Sunday, October 31, 2010

We Kan Do Halloween!

The weather was perfect and spirits were high. I ran through the park and delivered fliers with all the particulars of the afternoons events .............. and I saw ghosts .........

............and witches ........ and pumpkins with faces.

Scary signs adorning modes of transportation ...........

The sun was shining and even though the Mizzou game was still going everyone gathered at the appointed place ......... still checking the score, but there, as instructed.

I spy a bumble bee running in.

An Indian Princess is in our midst, she arrived by golf cart, not horse.

Spiderman made an appearance .........

............. I think he came to help the police officer. I find them looking younger and younger. I might be getting old.

Strange creatures arrive. Who is this vixen with the windblown hair and stunning eyes??

Willie Nelson? No, he can't sing. And, those teeth are a bit frightening!

The food line was long as everybody sampled all the food in order to cast their ballot for their favorites. We had chili and salsa. Only two salsa entries ...........and both won!!

As the sun began to set everyone enjoyed the food and the fellowship.

Early in the week we had winds up to 70 miles an hour, so no one believed me when I told them I ripped the pavilion cover just for the Halloween party.

Pumpkins all carved for the judging.

All the time and effort put in for this was worth the effort. We had lots of winners and door prizes followed by a hayride and a bonfire. I am tired, but happy to see another season ending. Time to rest up for next season!
I slept late this morning. No baking of cinnamon rolls and sticky buns. I did put a pot of coffee on to brew, though. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, but had no time to shower. Just threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt and shuffled out with my hair on end and unlocked the store to see all my breakfast friends coming up. Sweet Sue had a cake with her so we could all celebrate the birthdays of Miss Martha and Nan. I will miss this for sure! No matter how much I have grumbled about getting up so early, it has been wonderful to see the same faces and new faces from time to time every weekend. Many hot topics and some heated debates have taken place inside my little domain. More to come on the next post ..............

Saturday, October 30, 2010

End of the Season

Well it finally arrived ........... the last big hooray for this year's camping season. I am counting the minutes until I go outside to spend time with all my new and old friends. I will be eating the food they all brought and laughing and talking and handing out Fabulous Prizes.

I did not blog last week. I was busy tie-dying t-shirts and gearing up for this weekend. And moving furniture (much to the dismay of my four-legged children). I am in a nesting mode, getting ready to snuggle by the fire and put puzzles together and sing along with the radio. Down time is just around the corner and I am ready!

Tomorrow when all is quiet and I can stop and think I will be posting pictures so that all who reads this little blog can be jealous that they missed out on the fun! That is a hint for all my followers to get camping!! Here. At my park.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's Go To The Auction!

I was curious. I wanted to snoop. I have always wondered about this place and wanted to see what was inside. I confess that I would not have gone alone and he who should indulge his wife might have accompanied me if I had made an issue of it. Yvonne wanted to go, too; so we went together. He who was only mildly curious stayed here at the kampground under the guise of taking care of business.

This plantation is only a couple of miles from our kampground and a couple of years ago someone brought some fliers in the store advertising tours. I don't know that they ever got any interest. It is in poor repair and as you can see this happened over time. The little balcony over the front door is actually crumbling. The fence could use a good white wash .............

The most recent residents were birds. Causing me to wonder if they return year after year and use the same nest. Maybe another bird family discovers this nest and decides to just add a few twigs and move in. Or ........ maybe they sublet from the builder and paid with worms? I know, my mind is a strange place to visit. He who loves me told me so.

We entered the house from the back. The front was boarded up and obviously not safe. The back porch was not in great shape either, but you can see that it was once a very fancy place. There were some rotten boards on the decking and I chose to walk near the wall ............

All the rooms had fireplaces and wood floors. Beautiful mantles, original. The bright yellow and blue paint? I don't think so.

Another questionable paint choice. It is hot pink.

Love the floor repairs. Tin can lids.

Exposed brick. If you can get past the really garish paint color, you can find a little charm here and there. I am sure the exposed brick would prove to be an energy problem, though.

Upstairs had lots of water damage. I was really cautious up here. There were area rugs in some places. I did not walk on those. I could just imagine hitting a weak spot on the floor and end up dangling between floors wrapped in an old dusty carpet ......... wheezing and gasping for breath; unable to cry out for help and disgracing myself in need of a bathroom .....

Some rooms had no damage at all. Really tall closet door! There was an an air exchange register in the floor, too. What there wasn't, was plumbing. No bathrooms, no kitchen. No kidding. I was told that this was a bed and breakfast at one time. Did they use chamber pots? Did breakfast come from McDonalds. How charming ...........

Aha! Aunt Julia's kitchen in an out house. Looks cute, this little building.

I found the kitchen! Check out that big crack in the foundation. Not exactly inviting, this kitchen. And still no bathroom in the this building. I seem to be hung up on the whole bathroom thing, don't I? I am not an outhouse girl. First of all, it would be a very cold adventure in the winter; and second, I would always be wondering what critters might be under that hole I was sitting upon.

Check out the mold growing on the wall and even the curtains. Do you suppose this is the dining area? Yum!

Old and tired. That is how this ceiling fan looks to me. Stooped shoulders, just begging to be relieved of duty.
It was interesting to see this once magnificent building. I will be watching to see what happens now that it has been sold.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Site Of The Month ........ September

It has been hard to catch the September winners for a picture. Don't know why they are so camera shy ............. just look at them. Aren't they cute?

It is true that Crazy Tom is a little hard to control, but Miss Martha made of strong stuff. She is the only one able to keep him in line!!

They won by two votes ............ and it was unanimous! Miss Martha has even planted flowers to camouflage the sewer pipe! No detail too small.

I love this plume of grass. I confess that I covet it. Maybe I can convince Martha that the grass needs to be divided and donated to her favorite kampground hostess ...........

Everything is always neat and in it's place when they leave.

I am happy to report that ballots have been making their way into the jar for this month's drawing. October will be the last month to vote on for this year and we will resume again in April. As this season draws to a close, and I look forward to a long winter's nap, I still look forward to next season and all that it will bring.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Trip Back In Time

I find myself less than inspired lately. I have plenty to write about, just not motivated to get it all down. It is, after all, the end of the season and I am not as young as I used to be. This was made all too clear last week when a young military family checked in for the evening. I offered the discount that I do to all active and non-active military families as a thanks for their service. The wife and children came in to check out the contents of my store after they had gotten set up. Yvonne happened to be here, in my house when the lady came in. Since I knew they were moving to Wichita, and that is where Yvonne had lived, I mentioned it. I cannot remember what curve the conversation took, but the lady mentioned how nice it was to have my daughter here with me.

I am a mere seven years Yvonne's senior. I would be lying if I said that I was not affected by this assumption. Yvonne is a very youthful looking almost 50 year old and I have never been ashamed to own my 57 years. I have been told that I look younger than I am ................ I can only assume that I was not having a very good day as far as looks go. I am tired. But, I haven't noticed a drastic change in my appearance. Maybe I need a new mirror, or should I have my eyes checked.

I colored my hair today. I washed that gray away. Then I carefully applied make-up before opening the store. I feel the same, though. Tired, counting the hours until bedtime. Must have something to do with all the sneezing and itchy eyes. Allergies, I suppose. The little heat wave has got things blooming that normally aren't blooming this time of year. That must be it, cause I know I am not old!
Last week Yvonne and I went on our Amish adventure. Seems like we drove forever down roads that look much like this one.

This sign is not very clear, but it says 'HalleluYah Way'.

I love this dwelling with the wash on the line in the front yard. Maybe that was the side yard, the front could have been down that little trail.

The horse has turned to watch Yvonne as she takes his picture. The passenger dog was as sweet as could be!
I didn't see any handicapped parking spaces at the store.

Look at those mums! They were cheap, too. I didn't get any, though. I wanted to spend my money on honey and spices.

I want to go back in the spring. There is a seed store, but we didn't go. In the spring, that is when I want to hit the seed store.

Every one was very friendly, even this little kitten! I found the honey and have been taking a tablespoon daily. He who sometimes mocks my efforts keeps asking if it has worked yet. I haven't answered yet. Besides the honey I found so many treasures. I got some beef jerky for my dad. I used to buy it for him in Minnesota until I could no longer find it. My dad loves beef jerky and dried fruit. The spices were priced so reasonably. I stocked up on the ones I use the most and found some I have been unable to find before. I was so glad I went.
Despite the fact that Yvonne has been chortling merrily as she teases me good naturedly about being her mom, I will no doubt go on another adventure with her. She even had her husband ask what he should be calling me now. He wanted to know if "Mum" would be okay. I laugh along with them, because I know the day will come when I will get them back. I am just waiting and watching for that perfect opportunity ..............

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Clair Stine!!!

October 12 was my my good friend, Clair's birthday. The Kan-Do birthday Frog went on a little trip to High Hill and landed here in Clair's yard ...............

He told me later that Clair actually thought vandals had defaced the property when he looked out his window that morning! Yvonne is a sneaky one, planting the frog in the night for a birthday surprise.

This was also the day that Yvonne and I went to Amish country on our adventure. We were happily exploring the stores when none other than the birthday boy shows up!!

Clair is Yvonne's dad and I have adopted him. My dad is so far away and I get to see my friend's dad every weekend when he stops in for a sticky bun. After I sang a birthday ballad we posed for a picture. Isn't he so cute!
He is also responsible for all the new site numbers popping up all over the park. Not only does he cut out the froggy shape, but he even helps paint them! What a guy.
Happy Birthday, my friend!