let him lie where he wants he will play the martyr and slink off to the living room to spend the night in HeWho's recliner. The next morning he will stare at me, as if he expects me to console him. Depends on my mood whether this happens or not.

So, when I was rudely awakened at 7:30 and realized that it was somewhat cool outside, I decided to get on up and get some serious yard stuff done. I got quite a bit of clipping branches and mowing done before coming in at 12:30. The pool is not as busy with the fair in town. I am hoping for an office chair nap today.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Keeping Children Safe

The weekend from hell. That is what I am in the midst of.

It all started out with the green pool. The recent downpours that overflowed the pool several times and diluted the chemicals, along with the intense heat combined to take over the pristine blue water that once graced the pool. And if that wasn't bad enough, we had to replace a sewer line. Leaving us with only two working showers for tent campers. It looks like we will have to rebuild the bigger bathhouse due to the water damage.

The reservations started arriving Friday, as they always do. Just so you know, the campground you have made your reservation with does not need an hour by hour report on your whereabouts as you are traveling. It will not endear you to the one answering the phone.

Last season we had a family come in that blatantly lied about the number of people they had staying with them. I tried to get a correct head count, but every time I went to the site they were like mice, running to hide. At the end of their stay, HeWho rarely confronts people told the patriarch of the group that they were not welcome back.

Here they stood in the office waiting to be checked in. HeWho just happened to be in the office with me. I recognized the man and reminded him that my husband had spoken with him last season. He denied ever having had a discussion with him. He was adamant that we had never told him he could no longer camp here. I deferred to the man in charge (I like to let him take over now and again). I wanted to send these people on their way, but HeWho decided to give the man another chance.

My entire day has been a nightmare. The store was super busy and I was stuck indoors all day. I had several annoyances throughout the day, not the least of which was my hovering headache that still lingers around the edges of my head. The pool tested safe and we had lots of swimmers. Could be because I extended a half price discount because the water was discolored.

One lady who had been swimming with her children came in the office as they were leaving to report a disturbing incident. She told me that the campers I had not wanted to stay had lots of children in the pool that were not being supervised. She told me a child of about 2 or younger fell in and was floating face down when her daughter jumped in and pulled her out.

She told me it upset her enough that she screamed at the adults in that group and asked who was responsible for the child. They took the baby back to the campsite. I was busy, so I texted HeWho about the problem.

Before he could address the situation, the phone rang and a camper expressed concern for a group of young children in the pool without supervision. I headed to the pool and although there were adults at the pool, none of the adults were with the children in question. A boy, who said he was 8 was in the pool with FOUR toddlers. When I asked where his parents were, he informed me that his mama said he could bring the children to the pool, that he was watching them!

I told him that in order for him to come to the pool without an adult, he had to be 14. He had a bit of an attitude and insisted that his mama said it was okay. "Well, your mama is not in charge of the pool, I am, so you need to get out and go back to your campsite. You cannot swim without an adult with you."

The children reluctantly got out and were met at the fence by a young man and two other children. See the problem here? They paid for 4 children and here we have 5 in the pool and 2 more coming to get them along with a man that I am sure was not with them when the registered. HeWho was there by the time I evicted the kids from the pool and he counted 11 adults and 13 children. They paid for a total of 8 and now we have 16 extras that we know of. Other campers have counted up to 40 different people at other times during the day.

Beyond the fact that they are ripping me off and will, no doubt, leave a huge mess in their wake, the whole issue of the children running around unsupervised troubles me, no it scares me. I will be so glad when they leave tomorrow. I have their address and they live in another county. I feel like I should call child protective services. Problem is that I have no idea which child belongs to who. I only have the name and address of the older man who registered.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another Day, Another Dollar .... or Less

It has been a strange day. The weather is downright miserable, like trying to breathe underwater. I mowed a bit this morning and was dripping with sweat when I came in. The pool is not busy. Just enough traffic to annoy me.

One family came in and then decided to take showers and blow dry their hair, etc. The teen was in the men's room for over 30 minutes. The sewer main that leads to the other bath house is being replaced today, which means this kid tied up the one and only restroom in the park .......

While this was happening I was trying to leave the office to take a "Y" to put on a hydrant. We have 4 sites that share. We inherited this and no matter how hard we try, we can't seem to keep the "Y"'s on the hydrants. We would have to excavate the area to put in single hydrants and these are the sites that lend them selves to easy in and easy out for over night guests. Year round. There really is no good time to get this job done and it does not affect the water pressure in the least. Way low on the priority list.

I am willing to swear to the fact that the "Y" was in place when I checked in the camper on Tuesday that is still there. Perhaps he thought it was a gift .... like chocolates on a pillow. No wonder I have a headache.

I just checked in a young man with a little girl of about 4 years old. The hair on my neck is still alert. Something squirrely about the guy. He has a full "grill" of metal on his front teeth and prison tattoos on his hands. The child seems okay with him, but he still gave me the creeps.

I hear thunder now and am hoping it is just thunder, we don't need another downpour. A nap would be nice, if only to ease the headache. The headache that has lingered now for over two weeks. Maybe I should see a doctor?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Refunds and Fences

Just as I thought would happen, the tent people of yesterday tried to wrangle a refund. The older gentleman brought back the horse shoes they had checked out and proceeded to enlighten me about his daily schedule. Said he and his wife would not be staying the night. Seems he did not enjoy his rustic camping experience, said they were too old. He waited expectantly as he thought I was processing that information. I did not offer the expected refund of a whopping $6.

The rain subsided and I proceeded to mow the area around the pool. That grass has lots of clover growing in it and that draws bees. Don't want bees lingering round the pool area and be tempted to sting the swimmers. The older couple were sitting on the pavilion, watching the three children swim, giving me the stink eye. Whenever I made a pass with the mower near them, the woman threw her arms up and around her head. I ignored them and kept on until I finished my task.

I was in and out all day, since the rain of the early morning had discouraged most swimmers. I kept an eye on the tent area and noted that the older couple did not leave until after 4:30. Since they had arrived at 8:00 am the previous day, I did not feel they were owed a refund. Check out is noon, after all. The younger man came in the office around 6 and complained to me that his "people" ran out on him after he had paid for them to stay. I made eye contact and held it. HeWho tells me this is intimidating. I was daring him to ask for the refund in my mind and I must have conveyed that in my eyes, because he simply left the office.

I was kind of disappointed. We all know I like to teach and I had planned a lesson for him. I was all ready to deliver this lesson when he escaped. Later that evening, my work camper reported on the condition of the bathrooms. Toothpaste on the walls, along with a really nasty toilet. They left this morning while I slept.

I slept until 10:20! I was totally unaware of rain falling while I lay nestled with two dogs at my side. The other two were outside and the responsibility of HeWho thinks they can fend for themselves. The rain had passed by the time I awoke and ventured out. I picked some asparagus and one purple pole bean and came in for coffee. Only one group of swimmers showed up, so I went out to trim some branches and do a little weeding in another flower garden.

Suddenly the sky grew dark and I felt a drop or two hit my arm. I was weeding around my maple tree and was determined to finish that one patch. The wind picked up and the sky opened. It rained so hard it felt like needles stinging my bare arms. I ran for cover and peeked out my bedroom window to see that my makeshift lattice fence I erected for my pole beans was down again. I really do not want to ask HeWho for help. He will feel the need to go the lumber supply store and the hardware store several times to accomplish the fence and the beans will have yielded their crop and be dead by the time he finishes. I need only to hi-jack that chop saw and I know where some 2X2's lay idle. I can do this myself as soon as the rain stops and be done before the sun goes down. Just have to wait for HeWho to go on one of his missions into town or for a tow. My vines are already twining on the lattice and it will have to be done in place. HeWho would have me rip those vines away so that he could "do it right".

Now as the rain falls gently I think I will cook our supper and get that out of the way.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Good Start To My Day

I woke to a cool moist breeze wafting through the window I opened in the wee hours of the morning. The humidity and heat yesterday was stifling. My joints told me that a break in the weather was on the way when I lay me down to sleep last night.

I ventured out to toss the kitchen trash in the dumpster. As is my usual habit, I yanked a few offending weeds in my path as I meandered around the garden that my sweet Gavin helped me build when he was a very helpful 4 year old. From there I headed to my side yard and vegetable garden to admire my work of weeding two rows of beans and corn when raindrops started falling on my head. Just a gentle rain hitting the steel roof .... and me and all my gardens. It sounded like a thousand little elves dancing on my roof, chanting "You get a day off, you get a day off!"

Back inside, I pour my coffee and here I sit, sipping and writing. A very good start to the day. Then I remember that I have tent campers in residence. They arrived yesterday morning at 8:00. HeWho was heading out the door to get his daily breakfast biscuit at the local McDonald's. I was tending animals and other morning necessities. I was unaware of the exchange. HeWho is impatient for his fast food told them to just go ahead and set up, that the office would be open at 11:00 and they could settle up with me then. He told me when he returned, having had his tummy filled. He did bring to me an iced coffee, but I was still annoyed at the early arrivals.

I was even more annoyed when the man came in to pay. I had talked to this man several times on the phone as he inquired about the rates. He probably called several places, but that is not the point. When I quote rates to would be campers, I always tell them that check-in is any time AFTER NOON ........ because check-out is NOON. Suppose you make a reservation for a particular site and arrive early to find it occupied?

What's done is done. He wants to stay for two days. Four adults and three children. Looks like three generations. No big deal, I just get annoyed with people who seem to think that rules do not apply to them.

My day, which did not get off to a good start, goes on. The office does not open until 11:00 am. That block of time in the morning is MINE! I want to play in the dirt, or get my household chores done without interruption. The phone is a constant and that can't be helped, but yesterday was filled with interruptions. It didn't help that my headache was still with me. Stuck in the office until 8:00 pm with just enough traffic to make me be unable to accomplish anything is no fun either. My joints were screaming yesterday and I think my office chair hates me, because everytime I stand up, I hurt!

I was painting a small sign at my desk when Early Arrival came in to inquire about bait. With him was the older gentleman. I quoted the price for the twelve night crawlers and they carried on a mumbled debate between the two of them. "How many fish can we catch?" I had to let that one rest in my head as I pondered my response and how best to word it so that he might understand. I was tempted to say "Gee, I don't know, how many fish can you catch?" but that would have just been mean and made the inter-change prolonged.

I decided on, "You can catch as many as you want, but it is 'catch and release'." I was unprepared for the reaction. Both men looked appalled, like I had just tempted them with a steak dinner and then snatched it away. In unison they said, "What, you have to put them back!" Then the older man said he sure wished he had known that before they paid to stay here, that they were just trying to give the kids a real camping experience. They were roughing it and wanted to catch their own food ....

Roughing it would be in the woods with no amenities like hot showers and a pool, but I chose not to enlighten the men and just stood firm with my policy .... which is clearly stated on the brochure and the website. They left the office, still mumbling about their misfortune. They have paid to stay today, as well and I fully expect them to ask for a refund due to the rain .... so much for roughing it.

For now I will enjoy my solitude and my coffee before I have to deal with campers.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just Another Holiday Weekened

Okay, besides all the weather problems that plagued the holiday weekend, you had to know that I did not escape an incident of questionable circumstance. See the boulder? See where the boulder used to be?

After getting nearly 6 inches of rain during the weekend, July 4th dawned bright and sunny. I was roused by the wet nose of a dachshund on my neck at 5:30 am (Mommy, Mommy, the sun is up, the sun is up!!). After releasing the hound(s) and then making them come back in, I took to my recliner for a morning chair nap. This involved the drying of hound feet and legs before tucking the little guy next to me in my recliner.

There we slept a fitful sleep until 8 am. A cup of coffee in hand I went out to view the world. I did walk around to my garden and sunk in mud in the lower spots. It very nearly sucked my flip flops from my feet! This discouraged any further adventures into the grounds.

Just as well, since I would have seen this mess. Being the end of a long weekend, I was singing my Christmas song with my own words "It's the most wonderful day of the week, all the campers are leaving and my heart is heaving a sigh of relief ..."

One of my new seasonals came in and inquired about the tire tracks in the grassy fields. What tire tracks? I got busy after that and forgot about it.

Then the campers staying closest to the site of the incident came in and gave me the rest of the story. Seems that while the lady of the manor, the sheriff of the land, lay sleeping along side her faithful companion in her recliner, a van full of ne'er do wells entered her kingdom and set about destroying the landscape.

They were seen entering the park around 7:30 am. They turned towards the tent area, then went into the grassy field and made a circle before coming across the road and hitting the boulder. Hitting the boulder so hard that they moved it with their minivan and BROKE THE WHEEL on their vehicle. They were not camping here. Had absolutely no business here and were either already intoxicated or still intoxicated from the previous night.

But, wait, it gets better. They are either living around here or know someone who does because a tractor appeared and pulled them out and down the road. Leaving chaos in their wake.

Speaking of wake. Why didn't someone wake me? Why not the cold nosed hound who knows when the sun is up? Or, maybe the yippy terrier/Chihuahua who barks at every opportunity? Or the campers who witnessed the event? They didn't want to bother me .... and yet I am so very bothered in spite of all that consideration.

I wonder just how fast the were going to push that boulder. I would really have liked to call the sheriff to remove these ne'er do wells from my property. Like I said, they have no business here. I know I could probably win a judgement against them for damages, but would never see a penny. I just want them to keep out and I want someone with some authority (dubious, though it may be) to tell them so.

People always like to tell me about some rules being broken, after the fact and after the breakers of the rules have left. I can't do anything about it after the fact; but get me while it is going on and I will treat you to a fine performance of public humiliation.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Another Favorite Site

This is site 1A, the site of Marshell and Jan. The rig in the background is not theirs. That is site 1. Being retired and full of wanderlust, this couple travels quite a bit. We all get to hear about their adventures.

Every time they return, they rebuild their fire pit. HeWho mows never dismounts to move obstacles in his way and he sometimes creates obstacles when he bumps into things ..... trying to get a nice close cut. I get the job of apologizing for his actions and if I see the mess he makes, I clean it up.

This particular site hosts a concrete pad that was here when we bought the kampground. Lest you be thinking I favored this couple so much that I put it in. I might give them produce from my gardens or even bake a treat, but one has to draw the line somewhere!

While I did build the initial gardens in the areas that were hard to mow (I am nothing, if not practical), Jan has given them her personal touch.

I had neglected the weeds the past few seasons. I was busy visiting my Dad for as long as I could and nothing here seemed to matter so much. It is amazing what a good weeding and new mulch will do, though. Not having to tackle this myself is the very best part!!

I appreciate kampers who take pride in their sites! Not to mention that Marshell is always up for a lively debate and I do enjoy a good argument. I will even conceded that he sometimes has a good point ... or two.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fireworks .... in my Head!

Made it through the weekend, although I am still fighting a headache that I have had since Saturday.

The weather did not cooperate. It rained all weekend. No golf cart parade, no flying of kites, no outdoor movie. The pool still got a workout every time the rain subsided. I was determined to go ahead with our picnic. Just had to move it under shelter.

Due to lots of cancellations from those too wimpy for rain, I had less than 60 people, so I just brought it inside and on the front porch. Just a matter of moving the tables to the porch and gathering the red, white and blue chairs. I was able to seat two dozen people on the front porch. Since there were little ones, it was more like 30 people. The rest came inside, where had moved the merchandise off the top shelf to make a buffet line for the side dishes. I pulled my cutting table from my sewing room to hold the paper product and utensils, along with the buns and condiments.

You can see the dark skies. The rain would let up and a little sun would peek through from time to time. Just teasing us. The rain did let up as it grew dark and the fireworks burst in the skies. I handed out sparklers and then came inside to comfort Toni Louise.

She is afraid of thunder, so she was not fond of the noise that accompanied the fireworks. My headache was none too happy with the noise, so we were an unhappy pair. There was more thunder and lightning this morning and my headache is still here. I am taking Tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen. Not all at once. Alternating. It will subside, but I can feel it, just hanging out, waiting to attack.

Another Independence day of celebration over.

Monday, July 4, 2016

I Want To Scream

 You may be wondering why I took a picture of pill boxes. These are the pill containers that I use every other week to make the daily doses of pills for HeWho has not a clue about the drugs he takes. I fill it and he mindlessly swallows whatever I put in it. He trusts me.

The pill boxes in this picture are mine. You can clearly see the difference, can't you? His are colorful and mine are not. His are kept in the same place they have ALWAYS been kept in the kitchen cabinet right next to the bin of prescription bottles. Mine are on the kitchen counter.

His has more pills and capsules than mine. They look different than mine. I take my pills twice a day, but I am aware of what I take and can store the day's supply in one. I would never dare to do that with his. He would forget and take them all at once.

You will note that he leaves the cap open after he takes his daily meds, while I close mine. He leaves the cabinet door open, as well. I close it every morning after he takes his meds. Not cheerfully and sometimes grudgingly. How hard is it to close the door?

I ran out of pills on Sunday (yesterday). I filled my two week supply and took my morning dose. After all the hoopla and the fireworks last night, I came in with a pounding headache and took my evening dose of pills along with some Tylenol. I wondered why my Saturday dose was missing. I always take my pills on the correct day, while HeWho will just take any day, even working right to left. This is so very wrong. Everyone knows that you read left to right.

My headache and fatigue drove me to just take my meds and go to bed. This morning I headed outside to see to my vegetable garden in the misting rain. I picked some beets and some peas and gloried in the solitude. Came inside to reheat my lone cup of coffee. My blood pressure was up yesterday, so I decided to cut back on the caffeine.

Back tracking to yesterday when I took my blood pressure. HeWho always takes his if he sees me taking mine. He announced that his blood pressure was up, too, concluding that the monitor was wrong. Because he takes blood pressure medication and his blood pressure is never high.

This morning I discovered that another day of my pills were gone and the lid was up. I knew immediately that he had taken my pills. Two days in a row. I called him and asked where he got his pills from this morning and he said, " The ones in my pill box on the counter." I want to scream. This means he has not been taking his prescriptions and mine are now short.

And he wonders why I get so annoyed with him. I guess I will have to hide my pill boxes in a safe place. One would think that he would be able to tell the difference, his being bright colors and mine being clear. While it is true that I recently bought new containers, I stayed with clear for me and colors for him. Yes, I will just hide mine.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thinking Of You

What else can go wrong? I did ask, didn't I? Yesterday was beautiful, but the forecast for Saturday and Sunday was dismal. So, all day yesterday I took cancellation after cancellation.

I do not charge for cancellations. I want the return business. Don't want to leave a negative impression. I made up almost all the cancellations with over-night travelers. The sun set with a pinkish hue, giving me false hope for today. You know the old rhyme ..... red sky at night, sailors delight .....

Apparently this is not a good way to forecast the weather. It is currently 63 degrees and drizzling. Rained all day long under gray skies and is supposed to hang over us through tomorrow. We will still have our BBQ. I have crammed some 50 odd people in the store to eat a meal before and can do so again. As long as it is not pouring rain, we will see fireworks tomorrow night.

On the bright side, with the wet weather, the fireworks won't be a fire hazard. I was able to have a nice nap today and I only have 2 hours left in here. I finished making pool chair number 8 and I have 10 pillow towels ready for purchase.

It will be a smaller crowd than normal. Just so you know, all you people who are absent .....
We will be thinking of you .... and no doubt, talking about you!