Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Day Three

Water flows through pipes that are working properly. I have been basking in the happiness that comes with the convenience of running water.

In answer to questions I have encountered, I can assure you that pipes are glued routinely, even the threaded ones. The glue is purple and it smells. One of my campers is a plumber and HeWho has fixed enough leaks in the past 15 years to know what to use. We have pretty much replaced everything in those 15 years. I think the problem was more about the pressure of the water in this case.

I have had a slow day, just taking it easy with my canine friends. It snowed a little today, making the outside time brief. They preferred snuggling next to me. Dogs sleep a lot. I suppose they are tired from all the activity of the past couple of days. They have such hard lives, my dogs.

I am refinishing a small table that was in a camper. Three chairs, instead of four. I heard the owner say he was tossing them, so of course, I took them. I should have taken a "before" picture. Hind sight and all that.

The table is all wood and there is a crack on the top. I was able to fix that with a bracket and some screws from my stash of sorted screws and such. I spent the day sanding the old finish off. I was going to paint it, but it turned out so nice that I think I will just poly the top and paint the pedestal white. 

I took the chairs apart and will paint them a nice glossy white and reupholster the seats and backs with black and white pillow ticking. I will be taking "after" pictures. I have the two top drawers of an old dresser against the wall. It will get a new paint job and be topped with a pillow ticking cushion to create a bench seat for one side of the table.

This should keep me busy for the next day or two. Keep your fingers crossed that my life will be calamity free for at least a few days!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Day Two Water Crisis

I can smell glue and taste glue. It has been refreshed today. Last night was just plain awful. HeWho plumbs did all the necessary steps to prevent leakage from pipes ….. four times. 

You might recall how happy I was to find the leak so quickly and not have a flood of water rush through my house and into the store. Yes, I was quite proud of myself. Then all hell broke loose. He repaired the initial leak and then the pipe that broke before a couple of years ago burst again.

The water shoots out as if it is from a fire hydrant, soaking everything in it's path. I had sorted out my laundry that morning. Four loads were on the floor waiting to be stuffed into the machine and washed. The cat litter box and food dish reside in the laundry room. The tools and all the various containers of screws and such are there as well. Everything became a receptacle for water and over flowed, as the river made it's way into the kitchen and was headed to my sitting room.

Both of us grabbed brooms and started sweeping the water out the back door. I know from my previous flood that mopping was not the way to go. Sweeping is better, sweeping is faster. Then you mop and blow fans. Big fans. I mopped while he re-glued those pipes. Settled in with a bowl of soup while we let it dry.

So sure that it had more than enough time to create a good seal, HeWho flipped that switch and turned the pump on. I was listening to the water rush into the pipes that lead to the bathroom, getting ready to let everyone know we had water ….. and it flew apart again, flooding the kitchen again.

That is a whole lotta water! HeWho was right there to flip that switch the minute it broke! You can just imagine what happens when it breaks and no one is there! We had an instant replay with the broom duet.

He re-glued again. We waited a full 30 minutes before we let water fill the pipes again. It worked, but it was leaking with a good steady drip. I washed my hands in some nice hoy soapy water and restored my sanity. Then I mopped. Then HeWho manned the mop.

It was bedtime by then and we turned the water off before we went to bed. Today was designated the great re-plumb day. HeWho had help today. Off they went to gather materials needed for the project. I turned that water back on. I showered and then started washing clothes in a mad rush. I washed the dishes last night, but I still had chores involving water this morning.

I filled jugs and the kitchen sink to empty the pipes when we turned the water off again. I left the men to fit pipes and do what they do. I folded laundry and made a couple of Apple Upside Down cakes in my iron skillets. Had a small fire in the oven (put it out myself) and shushed Cujo a thousand times.

Then the water came back on. AND THE PIPE FAILED AGAIN. Flooding the kitchen, etc. Am I in my very own Groundhog Day movie?

It is almost 4:30 now and the second pipefitting, gluing event has taken place. They are testing the pipes with a pipe wrench. I think they are afraid to try it again! 

Now we wait ….. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

Mouse Trap

I might need a new laptop. Mine has been contrary of late. My wit has become dull and I am tired of the cloudy skies. And it is Monday again. 

It started out okay. My fitbit tells me I had a fair night of sleep. I woke to thick fog and decided to abandon my plans for grocery shopping to avoid driving in pea soup. I loosed the canines, brewed the coffee and saw HeWho off to his cardio rehab. I settled in with my coffee and coaxed the laptop to reveal e-mails so that I could take care of them.

That didn't go great and took longer than I preferred, but I got it done and went to start laundry, while thinking about lunch and supper. As I approached the laundry room, I heard an unfamiliar noise. At first I thought it was sort of electric problem. It was like a buzzing, but I could not place the noise with anything familiar. I flipped the light on and looked around at all the likely suspects.

Nothing tripped in the breaker boxes (and there are lots of them). I checked the water heater, while wondering if it might be something on the other side of that wall in the public laundry or shower rooms. I did not see a river of water and was surprised when I finally figured it out. 

It WAS the water! A break in the main pipe coming directly into the building from underground. I had a good sized spray hitting the plastic trash can next to my washer. The water was going back into the opening and there was no flooding. I had to flip the switch on the well pump and alert HeWho was not here.

His rehab is an hour away. I would have called Kevin, who would have normally been with HeWho anyway, but Kevin is in the hospital. My next go-to person is still healing from his surgery. He would have come, had I beckoned him, but I knew there would be parts to be obtained. A mere inconvenience of not having water and having to answer the calls from my tenants.

This was before noon. It is 6:30 now and I still have no water. HeWho just returned from his second trip to get parts and I have high hopes. He is on the second repair. I knew the day was doomed when I heard the saws-all. My house smells like that purple pipe stick together stuff. So much so that I can taste it.

I have not ventured to look at the ongoing repair. I want to be surprised! Let me just say that HeWho plumbs gets artistic with his repairs and they all end up looking like a Mouse Trap game. 

I think we are waiting for that purple stuff to dry before he flips the well on again. I am really looking forward to washing my hands. I used the waterless day to take apart some chairs, sand them and paint them. Then I sorted the proverbial coffee can of assorted nails, screws, bolts, washers, candy wrappers, dog hair and dust. I used the hand sanitizer, but nothing can really take the place of soap and hot water.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My Knight In Shining Armor?

Another gray and dreary day. Insomnia lives here. According to the technology riding on my wrist, I slept a total of one hour and 56 minutes. That was in two segments.

It is the C-Pap apparatus on the head of HeWho. It makes noise. It gurgles and makes a noise like a flap closing. Add that to the humming, mumbling from the man himself. Every time I approached sleep, the noises would snap me awake. I finally gave up and came to my sofa to read (listen to) a book. I was hoping sleep would find me, but I got really involved in the plot. I kept thinking I was near the end of the book and another twist in the plot would pull me back.

I was feeling somewhat settled and decided to give the bed another try at 3 am. I was quiet. I can navigate the house in the dark and I swear that nary a sound did I make. But Toni Louise, in the bed at her masters feet mistook me for an intruder and started barking. 

A chain reaction followed when her brother dogs joined in. I hissed at them to shut them up and then a joyful wagging of tails and happy guttural sounds ensued. Woke HeWho, who then made a noisy trip to the bathroom and returned to try to have conversation with me with that mask over his nose and mouth. Fully alert, but determined to sleep, I assumed my going to sleep position on my side and tried to ignore the masked man and all the humming noises he was making as he went right back to sleep.

When the alarm went off for HeWho had an appointment for re-hab, I was fully awake. Here I am after two cups of coffee, tired and lacking the motivation to do anything but continue to sit here.

Eddie managed to escape the back yard yesterday. Toni Louise was inside with me, helping me clean house. She was watching my every move, just in case there might be a treat involved. Cujo was barking relentlessly and would not come in when I yelled "TREAT". He was barking at the makeshift gate that HeWho procrastinates had rigged up. There was a very narrow opening that Eddie must have navigated. Cujo could not fit, he has become fat in his old age.

I put my fat little guy inside and ventured out to find the escapee. HeWho and Kevin were getting the tires on the truck rotated. Could that have been done the day before when they were out and about after rehab? Most likely, but, I was honestly happy to have an extra day with no one underfoot. I headed straight to the barn (aka: Fred Sanford's Emporium), since this is where the dogs went on their last adventure.

I stood at the opening (the door no longer closes) and called Eddie. I listened for any sounds of him rustling through the treasures of HeWho hoards. Nothing, I heard nothing. I called Martha, the boy cat, for assistance. No response. Thoroughly annoyed that my cleaning had been so rudely interrupted, I turned to go back. There stood Martha, the boy cat, with Eddie, the escape artist calmly watching me.

I scooped the little devil up and carried him inside while Martha entertained himself weaving in and out of my legs with each step. Eddie's feet were filthy with mud and his undercarriage needed a good cleaning, as well. I scolded him as I cleaned him up. He lay in my lap on his back, just looking up at me, secure in the knowledge that I could not stay mad at him. He even let me trim some tangles out of his long hair.

I went to the big plastic trash can I store dog food in and lifted the lid to reach for the scoop and thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye before I flipped the light on. There was a MOUSE SITTING ON THE HANDLE OF THE SCOOPER! Why am I afraid of mice? I don't know! I slammed that lid down and put a pile of clean rugs to weigh it down. Did I think that tiny mouse could lift the lid?

I don't handle mice, that is the job of HeWho! One of his infrequent chores. I suppose I could have handled it by taking the can out and pulling the bag of dog food out and dumping the critter on the ground for Martha to play with. I would have, but who am I to deny HeWho the role of the Knight in shining armor rescuing me, a damsel in distress? Now, if he will just sleep silently, my life will be complete!

Monday, January 13, 2020

It IS Monday, After All

It IS Monday, the sky IS overcast and dreary. Since it is also a day without HeWho rehabilitates, I had big plans. Well laid plans. I sipped my coffee, itching for his departure, chomping at the bit to be about the business of thoroughly cleaning this dusty room I am now sitting in.

I can't get anything done to my satisfaction while he is underfoot. He would be in his lift recliner, sucking on candy or chomping on juicy fruit gum, watching Live PD at warp volume. Dare I block his view? Like I could stand to even be in the room with the volume of the TV. There are times when I wonder why my ears aren't bleeding.

Before you tell me that he needs hearing aids, know that he has them. Don't suggest that they need to be adjusted, as I have already planted that seed. We have to wait a bit until he thinks it was his idea.

So, I drained my coffee cup and dressed myself, started the laundry, made the bed and was making some headway. I was sneezing, of course and decided to brew another cup of coffee (a forbidden luxury that makes me heart tap out an off beat rhythm). My throat was dry and I longed for the hot jolt that would perk me up. I had the cup in my hand while I was relocating all the things that were out of place.

I was going  back and forth and put that cup down …. somewhere. I wanted another sip. I looked and looked. I even went into rooms I had not been into. I could not find that cup of coffee. This must be why I stay in the same spot to drink coffee every morning. I finally gave up on the coffee and the ability to focus on the task at hand. I gathered all the trash and garbage for the man of the house to dispose of upon his return … him already being dressed for the slushy mix of snow and mud in the way of the dumpster.

I found the now cold coffee and dumped it. Then I decided to tackle the table next to the master's chair. Did I think this would put me in a better frame of mind? It did not. I muttered things best left unsaid as I tossed candy wrappers, half eaten suckers and every bit of paper that has touched his hands since the last time I did this. I had given him the task of going through stacks of old documents and such when I purged the store filing cabinet. Looks like he kept more than he tossed - his new shredder sits idle. In no particular order did he "set aside" those items he deemed "important".

I am not his secretary, have never wanted to be a secretary, preferring to have one, not be one. It would be a full time job and I have other things I want to do. Having purged myself here, I will now get back to work. I will do everything except vacuum and take the trash out, or go to the box and get the mail. He likes those chores.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

No More Fungus

Continuing to acclimate to the new bed, the dogs no longer freak out when I change the head or foot levels. Toni Louise has been suffering from some kind of skin allergy for the past six months.

Not long ago, I took the bulk of her hair off to be able to see the skin underneath that she was chewing at relentlessly. Probably about three months ago. I have bathed her with various shampoos, but nothing seems to help. While shopping in a farm store I purchased a bottle of shampoo that would address many things, including fungus.

This stuff smells nasty. The gnawing of skin has started to be a problem with Eddie. This morning I scooped Eddie into the tub and lathered him up with this new shampoo. The label says you can use it on horses, as well. I bought a small bottle and really don't think I could afford to wash a horse!! The label warned that it was toxic to humans and to wash hands thoroughly after washing your pet. 

This was not a problem, as I fully intended to take a shower upon completion of my task. HeWho was still sleeping when I bathed Eddie and then popped into the shower. Eddie was indignant about this. He likes to be wrapped tightly in a towel and held while he dries. So, Eddie did what Eddie does when Eddie feels slighted. He began barking and whining, waking HeWho sleeps a lot. 

I was almost finished when I was hit with inspiration. I told HeWho to grab Toni Louise so I could bathe her as well. Might as well, I was already there, I was already wet. Made perfect sense to me. I apparently forgot my label reading.

Eddie loves a good bath, Toni doesn't embrace his enthusiasm. Not only did I disregard the label warnings, I always seem to think that she will miraculously come to love the bath. She likes to shake, slinging shampoo all over me. She got me in the face, and on my legs and feet. I rewashed myself, but it stings now. 

I suppose good news is that I won't be succeptable to fungal infections. Maybe ...