Sunday, September 15, 2019

Cub Scouts Weekend

We had Cub Scouts for the weekend. A former seasonal kamper is one of the leaders and made the arrangements. Everything was so organized! The kids were very polite and so cute.

 Saturday morning I went out to check on the bathrooms and found a couple of boys waiting to brush their teeth. I told them to use the ladies room, since it was not occupied. The look of horror on the faces!! They declined, telling me that the sign on the door said "WOMEN"!!

Sweet innocence, why can't they stay that way? Kudos to the parents of this group of children. I kept the pool open for them and the weather cooperated for a lovely weekend. And now the pool is closed for the season. Time for a break!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Cheap Medical Care?

Every time you think you have seen it all ....
and heard it all, you discover you haven't.

I was on my way to my annual visit with my cardiologist when the news came on the radio. Walmart is about to open their very first stand alone health clinic. I was blissfully unaware that some of the Walmart super stores have clinics in them. I knew that some of the Target stores had them. One stop shopping on a whole new level.

Is this the newest approach to health care? When you go to a clinic or an emergency room, you are well aware that you might be exposed to some very sick people and could possibly get even sicker. I have been to some facilities that have separate waiting areas. One for those who have are there for a check-up and then another for those who are sick. 

I wonder what will distinguish this Walmart clinic form other urgent care facilities? The one-stop shopping will not factor in. I am sure they will be similar to other clinics and accept insurance in any form. Will they offer roll-back prices? They already administer flu shots and other vaccines in the pharmacy. 

Will the Walmart medical clinic slowly start to add merchandise? You know, just a few items related to taking care of yourself. Pain relievers and cough remedies, then a full aisle of vitamins and supplements. Bandages and heating pads. Then, before you know it, deodorant and shampoo. The "waiting area" will slowly be taken up with aisles of goods pertaining to your health and well being. they will start with just baskets to haul your merchandise in and soon carts will appear. Outside the clinic, of course. They will have to add a structure for the carts. About that time, the "manager" of this new facility that was to be dedicated to health care will decide there should be a small aisle for chicken noodles soup and juices (drink plenty of fluids) and the entire facility will have to grow to accommodate all the merchandise and a waiting area for all those ailing people who flock to this Walmart health care facility thinking they will get some health care on the cheap, what with the name of the facility including "Walmart" on the front of the building.

I ponder things while driving. My cardiologist is located in Washington. Washington, Missouri, that is. They have a clinic  in the hospital in Hermann, Mo. It is a pleasant drive, about 20 miles on a two lane road meandering through farmland and woods. On the way you are on a decline as you slowly make your way to the Missouri river. Once over the bridge, you find yourself in the quaint little town of Hermann. 

Bed and breakfast, bakeries and antique stores line the streets as you drive very slowly through the town and begin the ascent to the road leading to the hospital and a winery. Even though my check-up found me a few pounds lighter with an excellent blood pressure, I did not decide that a wine tasting was in order. It was only 9 am, after all.

As I exited the hospital through the main door on the front of the building and headed to my car, I looked up to see a black truck parked right there at the entrance in what I thought was a handi-cap space. The windows were open and in the driver's seat sat a man engaged in the process of brushing his teeth! His mouth was all foamy with agitated toothpaste. I sorely wanted to whip out my phone and snap a shot of this, but he was looking at me, as I was looking at him.

I got into my car and sat there watching out the rearview mirror, all the while wondering where he was going to spit out the foamy toothpaste, which triggered my gag reflex, so I started home.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wool Socks

The weather acts as if it is confused about the seasons. Actually this happens every year and we all comment about it. Old people talk about the weather a lot and always have. I used to make fun of those old people and now I am one of them.

Back in the day, when HeWho baffles me incessantly, was a young man, he rarely succumbed to weather. Hot weather, cold weather, didn't matter much to him, he was usually in a pair of shorts and barefooted. All of our Christmas photos have him in shorts while the rest of us were dressed more appropriately. Not coats, we lived in Georgia and it was usually in the 70's, but we still had more appropriate attire …. and shoes.

He is old now and prone to chills and such. But, why the man was wearing wool socks recently is a mystery to me. It has been in the upper 80's and 
90's and he has donned jeans and a T-shirt every day, but WOOL socks? 

I may have complained mentioned a time or two that he is quite fond of the wood stove and will frequently have the temperature in the upper 80's. There have been many nights when I have waited for him to go to sleep, then opened the window so that I could sleep.

 As much as he loves heaters in the winter, he loves air conditioners in the summer. After a morning of mowing and weeding I came in to shower and sit down. I use cool water in the shower as I am usually drenched in sweat. After my shower, I dressed and came in to sit down for a spell. After about 10 minutes, I was freezing! He had the thermostat set on 62. Said he was comfortable. Must have been the day he wore those wool socks!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Snake Versus Limb Lopper

I was weeding along the side of one of my many gardens with my bare hands. Gloves just get in the way. I am rethinking that now. I had my handy limb loppers with me as I was cleaning up the trees, as well. I think I actually TOUCHED the snake when I grabbed a handful of weeds and woke him. I lifted him with the loppers and I must have put too much pressure on them, because I cut his head off. OOPS! Alex took a good look at him and told me that he was harmless. He is definitely harmless now.

 HeWho was playing on his newest toy (Bobcat) found this flat rock and brought it to me. I used a couple of stumps and a 2X12 that was laying in the wood pile to create a nice little bench to sit and contemplate the world. I think it would make a nice setting for a family portrait.

I added some mums to this garden by the exit for some nice fall color. The creeping Charlie has filled in nicely around my rocks.

Another garden near the entrance needed some color as well. I think another flat of mums would be nice.

A close up of my little bench. I still have some more weeding to do behind that bench. Lavender lilies will be back come spring, then the red bee balm will fill in with more color. There is always marigolds. They provide lots of color into October.

To the right of that bench was a huge cluster of poison ivy. I bit the bullet and attacked it head on. I even used a shovel to get to the root of the problem and pulled it up! Then I rushed inside and hit the shower with some ivy wash. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will not develop a full rash. Hope runs deep.

I have been lazy since the holiday weekend and things have been slow. We would normally close the pool by now, but I have a cub scout troop booked for this weekend, so I have decided to keep it open for them. After that, I will be done with the pool for the season.

Not that the pool maintenance has been an issue for me. Kamper Craig has things well in hand. Looks like we will be painting again in the Spring. So much for the paint that was supposed to last for 6 years.

Now I am off to another day of cleaning up garden beds and to see what kind of mess I can get myself into.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Celery Salt Is In The House!

I woke early and prepared for a trip to the grocery in town. A meat sale was in progress and I was still in need of the elusive celery salt I have been searching for.

It is Friday, the busiest day of the week for campgrounds. Since I needed only a few things, I was sure I would return before I was needed in the office. While at Walmart earlier in the week, I did not get a few things, as the shelves were bare. Not only that, despite the fact that the store was not that busy with shoppers, it was hard to navigate the grocery section with all those big shelves of blue bins on wheels blocking aisles. 

Personally, I would not want someone else choosing my groceries for me, especially the produce. I arrived home only 10 minutes later than the store was to open. Unloaded the car and escaped to the kitchen to repackage all the meat. And put the celery salt I found for a mere 99 cents on the spice rack. 

I headed to the freezer with my meats all packaged for 2 people. I was all set to rotate the stuff to the front of the freezer while putting the just purchased items in the back. This is when I discovered that the freezer was not working properly. The stuff was cold and the compressor was on, but some items were thawed.

This turn of events was just uncalled for!! I took the still frozen items to the ice cream freezer in the store and threw away all the questionable items. Took several trips to the dumpster and lots of rearranging in the ice cream freezer to put all my stuff behind the ice cream.

HeWho mows was doing just that. I texted him " freezer died, so I emptied it and put good stuff in store freezer, tossed the rest and unplugged it" He replied "OK, be right there." For what? Did he think I needed help. Or maybe he wanted to check to see if I did it right? Congratulate me?

I could almost hear a deep, put upon, poor me sigh as he texted that he would be "right there". Just imagine his happiness at not having to lift a finger to assist me. I even cooked a decent meal! It has been slow today. No complaints from me. I even had the opportunity to change our sheets and vacuum the entire house and the store. 

I am thinking it is a good time to change my store hours. Do I really need to be here until 9 pm? I usually change my hours after October, but where is it written that I can't do it now?

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Taste Of Celery

Despite feeling pretty crappy, life goes on and I had to fill the shelves left bare after the holiday weekend. The main item I needed was an air filter for my mower. Usually the job of HeWho, obtaining parts and installing them, I voluteered to go get one after he failed to find one in our tiny town.

He was busy, after all. Digging up the sewer pipe at the shower house. We limped through the weekend without the men's side. Thank goodness for the one stall on the main building.

Did I really want to go to Walmart? No. But who am I to stop a sewer excavation? Last time my car was used, it was for a trip to the hospital for Kevin and Alex and HeWho drove. I dispatched him to get all of his crap out of my car and make sure their was plenty of fuel, then to start the car and turn the air on. I wash his clothes and cook his food!

But I am off track again. For whatever reason, people will ask me for help while shopping. No, I do not have a blue or yellow vest on sporting a name tag. Maybe I just look like someone who knows a lot. While that is true, I don't know everything ... yet.

I was looking in the spices for celery salt. It is one of those spices I always keep on hand. But I have been unable to find it lately. While carefully reading all the labels, even though they would appear to be in alphabetical order, I heard a woman ask where she could find vanilla extract. since it was right there in the same area, I pointed it out.

After a couple of minutes of unsuccessfully searching for my celery salt, I heard her again. She wanted to know where she could find one that did not contain alcohol. Is there such a thing? I thought all extracts had alcohol in them. Maybe the imitation extract, but that label showed alcohol, as well. She was making Rice Krispie treats. Healthy ones, she said. Once again, I wonder if there is such a thing and why it would matter if there was alcohol in the extract. Is she using the entire bottle?

I didn't voice my questions out loud. But she was quick to exclaim that she had NEVER heard of celery salt. I have always had a small can in my spice rack for my entire married life and I promise, it really exists!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Just Plain Tired

When last I posted I mentioned a c-pap machine. HeWho has one. Lots of people I know use them and I am quite certain that if we all submitted to a sleep study, there would be many more c-pap machines in use.

When I went for my initial check-up on Medicare, I was offered a sleep study. I declined. While it might well be beneficial for me, the thought of the scuba gear contraption stuck to my face and head does not sound like something I would want to do.

I was chastised about saying that the breathing apparatus was "just" a c-pap. HeWho says he sleeps much better with his and I believe him. But, be that as it may, the lack of the apparatus is far from life-threatening. It does not "keep you alive".

Okay, now on to the stories of the weekend. 

You might recall the outdoor game we added in early July. Golf Billiards. Really more for adults than children. Children seem to want to hit the balls too hard. Early on, the cue ball was hit so hard it broke in half. The kids who did it, brought it to me and apologized. 

Cue balls are sold separately and relatively inexpensive. I will admit that I did try to super glue it back together, but there were small chips missing. I was told it would just break again the first time someone hit it. I had all intentions of saving it to use somehow in one of my fairie gardens, but HeWho likes all things disposable threw it away.

The game was in play all weekend and seemed to be a big hit. You have to come into the office to get the putters and the billiard balls, so I sort of know who has it at any given time. You SHOULD return the items to the office when done, but on Sunday, they were just turned over to some kids.

The youngest child whacked the 9 ball and broke it. I will be forced to buy an entire set again. On the bright side, we will have lots of spares!

Sunday seemed to be the day for mischief. Some other kids were walking around with a bat. For whatever reason they decided to use the bat to hit my apples into the pool and all over the grounds. No reason, they just wanted to and there was the tree with all the apples just hanging there. You can have an apple and eat it, but don't hit them just to be destructive. The father disciplined them and I am okay with that.

Other than the noise from the evicted campers, the weekend was quite pleasant. Over cast on Friday and Saturday, it kept the temperature down and the young swimmers were not discouraged at all. We sold lots of firewood and Pringles. Ice cream, too. I still don't get the attraction of Pringles, but that is just me.

I can't seem to summon up much energy since the weekend. It is Wednesday and there is plenty to be done, but I am just blah. A little dizzy, a little queasy and very worthless!