Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Word from Cujo

Cujo here. I am sure you all know who I am if you read any of my Mom's blogs. Wall-E used to be the writer here. We all miss him, he was such a nice guy. Mom seems to be running out of things to write about, so she is letting me take a shot at it. She says I might be as entertaining as Wall-E.

We have been stuck inside together all winter, which is not that unusual. But my Mom says there is a pandemic going on and that is why Dad is in here, too. He is annoying to me. The other dogs like him, but I am a one person dog and he is not my person. I secretly want to gnaw his face off and it is only out of respect for my Mom that I don't.

The weather is getting warm and all of us dogs have been playing in the back yard and laying in the sun. I wasn't going to mention the big hole Eddie and I dug, but Mom found it. She just seems to know what we are up to all the time.

Today she mowed our yard and I am so happy about that. Last week Dad attempted to mow. It was awful. He does not do a good job. First of all, he neglected to pick up our poop! Mom picks it up before she mows, every time. Then he did not move anything out of the way, he just mowed around it. Us dogs did not appreciate his sloppy method. Oh, and he made us stay inside!

Mom lets us go outside with her. We follow her around and even show her where all the poop is. After we finish that part, she starts the mower. It is loud and Eddie likes to rush at the mower and bark, then he yells, "Mommy, watch me!" He is still young and does lots of silly things.

I like Eddie. He was just a tiny pup when he came to live with us. I wasn't sure about him at first. Martha, the boy cat took him over and would hiss at Toni Louise and I if we tried to get to close to him. Now that he is longer than me, he is my best friend. I still do not care for Toni Louise or Martha, the boy cat. Hey, I must be a one dog dog, too!

Mom says I am clever. I must go nap soon, It was hard work, following Mom around the yard,. Toni Louise is already napping. She must be dizzy, as she stayed in one spot and chased her tail while Eddie and I sniffed all the freshly mown grass. I wonder about her sometimes!

Another day is going by. Just like yesterday, but that's okay with me, as long as my Mom is holding me.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Easily Entertained

I confess that the isolation is starting to get to me. While I don't necessarily mind being alone, I am not alone. I annoys me that I am the ONLY one here doing anything. "Well, all you have to do is ask!" says the man busy holding down the chair.

If I dare to request something, a deep sigh will issue forth as he hits the button on the chair that will propel him to a standing position. Not saying he is lazy, but if the shoe fits ..... "Would you mind taking the trash out, it is all bagged up and ready to go." I will say. He will reply that he will get to it and sometimes he actually does, but if I really want it gone I will just do it myself.

So, today I have been running to and fro,
 doing laundry and such. The sun is out and the wind is blowing, so I hung all the dog towels out. I bathed the trio of four pawed babies a couple of days ago. To his credit, HeWho loves them did help. I washed, he dried. Let's not forget I had the harder job. He offered to take it on, but I feared he would not rinse all the soap out and they would itch and drive me crazy in the night.

While the towels and a load of rugs were blowing in the wind, I decided to make a pie. I saw a recipe that intrigued me. A coconut cream pie. I absolutely love coconut pie. We have too much milk on hand, so I decided to make the pudding from scratch. This required much standing and stirring, but oh so worth it. Like an idiot I asked HeWho if he would like coconut pie. He said he would prefer banana cream. I also have some ripe bananas on hand and this is the method of fruit eating preferred by him. So, of course we are having banana, since bananas will spoil and coconut won't. 

I am too practical for my own good. While I was preparing dinner and peeling potatoes, as I also have an abundane of potatoes. I ran in and out to retrieve the towes from the line and fold them as the potatoes started to boil. On my trip to the bathroom I happened to catch a glimpse off myself in the mirror. 

My hair was startling. I need a good trim, but this is non essential. That was bad enough, but there was also a big gob of pudding stuck on the side of my face from licking the beaters. As I carefully peeled it off (it was dry), I wondered if pudding would make a good face mask.

In between all of this, I started another rug. Idle hands and all that. HeWho continues holding the chair down and is now watching some silly movie starring Larry, the Cable Guy. He is easily entertained.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Is there anyone out there who is unaware of the pandemic? Shouldn't be at this point in time. And yet, there are still those entitled few that seem to think none of the "rues" apply to them. I said "few", though by the number of phone calls I am fielding, there would be more than just a few.

Despite the fact that we have all been told the best way to contain the virus and stop the spread is to STAY HOME and avoid contact with others. Pretty straight forward and not hard to understand. So, why are people deciding that it is okay to make a family outing to Walmart? Why would you want to camp? Because you think the virus has not reached this area and YOU are safe? 

The ultimate act of a sense of entitlement happened this morning. A seasonal camper, whose contract was up decided to come out and move their camper out. Problem was that they were in a site behind another camper. They had begged for this particular site and were well aware they would be blocked in. They assured me this would not be a problem, they were here for the long haul. This was a year ago. A phone call last week let me know that they would not be renewing their contract for another year and wanted to pull out today.

There was no urgency to get the camper out. I would not have charged extra for the camper to sit on that site until the owners of the camper occupying the site blocking them could come out to move their camper. I told the entitled one that when she called. She asked if it would be okay if they pulled the other camper out of their way and I said it would not. I further instructed her to call before they came out and I would attempt to contact the other camper.

So morning arrived and before HeWho made his daily ritual of riding around the park, they came and did exactly what I told them not to do. Who knows what damage may have happened inside the camper? I don't have a key to this camper and can't go inside to see what was not secure for moving. 

Now I have to call that owner to let them know that the camper was moved and they need to check it for damages. All because someone decided their needs rose above all others and they couldn't be bothered to wait until this quarantine is over.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Quarantine Goes On

HeWho does not quarantine well. He goes to bed early and complains that he cannot fall asleep, but he sleeps until 10:30 or 11:00. In between he is kept busy holding down his chair. He is really cranky today.

I am still cooking and still doing laundry and cleaning. He did vacuum one day. He likes to vacuum, it makes noise. Last night he told me his foot was hurting, that he thinks he twisted it. Causing me to ask how that happened while sitting in his recliner. He swears he did it on the treadmill. I have not seen him on the treadmill and the times that he has announced he is going to walk on the treadmill, let me tell you that if he was on it for more than 2 minutes, I would be surprised.

Finally, a somewhat sunny day with no rain and the temperature is climbing. As much as I long to go outside and play in the dirt, I know I will have to wait for a bit. Every morning upon taking my pills and eating a piece of fruit, I am overwhelmed with waves of nausea and a headache. If I knew which one was doing this I would eliminate it from my regimen. In the mean time I am taking out one each day and waiting until late afternoon to take it. So far I have yet to discover the culprit.

So, as I sit here cutting up more t-shirts, I hear the mower start in my back yard. I suppose my question about how he could have injured his ankle while seated has propelled HeWho mows into action! This is the push mower, though! He chose the time of day when I am somewhat incapacitated to mow my dog's playground. I love the smell of freshly mown grass coming in through the door ….

Oh, wait, that smell is mingled with the smell of freshly mown dog poop! HeWho is not one to pick up anything or move anything before mowing. I cringed as I heard something hit the blade. He only mowed a few minutes and then came in to proclaim the area too wet to mow. Now I am wondering about my poor mower ….

So, another long day of pondering what we will eat and what we will watch on TV. The phone calls have picked up like they usually do this time of year. People seem to think that since the kids are out of school and bored, they should load up and go camping. This is not a good idea for so many reasons. The main reason being that they are coming from heavily populated areas already afflicted with the virus and they could be carriers. 

Americans have no fear. They are smug in the knowledge that a mere virus cannot bring them down and they are entitled to do as they want. I keep repeating that the only campers I am accepting are those travelers who need a one night stay. "But, don't you need the business?" Not if it means I might contract a virus that has no known cure. The longer people carry it to and fro, the longer it will take to be free of this.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Layla's T-Shirt Rug Is Done!!

I finished!! Layla's t-shirt rug is done. This is what I have doing with my time while under quarantine.

I wish I knew just how many knots are in this. It was a labor of love and I thought about my sweet granddaughter with every knot and snip of the scissors. I didn't have enough of her t-shirts and had to use some I scored at the Dollar Tree and from my own closet. I confess that some of the strips were made from t-shirts that HeWho had never even worn!

Layla holds a special place in my heart. I requested a brown eyed granddaughter when my son-in-law married my daughter. They gave me one! She was a happy baby, a shy toddler and a wonderful student when she began her schooling. She has always been an obedient and easy little girl.

A girly girl, I remember her mom, my Jill, told me that she did not need frilly dresses and such. But Layla had a mind of her own from the beginning. She is a dancer with superior talent. Watching her dance takes my breath away, Though I have watched her in person rarely. Her mom will post videos and I watch them over and over again. I force kampers to watch them, too. At first they watch politely, so as not to offend a proud Gramma, but are amazed at her talent and beauty by the end. Just trying to help them have something lovely to look at!

She is as smart as she is lovely to look at. A freshman this year, she made the dean's list at Ohio State and that is no small feat.

I am missing my kids today.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Rain, Rain Go Away?

 When I woke this morning and walked to the back door to let the dogs out, I was greeted with pouring rain. Oh, great. More mud. As I sat sipping coffee I happened to look out the lone window in this room. It was snowing. Big fat flakes of snow were falling from the overcast sky! Suddenly my gloomy mood lifted as If I had never seen snow before!

Can you see the snow falling? I stood outside, snapping pictures. We do not need snow or rain, as you can clearly see that this garden is flooded. Look at all the day lilies and tiger lilies that are struggling up and out of their winter prison of soil. Do you see the little bunch of daffodils standing tall, searching for some warmth from the sun?

My trees are budding and the snow is sticking to the tiny buds and the gravel in the parking area. And there I am, unseen behind the camera, gawking like a small child in delight. Well, I hope no one sees me, as I am in my pj's. It so quiet and still that I can feel the presence of God and just for a split second, I feel wrapped in His love. A second is long enough, having created a memory of the feeling.

Empty pews in all the churches today, and yet here I am standing in the midst of the biggest church there is, all alone, but not.

There is nothing that comes close to the beauty of nature. The snowfall is getting lighter now. Almost like it was just for my benefit. The ground is covered in a nice blanket that will no doubt be gone before night time. If that was just for me, I will take it!!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

I Was Not Meant To Be A Teacher

In case you might be wondering just how seriously people are taking the advice about social distancing ……. my conclusion would be not very seriously.

Even the president has downplayed "the Midwest". While it is true that there are not as many cases here, there are cases as close as 60 miles from my location. Some  have died. We are not immune to the world just because we live in a somewhat isolated area.

They have closed all eating in establishments and school is out. I have been keeping my distance even with my kampers. It has been harder to keep my distance from someone I share a bed with, but I do have a buffer of dogs between us. But that is neither here nor there.

You may call me a germophobe if you like, but, does anyone really understand what a virus is? I was just checking in a new camper with his two children in tow. I am sure that many people off work are choosing this time to accomplish errands they would otherwise have to cram into a busy schedule. I understand that. I would be painting ceilings if I were able.

Since this was a long term contract, I had to go into the office and assist the man. I warned the children back as I approached the desk. I have a cough and a headache. No fever and I am pretty sure both cough and headache stem from pollen in the air. While it really was myself I was trying to protect from school age children germs, I thought it was nicer to phrase it as if I were worried about them.

The father waved my protests away and explained that he was not worried about me, that the virus was closer to the more populated areas near the bigger cities ….. WHERE HE JUST CAME FROM. Virus germs are AIRBORNE. They land on people and objects that are touched and spread through contact to other people. And this particular virus has no cure right now, which is why schools and restaurants are closed.

Like many years ago, when I was a nurse in an emergency room and took the opportunity to teach people how to bathe, or just forced them to bathe; I decided to take this opportunity to give a lesson on how virus germs are spread to this man. Just like my lessons on bodily cleanliness, this one fell short. I suppose I was never meant to be a teacher.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Chew Rubberbands!

I admit that I am opinionated and that I share my opinion from time to time on my blog, not anonymously, owning what I say. If you do not agree with me, you may feel free to express yourself. Just not anonymously. If you are not brave enough to own your words, then perhaps you should keep them to yourself. No one is making you read my blog.

The anonymous comment on my last post was full of hatred for "boomers". This is not the first time anonymous has commented, I just happened to catch the others and delete them. 

So, yesterday, HeWho went hunting for provisions to take us through the next couple of weeks. You might recall that he was searching for jolly ranchers and juicy fruit. Alas, the candy shelves did not yield to his desires. Can there really be that many jolly rancher addicts? Is there no other candy that will satisfy the former smoker?

The world is coming to an end!! Crafty wife to the rescue! I found a recipe for jolly ranchers. I have sugar, I have corn syrup and I have water. I have a candy thermometer, a heavy saucepan and plenty of time to stir. What I don't have is a wide array of extracts. I have lemon, but that does not appeal to the addict in this house. I even have Anise, but the mention of that flavor wrinkled his nose in distaste. 

Vanilla will be the first batch which should yield 243 pieces. "Wow!" you might say, "That will last awhile!" But you have not witnessed the man and his candy. All day long I hear the rustle of the cellophane wrappers as he indulges in his habit. I find those wrappers everywhere.

On the table by his chair, 
on the floor by his chair, 
I find those wrappers everywhere. 
In the washer and the dryer, 
clean and wet, dry and brittle, 
I find them a lot, not just a little.

The next batch will be almond. I should be nearly out of sugar by then, as well as corn syrup. This should give me time to order some jolly ranchers on line. Or more sugar, corn syrup and a variety of extracts.

As for the juicy fruit gum ..... this is where I draw the line. I am not going to attempt making gum. He can chew on some rubberbands!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Avoiding Sick People

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I do know that I won't snap back to my former level of energy without some down time. Doesn't mean I am not frustrated. 

So, as I am resting from the process of waking up and letting the dogs out, then back in and brewing my one cup of coffee, I am free to answer the phones and ponder the events of the world. I am upset that I was in the hospital and did not get to vote. But, maybe I wouldn't have gone to cast my vote anyway, since it would be in a place with multiple people and I am now consider elderly with pre-existing conditions. When did that happen!

Today is a copy of all the days preceding it. Overcast, dreary, and rainy. While the phone of HeWho refuses to abide by my rules of staying away from people, is blowing up with offers of loans and other oddities, including the fact that the price of gas in Kentucky is 99 cents a gallon. My phone sent me a test for schizophrenia. Really? HeWho loves a bargain was going on about that gas, until I finally pointed out that the trip to get the gas would not be worth it. Not only that, if you are not going anywhere, why do you need gas?

We do, however need some things that I would normally have on hand. I would have procured these items myself, had I not been attached to a bag of fluids in a hospital bed. I could shop, probably, although I doubt I could load the car, or unload it without naps in between.

So, HeWho was chomping at the bits to run some errands, has left to go get supplies. Armed with a mask, refusing to wear gloves, and an extensive list from me. The real reason he is loose in the world? He is out of candy and gum. He assures me that he will start smoking again if he doesn't have a supply of his jolly ranchers and juicy fruit. That makes it worth bringing a virus home to his old wife with a weakened immune system.

I won't even check campers in. I will instruct them on the phone and they can use the night check-in. I don't know where these people have been! They could have just stepped off a virus ridden cruise ship and hopped into their RV to spread the germs from sea to shining sea for all I know.

If I could, I would have a curfew and make everyone stay in place. We could call this place the "No, You Kan Not Leave Kampground". I am being silly, of course. Our current events are already having an impact on our business. Cancellations are coming in and reservations are down. Winter is sort of "break even" and we depend on the camping season to make money.

Other small businesses are also at risk to go under during this time. This will not be over in a mere two weeks or even months. My frugal nature will come in handy and we will be okay. I am worried about some of my residents being able to meet their bills. While I have no qualms about throwing out a seasonal camper not paying their bill, I feel differently about those kampers that live here.

Looks like I will be sitting a bit longer. Just checked my blood pressure and it is too low 90/60 and I am dizzy when I stand up. It has been running a bit high, until yesterday evening when I checked it because I was light headed. My heart is still skipping beats, despite the fact that they doubled the dosage of the beta blocker. All this is being recorded via the monitor on my chest. I will be fine as long as I don't have to visit the clinic or the hospital. Sick people go to those places! 

I looked at my discharge diagnosis from the hospital …… "chest pains". I do not have A-fib. Just some evidence of damage to my heart indicating that I have had a cardiac event of unknown origin. How's that for an undefined diagnosis?

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sandy Sheets

I can't seem to get my energy back. Taking a shower feels like a workout. Then I have to rest. Wash dishes, rest. Cook a meal with a chair handy to take a rest in the midst of cooking. Laundry is okay because it has built in rest in between loads.

I feel like I am being lazy as I sit here and doze on and off. No matter what I eat of if I eat, I have indigestion. I will call my doctor tomorrow, but I am loathe to be in the hospital again. There are sick people there!

Layla's rug is almost done. It is handy to the kitchen (the table it sits upon) and when ever I stop there for a rest I will tie a row or two.  Or cut some more strips of T-shirts. I tried changing the bed linens and ended up in a cold sweat and could not finish. HeWho is not domestic had to follow my instructions and do all the tucking and pillow casing.

The rain is depressing. Not to mention that the last time HeWho was out playing on the front end loader, he dumped a load of dirt from the field beyond our bill board in the corner of my back yard. I had asked him to get some dirt back there in a low spot that wants to hold water and is soggy for days after a good rain. In my mind's eye, I saw a nice level layer of this dirt. The grass will fill in quickly and I have some seed to spread as well.

Did I really think he would take the garden rake and spread the dirt? "Oh, you didn't tell me to do that." He was right, I didn't. I was thinking I would do it myself, but I am restricted to only pick up things 4 lbs. or less and I can't drive yet, so common sense tells me I shouldn't try to drag that dirt out.

The problem is that the Doxies seem to think this is a hill for them to conquer. They come in with wet muddy bellies and their toenails are clogged with mud. Before bedtime I sit here and try to get as much of the dirt out of the toenails as possible.

Doxies do not appreciate having their toes manipulated. Cujo will withstand it without complaint, but he does not like it. He seems to have sensed that I am not strong and has started pulling his foot away before I am done. Eddie absolutely hates this process and is quite vocal about it. He requires a strong hand and stern voice. I just don't seem to have it in me. HeWho will just say "he won't let me" and give up. 

As a result, my bed has clumps of dog toe dirt in it. If you are wondering why I don't just put them in their bed on the floor ..... they will howl pitifully. They have always slept in the bed with us and they like to be under the covers, head and all. On my side of the bed.

And so, to add insult to injury, I lack the strength required to remove all the particles of that clumpy dirt from my bed.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

I Have Been Validated

I seemed to gain strength by the hour yesterday. I figured my body was metabolizing all the drugs that were pumped into it.

My hospital stay was not without fun! I had a roommate. I had thought that semi-private rooms were a thing of the past. I was in the old part of this hospital and I am pretty sure they chose to put the non contagious patients in those rooms and isolate the sick ones in private rooms. As far as that goes, I wanted to make my stay as short as possible. But having a roommate was entertaining.

My first roommate was scheduled for the same procedure I had and she was not very talkative. She left on my second day as soon as she recovered from her procedure and I was in a stress test and imaging lab most of the day. I was settled in and thinking I would have a room to myself when the second roommate was admitted.

We hit it off right away when I had to cross the room to the bathroom and I attempted to enter the facilities and found that my IV pole was too high to go through the door. Then I discovered it was too high to go out of my room to cross over to the nurses station. I could tell that she wanted to laugh, so I just started laughing myself and told her that most of the day my fluids were off and I was not even connected, yet for some reason I had kept dragging that pole with me.

Anyway, we stayed up until 2:30 talking. Like a pajama party with no food since we were both unable to have even water after midnight. I suppose I could have stayed another night to flush all the drugs out, but I really wanted to come home and sleep in my own bed. My roommate went home before I did and the nurses aide said they would miss us, that we were fun. I have been validated! 

They had told me that the "happy" shots they pushed into my IV would make me really sleepy and out of it. They didn't, not even the additional shot midway through. I was able to see the monitor and watch the dye go through my heart. That was interesting. With the initial incision to access my femoral artery I felt a sudden gush of warm blood flowing down my legs. I was a little concerned that my bladder had betrayed me and I sniffed the air tentatively. Maybe that's why they pumped more happy juice into me? Because I was sniffing the air?

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Was I Jealous?

Sunday afternoon, a beautiful day. I had big plans outside. I had sat down at the table holding Layla's rug and was just sitting there tying knots, as I am apt to do every time I find a minute. Felt pretty good, as the rug will soon be done. I was shouting talking to HeWho can never hear me. 

Out of nowhere a pain like I have never had shot through my chest, mid sternum, all the way to my back, then radiated across my chest up my neck and to my jaw. Took my breath away. I called out to Drew (HeWho has a name!) as loud as my breath would let me and he answered with , "What, you know I can't hear you!" His back was to me and I should have flung something at him, but my arms were busy holding my chest. He finally came around and asked what was wrong and I told him. He put a nitroglycerin under my tongue and said he was taking me to the hospital. 

The pain would not subside enough for me to stand up and I shook my head no and said "ambulance". He called and I was still trying to get up to walk the few steps into the store. My dogs were already frantic, they knew something was wrong and I knew that Cujo was not going to allow a bunch of strangers access to his mommy without getting a bite or two in on someone.

As luck would have it, we have some first responders that live here and Kristen was up here in a flash and helped me get into the store while HeWho held the dogs back. EMS has responded several times for Kevin and they loaded me into the ambulance fast. The EMT starting my IV said he knew there would be a crowd and he wanted to isolate me, then find out what was going on. I could see all my kampers coming up and I even waved at a few. More nitro on the trip and then finally some morphine and blessed relief.

My EKG was looking good on my arrival and after drawing blood and determining that I had not had a heart attack I was admitted. I was feeling a little let down to be honest. All the drama and no answers why it happened. This is why most women will just wait out pain and not seek help. Monday was an Echo and a chemical stress test. I saw my cardiologist before the tests and he told me I would be able to go home as soon as the tests were read. 

As I was finishing my sandwich, having been told that I could finally eat and drink again, the nurse practitioner came in. I was hoping she was there to discharge me. She told me that the cardiologist on call had read my tests and the Echo was with-in normal range. I was all set to scoot my butt across that bed and start pulling all the leads off my chest and ditch that gown for my own clothes when she said that my stress test was positive. "Positive, meaning I am out of here?" No, positive meaning that it showed some damage to my heart. 

Well, crap. Can't know if the damage is old or from Sunday, so I did not come home. Yesterday I had an angiogram to see if there were any blockages in my heart. I was awake through the procedure despite the nice drugs and watched the monitor as the dyes went through my arteries with no restraints. 

I came home late yesterday with some new medications that I really do not want to take. I will be obedient, though, but when I go back for a check-up I will be arguing my case. Lipitor has too many side effects and my cholesterol is borderline. They want it under 200 and mine is 206. I can increase the fish oil and change my diet, again. The other is Lasix. I have stopped writing twice to pee. 

After being confined to the bed for almost 3 days and all the drugs they pumped into me, I am weak and sore and not happy to be running to the bathroom so frequently. Could be worse, I suppose and I am happy to be home and away from all the germs they harbor in the hospital. I was not in the same hospital as the first Corona virus patient in St. Louis. I am thankful for that!!

So, when my cardiologist, who is also the cardiologist of HeWho had a major cardiac event, asked me what I was doing in the hospital …. I told him I must have been jealous of all the attention bestowed on my husband. He looked perplexed, as English is not his first language and he doesn't really know me that well!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Sad Times

I woke feeling sad this morning. The last 48 hours have been surreal. I have been preoccupied with myself, as one can be when they do not feel well. 

I presented myself at the clinic two days ago, annoyed that I still have a headache, sore throat and general malaise. This led to an EKG. Which led to another referral to my cardiologist. When I initially saw the cardiologist I did not have my current insurance and was limited to using one within the network affiliated with my primary care giver. This was 5 years ago and after all the diagnostic procedures I was told I have A-fib and prescribed a beta blocker.

Lately I have had mores episodes with my heart skipping beats which leaves me feeling drained. I decided to switch to the cardiologist that treated HeWho had a heart attack. I liked his approach to treating my husband and that he was very thorough and explained everything in detail. Saw him yesterday and he thinks I may have been misdiagnosed. So now the diagnostic procedures begin again. I will be wearing a halter monitor for two weeks and at the end of that period a full set of tests are scheduled.

Anyway, after I left the clinic two days ago, I stopped at the grocery and picked up a few items and headed home. A slow day, I tied a few more rows to Layla's rug and had sat down to check my e-mail and such when Kevin showed up with some barbeque sandwiches he picked up after his visit to the doctor. He knows how much HeWho loves this particular BBQ and knew I would probably forgive him for bringing a forbidden food to HeWho had a heart attack since I wouldn't have to cook supper. He was right. It was about 3:15. Then a call to HeWho telling us that a camper was on fire had both of us running to the site.

My kamper was not home, but her three dogs were. When I got there, one dog was already out in another camper's arms, but the other two were scared and went in two different directions and hid in the camper. The smoke was thick and black (tires were on fire) and there was the possibility of the propane tank exploding. I know these dogs. I called and called for Daisy, hoping she would recognize my voice and come out the door to me. 911 had already been called and a deputy showed up right away, then two ambulances. While waiting for the fire truck we had two hoses on the flames, but that was not doing much more that keeping it at bay.

The two dogs perished in the fire. The camper was a total loss. The fire trucks took about 30 minutes to get here (volunteers). We were unable to let our kamper know what was happening before she came home to find her home in such a state. She headed straight to me as she got out of her truck, asking me about her babies and I had to tell her they were gone. It was just heart breaking. When they finally handed Daisy to me, HeWho loves dogs and I attempted to resuscitate her, but she was gone. The other dog had gone towards the fire and was burned, while the smoke got Daisy.

It was just awful. I feel bad that I don't remember the name of the chihuahua mix, Daisy was a little shit-zu mix only 4 years old. She was full of mischief with her well-defined underbite. I had harbored the hope that maybe my Charming Eddie could have helped her have a litter of pups …. 

This makes me thankful for what I have. We will all rally round my kamper and help her get back on her feet. She has Piper, her little Yorkie to lavish love on. Piper will be a huge comfort to her, as only pets can be. It has been somber and sad here at the kampground. 

Monday, March 2, 2020

HeWho Has Trained Me

Took my last dose of steroids and antibiotics this morning, we have just one more day of isolation ….. 

So why am I still sick? Back to the clinic tomorrow, I suppose. Mostly I am sick of being sick. HeWho complains is much better, although he would deny it. 

And here we are in another day. Stopped to answer the phone, only to find out that our credit card was hacked, again. Someone charged a $1000 flight. This is the corporate card for the park. I don't use it at all. We have that protection plan on the computer …. I suppose we will now need one for the protection plan?

I feel so crappy that I don't care. I let HeWho pays bills on line handle the call to the bank. Clinic can't see me until tomorrow and I now face another day of utter boredom and dizziness. I have been outside with canines, but not the general public. I had hoped to be miraculously better and able to go out and procure groceries.

HeWho has been complaining about food and the taste lacking in the food, finally asked the doctor if perhaps his medication was causing this to happen. It is and she suggested he take zinc. Of course the pharmacy where he picked up his prescription was out of zinc. The only thing the man wants to eat is spaghetti or lasagna. I like pasta, too. But not every single day. Not to mention the fact that I have to make the sauce in order to control the sodium content. I do enjoy cooking, but not while I feel like this.

HeWho will try to cook, but if he is not scorching meat on a grill, he can only heat up canned goods and make eggs. What he is really good at is making a mess. He will manage to get eggs on the entire stove top and even on the bottom of the pan, so that we can all enjoy the aroma of scorched egg. He tries. 

He has even attempted to clean up his messes, but does not meet my standards (maybe this is on purpose?) of what is considered clean. He is not adept at laundry, either. He might put a load in the washer, then remember it days later and toss it in the dryer. It has soured at that point, so should be rewashed. The drying process seems to set the nasty odor in place forever. Wait, I see a pattern, do you?

HeWho fixes sewer and water and electrical problems is not allowed to take reservations. We established this practice early in our campground. It was baffling to me that he had (and still has) no concept of which number corresponds to which site. He seems to be fond of the number 30 and would offer that site to every reservation request he took. Sometimes booking the same site to more that one customer at a time. 

This tended to create a problem and he would toss it to me to fix. I tired of this process quickly and forbade him to even answer the phone. I have since lifted that restriction, he can answer the phone and field questions, but he will quickly put them on hold for me for a reservation. He is teachable, after all. But am I training him …. or has he trained me?