Monday, January 27, 2020

Mouse Trap

I might need a new laptop. Mine has been contrary of late. My wit has become dull and I am tired of the cloudy skies. And it is Monday again. 

It started out okay. My fitbit tells me I had a fair night of sleep. I woke to thick fog and decided to abandon my plans for grocery shopping to avoid driving in pea soup. I loosed the canines, brewed the coffee and saw HeWho off to his cardio rehab. I settled in with my coffee and coaxed the laptop to reveal e-mails so that I could take care of them.

That didn't go great and took longer than I preferred, but I got it done and went to start laundry, while thinking about lunch and supper. As I approached the laundry room, I heard an unfamiliar noise. At first I thought it was sort of electric problem. It was like a buzzing, but I could not place the noise with anything familiar. I flipped the light on and looked around at all the likely suspects.

Nothing tripped in the breaker boxes (and there are lots of them). I checked the water heater, while wondering if it might be something on the other side of that wall in the public laundry or shower rooms. I did not see a river of water and was surprised when I finally figured it out. 

It WAS the water! A break in the main pipe coming directly into the building from underground. I had a good sized spray hitting the plastic trash can next to my washer. The water was going back into the opening and there was no flooding. I had to flip the switch on the well pump and alert HeWho was not here.

His rehab is an hour away. I would have called Kevin, who would have normally been with HeWho anyway, but Kevin is in the hospital. My next go-to person is still healing from his surgery. He would have come, had I beckoned him, but I knew there would be parts to be obtained. A mere inconvenience of not having water and having to answer the calls from my tenants.

This was before noon. It is 6:30 now and I still have no water. HeWho just returned from his second trip to get parts and I have high hopes. He is on the second repair. I knew the day was doomed when I heard the saws-all. My house smells like that purple pipe stick together stuff. So much so that I can taste it.

I have not ventured to look at the ongoing repair. I want to be surprised! Let me just say that HeWho plumbs gets artistic with his repairs and they all end up looking like a Mouse Trap game. 

I think we are waiting for that purple stuff to dry before he flips the well on again. I am really looking forward to washing my hands. I used the waterless day to take apart some chairs, sand them and paint them. Then I sorted the proverbial coffee can of assorted nails, screws, bolts, washers, candy wrappers, dog hair and dust. I used the hand sanitizer, but nothing can really take the place of soap and hot water.


Val said...

I'm glad you discovered the leak. HeWho might not have heard it. AS IF he would have been starting a load of laundry...

River said...

I also hate days with no water. I used to often come home from anywhere and find the water supply to the flats had been turned off for repair to someone's problem and I couldn't fill the kettle for coffee! now when I go out I have the kettle filled before I leave and a couple of two-litre bottles filled with water also. Hope the repairs hold well and you have water again by the time you read this.

Linda O'Connell said...

Winter can scoot the boot! Broken pipes, icy roads, arthritic knees, crabby me. I can visualize he Who's plumbing job (Mouse Trap). Made me laugh.

RunNRose said...

I hope your water woes are over. Lack of water is never a good thing. Thank goodness there is only one Monday in a week, huh?

ellen abbott said...

plumbing woes. we just had to replace all the plumbing under the house and in the walls of the bigger bathroom.