Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Eviction Success

HeWho is up and about, his knee wrapped in an ace. He awoke early before my eyelids even fluttered. He was gone for over an hour, getting his McDonalds breakfast and then stopping at the tow shop to tell his story over again and enjoy his celebrity status.

He has gone again. To town to get some line for the weedeater and tell his tale to a new group. I am just happy that he has limbered up enough to lift the toilet seat. I had a very unpleasant awakening yesterday.

As promised, I will now enchant you with my eviction skills!! Totally frustrated with the dog leavings of the camper, who showers in the bath house and depletes the hot water supply, I left a letter in his door. He has yet to present proof of rabies vaccination for the dog who poops on other sites. I gave him a deadline to show proof and once again demanded that he pick up after the dog.

My letter was found fluttering in an open field. HeWho surmised that Tenant didn't get the letter, that the wind had carried it away. HeWho hates confrontations, but swears he warned  Tenant about the dog poop many times .... HeWho also reported that Tenant was picking up the poop and it was no longer a problem. I found that to be a mere rumor when I decided to help HeWho mows and tackle the sites around Tenant.

I confess that I do not check the e-mail on the Kampground site daily. The on line reservations come directly to my e-mail and I have become lazy about the other e-mail. Tenant did get my letter and he responded via e-mail .... to the Kampground. I did not read it until he was already gone. I would have responded.

He states that he has followed all my "guidelines" and resents the fact that I have "targeted" him and his fiancée because they are "different". He says he feels that I want him to leave. He goes on to say that he administered the vaccines to his dog and that he can't locate the receipts for the purchase of the vaccines.

His rent was due on Sunday, and as the big motorcycle event was happening, family members arrived to execute the move from my park. You may recall that I had spoken to various family members who arrived from time to time to pay rent for him. I was told that they were happy to pay for his stay because they did not want him in their homes ...... because he tended to take things that didn't belong to him.

Nice to know. One family member shared this information with other campers here, as well as HeWho has a "barn" full of his collection of junk and valuable tools. Last week, HeWho came into the office to tell me we have a serious problem here. Seems he went to his "barn" to procure a tool, an expensive tool, that he needs for the big mower. It has disappeared. This prompted him to take a closer look and notice that other things are missing. He is so serious as he stands, waiting for me to come up with a solution. This is when I tell him that Tenant has already missed my deadline for proving he has vaccinated his dog and that I had no intention of accepting another month's rent from Tenant. This is when he told me of the letter littering the park. He tells me I will have to give Tenant more notice to leave and that he had not encountered any dog poop.

I presented HeWho with one of our registrations that has a disclaimer at the bottom stating that we reserve the right to deny service to anyone we choose and that we will evict anyone non compliant to our rules. I went on to explain that he RIDES a mower, and therefore would not see the pile of poop he mows, while I push mine and walk behind it. I know my poop and the poop I encountered was not old, it was new, one pile was quite new.

Eviction was accomplished. A different family member of Tenant came up to buy a bag of ice. He had nothing good to say about Tenant and spoke quite freely without any prompting from me. I was just so happy he was leaving without having to involve any muscle of law enforcement. I learned from this family member that Tenant had quite the history of the sticky finger variety and had been incarcerated many times, having started his behavior as a juvenile. Nice.

I lost my composure a little after learning about the prison stints and "thanked" him for dumping their family problem on me. He told me they had found another RV park in another city to put him. I wish I knew which one, I would call them and warn them.

But, he is gone and I can dance a jig to the tune of "Ding dong, the thief is gone!"

Monday, April 25, 2016

No More Motorcycles!

I don't seem to be having good Mondays of late. After a long night of listening to HeWho loves loud toys moan and groan, I hauled him around all day to clinics and hospitals and pharmacies.

Big boys love big toys. I have never understood the love of a motorcycle. All I can tell you is that the very idea of zipping along the interstate on two wheels with nothing more than a helmet on my head to protect me from the elements and the other traffic has never held any appeal for me.

But, HeWho decided to take one of our kampers up on an offer to borrow her bike and off he went. I was waiting impatiently to share some very good news with him. I saw him and his partner in ride come into the park. I paid no attention to the condition of his ride, just waited for him to head up to the office.

He was limping as if he just rode a horse across country. I figured he was just exaggerating his soreness from his ride. He stated that he had just ridden for the last time and told me he flipped the bike. I laughed at him and went on to share my news about an eviction I had succeeded in making.

Then I looked at his injuries. He really did flip the bike and fly up into the air before landing in a ditch. His right wrist was swollen and his left knee was pretty banged up. But, I thought it couldn't be that bad. He did, after all, ride the bike after the incident. He was walking and talking.

I got him situated in his recliner and handed him some Ibuprofen and ice. I was kind of annoyed at him for hurting himself at this particular time, with all the work that has to be accomplished before Memorial Day. I left him with the remote and the phone and went out to take my frustrations out on some weeds. I am a killer weeder when I have a lot on my mind!

I was about to call it quits for the evening when his fellow rider came up and told me he actually thought HeWho I love, was dead in the ditch when he got to him. This was unsettling, to say the least.

I was feeling guilty when I came in to find that he had somehow made his way to the bed in my absence. I helped him get a shower and applied Neosporin to all the road rash and discovered he also banged up his left shoulder.

Just so everyone knows, I did try to take him to the ER several times, but he refused. That was part of my annoyance with him. So, as soon as I woke, I called and made an appointment with our primary care. After that we had to drive to another city for x-rays and I had to wait at the pharmacy for his prescriptions. Then the meals being served on a tray and helping him walk with a cane .....

I am exhausted! No broken bones and steroids to help for a faster recovery. No more motorcycles for HeWho is not young anymore. Tomorrow I will enchant you with my eviction skills!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Just In Case You Didn't Know .... Prince Died

Okay, Prince died. He was too young and it is sad. I get it. But, really, some of the people interviewed on the news coverage need to get a life.

One man I saw was saying how he did not know how his life would be without Prince. Just a fan, not a personal friend or even acquaintance. Probably doesn't even listen to the music of Prince on a regular basis. This man looking into the camera, so distraught, was quite young, maybe in his early 20's.

Got me thinking. Do TV reporters have some sixth sense about which person in the crowd to choose for insincere coverage? I am sure there were more than this one young man, but I happened to be walking by the TV, on my way to deliver freshly laundered towels to the linen closet and stopped to listen.

His life will go on without Prince, I am sure. A new disaster will develop and his (the young man, not Prince)  90 seconds of fame will be forgotten. A fire or a tornado will have some savvy reporter culling out the one person in the crowd with the least grammar skills to relate the event to the rest of the viewers.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Weeds Or Wishes

Fatigue is somewhat pleasant. Makes me feel like I have earned the right to sit down and drink some cold tea. The dandelions are here with a vengeance. We mowed just 2 days ago and the entire park now looks like a dandelion farm.

There is a solution. No, not weed killer. We have about 10 acres that we mow. The solution is to mow as short as possible. With the blade on the lowest setting. HeWho favors a machine to ride with a big deck cannot put his blade that low. We would have "bald" spots and still have high spots to accommodate the dandelion growth. My push mower can and does mow very low to the ground.

I started mowing at around 9:30 this morning and just stopped. I did take breaks. I cleaned bathrooms (not my own, of course) and put the primer coat of paint on a new sign for the entrance of the park. I checked on my garden work from yesterday and plucked a few asparagus spears from my patch. My strawberry plants have tiny green berries on them and my sweet pea seedlings are reaching for the lattice above them.

All is well in my garden. The bathrooms .... not so much. Some person or persons decided to take advantage of all the spent dandelion blooms and fill my bathrooms with all the fluff. Why? Don't know. If you are thinking that children are the culprits, you are wrong. None in the park this week. School is still in session.

I am pretty sure I know who did it. It would be my difficult tenant. I know he uses the facilities. I doubt he has hot water in his camper, since he has yet to buy any LP. I mowed his site yesterday. I moved his picnic table and mowed and put everything back in place and was happy to not see any evidence of his big dog on the grass.

That was short-lived. A savvy dog owner such as himself, knows to let his dog poop on the other sites, not his. His rent is due in 3 days and I will not be accepting his payment. He will be told to leave immediately. His missed his deadline to show proof of vaccination for his pet and he failed to pick up after his pet. I don't want to give him any warning, as I am afraid of what I might find in the bathroom.

All winter he has left his razor and wash cloths in the men's shower. He also moves the bench to a place directly in front of the toilet. He was warned about leaving the heater and the lights on ..... with the door open by HeWho is a big softie. HeWho actually removed the heaters from the bathrooms and put them in the laundry room where we store them for the summer. The brazen young man put them back! I found them both on and the lights on with the doors ajar one morning shortly afterwards. I removed them and brought them inside. I tossed his toiletry items in the trash. Could be why he decided to bring me some dead flowers.

I will be most happy to see him go. His cousin is next!

I saw this idea for a sign on Pinterest :
Some see weeds
Some see wishes
It has a picture of dandelion fluff. I don't see wishes, I see seed blowing in the wind!!

I like this sign better.

See all the dandelions, on top of the mulch!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Steal A Hose, Raise The Rates

As promised, I will continue the story of the $10 Walmart hose.

When the phone rang again, I left it to HeWho usually lets me handle such things. "I was talking to a lady and we got disconnected." He started out with that and things got weird from there. He told HeWho is my husband, that they didn't even hook up to the water because it stunk so bad. First we heard of that and he was hooked up. Hard to hide things like that when they are visible to anyone passing by.

Our water is tested monthly by the department of natural resources and we would be shut down if the water was not potable. Besides that, the source of our water is a deep well and we use it, so it the water had an unpleasant odor I would be the first to know. 

The phone call continued much as mine had, and I could follow along just from hearing one side of the call. He was told to KEEP THE HOSE several more times and I heard another refusal to send UPS to get the hose. He must have told HeWho he didn't even want the hose, because he told him to throw it away. He finally told the man to keep the hose and to please not call back. 

I am happy to report that he did not call back. I have not checked to see if I have a negative review on line. It would only upset me. I know I can respond to those, but I never do. Usually another camper will respond on my behalf. No, I have never asked anyone to respond.

I don't know why the man was so irate. He seemed to think I was being petty about the hose. He said he knew the hose did not belong to him, but that he didn't know what else to do with the hose other than to take it. I think that says a lot about the man. The rest of his rant must have been an effort to justify his actions.

The older I get, the more I have come to realize that every action has consequences. Even $10 Walmart hoses. The man on the phone suggested I raise my rates, then would appear to contradict himself and indicate that my rates were high enough to cover the loss of the $10 Walmart hose. Maybe Walmart wouldn't have to charge $10 for that hose if they didn't have to factor in the loss of merchandise that gets stolen every day. And by the way, I charge $12 for the hose and that includes tax. Guess I will have to add a dollar to every hose I sell to make up for the ones that "walk away".

When the man told me that I made a lot of money off of his group of nine and that the hose walked away .... I ached to tell him that the hose did not walk away, that he stole it. It did not belong to him and he knew it but he took it anyway. That is the definition of theft.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The $10 Walmart Hose

Mondays. Does everybody hate Mondays? I usually like Mondays. Not that I don't have anything to do on Mondays, but it is usually not my stress day. That is Friday, as all the campers come in and the problems pop up. No matter how hard you try to keep everything in good working order, there always seem to be an unforeseen problem that happens.

This past Friday had it's problems, like any other weekend that is busy. One of my tenants was nice enough to help me out with turning on the water main to the tent area ... only to find that the main line across the road had burst. While HeWho plumbs was in the midst of fixing that, I had another water problem on the other side of the park. I was pretty pleased with myself when I solved that one with a "Y" connector and an extra length of hose. I told the woman who took the items to just leave them connected to the hydrant and I would collect them Sunday afternoon. I even offered to move them to another site, but they didn't want to move.

It was a large group of 9 families camping together. I had reserved a block of 10 sites for them. Only one other complaint from the group involved electricity and I dispatched HeWho to deal with that. He solved that one and the rest of the weekend offered no complaints other than the teen bully.

The 25' drinking water hose was not to be found yesterday. Happens all the time. You loan something and it goes home with camper. Probably not intentional ... maybe. But, it gets to be expensive. Since I had let the group pick their own sites in the reserved block of sites, I don't know who used the hose. I pulled the registrations and only one person in the group filled in their phone number. I called and asked that person to call the person with the hose and have them call me.

My intention was to ask them to bring the hose back on their next visit. No accusations or anything like that. When I answered the phone tonight I was totally unprepared for this man yelling at me. He accused me of calling 6 people who then called him about my $10 Walmart hose. Walmart does carry the product, but it is a Camco hose to be specific. He would not let me say a word (and that is something, as I can usually talk over anybody). He told me he didn't know what to do with the hose, so he took it and if I wanted it back I could send a call tag from UPS. I told him to keep the hose, but he would not stop.

He kept on. He told me it was great inconvenience that he had been subjected to and that he didn't complain about my rates. " You made plenty of money to be complaining about a $10 WalMart hose and having everybody call me about a stupid hose. I didn't know what to do with it. I don't even want it, I have plenty of hoses." Once again, I told him to keep the hose, that I had instructed the woman who picked up the hose to just leave it on the hydrant.

One would think that I could simply bid the man farewell and get off the phone. Yes, ..... but no. He went one to tell me that they had a great time and that I made a lot of money off of them and that they would probably come back. You might be thinking this would end on a positive note, but he started up again about me calling 6 people to call him and all the inconvenience .....

I had started to lose the small amount of patience with this man and cut in to tell him that I called ONE person, the only person who bothered to put all the information on the registration. This is when he tells me he did not have a full hook up site and that this park doesn't even have a dump station. I tried to tell him that if had asked for assistance, it would have been provided. I don't even know if he heard me, as he was ranting again about the $10 WalMart hose. He was told again to KEEP THE HOSE. This prompted him to ask me if he should give me a review. It was posed as a threat. I told him I did not know what he wanted, that I had already told him to KEEP THE HOSE. Again he suggested I send a UPS pick-up tag for the hose, the $10 WalMart hose.

And that's when I lost it and told him I found his phone call to be very upsetting and that I wanted him to KEEP THE HOSE and NEVER COME BACK. I hung up on him as I could see this conversation lasting into infinity with no resolve as far as he was concerned. I maintained enough control to not tell him what he could do with the hose, the $10 WalMart hose.

In case you think this is over, stay tuned tomorrow because he called back.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kalamity Kathy

I made it through the weekend. I am beyond tired. How have I done this for 11 years? I must be getting too old.

As all the campers pulled out today, I scurried in and out of the office to try to get some of the things I had neglected done. The grass was just mowed Friday, but was already in need of a good mow again. I headed to the back yard where the mower still sat from Friday and thought I might as well mow it again before heading to the dog park. On my way I noticed the basket of laundry was over flowing and thought I would go ahead and put a load on and it would be done after I mowed.

This is when it all fell apart and Kalamity Kathy (that would be me) took over. I have a dog gate that separates the laundry room from the kitchen. It has pretty much always been there. Nothing new and I never move it, I just step over it. The dogs have never tried to go over any of my gates. I know that Toni Louise could easily jump them, but they seem to know that it would not be a good idea.

When we painted the house, we bought the paint in a 5 gallon bucket and I thought it clever that I had poured it into the plastic coffee containers that have handles. I save everything, you know. Well, I had put the 5 gallon bucket by my gate, with the smaller container on top. Not in the way. Until today when my foot caught the handle of the smaller container and ......... you know the rest, don't you?

It was pretty full, of course. The lid was secure, or as secure as a plastic snap on lid can be and probably would have remained intact, had it not hit the floor. I heard it before I saw it and I already knew that light gray paint must be spreading across the floor at an amazing rate. I salvaged what I could and snapped the lid back on, but, it sure did spread fast. Thank goodness for cement floors. I was so disgusted that I just walked out and mowed the back yard. The dogs were with me as I mowed.

When I finished, I tried to scoop up the mess on the floor with a big plastic lid and a paint brush. Now that I think about it, I would have had better luck with the dust pan, but hind sight being what it is .....

I had a board outside that I planned to paint anyway, not that color, but ...... I scooped and poured what I could on the 4 X 8 sheet of plywood and then smeared it around with the brush. Good base coat, I guess.

The good news is:
I didn't fall.
The location is out of the way.
The dogs did not walk in the paint and track it all over the house.

All is well that ends well. I hope my klutzy phase ends soon.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

# Awkward

So, the park is full and lots of children of various ages are exploring the park and deciding what they can do as the parents are sitting round the campfire relaxing. I like kids of a certain age. I think maybe puberty is the cut off for me. I find those children in the throes of puberty to be either surprisingly delightful to be around (rare) or just downright repulsive. I once told a youth pastor that I was really happy that he liked teens, because I didn't. He was asking me to help with an outing and I had two children in the group. He was appalled, but I was already heading up the children's choir, so it wasn't like I was shirking my duties.

Anyhoo, there are lots of children under that cut-off age in the park. Two boys came in to tell me about a teen threatening them and using foul language around the group of 4 year olds and making sexually suggestive signs with his hands (their words, they wanted to demonstrate, but I pushed their hands to their sides). I told them to let their parents know and that if the teen approached them again to get an adult, any adult and that I would be available should they be close to the office. Then I asked which campsite the teen was staying at. They did not know, but were certain that he was not with their group .....

Not 15 minutes passed before my town criers were back. The mean boy was "over there in that green area" (grass?). He was all dressed in black and had reportedly threatened to kill them and watch them burn .... most especially their gonads. He was on a bike headed away from me. I yelled at him to stop, but he kept going. The young kids formed a mob and told him he had to report to the office. Safety in numbers, I suppose.

I was hoping that HeWho mows and tows would be on the scene to deal with the young would-be murderer of children. I tackled it myself and asked him why he thought it was a good idea to terrorize those younger and smaller than himself. "I don't know" seemed to be his favorite answer. When he tried to deny, his accusers were standing off to one side correcting him.

He finally just confessed and in my capacity as the judge I told him to try and set a better example for the kids and that if he should decide to get revenge, I would be speaking with his parents and they would be asked to leave. I was feeling quite powerful and judge worthy as the kid appeared to be terrified of me.

Come to find out, he was with the group he was picking on, his parents having become friends with the other parents. #Awkward.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Signs, Signs ......

Since my face planting event ...... every muscle in my body is trying to refuse to obey my commands.
I think I may have tensed all my muscles when I realized I was heading to earth. My forehead is sore to the touch and the tip of my nose is tender. I am amazed that I have no bruises!

 My park will be full this weekend! The weather has conspired to give us an absolutely beautiful Spring weekend. I long to be outside ..... I need to be outside as the dandelions are trying to take over my flower beds. I did manage to take care of some of the beds in the front of the store, after watering my sad looking hanging pots. They will perk back up soon.

I headed to the side yard to water the strawberry patch. I had not used that hydrant yet this year and when I turned it on, one of the fittings was loose and it spayed icy water into my ear. I knew then that my day would be filled with the unexpected.

I decided to go ahead and put out the pool merchandise and get the store set up. I worked all day yesterday on cleaning the side of the store that we had been using to cut wood with the chop saw. I will sorely miss that saw!! In spite of the dire predictions of HeWho loves loud tools, I have yet to injure myself with it. I have a rolling cart in one of the many sheds we have and I plan to house that saw in the pump room so that I can roll it out side when I want to use it. We have two of them and I claim this one for my own personal use. I just have to make sure that HeWho mows and tows is not able to hear the saw when I use it.

I salvaged the cedar boards from the side of the building when we put up the new siding. A lot of them were beyond anything useful and if HeWho will collect all manner of junk, had his way, all of the wood would be used in a big bonfire. I carefully picked through the giant pile he left in my side yard and got some pretty decent boards.

I have been cutting pieces of my salvaged wood and making signs. This is one of my favorites so far. You can see the one I am working on in the bottom of the picture. It says 'weed em and reap'. I need to paint a flower on the blank end. Haven't decided what yet.

I like this one, too. I seem to be drawn to a certain subject, don't I? I really like the raw edge. I used acrylic paints, then several coats of polyurethane on both sides so they can be hung out side.

The boards are original to the building and it was constructed in the late 60's. Strange to think of the 60's as being old. But, I am old, too.

This why I like having the saw set up and ready to use. Makes quite a mess, though. I wish I knew how to duplicate that broken edge. I tried holding the length of wood on the table and letting the piece I wanted hang from the edge and then pop it. It didn,t work. Perhaps I can ponder this in the night while I don't sleep.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Face Planting

Spring is in the air, internet waves are slow and iffy. Must be being blocked by all the green growth. Grass mowing season is here with a vengeance.

My voice has returned and I am able to suggest (nag incessantly) projects that need to be accomplished. Yesterday was a lovely day conducive to hanging sheets in the sun, so I did just that. I was heading back inside to grab my phone and the mower to get some serious grass cutting out of the way, with plans to turn some soil in my raised beds afterwards.

I was not paying attention to the stationary obstacles in my path ...... just the moving targets of my five furry children. Cujo was at my heels and Toni Louise was intent on tormenting Martha, the boy cat, as Wall-E, the town crier barked to let me know about the fight. Blind Oscar was slowly turning his head, trying to determine the location of all the players of the drama unfolding.

The toe of my shoe caught on a huge iron spike in the ground behind my clothesline post and my forward momentum had me flying forward, unable to grab anything as I literally planted my face in the ground! My shoe flew in the opposite direction as I hit the ground.

Knocked the breath out of me, but I am thankful for so many things:
1. I am thankful that I had already policed the yard for dog poop!
2. I am thankful that my event had no witnesses .... well any witnesses that can have the ability to speak of it.
3. I did not break any bones. No injuries that prevented me from performing my necessary chores.
4. I was not wearing my glasses, as my face took the brunt of the fall.

The dogs were overjoyed that I had apparently decided to join them on the ground to play with them. I crawled to my cell phone as Martha, the boy cat, decided to insinuate himself between my arms. My face really hurt and my shoeless foot was hurting. I called HeWho mows and he came into the back yard to check on me. Cujo is unused to seeing him in the backyard and was in attack mode. Wall-E kept trying to give me unwanted kisses and Toni Louise was ecstatic to see her person. Old, blind Oscar looked on, still trying to locate all of us .......

I still managed to mow, but the soil remains unturned and I did not cook. My muscles are sore today and my nose and forehead a bit tender, and my tongue still hurts. I am off now to see what today has in store for me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Tongue Hurts!

Since starting the new drug for my heart, I have not been feeling good. No energy, no motivation. I expected that, I was warned. It does little to make me feel better about the fact that all I want to do is rest and nap. It is Spring and I have so much to do it boggles my mind. It boggles my mind because I usually just do it; and now I find that I can't get as much done as I normally would have done by now. I can direct ( aka nag), though and new lists seem to appear daily. Yes, plural. Much to the dismay of HeWho needs to actually accomplish these lists.

Yesterday was sunny, if windy and chilly. I started my annual site clean up. I start by raking, then mowing the grassy areas near each site. I gather all the debris left by winter storms and burn it all off with the piles of dead leaves. I usually clean out fire pits, but I only made it from site 2 through site 12 before I ran out of energy. Found three picnic tables in need of repair, leaving the remaining tables in need of paint. Only three tables. That means that for the 10 sites I only have three working tables. Two of the tables were mangled together. I think some camper drove over them. If the number of beer bottle caps I raked up are any indication, alcohol was involved.

But today, with cold rain falling, no sites were raked, no tables painted or repaired. In fact, nothing got done, inside or out. When I woke this morning, my tongue was hurting. Yes, you read that correctly. It feels like it was burned. I have not burned it on any hot food or drink and when I started pondering what I could have done, I realized that it has hurt for the past few days.

I decided to look up the possible side effects of the drug. Irritation to the tongue was right there, along with being cold. I have been cold all week. The minute the sun comes out, I am ready for some open toed shoes, but despite the thick socks and shoes I have on right now, my toes are cold.

So, here I sit with no energy, cold feet and a sore tongue that makes food and drink not fun. I don't think I am better off. Maybe an irregular heartbeat ain't so bad after all!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Finders Keepers

I was really starting to feel better, actually sleeping in a bed has helped, even if I have to re-dose myself with cough syrup in the middle of the night. I managed to get so much done in the past two days. Today, though ......

So, I am happy to report that I was able to get some much needed mending done. This means that the sewing room is almost totally organized. After I did some mending, I noticed some finger nail polish in my craft stuff. My new fave color, orange. It looked so springy and happy. Next thing you know I had painted my left hand. This pretty much brought everything to a halt while I waited for it to dry.

I was determined to mop the sewing room and the store, so as soon as the left hand was ready, I was busy swishing extra hot bleach water and mopping it up. Hot water dries faster, you know. So happy was I with the results, that I ended up mopping the entire house. I was spent at that point and Tuna Helper stepped in for supper.

He Who eats peanut butter every day of his life is not a big fan of tuna. It was simmering on the stove when he came in. I may have mentioned that his olfactory senses do not measure up to mine. He walked by the stove, sniffing the air and said, " Mmmm, beef." That is so sad, don't you think? I actually left him in that state of expecting some sort of beef to grace his plate while I served the salad.

If he had his way, we would have either tacos or hamburgers every night of the week. Vegetables are low on his must haves. The man thinks rice is a vegetable .....

The next day, I tackled the office/check-in counter. I am ashamed to admit that it has had little more than a lick and a promise since my dad got sick almost three years ago. I dragged out everything and determined what was staying and what would head to the dumpster. I moved everything and cleaned underneath. It was while I was moving a tiny set of drawers atop the counter that I discovered it. A lone $100 bill lay covered in dust, just waiting for my greedy little fingers to snatch it up!

Who knows how long it lingered on the counter, just waiting to move on? It was like winning the lottery!!! I was so excited. Then I awoke this morning, not feeling good again. I had to go see the cardiologist for my follow-up. He prescribed a mild beta blocker to try to remedy the PVC's and I was back home by 9:45. My right fingernails were still naked. Something I failed to notice until I was standing on the scales as the nurse checked me in. Oh, well.

I decided on another cup of coffee, hoping to get motivated. I sipped about half of the coffee and woke two hours later. I still did not feel refreshed and the entire day was wasted. I managed to wash the dishes and fold a load of laundry, representing my total accomplishments for the day.

Tomorrow will be better. I think I should go shopping! I found the money and "finders keepers" is a rule, isn't it? I might even apply nail polish to the unadorned nails.