Monday, March 2, 2020

HeWho Has Trained Me

Took my last dose of steroids and antibiotics this morning, we have just one more day of isolation ….. 

So why am I still sick? Back to the clinic tomorrow, I suppose. Mostly I am sick of being sick. HeWho complains is much better, although he would deny it. 

And here we are in another day. Stopped to answer the phone, only to find out that our credit card was hacked, again. Someone charged a $1000 flight. This is the corporate card for the park. I don't use it at all. We have that protection plan on the computer …. I suppose we will now need one for the protection plan?

I feel so crappy that I don't care. I let HeWho pays bills on line handle the call to the bank. Clinic can't see me until tomorrow and I now face another day of utter boredom and dizziness. I have been outside with canines, but not the general public. I had hoped to be miraculously better and able to go out and procure groceries.

HeWho has been complaining about food and the taste lacking in the food, finally asked the doctor if perhaps his medication was causing this to happen. It is and she suggested he take zinc. Of course the pharmacy where he picked up his prescription was out of zinc. The only thing the man wants to eat is spaghetti or lasagna. I like pasta, too. But not every single day. Not to mention the fact that I have to make the sauce in order to control the sodium content. I do enjoy cooking, but not while I feel like this.

HeWho will try to cook, but if he is not scorching meat on a grill, he can only heat up canned goods and make eggs. What he is really good at is making a mess. He will manage to get eggs on the entire stove top and even on the bottom of the pan, so that we can all enjoy the aroma of scorched egg. He tries. 

He has even attempted to clean up his messes, but does not meet my standards (maybe this is on purpose?) of what is considered clean. He is not adept at laundry, either. He might put a load in the washer, then remember it days later and toss it in the dryer. It has soured at that point, so should be rewashed. The drying process seems to set the nasty odor in place forever. Wait, I see a pattern, do you?

HeWho fixes sewer and water and electrical problems is not allowed to take reservations. We established this practice early in our campground. It was baffling to me that he had (and still has) no concept of which number corresponds to which site. He seems to be fond of the number 30 and would offer that site to every reservation request he took. Sometimes booking the same site to more that one customer at a time. 

This tended to create a problem and he would toss it to me to fix. I tired of this process quickly and forbade him to even answer the phone. I have since lifted that restriction, he can answer the phone and field questions, but he will quickly put them on hold for me for a reservation. He is teachable, after all. But am I training him …. or has he trained me?


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Who has been trained???????
Me thinks both of you have trained the other

Val said...

I hope you can find some zinc for HeWho! Sorry you're still sickly. The dizziness has been making the rounds here. We both have it, and a little sinus congestion and wheezy shortness of breath, but other than that, no real symptoms of a cold or worse.

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope you are better sooner than later. How is Layla's little rug? Well, not little.

River said...

In regards to cooking and laundry I suspect he has trained you, maybe with the reservations too, it's possible he just doesn't want to learn which numbers correspond with which site.

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Linda O'Connell said...

I sure hope you kick the crap out of this crud! Enough is enough. Maybe we can split the cost of a spell caster who could also make my man not mess up the entire stove frying an egg and peppering the entire stove top!

Andrea Charles said...

What a beautiful writing it is!! Training HeWho must have been tough, isn’t it Kathy? But still, HeWho manages to cook, does the laundry, and all other works is quite adorable. He tries his maximum and that is lovely!! I hope he learns to answer the reservation calls and solve your online troubles. Cheer up Kathy!! Life is always beautiful when someone like HeWho is still around!!

VasanthMusicCoimbatore said...

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