Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Diagnosis : Bronchitis

Bronchitis. I have it. I am happy to report that I now have some very real cough syrup! After three nights of sleeping semi-upright in my recliner I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, goofy with cough syrup and drooling on my pillow.

I went to the clinic, then dropped my prescriptions off and headed home to do some serious coughing. Last night at 3:00 I was sipping hot tea with honey and a super shot of whiskey. Didn't help, just gave me indigestion. I slipped into my bed at 6:30 this morning and began coughing again.

I dispatched my errand boy to pick up my cough syrup and Z-pac. I asked for a bag of potting soil while he was out. I need to re-pot my pepper seedlings. "How big a bag you want?" (yes, he is always grammatically correct). I let it be known that I wanted the biggest bag they had available. I have a lot of hanging plants to get out and it will not be wasted.

I texted him while he was out and asked him to pick up corn flakes for a chicken recipe I wanted to try. He came back, without my drugs and cornflakes. I didn't even ask why, but when he left again to go get them I noticed a 40 lb. bag of TOP SOIL on the front porch .... IN A ROCKING CHAIR.

First of all, I asked for POTTING SOIL. His reasoning about that was that the Miracle Grow was in a big bag, but was only 13 lbs. I try to understand his line of reasoning, but sometimes I just feel bewildered. I don't think I want to know why he put the bag in the chair.

He did get my drugs and the Miracle Grow, and he asked where to put the potting soil! The kitchen seemed to be the best place, since that is where I am re-potting all these seedlings. I dare not put them in the ground until I am sure the cold weather won't sneak back. I now have 19 pepper plants and 7 tomato plants in the window and behind the sink with a grow light.

And now, as I feel the codeine slipping into my blood stream, I am headed to my bed to give my bronchial tubes a much needed rest. In the back of my mind I can hear my mother mispronouncing my illness. She always called it "bronical". Her aneurysm was "anarism". Could not correct her, either. She just dismissed me as being wrong.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dark and Dreary

Last night was awful. I finally abandoned my bed and took up residence in my recliner. I still coughed, but at least I didn't disturb others. I slept fitfully between coughing spells until I heard the bark of a dog.

My usual wake-up call comes from Oscar. He is old and he likes routine. He whimpers and stands at the foot of the bed, where his mommy (that would be me) magically appears and scoops him gently into her arms and carries him to the back door, all the while showering his sweet head with kisses and telling him how loved he is, before lowering him gently to the ground and waiting patiently while he takes care of business.

I have no doubt that Oscar whimpered and waited as long as he could, what with his age and his appreciation of a good routine. When his mommy did not appear, her being asleep in a semi-upright position in another room, he did what he did. What goes in must come out.

Wall-E barked to alert someone of the event. He fancies himself to be the town crier in situations that need the help of people (he considers us to be janitors). I smelled it as soon as I entered the room. I flipped on the light, thinking I needed to see to properly remedy the situation.

Oscar sleeps at the foot of our bed on a king size blanket folded four times. He had done his morning routine on his blanket and I was trying to gather the blanket and would have been successful had the lone occupant of the bed simply stopped moving. When I turned on the light, I told him cover his eyes and BE STILL, that Oscar had pooped in the bed. He covered his eyes, but his legs were moving to and fro as if he were swimming. I swear I wanted to grab his foot and bite him!

Of course he made my mission unsuccessful. I grabbed what I could and exited the room, four dogs following me to the back yard. Knowing I would have to strip my bed when he woke up just added to my utter annoyance. I brewed a pot of coffee and started laundry. HeWho can sleep through noise and nasty smells, slept on. After taking care of dog needs, I managed to doze off.

He Who sleeps soundly awakened and managed to wake me as he bumbled around. I rose and went to the bedroom to strip the bed. Everything he did annoyed me. I watched as he opened the wrong drawer in his search of socks. He does this everyday. His socks have resided in the bottom drawer of his chest of drawers since we purchased it nearly 20 years ago.

I do not anticipate a good day. Even the sky is dark and dreary.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

No Tolerance Today

I do have an appointment to see the doctor this Tuesday. It is for a follow-up on my blood work, but handy to have if I am still sick. If last night was any indication, I am pretty sure I will be.

Voice is better, but a little scary. Very deep and I sound mad, no matter what I say! I coughed all night, and It was a very long night. I am sure I kept HeWho loves me from getting a good night's sleep. I got up early and left him to get a few hours of peaceful sleep.

Seems like when you are sick, you always start to feel worse in the early evening hours. I mustered up enough energy to make a pot of chicken soup and do a load of laundry. I even prepped a few signs to get them ready to paint giant letters on. I was feeling a tad bit better when I settled down with my hot soup.

For some reason, the soup brought on a fit of coughing. The coughing would not respond to any remedy and brought my persistent headache back. A vicious cycle. Desperate for relief, I ventured to the liquor cabinet at 1:30 and grabbed a bottle of Tennessee honey whiskey and poured a good slug. I downed that, then used the Chloraseptic spray to numb my throat. It burned like fire, even in my ears. But ........ the cough came back with a vengeance. I hacked away for about an hour, then remembered seeing some cough drops in the medicine chest. I got up and retrieved one and put it in the side of my mouth, so that it would trickle slowly down my throat. I still coughed.

Today I will send HeWho runs errands for his wife to the pharmacy to ask for the strongest cough remedy available without prescription.

For some odd reason that reminded me of an incident that happened when I worked in a pharmacy. A phone call was transferred to the pharmacy and I was the lucky one to answer. The caller was irate, demanding to know where her prescription was. I took the information necessary to look her profile up and found that she had never had a prescription filled at our pharmacy. That led me to ask her if she was sure she had the right pharmacy.

That caused her to yell at me and explain that she was sure that she had purchased the magazine at this store and it had been 2 months and she still had not received her "prescription". I did my best to explain to her that the pharmacy, nor the store was responsible for magazine subscriptions. She was having none of that and proceeded to ask for the person in charge. I gave her the toll free number to the main office. Some days my tolerance for stupidity runs low. Today would be one of them.

Friday, March 25, 2016

I Don't Have Time For This

The cough persists and results in an annoying headache that won't respond to any remedy I have tried. Did I mention that I don't have time for this?

I have lost my voice. I squeak or bark. It actually hurts to talk and I am happy just to nod my head in response to the endless questions from HeWho takes care of me, Am I cold? Do I want something to drink? Can he get me anything? The only thing worse than being housebound in the cold of winter is to be housebound and sick while the sun is shining.

I am still getting the front porch ready for campers. I painted my chairs and made a checkers table for some fierce competition. I put the actual checker in a container with a lid. It was a round container that held Wylers lemonade at one time.

Funny thing about that container of checkers. I had to go into town yesterday morning to have some blood drawn. Upon my return, I noticed that the checkers were scattered everywhere. I went over to put them back in the container to find that some critter had chewed that lid off! I know it wasn't Martha, the boy cat. He leans towards laziness in the curiosity department and the claw marks on the container were bigger than his. Maybe a possum? Imagine the surprise of the thief when he found only checkers and no food!

I now have four rocking chairs to grace one side of the porch. My dad liked to sit on the front porch in the evening and watch people. I do, too.

I still have to paint the white chair and repair one side. It was put together with screws, I think I will use some nuts and bolts instead.

Still so many little things to attend to. The two new (used) washers were installed in the laundry yesterday and are up and running. I have not been out there yet to see if there was a mess left in the wake of installation. Maybe later today. When the headache subsides. I really do not have time for this!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Think It Is Nap Time

My ear ache of two days ago is now a sore throat and tearing eyes, runny nose and cough. Hurts so bad to swallow. Like I have golf balls in my throat, or maybe tennis balls. My voice squeaks when I try to talk.

I have a cold. My hero, HeWho loves me most, is on a mission to get some remedies to help with my symptoms. I see a nap in my very near future. I love naps!!

In the meantime, I am answering the phone and taking reservations. This early spring means early campers! The wind is killer today, with a storm front headed our way. I will be inside today, keeping me ears out of the wind. The flowering pear trees are full of blooms, the apple trees and peach trees are following along. I really want to be outside ...... until I stand up and realize how dizzy I am.

I have signs to paint. The old ones need to be refreshed and I have some new ones in the works.

I salvaged a piece of the old cedar siding, gave it a white wash, then made this sign. My Cujo was the inspiration.

Always have to have signs outside. Lots and lots of signs.

We are updating the laundry room this year. Adding another washer, to have three. If I ever get behind in my laundry, I can do 4 loads at once!! Like when the cat yaks on my bed ...... The floors are painted and there is a drain one end. Instead of repainting the ugly floor, I am covering the exposed area with big rubber mats. A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and wipe down the walls. The walls are that cheap panel stuff that was also in the showers before we tiled them.

All the picnic tables need to be painted. For some reason known only to him, HeWho likes to gather them all in one place and leave me to the painting. I don't mind the painting, I like to paint. But, I think I should grab the paint and the brush and go to the tables to paint. Less effort.

Speaking of effort, I think it might be nap time.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Tomorrow Will Be Better

I noticed that the peach trees were budding, even saw a few pink blooms Saturday night. I went to sleep dreaming of gardens and fresh fruit to come .......

Then I woke Sunday to see snow on the ground!! Put the brakes on Spring! No amount of coffee seemed to waken me and motivate me. I spent the day in a fog of aches and pains. Even the dogs complained, refusing to go out and get their feet wet. All day long, everything seemed to go wrong. The cat yakked on my bed and after cleaning that up, I just counted the hours and minutes until bedtime.

The sun was shining this morning, but I woke with a wicked earache and just a feeling of impending doom. This half decaf coffee is just crappy. My jaw and my ear hurts. I washed my face and even applied make-up, to pretend I felt good.

I was going about my business of daily chores. I emptied the ice trays and refilled them. I have 10, so I stack them 5 high. That's how I managed to spill five ice trays full of water. Oh, it gets even better. Had I simply spilled them on the counter or the floor, I would still have been unhappy, but the clean up would have been simple. I spilled them IN THE FREEZER.

Had to remove all the packets of vegetables under the top tray and then try to clean up all the water. The cloth I used wanted to freeze to the bottom and my hands were cold.

I had put a load of laundry on, but because I got stuck cleaning up the ice tray disaster, I did not close the lid to the machine in time and it simply emptied and spun, wasting the detergent. I hate waste.

I decided to take a nap. The phone woke me. Not even 2:00 and I just want the day to be done. Tomorrow should be better, shouldn't it? Dare I try to cook tonight?

Friday, March 18, 2016

A Nap Well Deserved

Wednesday was amazing. 80 degrees of perfection. Then the winds picked up and the sky was bruised, just as the day was closing. I mowed Wednesday.

March is too soon to have to mow. This means I have nearly eight months of mowing to look forward to. But, yesterday I absolutely had to mow my back yard. The grass was so tall it was making wet underbellies on my dogs.

Before I started up the mower, I finished painting the eaves and my two Adirondack chairs. Then worked more in the sewing room project. I suppose I should have finished this before starting more projects, but ........

I am happy to say I can finally get to my sewing machine again. I have restacked and repacked and moved every single item in that room. And cleaned every single surface at least twice. I am so inspired to start some new projects in there. I found so many fabrics I had forgotten I had. I lovingly ran my fingers over each piece and promised to meet again soon before I placed them in a new home.

The store and office now await my attention. I gave all my efforts to the restrooms on Tuesday. While I was sick, I relied on the efforts of HeWho does not know the meaning of deep cleaning. If it does not involved some sort of loud motor, he can't do it. He neglected to line the trashcans (denied it, saying "someone else" must have emptied them). I had a very long afternoon as I put everything back to right.

My current tenant (over-user of hot water) had pretty much taken over the men's room. He had all of his toiletries on display and cigarette ashes adorned the floor, in spite of the two signs that identify the prohibition of such behavior. He also rearranged the room, putting the bench next to the shower in front of the toilet. Made me wonder if he dined in there with the hot water on, creating a sauna .....

I made another "no smoking" sign. Just for him, it states that this is a smoke free building and should I find someone smoking in there, they will be "asked" to move elsewhere. In case you are wondering how I could be able to catch him? I have a camera focused on that door and can see who enters and exits. I simply wait for him to come out the door. I don't even have to be close to smell cigarette smoke. I have a good sniffer.

This same troublesome tenant has acquired a dog. He is not picking up after this pit bull and I have spies that tell me the dog is often off leash. His rent is due early next week. He may just want to move on after I demand to see proof of the dog's distemper and rabies vaccine and then tell him I expect him to police the surrounding sites and pick up all the dog poop. This little problem was just brought to my attention by another tenant. One that pays their rent when it is due.

Today, it rained. And I napped for nearly two hours in my chair with one dog nestled next to me and one laying on my chest. It was wonderful!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

All About The Frog

Even though I did not turn my clocks back last night, it was an hour later when I got up. This so disturbed my routine that I stayed in my night clothes until nearly noon. By my clocks it was only 11:00. Being in my nighty kept me from having to deal with the public. HeWho took care of that .... because I was not dressed.

The door was still locked when a man showed up. Since we moved the security monitor to the wall with the TV ( used to be on a wall behind me and I had to actually get up to see it) I was able to watch as HeWho spoke to him. Couldn't hear, though.

The man was looking for Frog Auto Parts and saw the frog on my sign. So, he saw a frog, but he didn't read the sign that identifies us as an RV park and Campground. Not to mention all the RV's parked here. He just thought this might be the auto parts store .... because he saw a frog on two of my signs. The signs that also have words on them.

Maybe he didn't change his clocks either.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dreams, Dogs, and Drugs

The hounds woke me at 5:50 this morning. I thought to myself, that it would be 6:50 should they wake at the same time tomorrow. I am clever like that in the wee hours. No, I did not stay up. The canines were not interested in staying up, either. They were happy to crawl back under the covers and snuggle close to me.

It was drizzling rain when they went out and got their undercarriage wet and feet dirty. I had already decided to change the sheets today, so I scooped them into bed, dirt and all. I fell back to sleep quickly and it seemed that no time had past when I felt HeWho leave the bed. The dogs all looked expectantly at him and I announced that it was his turn to take them out.

I wanted to recapture the dream I had been awakened from. I can't remember what the dream was about, all I can remember is that my Dad was part of it and he was telling me something that seemed to be of great importance. I am still wondering what it was. Maybe tonight ....

The early morning wake-up dog was Wall-E. He is normally the last to leave the comforts of bed, but after his day yesterday, he needed to get up early. Three of my furry kids had to see the vet yesterday for their shots and check-ups. Wall-E whined a very spine tingling high pitch all the way. Toni Louise fed off his anxiety and was not to be calmed down.

My doxies were perfect. Oscar lay in my lap and Cujo rode beside him standing against my shoulder. Toni was in the lap of HeWho was driving the vehicle. Thank goodness for back roads and little traffic! 

We always ask that Wall-E be treated to a close cropped manicure, since he refuses to let us trim his nails. He is the most docile creature in the world, until you bother his toes. He will bite! Even me! So, he gets a nice little tranquilizer upon arrival. It is always fun to watch him get mellow. He hid under a chair and gazed at us with his half-lidded eyes as Oscar took his turn being checked over.

Oscar is 16, that makes him about 82 in people years. He is hale and hearty. She proclaimed his heart to be beating very strong, no murmurs. He may outlive us all! Toni also received a good bill of health. While Oscar remained stoic while receiving his shots, Toni was not as cooperative.

Wall-E was extremely cooperative, although we all wondered if he might be hallucinating.

There he lay, on his back, oblivious to the world around him.

Didn't even blink when I snapped his picture. He is in his own world.

HeWho loves Wall-E has his hand protectively on the dog. We still had to employ the muzzle, as Wall-E tried very hard to fight off the attack of those nail clippers!!

Hard to see, but his nails have been clipped and filed down. I should have taken pictures of the clippings, so that you could fully appreciate the length of the cuts!

The ride home was nice, no whining. Wall-E lay in the back seat, so still, that at one point I had to check to see if he was still breathing. My heart jumped to my throat as I thought about having to tell my sweet grandson, Gavin, that his dog was gone. I was never so relieved to feel moist dog breath on my hand!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Swift Truck Drivers Beware

While I was chair ridden the past few months, I didn't run out and shake my fist at big trucks turning around in my driveway. It doesn't stop them, but they do tend to be more careful under my watchful glare. As you can see , the daffodils are still coming up, despite being plowed through.

They came real close to the soaker hose that runs through the center of this garden. Some of the smaller rocks are even smaller.

This particular garden was a big mound of dirt that I had finally tamed into a garden anchored with a big peony in the center. Daffodils and tulips bring Spring in, then give way to ground cover and mums with tiger lilies behind the peony. Cosmos fill in any blank spaces. Or, this is what use to happen.

These big rocks were all pushed forward as the truck dragged it's trailer through.

The solar lights are no longer intact, just more debris to be cleaned up.

As you can see there is plenty of room for a wide turn. I am turning all my considerable creative thoughts towards find something to install on that corner to discourage drivers from driving through my flower beds. I have already come up with some ideas that have been vetoed by HeWho. Like some spikes that would damage the tires. HeWho is afraid a big truck will get stuck here and block our driveway. Suggestions are always welcome ....

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Up A Creek, no, Up A Tree Without A Ladder

Here it is, my blanket chest, with the dog bed on top. The dogs snubbed their noses at it. All cushy and nice, as I made it with their favorite blanket. I had no thoughts of all of them getting into the drawer, maybe only one, or two. So I could maybe stretch my legs out without bumping into one of them. I will give it another week or so, then move it. The legs are tall so that the dogs could easily get into their new bed ..... Might whack the legs down, too.

That rag rug was one of my first ones. I found an afghan at the thrift store. It was cream and red, the kind with really big openings in it, would never keep you warm. I paid $3 for it and then tore two old sheets into strips and spent a few evenings weaving the strips into the afghan. It goes well with the jeans quilt I made. The one that is so heavy you can't sleep under it. Maybe it would be a good rug??

Here is my next paint project. I scored three Adirondack chairs on craigslist for $40. Just need to sand and paint and set up some checkers for the front porch.

So glad I am feeling better. Spring is here and you will be hard put to find me with out a paintbrush in my hand and dirt under my nails. I have seedlings starting to come up inside and I am itching to dig in the dirt.

The killer was caught while we slept last night. Rumor has it he was found in a tree. Up a tree without a ladder?

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Murder Can Be Inconvenient!

I may have bitten off more than I can chew ....  No pics today, as I am having to pace myself writing. The computer is not keeping up with me. Odd, since I don't even know how to really type. I just peck it out with two fingers. Downloading a picture is out of the question.

I am so pleased with my blanket chest and doggie bed. The other part of the chest is coming along, if a bit slowly. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to do this while simultaneously reworking my sewing room and painting the outside of the building. Oh, and laundry today, as well. I like a good challenge, but I am whipped tonight. I don't even have the energy to nag HeWho.

Really tired. I am still waiting for him to help me hang those upper cabinets in my sewing room. There are four, but they are connected and heavier than I can manage on my own. He still has not hung my stem glass holder under the kitchen cabinet ..... another chore that requires two people to get it right.

I am not sure if this made the national news, but I had limited outside time today due to a murderer loose nearby. As far as I know the manhunt is still going on tonight. Made more difficult by the rain that started as it was growing dark. Lots of woods and farmland around here. The schools might be closed tomorrow. They were in lockdown today and the busses did not run.

I had to keep my store locked and I couldn't sand the drawers .... well, I could have inside, then clean up the mess. Hopefully I can sand tomorrow. I did get four more shutters painted and ready to hang, but I did not cook.

The murderer's (alleged) truck was found just one mile from my exit. He is alleged to have killed three men in Kansas City last night, then a local man about 5 miles from here this morning. All locked in tonight and me with no gun! Just wasp spray and a bad attitude. They better catch this guy, I have stuff to do!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Power Tools, Part Two

I never located that circular saw. But, I griped so much that HeWho unearthed the hidden saw and did the cut for me.

I was all prepared with pictures and I cannot seem to download them. So, I will just have to use my words to tell you about my new project. You will recall that I recently decided to take my sewing room apart.

It all started with those cabinets left over from the kitchen re-do. Four upper cabinets, just waiting to be used. I pondered a bit and decided they should go in the sewing room. On the wall that has a high shelf that spans from wall to wall. That would have to go, along with some other things. One of the things in the way of progress was a big chest of drawers.

When I was very young I thought people were saying "chester drawers". I thought that for the longest time and wondered why it was a chester drawer. At least chest of drawers makes sense. I am rambling. This particular chest of five drawers was given to me by my mother-in-law. When we got it, it was green. We called it the incredible hulk. You know, because it was big and green.

HeWho says it was around as long as he could remember and I am thinking it was around long before HeWho entered the world. HeWho is almost 63. This is a sturdy piece of furniture, but the size made it hard to find a place to put it.

Well, would you look at that, the picture finally downloaded! Here it is without the drawers. I decided to downsize it to fit next to the chair of HeWho empties the contents of his pockets willy nilly. This will provide a nice large surface for him to clutter.

I carefully taped it in preparation for the saw. I cut the top two drawers off. I had planned to carefully remove the top and use it on the new side table. Then I got to thinking ...... what was to become of the two drawers left? Just wouldn't be right to simply discard them.

They don't make them like they used to! Since I had this piece of furniture ready to cut for several days as the war over the use of the saw raged on, I had plenty of time to ponder this situation. It came to me in the wee hours of my non-slumber.

I re-thought my design and decided to eliminate the top drawer of the three drawer chest, leaving an open shelf for the lap top and other electronics. I decided to make a hole in the back to bring the power surge strip onto the shelf. The other two drawers can be used for out of season clothes, or whatever. Extra storage is always good.

This left the top of the dresser and an extra drawer. I am loathe to toss anything that could be useful, so I decided to keep the top intact and add some legs and use it at the end of my bed. I already have a bench there, but this would add storage to that area. I can use those drawers for linen!

But there is still that extra drawer from the other unit going next to his recliner. Another night to ponder and I found the solution! I will use that other drawer to put atop the new linen chest at the end of my bed ...... and make a dog bed!!!!!

Feeling ever so clever, I spent most of Sunday afternoon scraping and sanding the linen chest. I painted it with three layers of red and cream and tan paints. Today I worked on the drawers and the dog bed. The chest now sits happily at the foot of my bed. The dog bed is still drying and will be fitted with padding and blankets tomorrow before I attach it to the top of the chest.

I have visions of a dog or two deciding to sleep in this new dog bed at the foot of my bed. I will post a picture of my new project tomorrow ...

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Women Can Use Power Tools!!

Today is a good day. The sun is shining, the electrodes are gone , all that remains is the sticky residue and slightly irritated skin. And ... I wait patiently for the appearance of the circular saw.

My dismantling of the sewing room has me inspired. A new project looms that will require the use of the circular saw. So, you might be wondering, what am I waiting for? The saw. HeWho has decided that I am not capable of executing the necessary safety precautions required to use this tool and I will "cut your fingers off!" This from the man who, while using a chain saw with no eye protection whatsoever, cut his own forehead.

I have secretly been using the chop saw, as I rearrange my sewing room to suit my needs. I carefully look around to make sure his appearance is not eminent before cutting dowels to the correct size. Safety glasses adorn my face and my fingers safely positioned away from the blade. I am very aware of safety.

I suppose HeWho would prefer my attention be in the kitchen creating masterpiece meals that take hours to prepare and only minutes to eat. I can do both. The pork loin from my last post cooked for 5 hours, roasting ever so slowly in the oven, wrapped in aluminum foil. Five hours that I used to do two loads of laundry and move half of the stuff in my sewing room. See, honey, I can manage several tasks at the same time!

I ventured out to his lair in search of that circular saw. I think he has either hidden it, or has it in his car! He is determined that I not use this saw and I am equally determined that I will. As soon as he returns to the park, I intend to search his vehicle. On the sly, of course. I just hope I am not distracted by all the crap in his car and decide to clean it out and organize it.

I did that once to his truck. He had taken my car to visit his mom in Georgia and he had to leave the keys to the truck, in case I needed a means of transportation. It was a balmy Spring day, before the pool was open and I took advantage of some solitude to empty the truck of all it contents ( most ended up in the dumpster) and then sacrificed some of my own bins from my sewing room to organize all his stuff. He uses his vehicle to drive to sites and fix stuff. I put all the electrical supplies together, all of the plumbing supplies together and all of the items he needs for grounds maintenance together. Then I sub-divided that stuff into like items. I really like to organize stuff. Makes me happy. I was excited to present his newly clean and organized vehicle to him upon his return.

I don't think he really appreciated all my efforts. He kept questioning me about where this or that was. Maybe I should just uncover the circular saw and do my own thing, put it back and he will be none the wiser. Yep, that is a better plan.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I have had a good week. Only one really bad day. I managed to get the bathroom painted and today I took my sewing room apart. I was still putting it back together when I realized I was exhausted. Then I looked at the clock. Almost 5:30. No wonder I am tired!

It will still be there tomorrow and I will continue then. In the meantime I will sit and rest. I stuck a nice pork loin wrapped in bacon in the oven about 5 hours ago and cooked it slow, on 250. It smells like a smoke house in here, with the hard wood we burn in the wood stove and slow roasted pork, wrapped in apple smoked bacon. Actually, it smells like heaven! Potatoes are in the pot ready to boil for mashed potatoes and the baby butterbeans are simmering on the stove. Biscuits all set to go in the oven.

I am hungry, as I wait for HeWho runs errands for his wife. I found three Adirondack chairs on Craigslist. Wooden, not plastic. All three for a mere forty bucks! Couldn't build them for that. One is a rocker and the other two will be perfect for the new checker table on the front porch. I really wanted this bar height set I saw on Craiglist. It was only $100. Even though it had the table and two chairs ... I already have a table and my deal will provide three more places to sit. I love Craigslist. I have yet to have a bad deal.

So now I will go to the kitchen and finish dinner as the text just came that tells me HeWho is fast approaching home. When I lay me down to sleep, I will know I earned it today!