Monday, August 30, 2010

He Who .............. Invents

He who mows has more time on his hands lately. He has been thinking about wind energy. He ponders things while he mows. So, he has been puttering and dinking around in his sanctuary, the barn. I have mentioned "the barn" before. Not really a barn. It would be better described as a landing place for all things that he who ponders might find useful one day. Not he who organizes stuff. That will never be his title. He seems to be able to locate things amidst the mess, though and I don't complain about the inside since there are doors to hide the content. The outside, though .......; well, I reserve the right to complain.

The creation isn't all that pleasing to look at. But................ it works! This is currently charging the battery fo my golf cart. I would prefer that it be concealed or at least be all one color and not be secured with a concrete block ............. a little spit and polish would be nice.

We want to wean the kampground from the massive electric bill we get every month. I was thinking to contract this endeavor and we are going to, but he just had to try. He did succeed. I wonder how many of these we would need to power the whole park ...............

Looks like the invention bug is alive in the park! Crazy Tom took pity on his sick neighbor, Johnny. The cold was holding him captive to the kleenex box. Crazy Tom came up with this invention so that Johnny could be on the go with him. They usually golf together. I am thinking he will have to make some adjustments for this to work on the golf course, though.

Just like the windmill, this invention works. It could use a little spit and polish, too, though.

Both the inventors are quite proud of their creations .............

Does Your Face Hurt?

My dad has been known to say strange things. When I was a little girl he would extend his hand and say, "Shake the hand that shook the hand of Buffalo Bill." I thought he knew Buffalo Bill. Hey, I was a kid. I was pretty gullible, too. There were lots of "daddyisms". If you sat on a table, he would proclaim that tables were made for glasses, not for asses. That one was hilarious to an eight year old. Had the extra bonus of a bad word.

He will be 80 soon and still says some of the very same things. If we had rolls at dinner he would hold the basket aloft and ask if you wanted a roll........ "Want a roll?" yes "Get in the floor." He would crack himself up while explaining that if you wanted to roll around, you should get in the floor. It was funny the first ten times or so. Another favorite was "Does your face hurt?" no "Well, it's killing me!!!!" If you are over the age of ten it is just not that funny. But, Daddy likes to entertain himself.

Should he show up today with his question the answer would be yes. My face hurts. Poison ivy, oak, whatever; I am extremely allergic to it. I am miserable. It itches and is hot and tender to the touch. Someone told me to apply Pepto Bismol. I will try just about anything to find some relief. Now it is tight in addition to the itching and hurting. I am in the pink!!

Why am I smiling? I have nothing to smile about. My torso is also a mass of itching rash and I apparently sat in it. I am pink all over. The relief is temporary, though. Feels good as you apply it, then the skins tightens as it dries, and then the sensation of a thousand ants biting you begins. I won't be recommending this remedy. I will stick to the tried and true Caladryl, which now comes in a clear solution. I noticed some new outbreaks on my legs this morning. I am making a conscious effort not to scratch them. If I rub the pad of my finger over the bumps it feels kind of like braille. It is difficult to wear my glasses with this stuff on my nose and under my eyes, so I may need to learn braille ...........

Yes, Daddy, My face hurts and none of my cheeks are smiling. Feel free to have a good chuckle at my expense.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Birthday Frog

It really is all about the frog............. One of our campers, Bill, celebrated 6o years of living last week. One of his dear friends told me that he was a little bummed out about turning sixty. We pondered and speculated about how to honor this event.

And that is how the Kan-Do Birthday Frog came to be ..........

He is bright and colorful. A happy creature, ready to party, his eyes and mouth glow in the dark. He definitely catches the attention of passers-by ............ the frog, I mean, although, now that I think about it, Bill looks pretty happy, too ............. but his eyes don't glow in the dark ...... at least I don't think they do..........

I thought about the message we could have Frog extend. "Happy Birthday" is so over done and not really very personal. We wanted to address the significance of turning 60. And we all know how I feel about the safety of my campers. The speed limit is 10, but just in case, we decided to let every one know to slow down at this site and make it an elderly crossing. You know, just in case..........

Bill was a good sport and posed with Frog. Be warned, fellow campers, it is now my mission to know every one's birthday, so that the Birthday Frog can visit you, too!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Had A Dream ..........

With the weekend here my inner clock was confused this morning and woke me at 5 am ........... a day early. So, I went back to sleep. It was just chilly enough with a fan in the window to snuggle under a quilt with three dogs tucked close to me.

Feeling nostalgic as I dozed, remembering being a young girl tucked into bed with my cousins at my Aunt Hazel's house, the big fan in the window at the head of the bed blowing the delicious cold night air on three giggly girls. I was in the middle ....... to keep the sisters from fighting over who would sleep next to me. Happy memories.

So, why did I dream that I was in a WalMart rolling a cart endlessly through the store, unable to locate the check-outs? Why didn't I dream about my cousins? Or my aunt? Or my childhood? No, I am not going to WalMart today. I am painting picnic tables and pulling weeds (again). I woke up annoyed and unsettled. WalMart, why?????????

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fog and Foggy People

I pulled myself from sleep and got the dough rising, took the dogs out, threw two loads of laundry in the machines, and went to clean restrooms .......... all this with no coffee. The fog hung heavy. I could feel the sun trying to burn through, so I took a little walk around to enjoy the solitude. Frank, the pug had the same idea and was out for a walk with his person.........

See how very big the gravel parking lot is?

So, why do you suppose I see this big rig towing a car parked on the grass?

Yes, on the grass. The grass we mow and tend. The grass that it just rained on. The grass that will now have tracks on it.
I awaken he who is brave and he goes forth to check this rig out. While he is on his mission I check the night drop box. No registration for this rig and no one is in it. Time to cook the cinnamon rolls and I am watching and pondering. We can account for all the after hour registrations except this abandoned one. I drink my coffee and grab a quick shower and put myself together (sort of). The breakfast crowd begins to arrive and they all want to know what this rig is doing in a no parking zone.
While we all speculate ( I think the person(s) are sleeping in one of the other rigs that did register) he who is miffed about the grass calls upon Dave, the state trouper. While the cops are here checking it out a lively discussion is in progress as we all watch out the window and drink coffee. Someone thinks that the owner is at the state park because they are towing a car and couldn't fit, so they left it here. Another thinks it could be stolen and abandoned, while Crazy Tom is sure there is a body on board that will be discovered any minute.
He who is shadowing the state patrol comes in to inquire about the name on a registration. And the plot thickens .............. the licence and the VIN # don't match! We have one late arrival here who has not been questioned and they want to see if the vehicle is registered to him. We are still all watching as a blond woman and two little dogs get in the motor home and move it off the grass. She is now parked in the exit drive................ no, wait...............she is moving............she is on the road.............and she is stopped. Waiting, I suppose for her fellow traveler. I was right, she was in the other rig in our park. The other late arrival who did not fill out the registration properly, putting only his name and $25 in the drop box, then pulling into a full hook-up site that goes for $28 is coming around the corner..........
He who rides in my golf cart is also waiting for the fellow traveler who stops and tells my hard working husband that this is the nastiest park they have ever been in. He who is normally very mellow and forgiving of minor infractions tells the man that he owes us $3. The man throws the money out the window and leaves............. violating she who blogs speed limit! Of course there are no law upholders around. I find out that before the blond and her two dogs come up to move off my grass that she let the dogs do their morning business and was walking away when he who mows asked her if she was perhaps forgetting to pick up the dog leavings. "Oh, that is for maintenance to pick up." 'Your dog, your poop' is our motto here at the kampground. In fact I have never been in a campground that allows you to leave your dog poop where it falls. Perhaps I am not as well traveled as she must be. I don't assume it is okay to park where ever I choose and to pay what ever I want to, either..................
The sun burned the fog away and all the excitement left. I sold most of the baked goods and checked in some swimmers, but mostly, I am just waiting for bed-time. I guess I am a little foggy myself...........

Friday, August 20, 2010

And Justice For All.......

Justice.......the administering of deserved punishment or reward............

Are we to assume that our judicial system can mete out justice fairly? I think all of us are aware that there is a different code of justice for some people. It is all in who you know and how much influence you can assert. Not fair, but, we all have seen it happen to those who are in the limelight. We all watch Law and Order, don't we? We see the system at work as portrayed by actors as it is ripped from the headlines. We see how hard the opposing sides try to win their case. Sometimes by devious tactics and sometimes with outright lies. In the end, though, there was a legal battle fought and their is a winner. Sometimes we watch as a plea bargain is bartered for whatever reasons. Is this justice? We see the whole case thrown out on a technicality. Some letter of the law not upheld properly. But the defendant's rights are always considered........

When the defendant is a juvenile, their rights are protected by their guardians (parents) and if that is not possible, then a guardian is appointed by the court. They also have the right to legal council whether they have the means to pay or not. I am sure there are many dedicated attorneys out there in this country who believe in our legal system and do their very best to uphold it. Then there is small town USA. The system is as good as the people involved in it. There are corrupt judges and lawyers, as well as those who would strive to be fair in the midst of it.

I know of a case where a young man at the age of 14 was brought into a police station and told to sign papers. He was young and scared and did what he was told to do. By following those instructions he was denied legal council and his guardian was unaware of his plight. He was questioned and confessed to a deed that he committed. He was tearful and contrite. It was a sex offence. He was charged as an adult. He told of some questionable behaviour on the part of the adults under whose care he was living. He admitted what he did and admitted that it was wrong. No investigation ensued. He was placed in a juvenile detention facility to await the outcome.

He was assigned an attorney through the public defenders office. The attorney encouraged him to take the plea bargain offered by the District Attorney's office. He was to remain in the custody of the juvenile facility until he was 21, then be placed on probation for 20 years, and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. No therapy or counseling. He was told by this servant of the court that if he refused this bargain that he would go to prison and be raped by " big black dudes" . That night he tried to hang himself. A psych evaluation was called for and in the space of a 10 minute conversation it was determined that he was bi-polar and was prescribed a healthy cocktail of some powerful mood altering drugs. Still no consent from his legal guardian for any of this.

Finally that guardian is notified by the family he was in the care of and action was taken. All efforts to talk with the appointed attorney were met with refusal to discuss the case. He was being tried as an adult and although the young man was willing to waive the confidentiality agreement, cooperation was still withheld. The juvenile justice chief in that state had to be called upon to intervene and another attorney was assigned and tried to help. The tidy little system was disrupted and all attempts to persuade the court to consider extenuating circumstances yielded nothing. In the end a plea bargain was agreed upon. The young man was to remain locked up in the juvenile detention center until the age of 17, at which time he would be released to begin serving his term of 20 years probation. Some concessions were made. He would no longer have to register as a sex offender at the end of his probation and some of the stipulations regarding being around other juveniles were waived. The only juvenile he was not allowed to be near was the juvenile who willingly played a part in the crime.

Upon release from the facility he had to have a home and a job or he would go to jail. Sounds reasonable until you consider his age and lack of socialization. I am sure that being locked up with all manner of offenders does not prepare one for the job market. His first probation officer was pretty lax with the rules and as long as he caused no problems and checked in as scheduled he didn't care what he did. He bounced around from county to county, staying with anyone who would offer a home to him. Unable to leave the state in which the crime was committed, he was unable to go live with his legal guardians. Every county he lived in had a different set of rules to abide by. He was required to attend classes for sex offenders. From the description given of a couple of sessions, these classes sounded more like bragging sessions of the offenders.

He had limitations on where he could reside and work due to his status as a registered sex offender. This made life difficult and he had to call on family often to help him with living expenses. He finally ended up in a half-way house for drug addicts and had to attend AA and NA meetings daily in order to be able to stay. He accepted his punishment and started paying off his debt to society. He paid the state over $8000.00 and contacted attorneys to see if he could have a hearing before the judge. He was told that if he paid off his restitution and did not get into any trouble that his case would be reviewed and that he would most likely be taken off probation.

He has now paid for his crime with 6 years of his life and 8000 of his dollars that were hard earned. He has tried to follow every bit of advice from each of his probation officers. Recently his probation officer actually read the judges ruling and he was told he could live with his girlfriend. They planned to be married in October and were going to move into a rental trailer that her uncle had. The girl is pregnant. They were happily planning a life together, then about three days ago the probation officer told the young man that he made a mistake and that he would have to leave the house he was in immediately or be arrested. He was given the heads up because the probation officer would be in trouble for allowing him to move in with his girlfriend.

Now the young man is living with someone who is known by the probation officer. He is depressed and hopeless. Unable to have any contact with his girlfriend. She was hospitalized last night and is in fear of miscarrying the baby. Oh, he won't be allowed to see his own child. He did try for an audience with the judge, but was told he would have to hire an attorney. He can't afford one and being in the same county he was in when all this originated, the public defenders office won't help him.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tents and Mulch

As autumn approaches and school starts I find myself with lots of time to garden to my hearts content. The pool isn't busy and when I get too hot I can slide into the cool water and float lazily on my back ...... well, for about 10 minutes or so. Takes about that long to see something that needs attention.

He who loves to haul things and run errands procured for she who mulches a trailer full of dark brown mulch yesterday and I started with my largest bed. I was optimistic and thought I would knock it out in no time. He who really hates all things involving manual labor offered to help............ knowing I would decline. His idea of mulching is to grab a shovel and sling the mulch mindlessly into the bed with no regard to where it lands as long as it is within the borders of the flower bed. I prefer to tuck it gently around my flowers and the requisite frogs that adorn all my beds. Looks nicer and I don't knock my plants around and kill them. This requires lots of bending and hauling small buckets and even though my muscles were screaming last night, I continued mulching this morning and didn't stop until I used every last tiny little handful of the stuff. I topped that off with a porch cleaning marathon ............... had to rid the porch of the cat yak I discovered and all the dead bugs. While cleaning was quite satisfying, the hour in the pool made me feel like a new person.

Tent camping has come a long way, don't you think? This one looks like a cottage. I think I could sleep in a tent. As long as it had a bed that I didn't have to fall to my knees to get into ..... and a fan ................. and a bathroom. I really like a bathroom ........... and not one I have to walk through the dark park to get to.

I like this tent, though.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekends Are Made For Insanity!!

The weekend starts out innocently enough with only a few reservations......... The ever ringing phone soon takes care of that and folks start to arrive in the early afternoon.In my world there are two kinds of campers. Those that are here for the weekend and most likely live nearby, and those that are traveling and just want a place to stay overnight. The weekenders will usually make the reservations far in advance, unless it is a last minute idea. The travelers will either call before they even begin the trip, or call early on the day they need to stay, or simply show up and either hope for the best or expect the RV park to have somehow anticipated their arrival.

They all seem to arrive at the same time, then have to wait their turn to check in. I am either very busy or very unbusy at any given time. The best way I know to attract business is to leave the office. For any reason. Go to the bathroom, go to clean up a bathroom, try to eat a meal, let the dogs out .................... any thing that takes you away from the check-in desk will yield a customer.

I checked in a nice gentleman who asked for two sites as close together as I could get them. His son was caught in traffic some where behind him. I inquired about the electrical needs and he called his son to ask. I had told the man that I could accommodate them either way, but he called anyway. The man was nice, if a little frazzled. I just attributed it to being tired from driving. I assigned the sites and he went on and parked. Two more customers show up to check in and a woman comes in with them carrying a yellow plastic bag and pushes her way to the counter and announces that she has finally cleaned up all the garbage on the site I put her on and presents the bag to me saying, "This is for you!". I try to put the bag of trash outside, but she insists that I take it behind the counter. I do and she leaves. I am baffled and don't know which site she is on and wonder where she found trash, since we had just mowed and picked up the entire park. I check in my other guests and make a mental note to send he who needs to check this out around to look.

Another RV pulls in before I can call him and a woman and two men come in. She asks for a 50 amp site and I instinctively know that she must be the daughter-in-law of the frazzled gentleman I checked in earlier. I ask and am right. She tells me in a low tone that she really doesn't have to be right next to her in-laws. It was her mother-in-law who brought me the trash. She has dementia it seems and they have been on an extended trip together. I try to put a site between them, but the mother-in-law makes her husband move their camper next to them. She brings me more trash when she informs me of the move. I just graciously accept it at this point, although I am still wondering where she is getting it from. I should have inspected the bag and I would have known. She made a third trip with some trash and simply held it in her hand (I suppose they took her bags away). She told me that I had a lovely park, but that if she were in my position, she would be outside cleaning up. I smiled and told her that I would be out as soon as I closed the store. Bless her heart, she was apparently digging in the fire pits and finding half-burned trash.

That is how the weekend started. It was insanely hot and humid and tempers were short. I refunded a wildly jumping man who screamed that none of my sites were suitable for his travel trailer. He was hot and angry. I am not sure if he was angry before he came in or not, his wife checked in. I just knew that I didn't want to deal with him and that I would not be able to make him happy, no matter what I did. That didn't even make him happy. Maybe he thought I would let him stay for free if he had a small fit. Didn't work out, if that is what he was thinking.

The additional signs are up and the speed bump in place. They are still not stopping. They won't let me have a gun. I would only shoot out the tires, I wouldn't shoot a person, geez, I'm not crazy ............. At least the speed bump is getting their attention and making them slow down. Anyway, that is not the only traffic violation that can occur. I am not good with makes and models of cars, etc. I can tell you what color they are and if they are gas or diesel if I hear the motor. Beyond that I am pretty useless. I can't tell a Ford from a Dodge ....... and really don't care so much. There was a family here this weekend with a car that has the spare tire attached to the back of the car ....... it was a white car, by the way. The father came into the store with his kids and bought some ice and candy and I happened to be looking out the window when they left. He drove all the way around the park with his daughter riding atop the spare!!!!!!! I am not kidding. He wasn't going slow, either. She was probably about 10 and a smart mouthed little thing, but, I was so afraid he was going to bounce into one of the speed bumps, making her fall and injure herself. I was frozen in disbelief for a moment before I made he who should enforce the rules get up and look. He who promised he would go talk to the man, but I doubt he did. He doesn't enjoy a good confrontation as much as I do.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday The 13th..........

You may be wondering about the photo of hair color and Cheetos ............. and what they have in common. Maybe you are wondering about my current state of mind and why I would put this picture here. I am about to tell you.

I awoke this morning at 8 am. Late for me, but I am getting ready for the sleep deprivation that comes with the weekend. I dosed myself with the necessary amount of coffee and showered to ready myself for my weekly jaunt into town. I did my hair and applied make-up; so as not to scare the locals with my unpainted self. I stopped at the library and got more audio books to entertain me as I cook and sew, then went to the local market for the necessities of the sticky bun variety. All done in record time, I made it back to kamp before any swimmers arrived and relieved he who hates the office and phone. Then I did an about face and made him stay in the office so I could clean my restrooms. He was happy to agree since the other option would be for him to do them. I usually do them first thing while I am still in my happy haze of sleepiness.

I suppose you can now see where this story is going can't you? Cheetos, hair color ............ public restrooms. Logical? No, you say? I did not not have any tent campers last night. Didn't have anyone staying on that side of the park at all. Leads me to wonder who colored their hair in the rest room, while eating Cheetos and smashing them in the floor. Was it someone in a big rig, not wanting the mess in their bathroom? Was it a swimmer? Was it one person, or two? Was one coloring and one eating? Or was it a whole group with a look-out? I will never know, I just clean up the mess. Can't put surveillance in the bathrooms, don't you know?

Oh well, on to the next adventure. I am still hawking my wares here at the kampstore. Sock Monkeys are showing up everywhere.............

This one is pushing sunglasses ..............

I made some little dresses for my grand girls and a swimmer said I should display them and sell them .......

Summertime and easy is the key here. Bright colors and happy dots.

Sister dresses?

Hot pink and purple for a little princess.

Groovy dresses for a big and little sister. I can't take credit for this combination though. I seem to have acquired my very own personal shopper! Yvonne is living here and shops....... a lot. She is not shy about keeping me in the loop on big discounts and bargains. She found the fabric and the shirts for me. I told her to use her own judgement in choosing. Can I just say that she passed the test!

These are two of my personal favorites, just plain girlie. I might have to export these to Minnesota.
I refuse to let the rest room nastiness get me down today. Now I am off to the kitchen to create a brownie to die for while I listen to the voice of John Grisham tell a story and transport me to Mississippi and simpler times...............

Monday, August 9, 2010

Signs, Signs, Everywhere You Look.........

or should I say if you look.........

As you approach the park, this is what you see.......... I know it is customary to enter the first drive when approaching. I am the one who changed it. I changed it for a very good reason ...... not just because I own the place and I can do what I want. I changed it because the park has a one-way drive around it to facilitate the parking of the big rigs. When they entered the first drive, they were already headed in the wrong direction and had to turn around. I have a really big parking area in the front, but if I had several coming in around the same time, it created a bit of a traffic jam. So, I changed it. It is also a lot easier to exit when you are driving a big rig and towing ......... no sharp turns.

So, you would think that putting up signage would eliminate any confusion, right? The first sign was made by he who augers the hole to put the post in. It said, "Enter Next Drive". That wasn't working, so I added a sign that said "EXIT ONLY" underneath. Not working either and to my great annoyance folks kept flying in and not stopping at the end of the drive..........maybe because there is no stop sign if you are going the wrong way?

My soul sister knows an artist, Kino, also skate border extraordinaire, I am told. He painted the frog sign you see and brought to my attention that the very first word on my old sign was ENTER, and that my customers weren't reading beyond that. Made sense, so I changed the sign. I thought that the bright color with black letters saying "DO NOT ENTER" was an eye catcher and would do the trick. I am so naive.

Two 'STOP' signs. I was told that the stop sign was on the wrong side and that is why people were not stopping. So I added a sign. They still don't stop. The speed limit sign is on the left sign and today a much, much larger sign will grace the stop sign on the right and when the load of rock arrives, a really impressive speed bump will also be added. You know, the kind that will get your attention if you fail to stop.

Last, but not least, is my private drive sign. I suppose I will need to add a "DO NOT ENTER" to this, since the sign apparently means nothing otherwise.
Very first customer of the day was a woman with three children coming to swim. Did you know that you entered the exit drive? She giggled and said, "Oh, I wasn't paying attention, I was turned around talking to my kids."
Sad, but true. You can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Dive On In

My Mexican daisy finally bloomed ........... well, the one plant that survived did anyway. Between the monsoon rains and the blistering heat nothing has grown with any predictability. I harvested two ears of corn while Gavin was here. It was my thought to break the ears in half and the four of us would share them with the rest of our dinner. Gavin ate them both. I can honestly say that brought me more pleasure than eating my share would have. Those were the only ones ready while he was here. The rest was ready and provided a pitiful little pot of creamed corn for the two of us. Some of the ears had only 5 or 6 kernels on them. It was really good and we savored each bite last night. My summer squash will only get to be about the size of my thumb, then will simply rot. Cucumbers are fine, though. Tomatoes, not so much.
It was a fine weekend, with perfect weather for camping. Cool in the evening and nice and sunny during the day. Today the humidity and the temperature began to rise and it is uncomfortably hot again. With the heat comes the really bizarre behaviour. The really bizarre phone calls and strange and stupid questions. Do ya'll got a pool? Yes. Do ya'll let people swim in it? Yes, we do. How deep is your pool? Not quite 6 feet at the deepest point..... Do ya'll got a diving board? No. (no, you idiot, it is not deep enough!!!!!!). That was the first call this morning. Just awhile ago someone called wondering how deep the pond is and if they can swim in it. Maybe it was the same person or someone closely related. There are snakes in the pond. Slimy weeds and mud and fish and why would anyone want to swim in a pond with a pool close at hand?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer's Goodbye

I lie awake in the wee hours of the morning. I don't use an alarm clock. I have that uncanny ability to wake when I have told myself I have to. That doesn't mean that I don't sometimes over sleep and miss my predetermined internal wake-up call. It is the weekend and that means a 5 o'clock alarm is in my head. Time to make the donuts ........... or sticky buns of gooey goodness in my case.

My four-legged creatures seem to know the weekend schedule. They will sleep through the night like good babies all week long; but, come Friday, they know. I am in the store longer on Friday evening. I don't go to bed any earlier than I do any other night of the week, so they go out and take care of business at the normal time. Then around 2 am they will nudge me awake to go out again. I sleep pretty good until that time. After I take them out and lift them back into bed I am awake enough to begin to calculate the amount of sleep I will get if I fall back to sleep immediately or if it takes 10 minutes, or 30 minutes, etc. Well, you see the problem.

I noticed that it was dark when I locked up last night at 9 o'clock and I felt a mixture of sadness and relief. Summer has begun to fade into autumn. Soon there will be a nip in the air and the leaves will turn and another year will be ending. I can usually determine the hour in the morning by extending my foot to the window and pushing the curtain to one side to get a peek of the sky. This morning it was dark. No predawn light to beckon me out of my non-slumber. I really wanted to tuck my cover over my shoulder and fall into a deep sleep, but was afraid I would not wake up in time to let the dough rise properly so I stumbled around in the dark and made my way to the kitchen at 4:30. An hour later and it is just beginning to show a little light. Just last weekend this amount of light was my wake-up call. The air is crisp and cool, showing no sign of the sweltering days we have had lately................

Now that I can see, I will go clean the bathrooms and then see what is ripe in the garden before I am confined to the store for my 12 hour day. Summer is not over after all. Not yet.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Can't Help Myself .....

Sometimes I just can't help myself. I like to wonder about the day to day lives of folks I meet along the way. I sit here behind the counter and quote prices, make reservations and answer endless questions. I give directions, I redirect, and I try to enforce safety rules. Some days are good and some are not so good. So, can you really blame me if I entertain myself sometimes?

Opportunity just seems to present itself so enticingly at times and I just can't help but take advantage ................ I don't do it with a mean spirit. Can I help it if I find humor in everyday life?

With all this in mind, I ask you what the future holds for this young man? Plumber?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Votes Are In.........

I carefully opened all the slips of paper in my cookie jar and it was unanimous! Site 36 is this month's winner! John and Sue have worked hard on their site. They even bought a new camper this season and just added a golf cart! Talk about going all-out.........

Three little frogs welcome you to their pad. Maybe they like frogs ....... maybe they don't, but they know I do ..........

A mama turtle and her baby live in the garden.

Love the dragon fly!

And the butterfly, and let's not forget the roses. I have never been able to grow roses. I manage to kill them after only one season. I am jealous of John's green thumb!

The grass is looking a little shaggy and I will go mow it when the sun goes down tonight. The little garden was put there last season because I hated mowing that corner. It was rocky and water would stand there. So I had he who loves his tractor dump a load of dirt for me and I went from there......... John and Sue took it from the little mound to what it is now.
These folks make up for all the aggravation of those campers who don't appreciate our park!