Friday, June 29, 2012

Dammit Doll Day

When my kids were here they went on a little field trip to the city of Hermann and perused some of the antique and novelty shops. There are wineries and breweries, too. While in a little shop they spied this doll and decided it was just the doll for me. I think it looks a little like a voo-doo doll and wondered where the hat pins were to stick it with.

Then I read the label on the front. I couldn't get a clear shot, but it says:

Whenever things don't go so well
And you want to hit the wall and yell
Here's a little Dammit Doll,
That you can't do without.
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
And find a place to slam it.
And as you whack the stuffing out
Yell "Dammit!Dammit!Dammit!"

Yesterday was a Dammit Doll Day ....... so is today. The temperature is in the triple digits. No relief in sight. No rain in sight. I creep out into the early morning heat to get as much done as I can before I am held captive to the cool confines of the store. Or, it should be cool. It would be cool. If people would come in and close the door. Instead they like to stand in the open door and carry on conversations. Not just kids, in fact the kids are better than the adults about coming in and closing the door.

Not only does the temperature rise, but so does my blood pressure as I think about the electricity bill I am going to have. We have three soda machines, or pop machines, or coke machines ....... depending on where you are from. The one in the store has the glass door. I am not sure just how many people are aware of this, but you can see through the glass. The same thing you see when you open the door, you can look at through the glass. The other two are can dispensing machines, that you can deposit coins or dollars into and recieve a a cold can of your choice of beverage.

I try to keep a decent selection in those, so that one may be able to get a cold drink even when the office is closed for the evening. One machine belongs to Dr. Pepper and one belongs to us. In the event of a malfunction on the Dr. Pepper machine, I need only call the distributor for repair. I will confess that I don't always buy product from the distributor, as I find better deals at the grocery, but I am careful to use only the product that is distributed by that company.

The machine I own has a Pepsi logo on it and I  stock what I choose in that one, I do, after all own it and therefore have no allegiance to Pepsi. I do stock Pepsi, but I also put Coke in it.
One of the machines went down two days ago, just guess which one. Mine.

So, as the sun was setting and the temperature had cooled down to 90, I was about the business of unloading that machine in order to relocate the cans to other machines. I had already decided that cold cereal was going to be okay for supper and as dark was approaching I was in a hurry to get my task done. I took some empty Coke crates out with me and then looked for a place to set them that would eliminate the need for me to bend over and over as I stacked the cans.

There was nothing close enough and I decided to just hold the crate up by pushing it up against the machine with my belly as I used both hands to load the cans. You already know what happened, don't you? Yes, you do. It was almost full when it slipped and fell on the cement sidewalk where three cans exploded.

It was three cans of Coke. No diet, lots of sugar, sticky, sticky sugar. The cans spewed everywhere.  The inside of the machine the window of the building, and mostly me. My legs were dripping and my shoes were full. Up my nose and in my face. My hair, even my bra was soaked. Undaunted I picked up the surviving cans and dripped my way onto the freshly mopped store floor where I proceeded to wipe down the cans before filling the inside cooler. I had mopped earlier thinking I was getting a jump on my days chores ............

I brought in two more crates of the sticky cans before calling it a night and showering, thinking things would be better in the new light of day. I was wrong. I have a small window of opportunity to get things done on weekend days. Friday is always hectic as I ready for the weekend traffic. I had a plan as I left the building and headed out to get the sprinklers going.

I bought some of those hose repair kits. You know the ones with the tube thing that goes into each piece of broken hose. I wanted to retrieve my 100' hose and put a shorter length on a garden that was closer to the hydrant. I carefully cut the damaged piece off the hose and with much effort shoved the tube connector into the ends of the hoses and then tightened the things with the screws that would hold it all together.

Simple, right? I made the length too short. I remembered that I had a 10' hose and went to get it. I hooked it all up, only to discover that the 10' hose was leaking where it attached to the hydrant. I still had another repair kit and, as the temperature was climbing into the 90's again, I went and grabbed another end of hosing and attached it to the leaky hose .......... only to discover that I now had a hose with two female ends. It takes a lot of hand strength to put those connectors in. I just threw it down and gave up.

The Dammit Doll has had quite the workout.

On a lighter note ........ I miss Kyra. She is a good cat lover. I think Little Martha misses her, too.

Gavin, too. I miss him, but Wall-E has been going through Gavin withdrawal. Doesn't help that this cat gets more attention than him. He does not like Little Martha ..... at all.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

My peach tree is so full I had to put supports under one side. Can you believe that some of the peaches are ripe? In June??

I was advised to thin the peaches by about half so the ones left could get bigger. I did, but looks like I may have to have another thinning take place.

I found a packet of morning glory seed. I should say old packet. I think it was a free packet I got about 10 years ago. I tossed the seed in a planter never expecting to see life, but it sprouted and bloomed and greets me each morning when I open the door.

I have wanted to make a sign for the pool rules for awhile. I have them posted on the front door, but no one notices them, causing me to say the same speech at least a dozen times a day. The bare wall of the shed housing the pool pump and equipment presented an opportunity for a sizable proclamation of rules. He who is the buyer of heavy objects had thought I would use half the sheet of plywood.

No, I used the whole 4 X 8 foot area. I wanted it to scream out my rules. I looks crooked in the photo, but we used a level and I promise it is straight. Freddy the kampground frog grabs the attention of swimmers. I noticed everyone looking at it yesterday and some were moving their lips as they read. If nothing else, I now have a visual aid for my speech!

This is a new marigold color. Vanilla. I like it. I will be harvesting seeds for next season and plan to have a nice big plot of vanilla marigolds to compliment the deep red daylilies I have ordered.

It is hot and dry here. We need rain, but none is in the forecast. The days are long and tedious. Swimmers are cranky towards the end of each day with their bright red shoulders and noses. I stay inside from 11 til 7. I do my outside chores early in the morning and after the pool empties of swimmers. I have yet to get in the pool this year. By the time my day ends, all I want is a bed and pillow.

Today I am lettering more signs. "Do Not Enter", "Exit Only", "Private Drive", and "Absolutely No Smoking". The last will be posted over the toilets in the bathrooms. Nothing quite like entering a bathroom to clean it and have my asthma rear it's angry head because the room is filled with cigarette smoke. Not that I need an excuse to prohibit any activity I might find offensive. It is my park, after all ..........

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hi, Wall-E here today, writing for Gramma. In case you don't know me, I am the adorable white dog in the picture with Gavin. He is my boy. Gramma is not "at the top of her game" today ..... she says stuff like that all the time. It means she is not feeling so good. Why she can't just say that, I do not know.

I volunteered to write for her today to share some good news. Actually, I am having a wonderful day. The kitten named Martha got into big trouble with Gramma and I am not ashamed to tell you how happy that has made me. I do not care at all for the kitten. He bites and has some wicked claws. I just stay away from him. I saw what he did to Oscar. Oscar was playing with him and he reached into Oscar's mouth and grabbed his lip with those claws and hung on. Oscar cried!

I heard Gramma tell the kitten called Martha to stop biting customers. (Martha lives in the store where Gramma works.) Martha did not stop, so Gramma must have picked him up and he must have bitten Gramma, because I heard Gramma ask Martha if he had gone insane. Then she asked Martha if he remembered who Gramma was. He must have amnesia because he chose to bite Gramma again. Gramma gave him a good thump to the head and I could barely believe what I heard next ........... Martha hissed and spit and then growled at Gramma!!!

The I heard Gramma say, "That's it, mister, you have earned yourself some time alone in the kennel!" It is my kennel and I was opposed to Martha using it at all ....... until today. The use of my kennel as a jail to punish Martha is quite appealing to me. Gramma has removed all the comforts from the kennel and Martha was tossed in the klinker with no blanket, no food and no toys!

All of us dogs were happy about this, we celebrated quietly, lest Gramma scold us for being mean and reminding us that we had all been in her cross-hairs at some time when we were learning rules. Gramma is like that, you know. She did let Martha out after an hour of solitary confinement. Martha was stubborn at first and just stared at her from the back of the kennel, refusing to come out. Gramma told him to suit himself, but to think first in the future before disobeying her.

My other good news? I wrote a book. No, really I did. It has been published and was released already. I know this because Papa found it on Amazon. He said, "Hey Wall-E, your book is on Amazon!" I am not sure what or who Amazon is, but they have my book!! I know I am not listed as the author, Gramma is. Something about me not being able to sign contracts or some such nonsense. I have a perfectly good paw and Gramma has an ink pad! Did you know that my paw print is unique? Gramma told me so and just in case you don't know ........ Gramma knows EVERYTHING. Really, she does.

So, look on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble ...... I am famous! My picture is right there on the cover. It says 'Letters To Gavin' right above my picture. My boy is famous, too! Gramma says that soon we will have my books right here in our store. If you want an autograph, you will want to get your book here. Famous, I tell you, I am famous!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dog Days??

I am laying out the letters to paint on my 4 X 8 foot sign to clearly state the rules of swimming in the kampground pool. I see the car pull in and know that I will have to put my audio book on hold and go inside to either sign in some swimmers (for whom the sign is being made) or kampers. It is Friday afternoon in the kampground, after all.

I wait to hear the doors to the vehicle open and close before I stop tracing letters, the book having been put on hold. I hear the jangle of what sounds like a chain on a dogs neck ......... could these be swimmers? Nothing shocks me anymore. Well, maybe the snout of a dog sniffing my butt. I turn from my task to see a rather large furry creature. The man behind her seems okay with his dog checking me out. "Can I help you?" I ask. "We have reservations." he replies. I say, "While in the park, the dogs must be kept on a lead." " She's a good dog, she don't like leashes. The trip was so long, I wanted to let her out." he says as his dog, named Molly, relieves herself on my flowers and takes out a couple of them as she exits my flower bed.

I love my dogs, everybody who has ever been introduced to me knows this. But, like children, they need to be taken care of by their parents! Or owners, if you will.

He who is apt to rescue stranded motorists will also rescue animals. He brought home a dog today. Yes, as if I don't have enough animals to look after ......... The dog appears to be a young one and will be a big dog when full grown. She is a white mixed breed with short hair. The animal shelter is only open until 11am, so she will be here tonight. My canine children are very unhappy with this new development. So am I, as I hear her howling right now.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is Wall-E reunited with his boy, Gavin. There is an unbreakable bond between them. No matter how much elapses between visits, the dog abandons us to be with his boy.

Wall-E likes Chad ......... see, he is laughing!

Toni Louise enjoys some cat wrestling with the boy named Martha.

I know this may look like Wall-E, but is not. This is Max, the puppy Wall-E took to his boy last fall. I am thinking that the boy's mom is more enchanted with the puppy than Gavin is.

Wall-E in bed with his boy.

As I was dragging a hose to water the parched flowers in the front garden next to the entrance. I was pulling along the 250 feet of hose when I encountered a hulking pile of dog poop, complete with  blow flies. Not really having a choice in the matter I cleaned it up and went back to pulling hose and discovered two more piles to my utmost delight ......

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I was digging a ditch this morning. Yes, I wanted the good dirt and the ditch in question has to be dug out manually, lest the buried electrical line be excavated by the big toys used by the big boys.

I was pondering ways to keep the dirt from filling the ditch again and decided to use some big rocks. Lots of rocks around these parts, so I looked around and spied a likely candidate for holding dirt in place. Wide and sort of flat. I pulled it up and saw these eggs and a tail slither further under the rock.

A snake was my first thought, but snakes don't have legs. Mama Lizard showed herself again before running to hide, so I got the camera. I also picked up one of the eggs. It felt rubbery, like a big membrane. It also felt like it was tight. I put the egg back and went about my digging and watering before I had to open for the day.

I wanted to show my find to he who is fascinated by such things, but Mama Lizard (I call her Lizzie)  had already moved them. I wonder how she did that. Did she roll them under another rock or did she pick them up in her mouth? I ponder such things in the wee hours of the morning ......

So, the title is eggs. Last week, as I prepared for company coming, I made the obligatory trip to the grocery. Thinking of the birthday cakes and other cooking I would be doing, I decided to get a flat of eggs. That's 30. Two and a half dozen. A lot of eggs, but three cakes and potato salad and breakfast for 6 should take care of it. I picked up a box of TWO flats. 60 eggs.

We had deviled eggs and potato salad with twice the eggs one would normally use. We still have plenty of eggs here in the kampground. I wiped out about half of them. Won't need eggs any time soon.

Alone Again ....

My baby girl, Adrienne, with me.

With he who is her dad.

Her beau, Chad. I felt like a Pygmy next to him! My head didn't even reach his shoulder, he had to lean in.

I hope he who is Adrienne's dad didn't scare him away with his antics!

You will note that I am not in the picture! This was the best I could do right before they left to go home. I had told them all that I wanted a picture of all of us together, but the park was empty on Tuesday morning as they prepared to leave. He who was home just for a bit still has his safety vest on, so a lot of the pictures didn't turn out well with the glare from the reflective tape. Yes, I do know how simple it would have been for him to remove it .........

Gavin and Kyra are holding Little Martha and Papa is holding Max, the puppy; Gavin's dog.

Chad decided to grab a bite of leftover Chinese before hitting the road. We got to know him better and like him a lot. If he didn't have a good time, he is a really good actor!

Just about to get into the car and leave, but one more picture, please.

I miss Little He Who today! His t-shirt says:

We had a great visit. The park wasn't full and I got to spend time with them. Of course, if the park isn't full, I make less money. Time with my family is priceless.

My dogs were sad when the house got quiet. Toni Louise was enchanted with Max, The Puppy. They ran and ran, round and round the back yard. Wall-E joined in after a time of scoping things out. Oscar even played ball, something he hasn't done since his mate died.

Kyra was delighted to take over the care of Little Martha. Little M was quite smitten with Kyra and there was talk of Kyra taking the kitten home. I would have relinquished the kitten to Kyra, as she was very responsible and Little M liked her ..... a lot. But Little M is still here.

Funny story about Little Martha ...... when I was presented with the mere handful of fur after the fall from the bucket of the front end loader, I questioned her gender and was told by one of my kampers that it was definitely female. Female, hence the name Martha. Little Martha has a big "M" on her forehead, and knows her name. Little Martha also has testicles ..........

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Mornings

Friday mornings are sacred. It is the final bit of relative freedom I will experience as I rush into the weekend. It is the last day of the week that I will not open my doors until 11. This is my last time to sit and savor the dregs of my coffee cup in solitude. I sit and review what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done. I decide what I can do and what will wait until next week.

This Friday is special, though. I will not paint the signs or transplant seedlings. No, I will be dusting, mopping and making beds. Yes, beds. Plural. My baby girl is coming to see her mom!! I am so excited to cram all of her family into my tiny abode. Her bed is ready and I will be putting the cots up for the kids and banning excess furniture to ........ somewhere.

Then I will be in the kitchen to bake the cakes necessary for the celebration of the birthdays missed and the birthday that will be here on Sunday. So, if you plan to swim in my pool today, come on and enjoy the water and forgive me if I don't stop to gossip. My baby is coming home!!

The camera has to be charged and the furniture made free of the ever present dust that comes with living on gravel roads. The tub must be scrubbed and the towels washed and sweet smelling. The cots need their thick foam mattresses dressed and ready for Gavin and Kyra to fall into upon the late arrival.

Yes, as all Moms around the world will do, I will make ready for them and everything will be spotless. This is the only time I really clean my home during the season. We make do with spot cleaning unless company descends. I have decided that I need a wife! I would rather be outside or in my sewing/craft room than in my little house this time of year.

I have told the dogs to ready themselves for a visitor. The puppy we nurtured for a week before taking him to his new home with Gavin will be here, too. Wall-E is unsure about this; Gavin being his boy first. Wall-E will abandon his beloved Papa as soon as Gavin arrives. He loves that boy and seems to know that his first loyalty is to Gavin, the little boy who loved him first. Gavin's cot will be at the foot of my bed. Wall-E will sleep with him, leaving Papa with a little void next to him.

The puppy Max will no doubt have a show-down with the the reigning alpha male, Oscar, upon arrival. Toni Louise will be giddy with happiness to play with a bundle of energy and Wall-E will ignore him as he goes about the business of reclaiming his boy's love. Little Martha will do what all kittens do and insert her little self into the middle of it all. My new 'almost' granddaughter, Kyra, is a cat lover and she can keep Little Martha safe.

Yes, I am excited. My cup is empty and I have so much to accomplish today. Why am I still here?? Look for pictures next week. Looks for tear drops on them. I always cry when they leave .......

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birds, Cats, and Dogs

The little hatchlings are all gone. Late yesterday afternoon I checked the nest. One egg remained and a new little Killdeer looked as if it has just come out of his egg shell. Hildee and Henry weren't that happy to have company and tried to lure me away. One of the morning babies followed their lead and rose up and ran on it's tiny legs.

I managed to get this shot of the baby. I was clicking as fast as my camera would let me in the direction of baby K's escape. Those little legs are fast!!  I blew all the photos up, but the birds blend so well with their surroundings and are so fast that I could only find one image and it is hard to see!

The grass is brown from lack of rain. We haven't mowed in over a week. We might get a storm front moving through tomorrow, but the forecast is iffy. In the meantime I am watering my flowers and vegetables all day long, it seems.

I tried a little photo shoot with Little M and her canine buddies. Oscar is not happy. He is not able to jump down from my office chair, so I at least had a captive audience for the camera. Little M always investigates his underside in search of a nipple and she is always disappointed. Strangely enough, Oscar is the most tolerant of her. He is usually the least tolerant of new family members.

Wall-E can jump down and did so several times. He does not like this cat at all. He doesn't bother her or try to hurt her, he just wants nothing to do with her. She wants to check out his underside, but that is just not going to happen.

You will recall that Little M was not happy at all to have her sister join her here in my office. I am beginning to think that Little M is prejudiced against females (not me, of course, I am her mommy) because she went into full attack mode with Toni Louise. Poor Toni didn't know what to do.

Little M is quite content to be the one occupying the chair. She likes being the one that gets to stay in the office with me all day. At first she would cry out and meow when I would escape into the sitting room, but now, she just accepts that her time is over, so she goes into her kennel and sleeps until she hears me taking the dogs out in the morning.

The other little kitten that looks just like my Little M found a good home with Kamper Dana. Dana was quite smitten with Little M, so he who was instructed to take Other Kitty back to Mama Kitty, retrieved Other Kitty for Dana. Other Kitty will now lead a pampered life like her sibling.

Next weekend my daughter is coming. There will be a joyful reunion between Wall-E and his boy, Gavin. New puppy Max will be coming along. I doubt he will remember us from his very short stay before his trip north to live with Gavin. Should be interesting with four dogs and a cat ...... 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birthdays ....... Hatchdays?

Today is my grandson's birthday. Gavin is 8. We have been here almost 8 years. I know this because we moved here when Gavin was barely a month old. I cried most of the way and was sure that I would be blazing a trail back to Minnesota every other month or so. After all, how hard could it be to run a kampground?

I was so very naive. While I miss my kids and their kids tremendously, there are advantages to living in the middle of nowhere. This morning I went to check on the Killdeer (her name is Hildee and his name is Henry, by the way) eggs. Hildee was sitting on the eggs and Henry was close by. Kamper Martha was with me with her faithful canine, Buddy. Hildee began screeching as we approached and Henry was was on the embankment of the pond flapping his wings and making noise. I saw only two eggs!! I got as close as I could and saw the two new birds. I came back for the camera. Look closely under Hildee's legs and you will see her babies.

She looks proud and fierce all at the same time. Do hatchlings have birthdays? Or are they called "Hatchdays"? Whatever it is, Gavin shares his birthday with Hildee's babies.

She finally stood up and walked a few steps forward so I could see the little ones. Wish I had a camera set up to see the other two as they peck their way out of the eggshell that surrounds them. Must be awfully tight in there!

She walked away and let me get a closer look, but still stayed close. All the while Henry was screeching from the pond embankment.

So tiny and perfect. Hard to believe that they were just inside those eggs!

He who hunts stray animals found one of little Martha's siblings and brought her to me. Why? I don't know. He should have left her in the place he found her so that her mother could tend to her. Little M is none too happy about this development, either.

Little M is somewhat of a princess here at the kampground. She has her territory to roam. My office area and my sewing room. She rides the golf cart with me while I water and garden. She likes her status as the only little feline. She will play with the dogs and if things get a little rough, she will use her claws to defend herself. The dogs all know to not hurt her, lest I get out the flyswatter.

The new kitty looks exactly like her, a tad bigger than her; having had the benefit of her Mom's milk longer. Little Martha knows her name and will come when I call her. She knows how to eat solid food and use the litter box. And she knows I love her.

First thing she did was to hike her back and hiss at her long lost sibling. The little kitten is scared, doesn't know how to lap milk from a bowl and the litter box is a new concept. My Martha will not allow her to eat from her bowl. She attacks her and bites her! She tried biting me, the hand that feeds her and got a good thump to her head for her efforts.

While I am glad that she will defend herself, I am not happy that she is so territorial. Or maybe I am, because, when he who brought me another cat awakens, one little kitty will go to the pound. Little Martha has won my heart, but you will note that the other kitty has not been named.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Specific Instructions

 Little Martha is growing fast. I don't notice it so much because I see her every day. He who loves to rescue came home yesterday and was amazed at how big she has gotten. Should be no surprise, considering how often she eats ....... and how much! She is no longer on a bottle. She chewed the nipple off, then decided to use my chin as a chew toy. She is still on the formula for kittens, but with solids. She has also mastered the litter box.

I am so happy to have my husband home. Such a relief to not be responsible for everything. The pool is his chore and he has it down to a science. He e-mailed instructions for back-washing and I tried. I really did. I got a little hung up on the very first item on the list, though. One pump is down for the count and the replacement is on the way. I knew that, but there are two breakers in the electrical box. One to each pump. His instructions said to turn off the 20 amp breaker ......

They are both 20 amp. However, one was actually labeled "20". I couldn't get him on his cell. So I decided that he would have phrased it that way so that I would turn off the one with a label. The rest of his instructions were based on the location of the tanks in proximity to the pool. My reasoning was that he would have said to turn off the breaker closest to the pool had he wanted me to turn it off.

I was wrong. I went on to the next step, which was to press down on the black handle atop the pump closest to the breaker box, then rotate it to the "backwash" function, turn the breaker back on and then let the water run for so many minutes or until clear. Then repeat the process backwards. Sounds so simple.

I could not turn that handle. Harvey was here and it took both of us to do it and then put it back to filter when we were done. I found out later that the water pressure was what made it so hard, because I had flipped the wrong breaker. I did manage to clean and organize the pump house while I was there, though.

Apparently, my method screwed up the works, because as I was filling the pool with a hose to bring the water level up to proper height and water was still coming out, faster than I was putting it in. Finally got he who backwashes on the phone to tell me I had done the whole process wrong and how to fix it. I appreciate his presence so much more now! His mom was doing better when he left. Thank you all for your prayers and concern.

Little Martha likes to go out with me in the morning to explore. We were watering the dry gardens this morning when she discovered a leak in my set up. Like all cats, Little M is curious.

So, she went under to check it out. She didn't fix it, though.

We figure that Little M has only 8 lives left after her fall from the big bucket. She is wary of engine noise and will flatten her little body to the ground if she hears one. But, in the early morning she likes hanging out with me in the great outdoors. We went on the golf cart this morning to set the sprinklers in motion on some sites that have new grass and new plants, then we checked on the Killdeer eggs, still unhatched.

When I stopped to set up the watering on my gardens she got down on the grass. In the sun. It is hot already. If I can't spot her I will call her name and she will meow until she spots me, then run to me. This morning she didn't. She hit under the golf cart in the shade and just watched me. My Little M is growing up!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Clean Kitty, Kitty

No pictures today, just words.

I have been just busy enough all day long to keep me from doing anything constructive. He who travels had to make a sudden trip to see his mom. She is in the hospital in Georgia. Now, you may think I am on my own here at the kampground ......

I am not, though. I have my very own support system. Kamper Jackie and Kamper Julie have fed me. Even those here for the very first time have inquired about my mother-in-law and offered their assistance. When my husband left yesterday he was worried about leaving me here, but he need not have.

After last weekend, the kamping world has been redeemed! No shenanigans this weekend, just good thoughts and help.

Little Martha is quite the little imp. She loves to be on the loose in the store to enchant those checking in. She will peek around the counter, then scurry back to safety of my feet. I put her kennel under my desk so that she can see me. When she is hungry she will cry super loud and climb the door of the kennel. I was under the impression that she did not like being locked in, but after she had roamed the store today, following me around as I did my chores, I suddenly realized that she was no longer with me.

I called her name, she will follow the sound of my voice, but she did not answer with her little meow and I could not locate her. No one had been in the store and I was fairly certain that she had not walked out the door with anyone. I searched over and under and finally checked the kennel. She had gone in on her own and curled up on her blankie and gone to sleep!

Yes, she has me wrapped around her little sharp claws! She will nibble on my thumb, but stops short of actually biting me. She still wants her bottle and refuses to lap the formula out of a saucer. I wrap her tightly in her little towel and she pops out her little arms and grabs the bottle to guide it to her mouth. I still have to squeeze it for her when she is really hungry. Her little ears move as she swallows and she gazes up at me with her big blue eyes. Yes, I am in kitten love. 

Oh, by the way ....... I am allergic to cats. Don't worry, she is not going anywhere. I will just have to bathe her often. She had three this week ....