Sunday, March 24, 2019

He Who # 2

In my last post I mentioned daffodils poking up through the ground. Those little bulbs are resilient!

Resilient because those two are coming up in a tire track. This is the same garden I moved over by two feet last year. I recall thinking that some idiot would still manage to run through it.

 Before you even pull in, let's see how many signs you can mangle.

He missed the post, but not by much. Never mind that the parking lot is more than generous and it would be easy to make a wide turn. This happened at night. The security cameras caught the action, but not the tag number. No markings on the truck to identify the company that could be seen from the angle of the camera. I could at least have someone to yell at if I had a company name to call.

In other goings on around the kampground, Kevin (aka my wife) has a bum knee. He limped in to inquire about a heating pad. I don't have one, but I told him how to make one. Fill a sock with rice, tie the end and heat for 2 minutes in the microwave. "Do you need some rice?" I asked. I mean, he is great at doing stuff for me, but he is still a man, right? He said he had rice.

Next day, I asked HeWho is always out and about how Kevin's knee was. HeWho informed me that the knee was still bum and that the faux heating pad had burned Kevin's skin. Right away, I knew something was amiss. I have used the rice in the sock before and had never burned myself.

Later on I found out that he had used Minute Rice!! I did say he was a man, right? So on my next adventure to shop, I purchased a bag of rice and even bought a reusable hot/cold pack at the Dollar Tree. I sent the items to Kevin via HeWho drives. 

Still later, Kevin came in and opened with this statement: You are not going to believe what I did. Seems he decided to give his Minute Rice one more try for only one minute in the microwave. The stench of scorched rice and sock had him opening all his windows. Why, I asked, would he do that? If he keeps this up, he will become HeWho #2!


Val said...

I am disappointed in your wife. He should know better. I don't want to find out that he's not good wife material after all!

River said...

Oh dear, poor Kevin. I'm glad you bought him the hot/cold pack to use instead. I've never thought of using rice, I have a hot water bottle instead.

Linda O'Connell said...

This post reminds of the wife who hands her husband a bag of potatoes and tells him to peel half and boil them. He peeled half off each potato and boiled all. I like your green sign by the way!