Sunday, October 17, 2021

Number 35

 After all that measuring and prepping for the extravaganza affair that was meant to relieve me of my hoard of fabric, I only sold about 100 yards. Not really discouraged, though. Us fabric hoarders are a rare breed. I will be doing it again next Saturday and the next until I exhaust all possibilities.

Word of mouth will be my best friend now. My variety will bring those other sewers not so interested in quilting. Pictures were taken and texted and I expect some out of town sewers to show up. In the meantime I keep uncovering other stashes I managed to hide from myself and I did sell my cutting table and have a lot more room to maneuver around in.

In case you are unaware, fabric is heavy. Forty years ago, I could balance a formidable stack of bolts on one shoulder and climb a ladder to change out seasons in the 7 stores I was in charge of. I would be tired after a 12 hour day, but at least I didn't feel like a truck ran over me!

No bolts this time, but I did transfer most of the fabric onto outdoor tables yesterday morning. Not to mention the 6, yes 6, rubbermaid bins of remnants. I sold a good many of those at 10 cents and 25 cents each. Only one lady in her eighties unrolled them before she would consider buying them. At the end of the day I had to haul it all back in. HeWho offered to help, but I was trying to keep it in stacks of types and colors and denied him the priviledge of helping me.

I am sore and I am tired. The phone already had calls on it when I woke at 8 am. I longed to stay in bed and go back to sleep, but I remembered that I close early today. 

While on our big adventure south, I had the store phone and the reservation book in my possession and took some barely legible requests while bouncing down the poorly maintained interstate. I have a litany of facts that I repeat with EVERY reservation. I confirm the date of arrival and date of departure, then say, 'I don't run your card today. The only reason I would do so would be if you don't call to cancel and simply don't show up and I could have rented and didn't. Should your plans change, you need only to let me know, there is no cancellation fee. You can pay anyway you like (NO American Express) when you arrive. Check-in is any time after noon. In the event that you arrive after hours , you will find an envelope on the door with your name on it and inside will be a map with the route to your site high lighted and you can come up to the office in the morning." EVERY SINGLE TIME these same words leave my lips to the potential camper's ear. Some will tell me just to use the card and I can text or email a reciept.

While most women making a reservation listen to me, most men don't. I don't know why that is, maybe too much information to grapple with, or simply a short attention span. They will wait until I stop speaking then proceed to shoot questions at me. "How early can we get there?" "How much are putting on credit card today?" If I cancel, how much will you charge me?"

It comes as no surprise that they will fail to follow my directions to get to my campground or to the assigned site. Google will have you pass my exit and put you in the rest area for trucks right across the frontage road from my park. You can see me, but a locked gate will prevent you from just driving the short distance across the road. You will then have to travel 9 miles west to the next exit and circle back. Some of them will call me and yell at me about Google's misdirection and demand that I go unlock the gate. You can use your imagination about my reply.

This morning, as I am still dosing my body with caffiene and moving slowly, the bell at the window rings. This is not a welcome sound for me and I make my way to the window where a dour faced woman stands glaring at me. I don't know this woman, so I can't fathom why she dislikes me. I open the window and using my false chipper voice greet her and ask how I can help her. "We are here."

My coffee is reaching the sarcastic side of my brain and so many responses come to mind, far too many to mention. Trying to be nice and stifle my true self, I ask if she has a reservation. Her husband cowered behind her (much like HeWho does when I take over the conversation that he appears to be losing). She gives me the name and I give her the clipboard and tell her she needs to fill out the registration while I find her on my chart. This seems to add to her dislike of me and she proclaims that they will be going to site 35. 

I tell her that I had to do some rearranging and that they will be in site 32. Both are 50 amp full hook-up long sites that can accommodate large rigs, but now she is really mad. Still trying to do my job, I offer her a weekly rate, since they will be here that long and it will save her almost $80, much more than the 10% her Good Sam discount would be. I try to explain this to her and she sighs deeply and says that she doesn't really have a choice, does she?

"What?" yells my brain. I can't stop myself and tell her that, of course she has a choice. This is when I see the look of panic on my husband's face. He thinks I am going to give her the option of going elsewhere, in more colorful tones. I tell her I will be happy to charge her full price and give her  a less than $30 discount. She ignores me and looks even more angry.

I complete the transcation and hand her credit card and multiple receipts. Then I show her how to get to her site. Done. I go back to the chore I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted. I don't know how, but I am still finding more fabric. Fully caffeinated now I am on a roll. Packing and moving packed boxes into a tidy stack thinking that I am getting a lot done this fine day. The bell beside the window calls out for my attention.

I see the woman from 32 and with a sense of dread I open it. Looks like she comandeered a seasonal camper to transport her to me in his golf cart. "The people on 35 left and we can't reach the hook-ups on 32! We want 35, I don't see why it is such a problem."

"Well, let me enlighten you," says my brain. Deep breath. "Ma'am, the problem was that you came in too early. Check-out is not until noon, therefore check-in is AFTER noon. 35 was occupied when you arrived, 32 wasn't. I can't put two campers on one site." "Well you told me 35 when I made the reservation!" she replies. "Yes, I did," I say, "and I also told you that check-in was AFTER NOON. Move if you must and I can rearrange everything once again!"

She will be here an entire week. Oh goody! She seems attached to the number 35.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hello, My Name Is Kathy and I Am a Fabric Hoarder!

For well over 2 weeks I have worked diligently in my sewing room. I have measured and labeled over 500 yards of fabric. I have rolled up remnants and found all manner of things tucked away in that room. Yesterday, I sorted the last big rubbermaid bin from the closet in that room and congratulated myself on a job well done.

For over 8 hours every day, I have sorted and cleaned and stacked. Dust has been in my eyes and up my nose. This morning I was back at my seemingly endless task. I hit the notions today, bagging lengths of lace and ribbons and pricing them 25 cents a bag. I emptied box after box of saved treasures and was feeling pretty good about my big outdoor sale this Saturday. The weather is supposed to be perfect and I have posted it everywhere.

Just as I was about to stop to prepare dinner, I looked down, under my cutting table that is 3' X 5' and discoved FOUR MORE PLASTIC BINS. My neck aches along with my shoulders and my arthritic thumb is throbbing in protest. I want to cry.

I have been packing the things I want to keep in the empty bins and placing them in the empty closet, all the while wondering how I managed to cram this much stuff into such a small area! I have found fabric that I don't even remember buying!

Scraps that might be useful one day are the most time consuming. A lot of fabric and scraps were gifted to me from other hoarders, as they found themselves unable to toss them in the trash.

It would appear that I have a problem. I am a fabric hoarder.  

Friday, October 8, 2021

The End of the Great Escape

 Is this day five or six? This is day six and we are home. Day five was just traveling. The windsheild wipers quit working on the trip down and I was excited to see the sun when I woke that morning.

I ousted the driver from slumber so we could get the dolly and car hooked up while the sun was shining. It went well with me guiding him into place and I even helped put the strapping on the tires. I managed to get a very small cup of coffee while pulling in the slides and securing everything inside. The dogs headed for the car when I took them out, all set for another day of looking at property. 

They were confused when I herded them back into the coach. Soon enough they found their spots next to me and settled in for a morning snooze. This was the part where we went through some realy curvy roads towards Chattanooga and the interstate. Then it started to rain again. The driver said he could see and wouldn't have to strap me to the front of the coach with a squeegee to clear the window.

We finally drove out of the rain and were at the next campsite in Paducah by 3:30 in the afternoon! It was time to celebrate. Our offer was accepted and we ate dinner and were asleep by 9 pm. This what passes for celebrating for oldsters.

Got up at 7 this morning and headed north. Gained an hour and we were home around noon. The phone has rung 37 times so far today. I will be happy to lock up tonight and sleep in my own bed!

The queen bed in the RV is comfy enough, but the four dogs made it too crowded. Cujo and Eddie claimed their spots tucked in next to me. Toni Louise jumped down to the floor when she realized no TV watching would be forthcoming. Bo was restless every night. He liked to watch himself in the closet door mirror on my side of the bed. I am not a fan of big mirrors, preferring to see myself from the shoulders up. 

Bo always settled on my pillow wrapped around my head. As flattering as being wanted is, it was not sleep conducive for me. Bo is only still and content when sleeping or I am playing with his fur. He likes to have his long course fur on his back ruffled until it is standing on end, making him look like he has a mohawk. I can tickle his neck or head, too, but I dare not bother his feet or tail. He is such a strange creature!

Adorable Dora, the turtle, was so happy to see me! I know you are thinking, "Sure, she was." But she really does interact with me. Whether it is my voice or my face she is looking at, I couldn't tell you. But when I talk to her and hold her she stretches her neck and looks my way while turning her head from side to side. I promised her that I would take her along on the next trip.

Martha, the boy cat, was happy when we returned. He rubbed against me for a bit then went to see about his canine siblings. Now he is roaming the park checking out all the campers. He has been here all of his life and is used to the high volume of traffic. He stays off the roads and sort of saunters around unless he is lying in wait to catch a rabbit or bird. I wonder how he will like living in isolation and becoming a resident of North Carolina. I have high hopes for him. I hate to think he would be unhappy.

I will be happy, the dogs liked it there and Eddie's allergies seem to abate while we were there. The turtle won't know the difference as long as I am there. Now I pack and sort.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Days Three and Four of the Great Escape

 Day three saw more rain.We went our anyway to do some drive-by's. I have studied the pctures of the possible new homes on-line and so I figured I would easily recognize them when we went on our mission. I was wrong about some of them. 

We employed Siri to guide us on the twisty roads into the mountain side to have a look at three prospects on the same road. The driveways were really steep and short. One possibility had a circular drive, but we doubted our motorhome could make the turn, the circle was tight. Another prospect just looked spooky. It was raining and dreary, but the building itself was hard to see in the trees, it was drab brown and I gave that one a thumbs down.

The one I was looking forward to seeing was a covered RV space with hook ups and a building right there. A good sized two story building that looked a lot better in photos. This was one that my baby girl had already proclaimed a definite NO. But, she is not the boss of me and looking is free. We pulled under the "shelter" out of the rain and I ventured out to peek in the windows.

Oh, it was bad! No amount of clever landscaping on my part would take away the sheer ugliness of the property! Then I took a good look at all the pieces of rotten wood around me and realized that the roof of the shelter was held up by some precarious placement of questionable boards and pieces of cinder blocks. This was listed at $87,000. I doubt they will get $87, as both structures are tear downs.

That road was a disappointment and we had no cell service there, so we left that area and headed to North Carolina, a mere 9 miles north to see the one I really liked. It is small, one acre with a park model and two out buildings. He who fancies himself to be in charge of the budget had initially said no to this one when I showed him the property on line. "No, costs too much."

The roads were fairly decent after seeing the other properties and we determined that we could get the 40' motorhome onto the homesite. We decided to walk around in the rain and let the dogs lift their legs and mark territory. It only has one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area. But a covered, screened porch almost the length of the building and facing the ravine, at bottom of which is a trout stream made a huge impression! The mountain views are magnificent. The porch was open and we could see the living area through the sliding doors and the kitchen through the window on the porch. I have been placing furniture in my mind for some time now, having decided that this was a definite contender.

There will never be close neighbors and the sound of the water rushing over the rocks will drown out any other noise! We looked and looked and finally left to head back to the campground and our RV. So, I waited to see if the budget minded mister would say anything. He liked it, he liked it a lot. We submitted an offer through the realtor we were working with, inside unseen! He suggested more than I wanted to offer. 

Budget, indeed. Good thing I had him lost in the mountains looking at the others first! I still don't know if he liked it, or he was just tired of looking. Whatever. We decided we will not need this diesel guzzling 40 feet of rolling home just to take trips. We are selling it and buying something more managable that I will feel comfortable driving. Getting rid of my car, as well. We will need 4 wheel drive to live here.

It is day four now and the sellers did not accept our offer and countered for $9000 more, we have countered with $5000 more. Now we wait. I am not so good at waiting, although I feel like this is 10 years later than I wanted to do his.

We will be on the road again tomorrow, stopping in Paducah, Kentucky for the night. Time to get back to the real world. I have the store phone and have been making reservations and taking cancellations and other annoying calls. One call was from an irate person demanding to know why the pool is closed. Just can't wait to get back to work!

Mr. BoJangles has turned into the most excellent traveler! He waits for his leash to go out and sits patiently waiting for his people to take him home to sleep! Toni Louise is still hyper and wants to be first in line for everything. I am just happy to know that my king bed will fit in the bedroom of our potential new home! I miss my bed. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Day Two of the Great Escape

 Day 2 was pretty uneventful, as far as mishaps go. It didn't start out well, what with HeWho trying to pull out of our site without bringing the levelers up. We used to be pretty adept at traveling, but the 18 years spent on the other side has made us newbies! It makes an awful noise and me saying to HeWho, "Something is wrong," didn't help.

He got out and checked the car, the car dolly and the entire length of the rig and was still baffled. A helpful camper came to the rescue. So glad we didn't chat up anyone and mention that we owned a campground and start in with stories (that would be me, by the way). 

Crisis averted we went on our merry way. So far the trip was a familiar one, especially to me. I listened to a book and played with a puzzle on my laptop until we changed directions into the mountainous terrain in Tennessee. I was quite literrally sitting on the edge of my seat (the couch) in order to see and try to take pictures. No, I can't sit in the passenger seat, as all 4 dogs want to be in my lap. I finally turned the big comfy passenger seat I longed to sit in to face sideways so I could get a good view while sitting back on the couch. We traveled by the Ocoee River for miles and miles. The leaves are turning colors and it was beautiful.

Like a mother with toddlers, I couldn't aim my phone in time to get any good shots. We arrived here just in time for check-in. All set up and all the canines having had a walk to smell previous critters passing through and thoroughly marking this new territory for future travelers to sniff, we relaxed a bit. It was nice to have nothing to do. Except answer the phone and take reservations and cancellations on my part. We actually watched a movie.

We are staying at the State Fair Campground in Hiawassee, Georgia. We went out to explore the area and find a place to eat. Most places were closed until Wednesday. Probably not worth it to open up before the weekend crowds. Ended up at an Asian place serving Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food. In our masks, we definitely stood out. We chose an isolated booth and went with Thai food, declining the offer to sit around the hot grill and watch our food being prepared. Cheek to cheek were the folks sitting around the grill, no social distance precautions here. Just not worth the slightest chance to contract the virus to me.

Another good nights sleep listening to the rain patter. Just a steady gentle rain. Upon awakening this morning with Bo looking at himself in the closet door mirror and Eddie gently nosing me to tell me his bladder was full, I asked the man of this rig if he could put the awning out for the dogs to have a dry place to do business.

"I don't know how," he mumbles. Supposed to be the push of a button, but it doesn't seem to be working and he did not want to try to figure it out in the rain. Looking on the bright side, we won't have to worry about getting the awning in before we leave. Today we will be driving by properties and determining whether or not we would be able to get our 40 feet of RV in and out easily. That will narrow down our prospects considerably.

We left with no umbrellas, of course. I am hoping to find a stray one in my car. The dogs will be going along for the ride, so the dog food has been withheld so far. Bo and his delicate stomach. He gets over it pretty quick and only threw up twice the first morning, but the car might trigger another event, so we will wait to feed!

First stop will probably be the closest Walmart for umbrellas and more bottles water! This park is on Lake Chatuge and the water smells like it might be tapped from a stagnant area of the lake! Still enjoying sitting here with my coffee, I have already had three calls on the store phone. I have the reservation book with me and didn't even have to get up to take care of it!

Now I am off to explore the pssibilities that await my inspection! Rain is forecast for our entire stay!

Monday, October 4, 2021

Day One of the Great Escape

 Day one of the journey south has been pretty uneventful. Minor things have happened to keep things hopping. I woke the driver in plenty of time to hit the road early. Last night I put all the last minute things in a box and collared up the canines. Changed the cat litter and filled the cat feeder. Cats are pretty self sufficient, you know.

I imagine Martha, the boy cat, might enjoy his time alone. I hope he doesn't host a wild party in my absence! It took both of us to harness Mr. BoJangles and I did not realize until this morning when I was trying to put on his leash that we had it upside down. I thought it looked funny, but trying to catch him again was impossible. He was indignant and ran wildly through the house and falling to the floor and trying to rub the harness off.

This morning he was not cooperating as I tried to turn his harness around to hook the leash on. I grabbed the other three leashes and headed to the motor home to get them on board. Cujo has increased his girth since last wearing his harness, so we chose the choke chain for him. He doesn't run far from me in any event if he does get loose. Same for Eddie. Must be why I did not notice that Toni Louise had chewed her harness strap. One good yank from her and she was free.

I coaxed and cajoled and yelled the magic word "treat", then threatened and told her what a bad girl she was. She stayed just out of my reach and would turn, look at me and grin her goofy grin. HeWho came up on the golf cart and she hopped on with nary a glance at me!

We settled her in and the trip got underway. My doxies assumed their normal positions next to me and Bo was busy running from window to window, stopping long enough to heave up his stomach contents occasionally. Then HeWho is the driver hit the rumble strips and Toni launcher herself at my chest and dug her claws into my shoulders.

She associated the noise with thunder and she is afraid of thunder. I had to hold her for awhile until she calmed down and finally put her on the couch with the rest of the dogs. Cujo is always tucked next to my leg and has never been challenged. Eddie was next to Cujo and decided to lay his sweet head on my knee. He is such a gentle soul, my Eddie.

Next thing you know, Toni has nosed Eddie out of his spot and taken over my lap again. Her legs are freakishly long and bony and she will not simpy sit still. Always moving and digging her knees and elbows into my ample flesh. It hurts! She will throw her head up suddenly and hit my chin or a cheek bone. I will have a black eye tomorrow.

We had to stop at a Walmart to buy Toni a new harness and get some food to prepare for our nourishment. We were in Illinois and it was a super Walmart. No Carts were available.  I asked the greeter wearing his mask under his nose about a cart and he just stood there and said they didn't have anyone available to bring them in. 

One would think that a worker just standing there to greet shoppers, which he was failing to do, would take it upon himself to go out and gather a few carts for the shoppers he was not greeting to use. He was not a young person with an attitude. He was closer to my age and obviously has little enthusiasm for his job. I doubt he is a participant in the morning Walmart cheer session. When I started working in the pharmacy at Walmart, I immediately declined to participate in that cheer myself. But the manager was quite charismatic. He never demanded participation, but I found myself joining in on a couple of them. He was good at his job and the employees responded likewise and it was a team effort. This store in Illinois needs a better manager.

We arrived at the campground just south of Nashville with plenty of daylight left. I leashed up the dogs while HeWho registered. Upon parking at our site, the step stopped working, making the step to the ground a doozy! I managed to dismount with my dignity intact and walk my dogs and watch them take care of business. Getting back in was not as easy. In my younger days I would have just grabbed the handle and pulled myself up. Good thing my name is not Grace, because it was not graceful. HeWho loves me put his hands on my ample derrierre and sort of shoved me up. And yes, there were people around. Next purchase with be a small step stool than can be stashed next to the passenger seat in case I need to get up and down again.

Tomorrow we will be at the State Fair campground in Hiawassee. Only a little over 200 miles tomorrow. Time to close my eyes and lay me down to sleep.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Stay Tuned Part 2

 Yesterday I told you about an incident here that ended with a visit from law enforcement. While I was dealing with that situation, another arose and loomed large. I may have mentioned the "double" sites we inherited with the purchase of the park. I am not a fan of them, but I have to use them.

Making the "seating chart" for the weekend can be a nightmare. I have to make sure the back of the site is filled before the front site backs in. Then I must make sure that the front site will be leaving before the back site. I do, on occasion, get it wrong and have to do a last minute alteration to my chart. Some campers are very understanding, while others an be complete a$$holes.

I have monthly sites that are in that situation. I knew that one was about to leave and immediately talked to the camper in front of him. He was on a jobsite pretty far away, with no means of transportation to get back before the one in back wanted to leave. He had his son, where his truck was parked, mail the door key to me and said he thought the ignition key was in the ignition.

The key finally arrived the day before the other camper wanted to pull out. This was Friday. The day I had to call a deputy out. HeWho was busy all morning making last minute repairs and such in advance of our trip. I was swamped with check-ins for the weekend and fielding calls from travelers who had not made reservations. We had a very full park, using the tent sites and extension cords for those last minute travelers and I still had to turn away 14 rigs. It is Oktoberfest, people! All the campgrounds in a 25 mile radius are full. Every weekend of October. 

HeWho was dispatched to move the motorhome blocking the camper wanting to leave Saturday morning. Said camper was calling me incessantly wanting to know when I would move that motorhome. Motorhome guy was also calling to make sure I had the key. Calls were coming in on top of each other and I was considering a nervous breakdown just to have a moment of peace.

HeWho could not find the ignition key. Motorhome guy was consulted about where to look and this went back and forth for well over an hour. I suggsted the tow truck, but you can't get the gear in neutral without the key and we really did not want to ruin the transmission. Camper waiting to leave shall now be referred to as the Jerk kept calling "When are you moving this?" HeWho was THERE, but he called me. He would growl his question out and I would tell him to talk to my husband and he would hang up. Perhaps his time would have been better spent helping look for the key.

"The key chain has an alligator foot on it," says nice camper. He went on to suggest we hot wire it. Having never stolen a car, I didn't know how and the same went for HeWho failed to find the key and went to get the tow truck. The minute he left the Jerk called to ask what we were doing, hanging up as soon as I told him. Not a chatty guy, I suppose. The nice camper is and I would have to cut him off to check-in and asnswer other calls.

He managed to move the motorhome 10 feet forward, but the Jerk still couldn't get his truck in. I don't know that he actually tried, I am thinking he just decided that he would complain through the night. He did. I don't answer the phone after I go to bed, but I did check the call log. 

I have witnessed magnificent feats of drivers managing to get their campers out without having anyone move. They aren't in that tight, not bumper to bumper. The efforts on the part of HeWho was needing to sleep ended at about 8:30. He told the Jerk that he couldn't move it any further and that he could go on to spend his off days with his family and that we would move it as soon as we could and put it in dry storage at no cost to him for as long as he needed.

I was taking my first sip of coffee when I heard someone beating on the door to the office. I looked at the monitor to see the Jerk pounding the door with his fist while simutaneouly ringing the bell. Still in my sleep attire, I called out to HeWho was dressing to let him know his little friend wanted him to come out. The Jerk started with obsenities, making HeWho less than willing to assist him. He went back to his site, violating the speed limit, by the way.

I went on to shower and get myself ready for another day of fun. I had just dressed and put product in my hair and had not yet tamed it when the bell at my window rang. I was not open yet, but went out with my wild hair to see who dared to invade my world. 

The deputy at my window inquired about my well being and asked if my husband was around. I asked him how he thought I was, give the state of my appearance and that my husband had gone to find some assistance in moving a motorhome. The Jerk called 911 and told them we would not let him leave, that we had blocked him in and would not let him go, that he thought we were trying to steal his camper!!! HeWho arrived right about then and the deputy and him had a good laugh together.

Bud, of Bud's Towing, former employer of HeWho towed, and good friend of HeWho no longer tows came to our rescue and figured out how to move the motorhome without damaging anything. The Jerk left and took his attitude with him.

During one phone call from the owner of the alligator foot key ring, I tolf him that I was pretty sure I could find the key, but could not get out of the office. After all the moving and the Jerk leaving, the key was found! In the cup holder, just as he thought it would be. HeWho didn't find it, another camper did. I suppose I should have gone and looked last night, but the motorhome would start anyway, even with the key.   


Saturday, October 2, 2021

Stay Tuned, Part 1

I am loaded and ready to roll out of here in the morning! After sleeping only four hours last night and having the day from hell, I can hardly contain myself. I cannot wait to escape!!

As you can well imagine, problems arise and tempers flare from time to time with people living is such close proximity as a campground. Some people will take a dislike to another person and set out to do devious things to irritate that person. I hear about it, of course and will dispatch HeWho is the man of this household and business to handle it.

One such situation has been building up to a boiling point of late. I was manning my station here by the check-in window when I saw the couple in question pull into the parking lot and get out of their vehicle with what I assumed was laundry and make their way to the side of the building where the laundry room and shower rooms are located. I grabbed the phone and my keys to go and talk to them about their behavior. They would be the perpetators of the childish irritating behavior, not the victims.

I rounded the corner and noted that the laundry room was unoccupied .... The couple, a man and a woman were in the men's room, along with their dog! This couple seems to spend an inordinant amout of time together in the various restrooms in the park. They lock themselves in, even in the shower house that has more than one shower. This prevents others from being able to access the showers. Many campers have seen them go in and stay for as long as an hour. There is speculation around campfires about what is going on in the locked men's or women's rooms. 

Not a young attractive couple newly involved, this is a middle aged, overweight duo that would solicit the gag reflex when the subject arises. There are some things you just don't want a mental image of. And now the dog is involved! HeWho came up while I dealt with check-ins and phone calls to confront them when they finally came out. After addressing the dog dilemma, he suggested that they not rev the engine of their truck in front of a particular campsite. They hotly denied doing so, so he told them to depart and enter on the opposite side of the park in the future. I saw him talk to them as I took reservations.

That very night, or more precisely, the next morning one of them left the park at about 10 minutes until 4 am and gunned the motor loudly in front of the site they has been the recipient of their noise pollution. I was told of the departure time. The truck returned a little over 20 inutes later and a session of monumental truck revving took place.

Unfortunately for the miscreants, I had my bedroom window open. Martha, the boy cat, has a nice fat ledge in the window sill that he likes to sleep on and watch the sun come up and the birds gather at the birdfeeder in the peach tree. The noise startled the fat cat and the curtain moved. Mr. BoJangles stood up at the foot of my bed , looking out the window and barking in his highest pitch (we refer to that as his screaming voice) and Toni Louise raced in from her spot on the cool tile in the bathroom to help him bark at what might have been an intruder, she really didn't care, it was just an opportunity to join in. 

I looked out the window and SAW them. I am old and cranky, plagued with various aches and pains in my joints upon wakening, not to mention my bouts of insomnia. Waking me is frowned upon. HeWho should have ejected the couple months ago for various unfractions that included leaving big bags of garbage outside their door and letting it sit until some animals ripped the bags open and proceeded to spread the contents to other sites. One must keep in mind that I am tethered to the main building when we are busy and we have been very busy. HeWho is non-confrontational and will only address such situations with some persuasion (incessant nagging) from his wife.

Luckily, he was not available yesterday, so I took myself down to the site of the trouble maker. The first lie was telling me he did not even leave the park that morning, lie number two was swearing that his truck was "very quiet". Lie number three was saying that no one had ever spoken to him about the noise. He was trying to be angry at my accusations, his face beginning to redden. He told me he couldn't imagine who had complained except for the guy he was targeting.

I let him talk and dig his own hole before I disavowed him of his lies. "Your truck IS loud, I have heard it myself when you might think I am not watching. And, by the way, there are cameras everywhere throughout the park. As far as not being warned by my husband yesterday, I am the one who called him to talk to you and I was watching from my desk when he did speak to you about your truck and your dog."

I watched as his stance became less confrontational before going in for the kill. "This morning you made a big mistake ..... YOU WOKE ME UP! Where would you be going at 4 in the morning?" The color had drained from his face and he said he had to go to work in another city that would take the better part of 45 minutes one way. "But, you were back in 20 minutes! One more complaint and you will be evicted, do we understad each other?"

I was still unsettled when I came back to the office. They have always made me wonder where they get their money, since neither one appear to be gainfully employed. Just about 10 days ago he paid his rent with cash. He told me had $1350 and wanted to pay ahead. The wad of bills in his hand was impressive, but just where did it come from?

There would appear to be a lot of traffic in and out going to his site at all hours, so I followed my instinct and called for a deputy to come out to access the situation. It will come as no surprise that my instinct was correct. He is well know to local law enforcement and not in a good way. I imagine he will be hunting another place to live soon.

I won't miss this. That was yesterday, today is not much better and involved another visit from a deputy. Stay tuned .....


Thursday, September 30, 2021

He's Watching Me

 Getting ready for my trip south ... and constantly tripping over my husband. I know that all I really need to do is invent an errand to get him out of here.

I am sitting at my desk, phone in hand, credit card at the ready, about to make our reservations. HeWho runs errands was supposed to be on his way with my texted list of necessities. I look up to see him leaning on the counter, watching me. Thinking he wants to tell me something or ask me something, I pause before dialing. "Do you need something?" I ask. "No." he responds. "Then why are you watching me? Do you think I need help making a reservation?" Once again he answers with "no".

I hate it when he stands watching me with his full attention. It doesn't happen often, so you would think I might like being the center of his attention. But, it makes me feel like he is waiting for me to make a mistake. And I did. I screwed up my own phone number and had to correct it. I wanted to tell him I did it on purpose to see if he was paying attention, but that would be a lie.

He does this when I am driving, too. When I come home with a carload of groceries and back up to the entrance to unload. I can back up just fine. My car even has a camera to see the rear view, not to mention mirrors that I have been using all my driving life. But if he sees me coming in, he will go outside and direct me with hand signals. The car will be all askew when I finally put it in park and he will begin with a litany of things I almost hit. Why does he do this? I can back that car within mere inches of the door when left to my own devices.

When we lived in Albany, Ga, the twins were early teens and most all neighborhoods had alleys to access your driveway in the back. I would change seats with Jill and let her drive the car to our driveway and park it. It was a short distance, but she loved to do this. One particular day, both girls were in the car with me and, as usual, Jill took the drivers seat. As we approached our house, we could see HeWho is her Dad in the back washing our van. His Jeep was parked at an angle on the side where we always parked, where she had parked plenty of times.

I could feel her tension as he stopped to watch her pull in. "Mom, he's watching me, what do I do?" This makes it sound like he was the strict, unbending parent, but he was the big softie who would retract the restrictions he doled out almost immediately. I was the mean one! I knew exactly what she was feeling, so I said, "You are fine, you've done this before, just pull in next to Dad's Jeep and don't hit it."

She hit the Jeep. Why did I say that? It was like saying it went into her brain and she couldn't do anything else! The Jeep was uninjured, but the drivers door was stuck on our car. HeWho loved that stupid Jeep was yelling, "Why did you do that?" Jill was crying and trying to get out through the stuck door. Adrienne was in the back seat laughing with hysteria because I had said NOT to hit the Jeep and she hit the Jeep. Jeff was at the back door to see what the commotion was about.

I got out on the passenger side and pulled Jill through, still crying. I yelled back at my loving husband that is was my fault, that I was the one supervising and to shut up yelling at her. I sent her inside and Adrienne finally got out of the car and stood in the driveway, bent double laughing. She answered Jeff's query "Jill hit the jeep!" through spasms of laughter.

Jill and Jeff disppeared into the house and poor Adrienne became the center of attention for her angry Dad for thinking the situation was funny. It WAS funny, but I had enough sense to laugh inside where he couldn't see me. 

Later I explained to my still upset husband that this was how we learned and that I was quite certain he had done his share of mistakes while driving. Years later I could point out all the dents and dings on our vehicles that are all due to him!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I Won't Miss This

My Dad would have been 91 last week. I have been thinking of him all month. I called my sister to commiserate, then remembered that she was gone, as well. Never will I be able to talk to someone who knew me all my life again. Seems so final and sad.

I managed to reduce both our wardrobes by about 60%. I filled one of those donation boxes that sit in parking lots. That felt good, so I have been measuring all my fabric to have a yard sale. I am willing to bet I have over 500 yards of fabric in my sewing room. Even if I sewed all day every day, I would never use it all. One dollar a yard. These are good yards, too. No inches involved.

HeWho has been busy getting the RV ready for a trip to look at properties. I spoke with a realtor in North Carolina and now just have to contact the realtor in Georgia. There are only about 5 that fall into my category. If I had my way, we would not return until I bought one. Not that I usually don't get my way, but we have to come back. We will leave on Sunday and stay just south of Nashville that night, then on to Hiawassee to stay until Thursday morning when we will head back for the weekend. Hiawassee is central to the areas we want to look at. We could probably make the trip in one day, but we are old and need our rest.

Meantime, I still have the store phone to annoy me, along with campers! When I get a call saying they want to make a reservation, I automatically head to my desk. On my way, I ask pertinent questions. "Will you need 50 amp or 30 amp?" 'Um, I don't know' is not helpful as an answer. Another favorite answer is, 'we could use either one'.  It is helpful to know where to put the camper. 

After determining the electrical needs, I move on to "Would you prefer shade or no trees?" 'Huh'? I think the question should be easy to answer. Some of them will have a map of my park at hand and will start calling out site numbers they want. Since we are always 50% occupied, this can be a lengthy endeavor. It is easier to tell them what is available. All the while I can hear other calls going to voice mail.

After all this, they will say they need to think about it and call me back! Making me wonder why they begin with telling me they want to make a reservation. I won't miss this.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Singing Lessons

Cujo here. The "season" is over and the pool is closed, but my Mom says you wouldn't know it by the number of times the phone rings. But the good news is that we can go in the office with her now, because nobody can come in the store! Mom takes care of customers through the window!

I have been worried about my Mom lately. I heard her tell HeWho is our dad that if she didn't get out of this place she was afraid she might kill someone! I don't know exactly who she might kill, but they can't be good if she wants to kill them, right? That is when HeWho is our dad put that special window up for her.

Then, as if worrying about murders was not enough, she decided to teach Mr. BoJangles how to sing! No, I am not kidding. She will sing to him and then he tries to sing back to her. He can hit some really high notes that will send shivers down your spine. Mom seems to think his recent surgery might have something to do with it. You remember, he had his testicles removed. Well, Mom says that now he can sing soprano!

HeWho is our dad hates it when all of us dogs sing with Mom. Bo always starts, then Toni Louise joins in. She can hit some high notes, too, but not like Bo. Eddie and I feel that we should join in with some fabulous howling to help. Mom says it is a canine choir, but HeWho is our dad will simply leave the building. He yells at us to stop, but we don't. Mom is the only one who can make us stop.

In between all of this, Mom keeps putting stuff in boxes and throwing other stuff away. She tells us that we will be moving to a new place, but she doesn't really know where it is yet. This is confusing. I am not fond of changes! Mom says that when we move she will be able to spend more time with all of us dogs. 

Martha, the boy cat will be coming with us. Martha has never even been on a trip! He was born here and has lived here all of his life. Bet he will have something to say about this! I met Dora, the turtle that Mom has in her office. Dora probably won't even notice that we are moving. Mom calls her Adorable Dora. Have you ever seen a turtle? Adorable is not a good word for a turtle! She does seem to like Mom, though. Mom holds her in her hand and talks to her and Dora will look Mom staight in the eye and turn her head this way and that way.

Dora is really small. I gave her a good sniff and she stuck her head into her shell. Eddie and Bo both tried to get her in their mouths until Mom yelled at them. I suppose they thought Mom was offering them a snack. A fishy smelling snack. I like the taste of fish, but prefer mine to be cooked first. I knew that I shouldn't try to harm Dora, I could see that she was special to Mom. Mom says that I am very observant.

I just heard Mom say something about bedtime. I like bedtime, I get to snuggle next to my mom and Eddie. The ony thing I like more than bedtime is food! That's it for me today.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Count Your Blessings

The sky is leaden as I let the dogs out, matching my current mood. I think I might hear a distant rumble still far away. I woke this morning with a sense of foreboding. As the day wears on I seem to be drowning in my own darkness.

I make no secret that I am bi-polar and I dutifully swallow my magic pills daily. Contrary to what most people believe, this does not prevent depression. It only makes me able to cope and recognize it for what it is. I can't seem to settle today. My mind going in too many directions. I have plenty of busy work to do, but that won't occupy my mind, just my hands.

I don't want to talk to anyone, I just would love to escape into something. I tried to read, but the store phone keeps ringing with travelers not wanting to continue their journey into what looks to be a good storm brewing. I did try to nap, but a combination of factors prevented that. HeWho has fixed the air conditioner and it was blowing ice tinged air right on me and my dogs. All four dogs were touching me on the couch and I sunk lower and lower into thier body warmth, then the phone rang and just as I was about to drift off again, HeWho had left the building came back in and a symphony of barking dogs intent on alerting me jarred me awake and I left that idea behind.

I wondered outside for a bit and carefully dug up a few bulbs of various Iris plants to take with me when I leave. Then I got a little maudlin as I looked up at my trees that I so carefully dug up as tiny saplings and lovingly planted and coaxed into what they are now. That was not uplifting, as I thought about the new growth next Spring will bring that I won't be here to see. I will be leaving a rather large imprint of me in my gardens.

So, I came back inside. I went to my closet thinking I would do some more purging. I eliminated only 4 items before losing interest in that. Thought about calling one of my children and then decided thay had lives and didn't need to be burdoned with my problems. I could have called anyway, but felt like it was too much to pretend to be up beat.

I happened to see my hair in the mirror and it is literally standing on end. I suppose I should just count my blessings and grind out the remainder of the day and hope for a better one tomorrow.

I am ever thankful for my no-contact check-in. Not only saving me from others' free floating germs, but you only see a distorted view through that plexi, so all I did was to run my fingers through the hair to make it lay down. On a different note, I don't know these people and they don't know me, so who cares if I am well groomed or not?

I am thankful that there is interest in the park. I do wish the process was a lot faster, but ....

I am most thankful for my family. Everyone is currently healthy and thriving for the most part. Knowing they are happy makes me happy.

I am thankful for HeWho loves me. I am not easy to love. He seems to find the good in me in spite of my ever changing attitudes. He makes me crazy, um, crazier, but he is a keeper.

I am thankful for most of the people that adorn my every day life. They are those who do not wish me well, but that would be their problem.

I am thankful for all my fur babies, who love me unconditionally. Even Adorable Dora the turtle loves me and responds to my voice. I accidentally gave her a little kiss the other day, so I am thankul she did not transmit salmonella to my lips.

I am thankful to have a roof over my head and food to eat. I am thankful for my careful aim with a fly swatter, as well.

I am thankful for this platform to express my thoughts and that a day is only 24 hours long, giving an opportunity for a new start tomorrow. Almost like God knew what he was dong, right? So, last, but not least, I am thankful for an all knowing God. I will just leave all this in his hands and make it until night fall and bed.

Counting your blessings does help when you just want to wallow in self pity and despair. Now I just need the grace to check in the last campers of the day without being rude or offensive. I have a little sarcasm issue, in case you haven't noticed.   


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Words Trigger Memories

I posed a question last week on a post. It was about a word that triggered a memory. The word was "south".

Many years ago when my children were small and in grade school we were searching for a home to buy. Seems like we looked at thousands, but it was only a few. At one such home there was a kitten in need of a home. We didn't find a home that day, but the kitten did.

A tiny Siamese female we named Misty. Misty never grew to be very big. Could be due to the fact that my overbearing child, Adrienne, forced her to wear doll clothes and walk upright. Adrienne was about 4 and yes, even at four years old she was a force to be reckoned with. Still is, but that is another story for another day.

Fortunately Misty was very docile and didn't use her teeth and claws to discourage Adrienne. When the rest of the children were in school, Adrienne would dress Misty for the day and subject her to being many things. She played school with her, she played house with her and Misty would succomb to whatever Adrienne wanted to do on any particular day.

Misty aged without growing big and, as cats will do, produced a litter of her own kittens. Several times before we managed to have her spayed. By the time she had her last litter, we had found a house to buy. Not a dream home, but one with "potential". So many pets came through that house, but once again that is not the story here.

Out of one litter, Adrienne chose a male kitten with tiger stripes. She named him "Southy". She never explained why she chose the name and no one argued with her about her choice. Southy did not possess Misty's calm demeanor. He was a fiesty one and Adrienne met her match. 

Southy objected to wearing clothes and walking upright. He was as determined as Adrienne was and let her know with bites and scratches. This went on until he was an adolescent cat. Rarely did Adrienne get through the day without crying and bleeding from scratches on her arms. No amount of counseling her about the nature of cats could convince her not to try to bend this cat's will to hers.

The day arrived when Southy  was nowhere to be found. My little girl searched and searched for days. Finally she accepted the fact that her cat was gone to parts unknown. Did she mourn the cat leaving her? No, she did not. She was mad, lamenting that Southy would be sorry about running away. Who was going to play with him and dress him and teach him how to walk?

I suppose Southy went south, in search of a home with an old lady fond of cats who would feed him and let him be a cat. Just one word can trigger a precious memory. So many words over so many years.


Monday, September 13, 2021


It was a quiet weekend. I made great headway in the office and purged all the files of unnecessary paperwork and personal stuff. Moved on to my sewing room. I could easily become overwhelmed in there, but I have zoned the room and am handling just one zone at a time.

The mindless folding and stacking of fabric is soothing. I am measuring the cotton prints in hopes of selling them to a quilting establishment nearby really cheap! I have lots of fabric. So far I have measured out 137 yards and not made a dent in my fabric stash. These are what is commonly referred to as "good" yards. 

Last time I bought fabric at Joann's, they measured inches!  Back when I was working in fabric, if the end of the bolt had an extra couple of inches after I measured out what the customer wanted, I just let them have it. Nothing you can do with a tiny slice of fabric. The person measuring at Joann's said I had to pay for the extra 2" and that I had to take it.

It was a man and he was more than a little perturbed when I insisted that he call the manager over. He discovered that he was wrong about making me take and pay for 2 extra inches. They cut it off, those 2 inches and threw it in the trash can. I suppose to make a point. A crowd had gathered by then and everyone close to my age applauded that I refused to pay for what I didn't need and then agreed that it was stupid to throw something away rather than garner a little good will.

 The weather has me longing to be outside and it is hard to stay on task. Hard, not impossible. I sent HeWho buys duplicate tools out to choose one of the FOUR giant rolling tool chests and to fill it with his tools that he will be taking. I warned him NOT to pack duplicate tools. I have not gone out there to see what he has managed to do. Perhaps I should, because he seems to be inside a lot .... resting on a "break". I could do it myself, but my plate is full taking care of my own stuff.

Nobody likes to move, but it can be done in an organized manner.  Unfortunately, my huband seems to be lacking in that particular skill. In the meantime, I will be frantically PURGING!


Friday, September 10, 2021

Dead Phones and Air Conditioning

"Gonna be hot tomorrow" says HeWho keeps up with weather trivia. Great. The air conditioner in our living quarters is dead. I am thankful for the cool nights and hope they continue. I am not replacing the air conditioner. The one in the store works and I can stay cool in there, take a nice cold shower and go to bed.

Things were going along like any other Friday in a campground when it occurred to me that the store phone had not rung all day. I like it when it doesn't ring every two minutes, but this was odd. It was dead, out of power, despite being on the charger all night. I take it off every morning and it becomes my constant companion all day long. Goes everywhere I go, even to the bathroom. Not one ring today.

I can't remember how long I have had this phone. When I started making regular trips to see my dad, I forwarded the number to my personal phone so I wouldn't have to keep up with two phones. This had more advantages than that. The store phone is an android and my personal phone is an I-phone. It is unfair to expect a woman of my considerable age to have to be adept at both phones. I have zero interest in learning to use another device.

I have spoken about passwords and HeWho can't manage to remember or record the ones he makes. He set up the store phone and when I asked how to retrieve the voice messages he discovered that it required a password that he had no recollection of making. Was I annoyed? Yes, I was. At least when I forwarded the number I could listen to messages and answer them!

The phone has been unforwarded for some time now and I am forced to go to "recent calls" and figure out which calls were answered and which were not. When I return a call, I simply say that I am returning their call to Kan-Do Kampground. Don't have to know the name of the caller or what they want. They will tell me when I call.

The drawback of calling from my personal phone is that the number is a Minnesota number and I end up having to leave a message and then they call me again. Even more calls. So, now that we are about to retire, HeWho decides to pay a visit to the AT&T store to learn how to use the phone! I know!

Apparently, while holding his chair down and playing on his phone he actually learned some things. Today when the phone died, he was able to access all the voice mail from his personal phone.

It was already close to 7 when I made the discovery of no phone calls and I was tired and hungry. I had ladled out a bowl of the soup I had lovingly prepared for nourishment, altering a recipe to lower the sodium and still taste like something good when he started listening to the voice mail. Fifteen calls. He listened to them, all of them without benefit of paper and a writing implement. Then again, volume on extreme while looking at me as if I should be dialing away. I was eating! I handed him a pad of paper and a pen. He would listen, then go back and listen again and write down illegible names and what he thought they wanted. I swallowed my last bite and dialed the number while he was trying to write it down and took care of the first call while he was still listening to the second one for the fourth time. I interrupted him to tell him to just write the number down and forget the rest ... making him go back to the beginning of the call.

I may have mentioned that he can't hear and refuses to go to an audiologist (costs too much) and will order them on line. I may also have mention how very much this annoys me. If I heard a name on a call that was already here and tried to tell him to just erase it he would wave me away and turn his back to me and GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING of the call again.

I seriously thought I might lose my mind! Just think, soon we will be spending ALL of our time together. He was still listening when I made the last call and left a message for a call back. 

The day is over and I am tired and I am sticky and sweaty. I see a shower and a bed in my immediate future!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Lost and Found

Tomorrow the vast majority of campers will be rolling out and heading home, having enjoyed the last hoorah of the summer. I will be singing my song about the most wonderful day of the week. "It's the most wonderful day of the week. All the campers are leaving and my heart is heaving a sigh of relief! It's the most wonderful day of the week,"

Will I miss singing this song? Not really. It hasn't been a bad weekend. My no contact check-in worked like a charm. I do wish the opening in the plexi was a little higher, eliminating the need to bend low to be heard, but all in all it worked quite well.

I did choose a ring tone that was not annoying, so much so that I would look around to see whose phone was ringing. It rained all day yesterday (Saturday), but that did not deter those longing to play in the pool.

I got to visit with my daughter and son-in-law and I didn't care what anybody did. It was pretty quiet until we all sat down to eat and that is when that door bell rang incessantly. They were tired and went to bed early. Since they were staying in our motorhome, they were able to leave very early without disturbing anyone. They reached the second stop in their trip early in the afternoon and will have a nice rest before continuing to their destination. They are at the home of HeWho's sister and are being well taken care of.

A little girl rang the bell awhile ago (I thought I put it high enough that children couldn't reach it) and when I responded at the window she asked if I had her phone. No, I did not, but decided an investigation into why she thought I would have her phone was necessary. Apparently her mother lost her cell phone and she wanted to know if anyone had turned a phone in at the office. I wondered why anyone would send a young child out on a mission to enquire about a lost object without giving them the words to communicate with. But I would have had my child with me, not wandering around in a park surrounded by woods and close to the interstate where truckers park regularly in the rest area right across the road. I didn't think anymore about it until the mother and another woman I assumed to be the grandmother came up with the same query.

She didn't seem to believe me. She had a cell phone in her hand and informed me that the tracker was telling her that the phone was "right here". Already knowing that the tracking device was not indicating the office, I asked her if the device was indicating the office. "Well, no, but it is in this area." She said she lost it in the dog park and I suggested she look there and maybe call it and that I would have my guys look for it. She was still looking at me suspiciously as she walked away. About five minutes later as I was texting the need to look for a cell phone she was back to tell me she found it.

It was in her camper! Mystery solved and I was vindicated! I could tell she felt rather sheepish, but I put her mind at ease, telling her I lose things all the time. True story. After that I learned that a young child was found, quite by accident, with a long stick that was being used as a torch with about 6 inches of one end glowing orange. He was attempting to set our woodpile on fire!!

Thank goodness he was discovered, as that wood pile is pretty close to the big propane tank that feeds the main building! He was taken to his parents and they were told of his adventures. They took the situation seriously, but when I was sitting here watching TV and smelling camp fires, it made me go out and peek through my fence just in case!

As long as nobody was hurt, the fire would take away my packing angst! Just kidding .... I think!


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Humana Could Learn a Thing or Two!

 Still Friday here and the irritations of life are trying to stress me out! I got an email warning me that my prescriptions were perilously low. They aren't, but as I was filling the pill boxes anyway, I called Humana.

The prompt warned me that there was a high number of calls and suggested I use the internet. I hate calling almost as much as navigating their website. It is not user friendly at all and will close down on you without warning. Calling isn't that great either, but a little quicker. The automated voice asked for the birthdate, then asked that I verify my zip code and then asked for my member number. After every answer the voice will repeat what you answered and you have to say yes to proceed. I have my phone on speaker and just shout my response. Once they have decided you are who you are, the automated voice will tell you how many prescriptions need to be refilled and then ask if you want to have them all refilled, or if you want to hear the list and decide. I always want to listen to the list in case something has been discontinued by my doctor.

This is another painstaking process in which the drug name is often mispronounced and then repeated if you choose to order it. I finally finish my order and verify twice the address and method of payment. At the end the voice will ask if you would like to do a phone survey and I always answer "NO".

Having taken care of mine, I then call back to take care of HeWho knows not what he takes and lacks the patience to deal with the process. I learned long no to try to refill both of our prescriptions with just one call. Same thing again and I listen to the 6 prescriptions that have popped up as needing refills. I okay 5 of them and am in the process of verifying address and payment when the store phone rings. It is someone with a reservation today, checking on her reservation. I walk to the desk where HeWho is preparing a bank deposit and has his stuff atop my reservation book. He decides to take over the Humana call and I say, just answer yes to all the remaining questions.

He decides to challenge the payment method because he doesn't recognize the last 4 numbers of MY credit card. I finish assuring the reservation that her reservation is alive and well and there he sits looking astonished as the voce is now asking what payment method to use in lieu of the one already on file.

I take the phone from his extended arm and now I have to go dig out the credit card in a hurry, lest I have to start all over again. I verify the number, the expiration date and security code twice and then my address again. Then, the automation informs me that there is a problem with 3 of the 5 ordered prescriptions and asks if I would like to speak to a representative. Of course I want to know what problem there is. Another prompt telling me that the call lines are especially busy today and would I like to order my prescriptions on-line. No, at this point I want to go howl at the moon.

No wait to speak of. Once again I have to verify date of birth, zip code and "membership" number. Membership would imply that we are in this together and I would never be a member of such redundancy as this. I am already highly irritated that a task that should take minutes is already eating up the better part of an hour. Then she questions my authority to order drugs for someone else and tells me she needs to have verbal consent from the Member before we continue. He yells that he gives me the authority to take care of his drugs.

 She hums and haws and wonders aloud what I might be referring to, because she sees no problem with the prescriptions. She seem to think I am the one saying something is wrong. Deep breath and I slowly explain to her that I did not choose the refills, her automated system did and that her automated system told me there was a problem. I resist the urge to ask her to repeat what I have said so that we can VERIFY it. She tells me to wait a moment AND PUTS ME ON HOLD. Then comes back (maybe she asked her supervisor for help?) to tell me she cannot find anything wrong and if there is something else she can help me with today. I just want to have this one task DONE, so I say no. Then she asks if I would be willing to do a short survey!!!!!

I can feel my heart pounding in my temples and I say, "You REALLY do not want me to do a survey, sweetie, it would not shed a kind light on you. I am old and I am pissed off right now with your entire process, goodbye!"

I am just finishing up with the pill box of HeWho is oblivious and start to snap the lids closed and the entire week of pills flips over and dumps onto the counter. I wanted to cry, but the phone was ringing with a third call from someone try to make a reservation for next month. First call she asked for two 30 amp sites together. No problem, I take the information and complete the task. Calls back wondering if I could put them in 50 amp sites because she is not sure what her friend needs and she is sure she can hook up on either one. It doesn't make a difference to her. It does to me. I have fewer 50 amp sites than 30 and if she does not require 50 amps, she could be the reason I have to turn someone away that needs 50 amps. I suggest she call her friend and call me back.

She does call me back and then wants to chat about which sites might be available in the entire month of October weekends. I finally sort out all the pills and place them where they should be. No easy task, since some of his pills are to be taken at night. I dump both day and night pills together in my box, because I can easily fish out the night pills when I take my morning pills. Never would I ever do that for his pills, as it would require my attention every single day.

It is now 3:15 and I have answered countless calls about nonsense and tried to explain how to get into a site three times to the same person and finally sent HeWho over there to show them, warning him NOT to just throw the driver to the ground and park it for him. Now I am sitting here wondering about my ability to continue with the day. The caller just now says, "I been wonderin', do I gotta pay to make a reservation?" I replied, "To make a reservation I would need something to secure it, either a deposit or a credit card number." He said, "You ain't gotta be such a smartass."

I didn't even let my exasperation into my tone as I explained this. What is wrong with people?

Walmart Pharmacy has an automated system that requires very little time and is extremely simple. You call the number on your bottle of pills and use the prescription number on the bottle to order your refill. The pharmacist or the technician gets a printout of the information and the prescriptions are either filled or you doctor's office is notified if it is out of refills. Humana should take a lesson!

Friday, September 3, 2021

If You Stay, You Pay!

 As I anticipate selling the park and moving on, I thought I would feel more nostalgic than I do. I suppose this means I am ready to go. I was out weeding this morning, I should maybe have been packing? Anyway, I was content to put a garden bed that was neglected back to right. I do enjoy gardening and will no doubt continue to keep up with it until the day we pull out.

Speaking of that, I am overwhelmed as I look at the amazing amount of things we have acquired during the past 18 years. How are we going to move it all? We can live in the RV easily, as it is quite spacious and even has a washer/dryer. But what do I do with all this stuff? Maybe I should just get my girls to help. Adrienne is organized and Jill has not an ounce of sentimentality. Jill would quickly dispose of most of this stuff via the dumpster with nary a twang of regret and Adrienne would have everything boxed up with utmost efficiency. I would probably struggle with angst over every item.

I will just have to channel my girls and get tossing! I would absolutely rather be in the garden!

In the meantime, it is Friday on a holiday weekend. I have a mere hour left until I have to man the desk and begin the day. The has been ringing since 8am. Robo calls do not take a day off and campers informing me of their pending arrival times. I do not need to know when you are arriving, nor do I care. It is raining and I expect  cancellations galore. I managed to mow my dogs' yard and didn't get too wet. It is predicted rain all day and all day tomorrow.

This rain means that some campers will come and stay the entire weekend and then ask for compensation for the rainy days. A tiny Judge Judy will be sitting upon my shoulder as I tell them you can't eat the steak, then get your money back because you didn't like it. And like the litigants on the show, half of them will be confused.

I have a light heart knowing that tomorrow afternoon my daughter will be here!!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is upon us! The good news is that this may be the last time I will host a holiday here. We have an interested party and things would appear to be falling into place.

I am now in a mad rush to find a suitable landing spot. All my extra time has been spent searching and my mind is on overload as I have seen so many properties on line and am trying to narrow them down to a suitable number to go and actually see. I have a budget, of course. Initially I am the one who set the budget. HeWho has never adhered to a budget in his life and all of a sudden he thinks he is the one who will mandate how much we spend.

I paused for laughter. Anyone who knows us is laughing. In other good news, my baby girl, Adrienne, and her sweet husband, Chad will be here Saturday. On their way to Tampa, they are spending just one night here, but I will take every minute I get and be thankful. It has been two years since I have been able to see them. As excited as I am, I don't think I am as excited as my sister-in-law, whose home will be the next stop on their journey. Maybe it is the fact that they can look at each other and see themselves! They look a lot alike, except that Adrienne towers over her Aunt Pam, just like she does me.

Back to the search for property, a realtor from north Georgia has been keeping an eye open for us. He stayed here awhile back and must have chatted with HeWho fancies himself to be in charge. He kept sending me listings of houses in neighborhoods. He finally called and talked to me. I don't want neighbors close by. I have lived in a fishbowl for the past 18 years and I am ready for privacy and quiet. The only sounds I want to hear are those of nature. I want to look at mountains and hear water close by.

I have a specific area for my search and am open to looking in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. None of the listings the realtor has sent interest me at all. I will just have to hunt it down myself, I suppose! Good thing I am diligent in my hunt. 

When I close my eyes at night I see pictures of properties running in a loop and over-lapping. I dream about  mountain views and babbling brooks and cabins with decks and views.

In reaction to the growing number of the Delta patients and the conflicting "advice" coming my way, I have gone to a no contact check-in procedure. The window behind my check-in desk now sports a sheet of plexi and instructions on how to get service. My new wireless door chime arrived today and I spent some time listening to all 56 of the choices. I want something to let me know someone is there, but these last so long I may lose my mind! Really annoying. I liked the one that sounded like birds chirping, just two times. I am afraid I may burst into song with some of them and then have that stuck in my mind. Just how gentle is that rain that falls softly on the meadow? And, why do I want to know?  


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Excitement In The Afternoon!

You will not believe the excitement we had today! This is Cujo reporting, by the way. Let me set the scene for you ...

It was just a normal day here at the park, well if the temperature of over 100 degrees is normal. Mom was up early and mowing, getting her chores out of the way. When she came in she was wet. Not just sweat, though. Dad asked her why her hair was dripping. She stuck her head under the hose! Dad said that the water from the hose must have been freezing, but she said it felt good. Mom and Dad do not agree on temperature.

Mom went to shower and Dad fixed their lunch, this is not normal either. Not to worry, though, he did not clean up the kitchen afterwards. That really would have been out of the ordinary! Mom said she was really tired and her ear was hurting, so she swallowed some pills and Eddie and I followed her to the bedroom where we had the nicest nap. Bo likes to go to bed with us, but he won't stay for a nap. Eddie and I don't care as long as he leaves quietly.

I woke first and then Mom and Eddie got up. We all followed her to the back door. Mom opened the door and I saw a blur of gray fur run past Mom. At first I thought it was Martha, the boy cat. But I caught a whiff of wild animal and Mom yelled for Dad. Us three boy dogs took off after the wild creature and while Bo and Eddie had him in a corner and I went in for the kill!

I bit down, expecting to get a taste of flesh and ended up with a wad of fur in my mouth. Mom was still yelling for Dad, who was yelling back, "What is it?" What is it, indeed? Mom screamed then for him to come help her. Dad and Toni Louise came out together and Toni came running to help us boy dogs. The wild creature started to run again and Mom picked up Eddie.

That wild thing was running straight for Mom and Eddie!! Dad kicked at it and Mom took Eddie inside and came back out and grabbed Bo while she yelled at me to STOP. My mind was on this creature in MY yard. I was going to defend my territory, I tell you! I was prepared to fight to the end! 

Toni Louise and Dad kept getting in my way. The creature was quite ugly with buck teeth that he kept clicking at us. Why did he do that? Barking is so much more efficient! Toni Louise is not as brave as she would have us all believe. She let me take the lead! Scared, I think she was scared of the creature. I bet Martha, the boy cat would have helped me! I know he would have, he is not scared of anything!

About the time I was thinking about Toni Louise being afraid, Mom tossed Dad a bucket and he really got in my way then. I think this is when Mom saw her chance and she scooped me up with one hand. Mr. BoJangles was occupying her other arm. Mom must have gained a lot of strength from being afraid because she keeps telling me I am fat and makes a big deal out of lifting me with both her hands. 

She dumped Bo and me inside and Toni obeyed dad and followed her in. We left Dad to defend himself against the intruder. Dad came in and headed towards the bedroom! Did he really think this would be a good time for a nap? Where was this invader of our yard? Suddenly he came out of the bedroom with a shotgun!

No, I am not kidding! He headed to the back door and I was hot on his heels. I wanted to see this. Mom yelled "TREAT" and we all stopped in our tracks. Dad got out the door and we were all looking to see what our treat was. Mom said our treat was not being accidentally shot and to stop looking at her like that.

We heard the gunshot! Twice. Dad came in and put up the gun. Mom asked if he had killed it. When he said that he had she told him to remove the corpse from the back yard. We were all disappointed about that! We could have determined what the creature was. Dad said it was a beaver, then maybe a woodchuck. He didn't have a beaver tail and beavers like water. There is no water in our yard.

It turned out to be a really big groundhog. Mom went out to investigate how he got in our yard. It remains a mystery. I might need another nap now! Mom says that these are the dog days of summer and that animals do strange things. She was afraid for us dogs being bitten by that groundhog with his buck teeth that click. Why do they call it dog days? That doesn't seem right to me. I will need to sleep on it.

Until next time, this is Cujo signing off. 


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

I Do Have Masking Tape

HeWho was on his best game today. A camper buddy suggested a window for checking in, since a large amount of the population seems to find wearing a mask to be so bothersome.

Genius idea! I mentioned it to the man in the chair and he seemed to think it was a good idea as well.

Not sure if the idea was so appealing as the thought of going out to purchase plexiglass was. He does like to shop, this man who thinks gravity won't keep his chair on the floor. 

I fished a folding table out of the dumpster some time ago. I have no pride, you know. All it needs is a new dowel and a good paint job, nothing wrong with it. Thinking ahead, as I am apt to do, I had been waiting until HeWho was going to a hardware store to have him get a dowel for the table. I have various sizes of dowels around here, just not the size required. I gave him one of the broken pieces of the dowel and asked if he would get one while he was there.

He forgot it. It was one of two items he was supposed to get, so he hopped back into his truck and made a second trip. I thought about asking for bread, but I didn't want to confuse him.

The plexiglass in hand, and the dowel came in with him. I honestly thought I was going to be the one to install the plexiglass, or it would take a few weeks to get to. He bought a door for the house about a year ago and it still lingers on it's side next to all the extra pool paint.

I asked if he had planned to cover the entire length of the window, since that is the size he purchased. I had thoughts of a piece that would fit snug against the storm window and would only require removal of the screen. But he went outside and removed the storm window entirely and the plexiglass covers the entire window except for a 3" opening at the bottom to slide out a registration on a clipboard. Everything pertaining to checking in can be handled with no contact!

He bought AND installed in the SAME day! Problem solved for masks. But, what about merchandise? Well, you will have to bite the bullet and cover your mouth and nose if you want to enter my Covid free sanctuary! Or, you can always drive 23 miles to Walmart! Walmart will give you a mask, but they won't make you wear it. I was asked last week if I had masks to give out. No, I am not Walmart. Masking tape, I have that, but fear that covering the mouth and nose would be somewhat criminal.  

Monday, August 23, 2021

Fresh Tomatoes!

 HeWho called me rude! I am not rude, unless someone deserves it! I have a sign right there on the front of the building stating the necessity of wearing a mask when entering my office. Not a suggestion, a mandate. If you refuse to don a mask, don't come in. Simple. I will even go outside to register a camper. I do not feel the need to explain my rules to you, nor do I care to hear your theories.

I painted a long line of fence this morning before the sun was high in the sky. It was still hot and muggy and I used almost a gallon of paint, one brush stroke at a time. As I made my way down the fence I clipped back spent flowers and dead limbs and no way was I going to not pull weeds. I was hot and tired when I entered the building after deciding to quit for the day. School started today and I decided to have a nice swim after all my efforts. 

It took more time to get my swimsuit on my sweaty body that it took to swim. HeWho had been holding his chair to the floor all morning while I labored with the paintbrush was snippy with me upon learning I was planning to swim. So I got snippy with him and he begrudgingly helped me get my swimsuit on, since my shoulders no longer have a good range of motion.

It was nice, but I like my water a lot colder. It will bring my core temp down better than a cold shower. So, I followed up with a very cold shower, dressed and dried my hair and then went to my office for my time of confinement. He must have felt some guilt about the number of hours he spends holding that chair down and he had washed the dishes!

Swimmers checked in and were in the pool later in the afternoon when thunder rumbled. It was so loud that even I could hear it despite the water that is still in my right ear. The thunder went on for some time and the swimmers stayed in the water. I usually walk out there to make them get out for safety's sake, but I didn't today. I just sat there with my wonky ear and read blogs.

Because he washed the dishes I made BLT's for supper as a special treat. He is not allowed bacon on his cardiac diet, and I got creative with turkey bacon. All I have to say about the culinary delights of this is that the tomatoes were fresh out of my garden and they were delicious!

Monday, August 16, 2021

All My Fault

Just when you think you have heard it all.

The day started great. Mild temperatures, the pain in my jaw subsided from my tendency to clench said jaw while sleeping. Insomnia does have some benefits! I readied myself for mowing and informed HeWho is the master of the house to not release the hounds until I had the mower in the yard and the gate was closed again. Last time I was getting the mower through the gate, he opened the door and let them all out. They were crying and begging to go out, but since there is a window in the door, I assumed he might look out into the yard BEFORE opening the door. You know what that saying is about assumptions ...

The operation of dodging all the obstacles in my path to the gate went smoothly and I let my companions with four legs out to assist me in mowing the yard. I mowed half the yard, then the mower started slowing down and then revving up. This has been going on for some time now and I have been quite vocal about it. I like to mow my own yard, I just do not want to take care of the maintenance of the machine. I fill the tank with gas when there is no one close by to do it for me. I don't even fill my car with gas unless I absolutely have to. Should have been written in our vows!

I went inside and ask him if he had heard what the mower was doing. "Huh?" I am also not fond of repeating myself. The mower had slowed down so much that I didn't think the blade was rotating fast enough to cut. "Something is wrong with the mower," said the wife of HeWho can't hear until it is repeated.

"I don't know what your problem is, it always starts fine for me." he grumbled as he pushed the remote that would eject him from his chair. I did not say it wouldn't start. I followed him out and thought of grabbing an axe just in case the mower ran fine for him. I wanted to be prepared to smash it to pieces. It started and then continued to misbehave for the benefit for HeWho insisted there was nothing wrong. 

Not one to sit idly by while repairs are done, I headed back to the front of the store after hanging out laundry to continue painting trim. I painted until my muscles were telling me to stop. Watered all my containers and came inside to see about food for the evening.

Throughout all this, I answered calls and checked in reservations. Upon entry to my building I ask everyone not wearing a mask the status of their vaccination. Habit. Most people comply without comment. The unvaccinated are prone to trying to teach me the ways of the world.

I have heard all the conspiracy theories. I have heard all the excuses offered about how experimental the vaccine is. They are all experimental, just like every new drug on the market with ads prompting you to ask your doctor if the new drug is right for you. I really don't want to hear from all these people and am quickly losing patience with it. But today, the man standing before me sharing his "information" is the winner!

According to this man, all of the vaccinated people are the problem. Seems he thinks that by getting vaccinated, we have caused the mutation of the virus. I suppose I could have been a bit more diplomatic and not said that was the stupidest thing I have ever heard. He informed me that "the nurse" told him this theory.  I should have just simply shut my mouth and checked the man in. I was tired and my tolerance for stupidity was running low. I tried to explain that had we all gotten the vaccine, perhaps we would have herd immunity by now. I did control myself from suggesting that he had misinterpreted the information "the nurse" had relayed to him.

I checked him in and gave his directions to his site and went on with my dinner preparations. I heard someone come in and asked HeWho was holding his chair to the floor to handle it. It was the man telling HeWho that we have an awful park and he could not stay here. My fault, all my fault. The loss of revenue, not the mutation of the virus.


Sunday, August 15, 2021

Don't Be Ignorant!

As much as things change, they remain the same. It has been a slow weekend. The slowest since March. School is starting and it is normal for a slump right now.

It is just as well since I have not felt well all weekend. I have a sore throat, headache, earache, and am exhausted. Do I have Covid? Maybe, who knows? I am sure this is what we all think now whenever our bodies display more than one symptom that defines Covid. I have been wearing a mask around people just in case. I would feel terrible if I made someone sick. I slept until 9:30 this morning and was pretty useless for the remainder of the morning, so I lay down for a few hours and got back up at 4:00. Still feel tired.

Despite being tired I can still find irony in my daily life. Causes me to wonder about things. Things like the education of our youth. I do not understand the new math. I like it the way I learned it. It makes sense. Nowadays it seems we are to rely on devices to compute. I learned by memorizing math facts and constant repetition.

My brain is my calculator. I still count change back to my customer. A lost art it would seem. When I am shopping, I can determine the price of an item at any percentage off and usually know within a few dollars how much my cart will add up to. Without the use of the calculator on my phone. I seem to be a minority. I find that scary.

I have a bin of merchandise that I have a 1/2 price sign on. All of the items are even dollar amounts. If it is marked $2.00 ..... why would you need to ask what the amount would be at half price. I could have told the adult asking that it was now $1.50 and feel pretty certain that they would have paid it without question.

The word "ignorant" seems to be the newest misused word. Well, around these parts. When someone tells you that you are doing something that is clearly against the rules and your response is to tell them not to be ignorant ..... then maybe you should grab a dictionary and look the word "ignorant" up. 

I knew someone once who would preface all his statements with "I don't mean to sound ignorant, but ...". Over and over again throughout a conversation, causing me to tell him that if he preferred not to sound ignorant, perhaps he should not speak. He didn't get it.

Given the fact that words have lost their meanings and been assigned new ones and counting money is a lost art, it should come as no surprise that people believe conspiracy theories about the vaccine and will hold out until Covid strikes close to home, killing a loved one.

We all thought 2020 was bad, but 2021 doesn't seem so great either. I worry about all the children going back to school and am thankful I am not a mother of young children. I honestly don't know how I would handle sending them out the door knowing a virus lay in wait. Masked for sure, and vaccinated as soon as allowed to be. Still a scary state of affairs. Ignorance would be bliss!