Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I Am Off

Finally, I am ready to do the floor. I had set my goal to be finished before I fly away on March 28th. Now my appliances are looking so sad. My stove is pitiful. 

Remember, I set it on fire while baking Christmas cookies. The knobs to turn the burners on are gnarled and the soot still stains the interior of the microwave. Magic Eraser does not have enough magic and the boiling of the bowl of vinegar did absolutely nothing to help. Even the paste of baking soda and vinegar didn't work and I am afraid that oven cleaner would be too harsh and would eat away at the plastic interior. It is very clean, if stained.

The stove still works. It is black. Now I wish I had just chosen the tried and true white. I have toyed with thoughts of painting it. There is dust caught between the oven windows. I read on Pinterest several ways to eliminate this. I quickly discarded the idea of taking the door apart, cleaning and reassembling it. How did anything get in there? I thought it was supposed to be sealed tight to keep the heat inside the oven. Another suggestion would have me pulling the drawer under the oven out and then laying on the floor underneath the door to see where to insert one of those duster things that are supposed to act like a dust magnet.

This is not appealing to me, but I am seriously considering asking the man of the house to do this. You know, to prevent me from buying a new stove. Might work ….

The fridge still works, but it is ugly. It keeps the food cold and the freezer works. We bought it used and it came with a dent in the door. But that is not the worst part. The shelves in the door have no stopper things to hold the stuff in place. I tried a bungee cord, but it kept flying off, so I have  tension rods in place now. I suppose I could use one of those dent removers for cars and pull the dent out and paint it. I could, but I don't really want to.

Must be that I am tired and uninspired. My floor kit was bought several years ago by HeWho had some notion of doing something. I pulled it out and looked at it. The basic color is tan. I don't want tan. Everything in the kitchen is in tones of gray. HeWho bought it probably didn't even notice that it came in different colors and thinks that adding this tan color to the floor will "make the other colors pop". No, it won't. It will make the other colors cry. I wonder if I can substitute gray floor paint for the stain and just proceed with the instructions.

I am out of time and the floor will just have to wait! I leave tomorrow and I have spent the last two days remerchandising my store. Upon my return I will be stocking the store and then the outside chores will take over my life. I will just enjoy what I have finished and wait on that floor. You know what they say about the best laid plans ...

Now it is time to clean my house in hopes it will still be clean when I come home. I will be without internet for the five days I will be gone. I will miss that and my four legged friends, and I will be checking up on HeWho frequently to make sure he remembers to take his meds and feed the animals.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

He Who # 2

In my last post I mentioned daffodils poking up through the ground. Those little bulbs are resilient!

Resilient because those two are coming up in a tire track. This is the same garden I moved over by two feet last year. I recall thinking that some idiot would still manage to run through it.

 Before you even pull in, let's see how many signs you can mangle.

He missed the post, but not by much. Never mind that the parking lot is more than generous and it would be easy to make a wide turn. This happened at night. The security cameras caught the action, but not the tag number. No markings on the truck to identify the company that could be seen from the angle of the camera. I could at least have someone to yell at if I had a company name to call.

In other goings on around the kampground, Kevin (aka my wife) has a bum knee. He limped in to inquire about a heating pad. I don't have one, but I told him how to make one. Fill a sock with rice, tie the end and heat for 2 minutes in the microwave. "Do you need some rice?" I asked. I mean, he is great at doing stuff for me, but he is still a man, right? He said he had rice.

Next day, I asked HeWho is always out and about how Kevin's knee was. HeWho informed me that the knee was still bum and that the faux heating pad had burned Kevin's skin. Right away, I knew something was amiss. I have used the rice in the sock before and had never burned myself.

Later on I found out that he had used Minute Rice!! I did say he was a man, right? So on my next adventure to shop, I purchased a bag of rice and even bought a reusable hot/cold pack at the Dollar Tree. I sent the items to Kevin via HeWho drives. 

Still later, Kevin came in and opened with this statement: You are not going to believe what I did. Seems he decided to give his Minute Rice one more try for only one minute in the microwave. The stench of scorched rice and sock had him opening all his windows. Why, I asked, would he do that? If he keeps this up, he will become HeWho #2!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Baby Steps

Spring truly has arrived!! My daffodils are poking up bravely. The day lilies and even the tiger lilies are coming up. The trees are sporting tiny buds … and campers are starting to come in. My time is no longer my own.

Expecting two early arrivals, I awoke at 8:30, at which time my brain said, no, it is really 7:30. I hopped in the shower and then dressed quickly. I still had 15 minutes! I made my coffee ….. and the symphony of crazy dog barking jarred me to my toes. Someone was at the door of the store. 

I have yet to put the store hours sign out for Spring hours and the one in place still proclaims that we do not open until noon. But, thinking it might be the late arrival from last night coming up to pay, I went to the door. It was a camper that stayed at the state park begging to use my dump station and get water.

I sent her to the dump station, then sanded and put a second coat of paint on a cabinet door front, and only then did I reach for my cup of coffee. But, the door again. She was back. Would I fill her gallon jug with water? I managed to keep that smile plastered on my face.

I got my cup of magic morning elixir and settled into my chair. My poor dogs are so confused. Where is morning mommy, with her fluffy robe and slippers? Cujo was ecstatic when I sat down he ran several circles to show his happiness before being elevated by the recliner into my lap. I hugged his warm little body and told him I loved him. He offered the side of his little head for kisses and settled in next to me.

Not to be ignored, Eddie patiently waited his turn to complete the morning routine. I lowered the foot of the recliner and he hopped aboard. He was still warm from the sun and I scooped him up. I love to inhale his scent when he has been outside. His black fur holds that scent. He smells like sunshine this morning. He politely holds his little head up for kisses, then snuggles into my neck.

This must be what heaven will be like. Back to earth ... There is a very skinny space next to my stove. Seven and a half inches to be exact. I pondered the possibilities when we were putting the original kitchen together and after vetoing HeWho and his thought of just making a wall there. 

There already is a wall and 7 1/2" of valuable space sits waiting for me to use!! He built a lower cabinet and topped it with butcher block. He then used a piece of shelving board and hinged a door. I can keep skinny things like cookie sheets in it. The tiny bit of counter top holds a big vase with frequently used utensils. 

For a long time the top part of that was just a vacant spot. Then one day I said to HeWho hates to hear these dreaded words, "Honey, I've had an epiphany!" His eyes glazed over and a pained expression appeared on his face. I told him that space was just right for a pull out cabinet to hold my spices. "Picture a drawer on it's side with shelves in it." Shaking his head, he told me that would never be possible.

Since this was before he started hiding the chop saw, I took a drawer that was not being used and cut the bottom off, put shelves in it and showed him. It was a drawer for lower cabinets, making it too long for the upper cabinet. Of course, the hardware would not work, being too long. HeWho finally got with the idea and actually purchased the mechanism that would fit. 

He never installed them, can't find them now. Since my cabinets go all the way to the ceiling there was a hole between the ceiling and the drawer front. You get used to these things after a time. I never put spices in the drawer, figuring the would fall if I yanked on it to open it with no drawer glides.

But, now that the other side of my kitchen is done, that gapping hole mocks me every time I cook. Taking matters into my own capable hands, I removed the drawer front and the drew a picture with the exact dimensions of what I wanted cut from a 10" piece of shelving board. Much to my utter surprise, it was done in a timely fashion!

You will recall that I left one cabinet with no doors because they did not match the other doors. I still have two different styles of doors, but they are similar. The doors in question had raised panels, while all the rest were flat paneled. In a fit of inspiration (HE had an epiphany) HeWho likes loud tools routed the door he make for me that would conceal the gapping hole and now it looks like a raised panel. I just wanted the edges rounded.

But I am not going to complain (not to him, anyway). I will put a coat of poly atop the two coats of paint and slide that drawer back in place with it's new cover! Will I ever use it as I had intended? Probably not, but that hole will be covered!

The back door that was installed over 2 years ago has finally been finished!! Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Calamity Jane?

Yesterday was  … pretty crappy. I waxed eloquent about it right here. Described the sheer awfulness of my day only to see it slip away as the computer failed to save or publish my rantings. After that I attempted nothing.

This morning I awoke to this …. 

 I have been told by many that it is impossible to over winter a geranium. Here is proof that I accomplished that and it bloomed!!

A close up of my very healthy plant. I will confess that I have plant lights above it. Not all of my plants did this well, but seeing this after a day of calamities has definitely started my day right!

I spent the entire day on my feet yesterday with the exception of driving time. I hit three stores to gather necessities of living and then spent the remainder of my day putting it all away while doing various chores.

I had help unloading the car, but the rest was up to me. I threw some clothes in the washer, then saw the snow cone holder that was a bird house for Martens in another life. It will hold 4 snow cones, making large orders go a little faster. I cleaned it up and painted it white. Time and drips had made it look a little sad, so while I was right there, I sanded it and took it to the kitchen to be painted while I was putting away groceries. I have one counter left that is yet to be finished. It is a small "island" on wheels and has come in handy while fishing all the touch up painting. 

I was also drilling 36 holes in a 1 X 8" piece of shelving board that is almost 3 feet long. I had asked HeWho to make a pot lid rack with wooden dowels to replace the one I stole from the pot lids to use as a plate rack. He looked at me like I had suddenly grown a beard and informed me that the dowels would be expensive. He always tries to appeal to my cheapness when trying to avoid doing things. Four dowels cost $4 at Walmart. I picked them up yesterday after making sure I had the correct size drill bit. I was determined to drill all the holes and cut all the dowels and get it glued and ready for paint.

Last week I refinished the snow cone counter top and painted my candy display case a bright green. This is when the snow cone holder came to my attention. I plundered through all the cans of my "oops paint" collection that I buy on the cheap, never knowing which project it will be used on. I settled on a bright purple. I thought it would compliment the green candy display case, not to mention hide drips of syrup, as well. 

I set the half full can on my counter in the kitchen. I washed a sink full of dishes, transferred the laundry to the dryer. I would have hung the laundry outside, but for the fact that the replacement of the pump in the well meant that they knocked down my clothesline. I was not happy. 

After the laundry was on its way to dry, I decided to tackle the drilling, then paint both pieces. I had to use the drill of HeWho. It has more power than mine. It is also heavier, so I had to put my thumb brace on. It makes me a little clumsy, but helps my thumb joint to not throb all night. I wasn't even halfway done with all those holes and I was growing tired of holding the drill. I  was carefully collection the sawdust to make a Firestarter with the spent wax of scented candles.

I shifted my board to make more holes and in doing so I hit that quart of paint, knocking it to the floor. I had not even tried to remove the lid and it was one of those plastic cans …. but the lid flew off and the paint flew out in a giant arc on the floor. Yes, it did.

I stood there staring at the mess and daring the canine contingent to even think about approaching. I grabbed the brush and the snow cone holder and painted it with some of the larger pools of paint. Then I took an old dog towel and smeared the rest of it up.

I suppose it could have been worse. The floors are yet to be done and it didn't hit the walls. The dogs were not close by and didn't get paint in their fur and shake it everywhere, nor did they track purple foot prints one the untouched areas of the floor. I drilled the remaining holes and quit for the day. Leftovers were on the menu and the dry clothes waited until this morning.

The bloom set me off to a good start today. I put a second coat of purple on the snow cone holder, a second coat of paint on the entryway at the back door and changed the sheets on my bed and I am on my third load of laundry. So far I have not spilled anything!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Please Don't Help Me!

You may (or may not) be wondering what HeWho is doing during my kitchen re-do. I was going to call it a mini kitchen re-do, but there is nothing mini about it. You know how it is, you paint one cabinet and the rest look like they need it, then the counter top needs attention and the walls are looking drab and then you look down at the floor. 

Long, long sigh. I just finished the trim around the ceiling and the walls. I am waiting for paint to dry. The one side of the kitchen is looking great. Fresh white cabinets, lower gray cabinets, topped with my faux marble counter top. Most of the ceiling is done, but I ran out of the ceiling paint. The other side of my kitchen looks sad. And left out. Cries for attention. The stove occupies the other side, with a small two door cabinet beside it with a unique counter top that I salvaged from the dumpster right before it was going to topple in. It is made of various pieces of scrap 2 X 4's. and rounded on one corner. Fit my abandoned cabinet perfectly. I did paint that cabinet and change out the hardware on it. Next to that is a very shallow pantry, custom made for me by HeWho, himself. It is only 10" deep. Holds all my canned goods and boxed items of food. I drew out the plans  and he made it, somewhat begrudgingly. Fits my needs perfectly. The bottom shelf is taller than the rest. I was thinking it could hold those taller items, like the round box of oatmeal.

This turned out to be a not so good idea and ended up in a chapter of 'Letters To Gavin'. Titled 'Oatmeal, Not For Dogs' it tells the tale of my late Oscar and one of his shenanigans. Oscar could open the tall doors of the pantry with ease and he was known to just take what he thought was his. Since that thought applied to everything around him, he thought nothing of ripping open boxes of cereal and eating the contents. He did share with the rest of his pack, him being the leader. I suppose you know already that he opened the oatmeal, tipped it over, dumping the contents on the floor and proceeded to eat with great gusto.

Soon I had three dogs walking around the pile of oatmeal looking a little green around the gills and drinking lots of water. Wall-E, being the author of the trio could not wait to relay the episode to his boy, Gavin.

But I am off subject yet again. HeWho fancies himself to be an investigator of all things electronic launched a search to by-pass the processing company for our credit card income. He will do things like this from time to time in an effort to make my life harder than it has to be help me with my day to day transactions. Sometimes I listen to his ideas, sometimes I just nod and agree without really hearing him.

For instance, despite the fact that he has purchased several programs to accommodate the reservations on-line ….. he has never installed any of them. I do it all in a notebook with paper and pencil. It works quite well for me. Would it maybe be easier on-line? Sure, but he won't ask for help. My son and my son-in-law are quite proficient at any task such as this. This would be simple to them and I would probably prefer instructions from either of them instead of pretty much figuring it out on my own.

His latest venture involved the phone and the credit card processor. We had a land line for the business. We kept the same number and name of the campground when we bought it. The number was associated with a rather large and cumbersome pay phone that was located in the room adjacent to the office. There was a phone in the office that I could answer and make local calls on, but that was it. If some one used the pay phone, the line was tied up. If someone left the phone off the hook … the line was tied up. The pay phone was a rotary dial, probably installed when the original building was built in the late 60's. 

I had AT&T come out and take the pay phone, but not the number. I mention that because it was so very hard to make them understand what I wanted. It was 2005 and most people have cell phones, I had no need for a giant black oddity hanging off my wall. Well I took down the wall, as well. Retail space is valuable, you know.

Life went on and we had all those sellers of credit card processors visit with us from time to time and HeWho would change companies accordingly to save a percentage of the processing fees involved. It seemed it happened every time I would become accustomed to the machine in place. I found it to be highly annoying. This time, HeWho chatted many times with AT&T and one day a new cell phone arrived in the mail. Addressed to HeWho, but I opened it like every other wife will do.

"Why did you get a new cell phone and how much did it cost?" I asked. The reply was not expected. Seems the phone was free and I no longer have a land line. The phone came with that square thing that will let you run a credit card. If you aren't in a big hurry. Every single time I tried to use it, it would not work. I would follow his instructions and it would not accept the chip or a swipe. He would condescendingly take the phone from my frustrated hands and then attempt the transaction. Sometimes after several tries he could make it work. 

I expressed my displeasure and asked him if he thought it would be great on a holiday weekend when 10 campers are pulling in at the same time and I am trying to get them all in as quickly as possible. Another thing that was annoying was that the phone could ring with the square attached, but you could not communicate with the caller. So, after listening to my incessant complaints he ordered a processing machine from AT&T. Now the phone is attached to me, along with my personal cell that I used to forward the landline to. I handle all the reservations. Just easier than having him call me to ask me if there is availability on a certain date ….. I keep the reservation book at the desk, with all the pertinent information right there, easy to look at. Each month has a tab and all the weekends have a special sheet with all the site numbers on it. If a name is on the line next to that site number …. well you get the picture.

So, the new processing machine is easy to use and produces a receipt or you can text a receipt should the customer request one. Just a little problem with HeWho always tries to go the extra mile and "help". To simplify my life I include tax in all my merchandise. If you see that the item is $2, that is the all inclusive price. There are some items we sell that are not taxed, such as propane. The price fluctuates from time to time and we raise or lower the price accordingly and HeWho seems to not understand my method with my merchandise includes the tax in his pricing. The only thing that we add tax to is the price of the site. It is a hospitality tax (I am told). Sometimes I feel Hostile, but there is no tax for that!! I don't tax my long term tenants. 

So, what does HeWho should be cutting the lengths of boards that I asked for do? He sets up the processor to ADD tax to each transaction. Why, you may be asking, just as I did? So that I won't have to figure taxes on the weekend. Like it may be beyond my capabilities. I figure the taxes up and create a little cheat sheet and tape it to the cash register and by the end of the season, I have memorized it anyway. Please don't help, unless I specifically ask!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Alas, I am Unable To Cook ...

This is a picture of my counter top. Faux marble. I have impressed my own self. I have to admit I had a couple of false starts. This is the finished product, minus the 5 coats of polyacrylic.

The counter top was formica and came with the set of cabinets. It was gold and truly ugly. HeWho was going to toss it, but I vetoed that idea. It had to be cut into pieces to fit, since the cabinet layout was not the same footprint as the kitchen it came out of.

I assured HeWho doubts my DIY abilities at times, that I had plans. There is a product you can pick up at a builders supply called Featherlite and turn that old counter top into a concrete counter top. I did just that. That was several years back. I sealed it according to the instructions, but it still stained easily. I was happy with the results, but the areas I used the most turned dark, while the least used areas were really light.

After painting all the cabinets without covering the counter it looked pretty rough. I launched a search for new ideas and came across one on Pinterest. I read it very carefully and made a list for HeWho loves to run errands. Good thing I read it several times, because I cannot find that same article I read.

The first step was painting the surface with Zinser oil base primer. Two coats. I did this yesterday and still managed to cook supper! I put the second coat on right before bedtime. Oil base paint is quite aromatic and the house really stunk last night. Or, so I was told. I am so used to smelling paint and all the stuff that goes with it I barely notice.

This morning I found a similar article that suggested dabbing the lighter of the colors you are using, the creating the vein with a feather in the darker color. I did not purchase a feather, but I did purchase a sponge. Can you see the look on the face of HeWho gets my lists via text if I had put "feather" on it? Since it said to use acrylic paints I picked up 4 colors in gray and the sea sponge when I got groceries. The sponge was $1 (Dollar Tree) and the paints totaled $2 (50 cents each, Walmart).

HeWho bought the primer for $20 and the Polycrylic for $18. I already have brushes and stuff, so this cost me less than $50!! Now, this is something I can really get excited about!

The instructions on the similar article said to pounce the light gray onto an area with the sponge, then, using the feather dipped in the darker color, pull it through that area and create the vein. I did. It looked like an art project for pre-school. I knew I was not going to keep that, so I grabbed the can of the white paint I used on the upper cabinets and painted over that whole mess.

Then I pulled a picture up on my computer and used my own imagination and paint brushes. Forget that feather and sponge!

I have applied the first two coats of the poly. I can get another coat on before bed tonight. It dries really fast. Two more coats tomorrow and then I want to let it dry for another 24 hours before I 
actually put that counter in use. Alas, I will be unable to cook up an elaborate feast for HeWho is hungry! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Moving Right Along

If I thought painting the upper cabinets was labor intensive … I seem to have pushed aside the fact that I have more lower cabinets than upper. Climbing up and down the stepstool and stretching to reach was a challenge, but nothing compared to trying to kneel and ending up sitting on the floor and then having to get back up a dozen times a day.

I think I growled at the UPS guy for making me get up to answer the door. Everything is looking fresh and clean inside all the cabinets. I have installed 8 rolls of shelf paper and need more. All the while filling the dumpster with useless things I tend to tuck away for whatever reason. HeWho saves straws. Lots of straws in every single drawer in the kitchen. All eight of them. HeWho drinks Diet Coke exclusively retired his old plastic Bubba mugs in favor of his stainless steel cup. He was not a fan of the straw that came with the Bubba mug, preferring the smaller straws you get at fast food establishments. There was a thin red one he preferred and he would always ask for more than one straw when he purchased a beverage (always Diet Coke). 

The stainless steel did not come with a straw, much to his dismay, but the skinny red straw fit his needs. His most favorite Christmas gift from me was a package of three stainless steel straws that I happened upon strolling down the aisle in Walmart on one of those clippy things hanging on a shelf in the grocery section. There were only two sets. I have not seen one since.

I have one side finished, top and bottom. I painted the inside of my tiny pantry last night before I went to bed and the cans and boxes are waiting to be put away this morning. I slept late. Well, until 9, which is what was 8 before changing to daylight savings time. My coffee is digesting and a hot shower is calling my name. I need to soothe my old muscles and bones before this day's workout!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Kitchen Cabinets Part Two

The upper cabinets are ALMOST finished. Just need to frame the open cabinet. HeWho frequents building supply stores offered his services. I am not good with mitered ends. Well, unless you count bed making skills, my freshly made beds are a work of art! I like my sheets tight and the top sheet even and corners mitered. Tight, very tight. I remake the bed every day, not only on the days I put clean sheets on. I pull the bottom sheet up and pull it tight and free of wrinkles, then proceed from there. HeWho likes to sleep, thinks I do this just for him, but it is really for me. It is good to let him think that.

Off subject again. I hear that is a sign of old age. I accept that. It is easier to get back on track when I am writing, but don't expect that to happen when I am talking! So, HeWho bought the necessary trim. It languished through the weekend until late yesterday afternoon, when I may have been a little loud in the kitchen to let him know how annoyed I was.

He asked if he could use the saw inside and I had to pull it out of hiding. If it meant he would finally do something to help I didn't care where he sawed. I was busy preparing the lower cabinets to prime, then had to stop to cook. I dutifully made the man the slaw he requested, along with cheese grits and fried fish. I noticed, out the corner of my eye that he cut a piece and went over to the cabinet to discover it didn't fit. Nary a word did I say. He cut three more pieces and even nailed them in before telling me he didn't have enough to finish. He said he miscalculated and had not bought enough. I bit my tongue and refrained from asking if he would have had enough had he not cut the first piece wrong.

Given that my kitchen looks like the picture below, I thought I showed great restraint.

I want this done, so I can clear the counter top and have work space. The gray paint has a lot of blue in it. This makes me think I will not like the wall color now. This is a shame, since it was recently painted. Good thing I don't mind painting.

As I was cleaning out drawers and cabinets I found my waffle maker! I have not been looking for it, I knew it was somewhere. But, this made me realize that it was almost noon and I was hungry. But the counter was cluttered with all manner of stuff …..

What to do? I used the stove as a space to mix the batter and then I had just enough space to plug in that waffle maker and make myself a snack. I used the sink to lake my cookie cooling rack to receive the waffles I didn't eat for freezing. I am so resourceful!

Now, as I sit here waiting for various paints to dry (some things are primed, some are painted with the first coat, and the drawer fronts have all received the second coat) I realize how tired I am. I had to sit in the floor to get that cabinet door off. It is difficult enough to manually unscrew those flat head screws, without bending over and looking at them upside down. I got down with not much effort. The getting up was the problem. And the cold floor seemed to seep coldness into my bones.

It will all be worth it when I am done. I should have at least three of the drawers back in today. As you can see the sink front cabinet needs some attention from HeWho has gone to get more trim. He has agreed to hinge that front panel and create a little "drawer" there. He is great about volunteering to do things, but seems to want to do them in his time. My time runs faster.

The counter top will be refinished with a concrete application. Then the floor. Since my kitchen is apt to be flooded frequently, being located so close to the public laundry, showers and equipment room that houses the water coming in from the well, I decided to do an epoxy garage floor. That is supposed to be able to withstand all manner of chaos. I will let you all know. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

Progress Is Slow

The cabinet with no doors. Still looking pretty rough, but I did get the pieces of bead board in and painted. It will need another coat, some trim at the top and, of course, the plate rack. Then the outer edges need to be framed. 

As I have mentioned before, my helper is, um ….. less than enthusiastic. I wanted him to either leave or cut my trim pieces yesterday. He left the saw in here and I have hidden it. Do not tell him. Yesterday we woke to a thick blanket of snow. We sat in front of the TV all day long. Well, he did. I cooked and washed dishes and did some general picking up. 

This morning I asked for his help, stating that we had both had a nice day off. He agreed, but said that he had a busted pipe to fix first. This involved a trip to town for a part, but only after his breakfast. I showered and started my day with laundry and more sorting and cleaning up of various containers of screws and nails and off pieces of notes. I even found a checkbook in one old coffee can.

Last time I was in Minnesota I purchased a pot lid rack. It only cost $7. It is expandable and looks like brushed nickel. Came in a small box and I put it together with ease and there it sat, holding lids. HeWho procrastinates had told me to just order another one and use it. I was not opposed to that idea, but the delivery fee starts at $9. I am not going to pay that! We all know I am cheap. But, I put the pot lids in the cabinet and stole the lid holder and put my plates in it.

It only holds 6 plates and I have 8, but it looks just like I wanted it to look. I had already painted the shelves that were removed. Had I left them in the cabinet, the plates would not have fit. But, I still wanted the shelves up. I used some "L" shaped brackets and measured carefully and installed them. The added bead board made them tight!

After a little touch up paint, I loaded the dishes in. I am quite pleased with my handiwork. I had to use my purple hammer to coax the shelves into place. I need another pot lid holder to put the smaller plates in. I love these dishes. HeWho gave them to me for Christmas years ago and I rarely use them, as they are quite heavy. But I love the colors and patterns.

Here is my coke bottle storage system in the laundry/equipment room. I still have some that are empty, but I like the system. Some hooks are holding more than one bottle. I will be adding more peg board soon. Just have to find an empty wall …...

One of my kampers asked me to paint this bust of a Native American. It was raw white and I have nothing much to go on except a picture sent to me. Thank goodness for Google and Pinterest. I hope they like it. I wanted to take it to them, but found out that they were both sick. I can wait for them to be well. 

I am feeling good about finally getting something finished. I should sleep well tonight. I still have the lower cabinets, and there are more of them!