Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Play With Me


Wall-E is such a good big brother. I told him to play with the puppy and he found the ball, then ran with it to entice Eddie to chase him.

He did it several times before Eddie really noticed the ball.

"Is this what you meant?" he asks. I love Wall-E, he is such a sweet and sensitive being.

It is a beautiful day here. The sun is shining and The sheets are blowing gently in the wind ...... and I am coughing and sneezing. But ..... when I opened my eyes this morning and saw that four dogs and a cat were ecstatic to see me, it gave me the energy to get up and at 'em.

Monday, January 30, 2017


I am sick. I have no energy, or as my grandmother used to say, "I am weak as snot." Now that I read this in black and white, I am not sure exactly what that means. I imagine the wicked witch in Oz melting. Well, that is pretty weak.

Shooting pains in my ears, sore throat, cough, and the worst thing is the never ending headache. Wait, I take that back. I can top that with three words ........ HeWho is sick.

A sick man is a pathetic thing. So needy. I like to be left alone to suffer, while he prefers to be attended to. He needs to be reminded to take his meds and to be covered with an afghan when I see him shivering in his chair. I have a quilt rack close at hand in full view right there in the room where he shivers. But to actually get up and get one and place it atop his body requires thought. And we all know sick men cannot think for themselves.

Whatever bug we have had to be from one of his excursions into the world, I have been nowhere. Well, I did go to Walmart over a week ago. I always use the sanitizing wipes located in the front of the store and clean my cart handle thoroughly. I still want to blame HeWho is always eager to run errands. He likes to talk to people and touch things that others have also touched. It is flu season, people! Do your errands and get back home. If you need human contact ........ BLOG!

I am still able to keep things running around here. Cooking, dishes, laundry and training Eddie. Well, trying to train Eddie. He was doing so well. He seemed to know what the puppy pad was for and he was using it. He is always eager to go outside with the older dogs, or even the cat. We will go a couple of days with no accidents, then when I am feeling the most crappy, he will poop in the floor.

When I scold him, he just looks at me and then starts barking at me! Like he is defending his actions. That's when I start laughing, because he is just so cute. At least he sleeps all night. He will even go back to bed if the sky is gray and the house has a chill in it ........ or when his mommy just wants to crawl back in bed because she feels like crap.

We did just that this morning despite the sunshine. He has discovered the tunnel left by Cujo after he gets under the covers. I turn my back to them this morning and it felt like a heating pad. I dozed off for another hour of sleep. I was dreaming that I was sitting on some nails and I couldn't move. Eddies little toenails were kneading my upper leg and lower butt, much like a cat would. I just clipped those nails and they were sharp enough to go through the fabric of my nightshirt.

I am not sure if the clawing and the dream woke me, or the sniffing of the sick man on the other side of the bed. He will not blow his nose, just sniffs so hard I am afraid he will vacuum up the top sheet. When I mumble "BLOW YOUR NOSE" he says that nothing will come out, which makes me ask why he is sniffing. He is as hard to train as Eddie is! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Impatient For Spring

Cold and dreary with a sprinkle of snow. Hard to get motivated, but the internet is working quite well today!

I finally got my nap. With only two dogs in my lap. Eddie was sleeping in one of the dog beds when I dozed off. HeWho was not helping stranded motorists was sleeping in his chair with the cat. I hope we can sleep tonight!

It finally happened ...... Toni Louise was playing with Eddie! I tried to get a picture, but since both dogs are predominantly black and moving fast, it would have been a black blur.

Toni has always chased her own tail and is always delighted when she catches it. I think she was teaching this game to Eddie. They chased their own tails and then each others, both emitting play growls. When Toni realized we were watching, she tried to put an end to the game, but Eddie was having none of that.

Eddie confided to me that he knew he was a lucky boy when he came to live here. He has a cat to groom him, Wall-E to play tug of war with, Cujo to play chase with and now Toni has come around.

He is growing, my little Eddie. His front paws are really big. This worries me. His paws are bigger than Cujo's! He had already had his dew claws clipped and his identity chip installed before he came home. But, I was playing with his paws and the dew claw removal wasn't completely successful on the right side. I would not have had it done at all and will not have the partial removed. I don't care what they say, it has to hurt!

I play with his paws everyday. Soon he will need a trim and I don't want him to be unfamiliar with someone playing with his toes. Since our previous vet closed her practice, Wall-E has not had all his nails cut. Wall-E will bite you if you mess with his feet. He had to be sedated. The trim was free and all she charged for was the drug. He is not due for anything for the next 10 months. I have been sneaking up on him when he is sleeping and clipping his talons. They are wicked long. I can sometimes get two cut before he goes berserk, but usually only one. Then I have to wait a few days for him to trust me again. His nails are translucent and no one has ever cut into the quick .... you can see it. I don't know why he hates to be clipped so much.

Wall-E is such a good dog, other than his toenail fetish. He has taken to sleeping with his feet tucked under his body. He is a smart dog, too!

January is quite boring. Not a lot going on. I always look forward to the pool closing and things slowing down. Gives me lots of gardening time and more freedom. But, when January rolls around I get cabin fever. February is the same, except that we are closer to Spring. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a windless day. The greenhouse needs to be finished and the wind has to be still! I can hardly wait to get some seeds in some pots!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The house was quiet and I was longing for a little nap. Toni Louise was lounging in the biggest dog bed ..... big enough to hold all of them. Wall-E was in the chair of HeWho fancies himself to be the master of the house. Cujo was in his usual place, tucked in my chair with me, already dozing.

But, wait .... where is Charming Eddie? Suddenly there was barking. We were all startled out of our lazy reverie. I wonder how such a tiny being can make such a loud sound. He was demanding to sit in my lap. I scooped him up, after making sure there was a chew toy nearby. Eddie has some big boy teeth waiting to erupt.

Eddie prefers chewing on my arthritic fingers. I prefer that he does not. He is pretty good about accepting an alternative to ease his gums.

He chewed and chewed, pausing routinely to look up at me and share his sweet innocence. My heart melts every time I look at that face.

I never did get that nap, but that's okay. I sat there holding Eddie on my lap while I played with Cujo's soft ears. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017



So, here is my new "do". I realized that my hair had been growing for almost 3 years! I had trimmed it from time to time and even cut bangs a couple of times, but it had reached the middle of my back. When the cute little girl with bright pink hair asked what I wanted to do, I just told her that I wanted lots of layers and that it had to be easy to take care of.

It is just hair, it will grow. I am easy, I don't get too exited about bad haircuts. Good things, since I have had more than a few. My mother used to practice on my sister and I when she was learning to be a beautician. I have had some really strange hair experiments. There was the time she put a perm .... in my bangs! Just my bangs. It was different.

But back to my recent adventure. I like it! It is so easy to take care of. My neck misses the long tresses that used to keep it warm at night, but my scalp is happy that a certain puppy is not chewing the hair and trying to pull it out.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Just sitting here, coffee at my side, watching the inaugural festivities. Pondering the future ......

But, I won't wax political here. Not that I do not have some very strong opinions about the future. At this point in the day, it is like the red carpet events for an awards show. All the "celebrities" are arriving and the commentators are announcing them. I look up to see Newt Gingrich and his wife and cannot take my eyes away!

It is a damp dreary day there, much like the one I see out my tiny window. Her hair is perfectly coiffed, right down to that one curl that adorns the left side of her "do". I watch as she leans in to give fake kisses to those she is acquainted with, all the while holding her husband's hand. They move their way through the crowd gathered and her hair does not move AT ALL. It looks like it is painted on her head! Like a plastic helmet of hair she donned for the damp weather!

I am fascinated with her hair. I can't stop watching. Now I am looking at everyone's hair. In that misty fog, all the other women seem to be resigned to having their hair succumb to the elements, or wear a hat. I have to know what kind of hairspray this woman uses!!

I found myself  at a salon Tuesday. I was on a trip for puppy food and some other necessities and decided to have my hair cut. It was long enough to donate and I was ready. I haven't cut it more than just trimming for 3 years and when I woke that morning, Charming Eddie seemed to be trying to chew the ends off. With my new short do, I may need that Gingrich hairspray!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back To Charming Eddie

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, it warmed my heart. I will continue to share my soap opera as long as it gets all these high ratings!!

In our last episode of Charming Eddie, I waxed eloquent about the wonders of puppy feet. Look at that face full of sweet innocence. How could anyone EVER get upset with such a face? Read on ....

Eddie discovered newspaper. Thank goodness it is only a weekly! He climbed into the bin I keep all the old newspapers in by the wood stove and proceeded to shred as many as he could with more efficiency than an office shredder.

He wasn't left alone for more than a few minutes! And I had left Wall-E in charge. I always leave one of them in charge, so I have one to blame it all on. Wall-E was looking quite distressed at all the shredded paper surrounding a tiny puppy on the floor. He was wondering how such a small creature could wreak such havoc.

The little guy thought clean-up was a game and that I wanted him to grab strings of newsprint from my hands for further shredding. After a good scolding, delivered while I held his snout closed in my hands, he turned his back on me and scampered away.

He ran to his favorite cat, Martha, the boy cat and received comfort. Martha seems to have a maternal side. Maybe he has gender identification issues due to being given a female name. This would not have happened had he revealed his true nature to me.

Charming Eddie had a thorough cleaning from Martha before he was loosed from his grips. He is quite gentle with Eddie and appears to have adopted the little guy. Toni Louise is still a hold-out. I am beginning to think she may never come around. She just does not like him!

 We have noticed an eagle soaring over the park lately. While I can appreciate the majesty of the eagle, I hesitate to have Eddie outside alone. He is small enough and light weight enough to be easy prey. Problem is that when I call the dogs in, Eddie will come running with the rest of the pack, but will just stand beyond my reach until I head out to get him. He will run from me and make me chase him. I am old and not apt to want to chase a small creature round and round.

It always happens while I am cooking and it is not always convenient to dash out the back door. I clapped my hands and they all came in, save Eddie. I spoke to him in my stern voice and Wall-E rushed back out and started herding the rascal in. Just like my collie used to herd Oscar and Emmy. It was nostalgic and brought a tear to my eye! Wall-E is such a kind and gentle spirit.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not Feeling It

Haven't really felt like sharing this week. Someone referred to my blog as a soap opera and I have been digesting that and rethinking things.

Lately, all I seem to write about is puppy love, with some HeWho antics. I started this blog as an exercise in writing. And, just so you know, I have been working on a writing project that is still in it's infancy. But, the rather snide comment is bothering me more than I thought it would or should. I am pretty thick skinned for the most part.

If you don't care to read what I write, well, you certainly don't have to. The only opinions I really care about are those of my family and close friends. I grew up trying to gain my parents approval and now find that I want the approval of my children. My husband's approval is a given. He is easy, because he loves me and I love him. I am free to poke fun at him to my heart's content, but I would never do so without his consent. This is a good thing, since he can annoy me more than anyone in the world

So, why do I even care? I care because I like to consider other perceptions, as it may be useful. I just don't understand the motivation behind the criticism. I wonder if it was meant to be constructive or if it was meant to simply annoy me. If it was meant to annoy me, it didn't work. It just made me stop and think. I am leaning in that direction.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


The fire is out and the only damage was to the stove pipe and my throat. The dogs were oblivious to anything except that HeWho was doing a lot of banging outside and it was bedtime!!

Here is your Eddie fix for the day. As you can see, he has totally won over Cujo! Toni Louise still growls at him, but I have caught her sleeping next to him a couple of times. She still tries to act like he is an intruder, but she growled at Martha, the boy cat, when she thought he was getting too rough. I suppose she figured that he is here to stay, so she might as well get with the program.

The stovepipe has been replaced and we even had a fire in the stove yesterday. A very sedate fire. Just added a log at a time and let it smolder. HeWho likes to stoke a fire was on his best behavior yesterday. It was all his fault, after all.

He seems to think that he should stuff the belly of the stove before we go to bed. If you could program the fire to burn only one piece at a time, that would work fine, but fires have minds of their own. Sometimes you can't get one to start to save your life, and other times, the fire wants to consume everything. I keep trying to tell the man, but he is not listening. Maybe now? Well at least until the next time.

Today brings other problems. The sewer is backed up. In the back of the park, so no indoor messes to clean for me. Still, it has to dealt with and we all know I don't do electrical problems or route sewer. Payback for not listening to his wife?

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Icy weather kept everyone indoors. Spent the day aimlessly watching TV. I did cook, we ate and continued watching TV until bedtime ..... or what should have been bedtime.

I happened to look out the window, the only window in my "sitting room", which used to be the kitchen, so the window is small. I saw sparks drifting down and mentioned it to the man of the house. "Oh, it's just ice crystals." he says to me like I am dim of wits. "Really, I don't think it is, unless they are orange and look a lot like sparks OF FIRE!"

It was a toasty 80 degrees inside, and he had just stuffed more wood into the inferno in the stove. I was removing another layer of clothing in protest. He finally witnessed a spark with his very own eyes and stepped out to investigate. Turns out, I was right! The stove pipe that was right next to the house and on the roof was on fire.

Outside. The fire was outside, so I need someone to tell me why HeWho stokes the fire decided to use the fire extinguisher INSIDE. I am pretty sure the chemicals in that thing are not good to inhale. From there he went outside with another fire extinguisher and mounted the ladder he leaves set up all winter (for just such events as this) and mounted the icy steps. Everything is icy out there. The concrete sidewalk, the grass, everything.

The extinguisher did not put the fire out and he resorted to carrying pitchers of water and dousing the pipe. Then he took some tools outside to dismantle the smoking pipes and toss them to the ground. In the meantime I am trying to breathe and have to use my inhaler. My eyes are burning and I am assured to not sleep, thanks to the big hit of albuterol I inhaled. My head aches and I am just plain miserable.

Think maybe now he will listen to me when I tell him not to stuff the stove so full of wood? Or when I tell him I see sparks?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Play With Me!

It was downright balmy outside and Eddie wanted to play. He tried to engage Cujo in a game of chase, but Cujo chose to go inside with Toni Louise. But Wall-E is such a good boy, always eager to please. 

"Play with me!" begs Eddie. How could you turn your back on this sweet baby? You can ask Cujo and Toni Louise. Didn't seem to bother them one little bit.

Wall-E obliged. It was really hard to get a good picture. Wall-E played with him for a good while, flipping him over and chasing him. He carefully bit him gently and never complained about the sharp little teeth that bit back.

Wall-E is such a good soul. He really likes to make my life easier. He did the same with Toni Louise when she came to live here. And again with Martha, the boy cat. He was very patient with Cujo, as well. Maybe the other two adult dogs here should follow the good example Wall-E has set!

I shamed the unfriendly pooches and Wall-E got extra treats today. I whispered in his ear that he was my favorite ..... and not to tell the others.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Eddie Goes To Sam's

Yes, I am that crazy dog lady. I like to take him with me. He likes to go with me. And face it, have you ever seen anything so darn cute?

His coloring matches the purse. If he is quiet, nobody even notices he is there. He was quiet for the most part, but then started to whine. I realized he must be thirsty and bought a bottle of water and was given a styro cup.

This is when the crowd gathered to watch the tiny pup drink water from a cup. All the oohs and aahs made it hard to get the items we came for. Then Eddie wanted to be held. He tried to hide in my hair, then he decided to chew on said hair.

Finally made it to the check out and Eddie watched intently as the items moved along on the belt and were reloaded in another cart. I wonder what he was thinking while watching. Back in the car, he readied himself to take a nap on my chest and I think he may have been a little disappointed that we had another stop to make before the trip home.

Walmart. We needed water again. This time we left with 13 gallons of water. A 5 gallon, a 4 gallon and 4 one gallons. I will never run out of drinking water again!! I probably will, but not if I can help it. The trick is to put the empty bottles in the car and buy the water BEFORE you need it.

While in Sam's, HeWho had a hankering for a Diet Coke and bought a giant cup of Dr. Pepper for me and a bottle of water for Eddie. I could have shared with Eddie, but it was nice that he thought of me. I felt compelled to drink it and this is why I needed to use the facilities in Walmart.

HeWho pays headed to check out and I headed to the bathroom, Eddie in my arms. HeWho was in the check-out lane did not offer to keep Eddie. It has been a long time since I have had to take care of business while holding a baby. I managed pretty good for an old lady, having done this many a time as a young mother. I was okay until I needed to pull my pants up and get myself presentable! I should have taken a picture of little Eddie in his purse hanging on the back of stall door. I was terrified he was going to try to jump out, so taking the time to take a picture was out of the question.

You will just have to take my word for how adorable he looked. Little guy was all tuckered out and slept all the way home! He peed gratefully in the parking lot while we unloaded the car and then went in to be welcomed home by Wall-E and Cujo. They sniffed him all over to make sure it was, indeed their puppy. Toni Louise growled at him and then tried to jump into my arms. Martha, the boy cat joined in the welcome, and Eddie received all the attention gracefully.

While in Walmart, headed to the restrooms, I was stopped by a woman enchanted with Charming Eddie. It was a strange encounter. She kept asking to hold him, but he shied away from her touch, so I declined to relinquish him to her hands. These hands of hers kept trying to lift Eddie out of my arms, and when I walked away, she followed me. She kept asking questions; how much did he cost, where did I get him, where should she get one for herself, how much does he eat, does he bite, how big will he be ..........

I finally escaped into the produce section, not wanting her to catch me with my pants down (literally) and steal my baby!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Napping Is Nice ......

I would love a nap. I was just dozing here in my chair, with various sleeping dogs draped across my body. In a haze of sweet contentment ...... and HeWho procrastinates decides to fix the back door. It has needed fixing for well over a month and, while I am thankful that he has finally decided to fix it, I am also a little annoyed that he chose this very moment to do so!

I was up early this morning, potty training on my mind. I was in a light sleep and when I felt Eddie stretch then stand on his stumpy little legs, I scooped him up and took him outside. I stood waiting in the wind while he searched for a good spot. Cujo went out with him, as well as Martha, the boy cat. I don't like for him to go out alone. The crows and vultures that fly over the park are much bigger than him and he would look like a tasty morsel to them. I was pretty sure that Martha would kill anything that tried to take him. You will recall that my big cat killed a crow last year and that crow was as big as the cat!

I made a quick trip to the bathroom and went to the back door. Eddie and Cujo came running. I think they were trying to run in a straight line, but the wind was so strong they skewed off-course and at one point, little Eddie was airborne! Both dogs scooted back to the bed and looked expectantly at me for a lift up. I obliged and we crawled back under the covers. Cujo went immediately to his chosen spot and snuggled against my leg. Wall-E poked his head out from under his covers to give me a brief lick on my hand and Eddie settled down on my chest.

Eddie must like to heart my heart beat, as this is his favorite place to sleep. Getting back in bed is part of our winter routine and this is when Toni Louise gets her "mommy-time". She has been sorely lacking since Eddie arrived and this morning she wanted to make up for lost time.

She settled down next to me and carefully inspected my face, paying close attention to my eyes. Toni Louise is an eye-ball sniffer. She is not shy about her hobby, either. She will get down to business rather aggressively, but she is actually quite gentle with her technique. I just lay there and let her have her way with me. She gets as close as she can without actually touching and begins sniffing at my chin. It tickles and makes me want to giggle. She only sniffs, no licking is involved.

After she finishes, she presents her face to me. Maybe she would like for me to imitate her and inhale her face, but I don't. I use my fingers and massage her sweet little face carefully, then use a tissue to clean her eyes. We don't like eye creatures to build up in the corners. This done, she lays her head on my shoulder and I run my fingers through her fur and tell her how much I love her.

Usually, or before Eddie, we would get up and start the day after this love fest between woman and dog. Today, Toni was just beginning her routine when Eddie popped his tiny head up to see who was beside his mommy. Then, of all things, he wanted to join in. Toni was appalled! This is HER time and she is not one to share! I tried to rub her back and face, but she was growling the entire time.

The growling made Eddie start barking. Once he starts, he seems to enjoy the sound of his own voice. If any of you have ever had a dachshund, you will know that their bark is not the little yippy bark. It is a deep throated, full fledged bark. They sound like a Doberman. So, the barking woke HeWho and Wall-E. Wall-E actually threw back the covers and came out to see what was going on. Toni was indignant and is not speaking to me. Cujo stayed under the covers next to me throughout the incident, safe in the knowledge that he could bear no blame for the ruckus. He has been acting a little smug all day. Wall-E, on the other hand does not like interruptions of the harmony that comes with established routines. 

It has been a busy day. I put the puppy pad on the floor and showed it to him. He immediately picked up one edge to chew. I told him "No" and put down again. He walked away to the pile of chew toys that decorate the rug in the center of the room. He nestled in among them. At one point, he sauntered over to the puppy pad and peed! I praised him and made a big fuss, telling him he was such a good boy. He accepted all the accolades and promptly pooped on the rug.

This is not going well. He had the same expression on his face when I scolded him that he had when I praised him. Really not going well. He looks so much like my Sweet Emmy Lou, but he seems to be channeling his inner Oscar. Oscar was a little tyrant. But he loved me as much as I loved him. And he knew he was loved and never minded a good scolding, he just ignored it.

I sure would have loved a nap .....

Monday, January 9, 2017

I Will Never Sit Alone

Charming Eddie has charming little paws. Actually I am so smitten with every inch of this little guy. No longer shy, our little Eddie has been embracing his inner Oscar!

Potty training is not going well. At all. We go outside and he runs, he plays, he hides from me. We come in, he poops and pees on the floor. He has no shame. Just like Oscar had no shame for 17 years. I have tried scolding and he actually nipped my nose while I was shaming him.

Today, I will be sloshing through the snow to the shed to dig out the kennel. This will definitely be trying for all of us, since Eddie likes the sound of his own bark and whine.

 Sleepy Eddie. On my lap. Wall-E and Cujo always share my affections when I sit down in my chair. Eddie has discovered that he is the only one on the floor, playing. He wants in on the napping in the chair.

He decided his spot should be right in the middle of my lap, leaving no space for my laptop. Cujo is okay with this, but he is not relinquishing his space. Wall-E sniffed indignantly and stalked off to sit in the recliner of HeWho leaves his clothes from the day before.

Wall-E has rearranged the dirty clothes to create a nest upon which to nap. While I am balancing my laptop on the right arm of my chair and twisting to one side. I need a bigger chair! HeWho has a chair and a half, I don't. Maybe we should swap??

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Food Inspiration

So, on the trip to Walmart, while strolling down the aisles, chatting with my puppy ..... I encountered several clearance items and tossed them in my cart. Seems I am unable to walk away from a good deal. I bought cookie dough. Really, I cannot figure why I did this. I made so many cookies, I broke my mixers. I do not want any cookies.

But, it was such a good deal! 75% off. The big family size rolls of sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. After all the Christmas cookies, who wants cookies? I was cleaning out the fridge last night and happened to take a look at the expiration date. Great Scotts Value, I only have this month to eat this crap!

I had been thinking about making a cream pie to use up the three containers of Cool Whip in the fridge. Seems someone forgot she had them in the fridge and kept getting another one out. Cool Whip is to plain desserts what cheese is to hot dishes created out of leftovers, you know. HeWho has learned not to question what he is eating, is happy with disguises on his entrée, as well as his desserts.

I had already gone through all the pudding mixes on hand and had settled on coconut cream. I still had some toasted coconut left from the coconut truffles I made. I had seen a piecrust in the freezer, so I was all set. Then I started cleaning out the fridge and everything changed.

That pie crust in the freezer will keep just fine, the toasted coconut has a long shelf life, as well. That jar of lemon curd will expire next month, though. The cookie dough is weighing heavy on my mind, too. And, I am out of milk ......

What to do, what to do. I am NOT going out in this weather for milk. But, look, I have almond milk ....... So, I squeezed out a chunk of sugar cookie dough into a pie tin and smushed it down to make a pie crust for my lemon pie. Then I was struck with inspiration! I grabbed another pie tin and made a peanut butter crust. I have a chocolate pudding mix and I have more than enough Cool Whip.

Just so you know, the almond milk worked just fine with the pudding mix. I smeared the lemon curd on the cooled crust and topped it with lemon pudding and, of course, Cool Whip. It turned out really good. HeWho loves chocolate and peanut butter was so happy! He liked the lemon pie, too. I still have cookie dough left and I will be sharing theses pies with others, so we will absolutely need more dessert this week!

Here is Charming Eddie and his favorite toy.

Charming Eddie loves his big brother, Cujo. Cujo looks out for Eddie when they go outside. Toni Louise still growls at him. She can hold a grudge!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Charming Eddie Strikes Again

I did warn anyone reading my blog that this year would be one filled with puppy love. I aim to deliver.

Despite Cujo's jealousy issue and his resolve to hate the puppy ..... well you can see for yourself. Charming Eddie wormed his way into Cujo's good graces.

Cujo looks a little doubtful of this puppy right now. It is not Charming Eddie who put that look on his face. He has found himself in the arms of HeWho is the person of Toni Louise. Remember, Cujo is not a fan of men.

Cujo has calmed down quite a bit since the unwelcome arrival of a puppy. He did not appreciate his person (me) bestowing loving kisses atop the head of another. While he has never appreciated the attention bestowed upon Wall-E and Toni Louise, he accepted it. After all they were here before he was.

In the meantime, life goes on. I was walking towards the kitchen when I tripped on a dog bone and fell. I whacked my left knee so hard. Got my elbow, too. My knee hurt so bad, I did not realize I hit my face on the cabinet door, too. I am so mad at myself. I do not have time for this nonsense!

I didn't plan to be sitting with my knee propped up, but I guess I an sort screws while I sit. Maybe a nap first?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Eddie Goes To Walmart

After the vet, Eddie wanted to go to Walmart. We needed water. We all drink bottled water since Toni Louise had her big adventure with bladder stones. No need to take a chance with all the minerals and calcium in our well water. I doubt I would suffer in silence if I had a bladder full of stones ......

Water in bottles is readily available everywhere, but Walmart definitely is the cheapest, if you are willing to refill your gallon bottles at a very reasonable 37 cents. We bought a dispenser with the giant 5 gallon bottle that fits atop it. Since we were right there near the Walmart, it would have been silly to drive 23 miles home to take Eddie home, then another 23 back to get water.

HeWho frequents big box home improvement stores used to take Oscar and Emmy shopping with him. They went so often they had their very own little Home Depot aprons. Emmy tipped the scales at a whopping 6 lbs. and loved to nestle into the baby snuggly I had sewn the legs closed in. I went to Walmart with her once and was asked to leave.

Their reason being the "food" served in the in-store McDonald's. It is not like she was strolling through the store on her own and the only reason anyone even knew she was with me is because someone wanted to see my baby. That someone was an employee and she went to management to tell them about the beast roaming the store.

I found a purse that was predominantly black and put a towel inside to make it cozy. Eddie enjoyed riding in it and looking out the passenger window.

I placed him in the seat of the cart, tucked in the purse that was quite roomy for him. He enjoyed riding around the store and nodded off several times. He would rouse when I neared one of the screens spouting products they have all over the store.

We strolled the clearance aisles and passed many a person. We checked out all the dog toys and squeaked them all to find one Eddie might enjoy. We were there for a awhile. HeWho chauffeurs his wife around on snowy roads was busy filling water bottles and picking up items we didn't need. During this time, not one person noticed the dog I was pushing around in the child seat of the cart!

I was talking to the dog in baby talk, just like we were at home. I got some strange looks, but no one looked down to see why the nutty lady was talking. I assume they thought I was just senile and talked to myself. I do talk to myself from time to time, but that is another tale to tell.

We reached the check out lane and suddenly Eddie was spotted by a little girl in her dad's arms. The parents and the little girl were charmed by my Charming Eddie and I even held him up to the little girl to pet. Her mother stuck her face close to enjoy some delicious puppy breath. The cashier's were all charmed and the world was suddenly a happy place.

Soon as we got home, Eddie peed, then ran inside to greet his pack of fellow canines. Even Toni Louise was happy to see him! Eddie crawled into Emmy's old bed and tucked in for a long nap. He slept so long that Toni Louise woke him when she was checking on him. I knew she would come around, after all the puppy's official name will be Charming Eddie!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Eddie Goes to the Vet!

Eddie had a 9:30 am appointment for his first trip to our vet this morning.

Overnight snow! Eddie isn't too impressed with this white stuff. He did pee, but he did not try to play his game of running from me, so that I could chase him. He came right back in!

Since it was cold outside, I knew Eddie would need to wear his make shift sweater. I found another sock with a hole in the heel. This one is stretchier and fits better. But, the toe of the sock was just laying there, looking forlorn. So, I thought, Eddie needs a hat! Snip, Snip and ear holes appear!

Eddie is not so sure about head wear.

Double load of insane cuteness! The hat did not stay on very long!!

Eddie charmed everyone at the vet's office. He loves Dr. Jill! She is a doxie lover and has one of her own. He weighed in at a little over 4 lbs. He got a shot and a worming and covered Dr. Jill's face with puppy kisses.

Eddie saw a big dog in the waiting room and his little tail went crazy wagging. The big dog was very polite and after sniffing Eddie's derriere met him nose to nose. Eddie knows how to enchant a crowd and he got lots of attention.

I am exhausted! The roads weren't too bad. The interstate is clear, but the secondary roads were slippery. We made it there and back. I had forgotten to turn the coffee maker off, so I settled in with a nice hot cup of coffee and a blog .... or two. Contentment.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Eddie Is A Charmer

Eddie is 10 weeks old now and he has firmly established himself into the household. Toni Louise remains the one hold-out against his considerable charm.

At first, Eddie was afraid of her and steered clear. Every time he came near she would snarl at him. Yesterday, Eddie found his bark. He only barks at Toni Louise. And he only barks at Toni Louise when he wants to nap on her bed. Despite her size and her vicious snarl, she is the one to give in and let him have the bed!

She is not happy about this turn of events and is now shunning all of us! She will not get in bed with us at night. She jumps down and stalks off to sleep in her nap bed. She looks at us over her shoulder, waiting to be coaxed back to the night time bed. She refuses to be lured back and shows us that she means business.

Until about midnight, or just about the time I am dozing off. Then she tap dances into the bedroom. I hear her go from one side of the bed to the other, getting progressively louder as she prances to and fro. When I slip from under the covers and get down to lift her into the bed, she will ignore me, trying to prolong my punishment. Then when I am about to give up and crawl back into bed, she will relent and allow me to pick her up.

I always hold her for a moment and tell her that I love her, despite her snotty attitude, then I assure her that Eddie is sleeping and she will tip toe to the head of the bed and arrange herself between the pillows. She likes to sleep between her people, at the head of the bed, like the queen she is.

I have tried and failed to get any pictures of Toni and Eddie. Eddie is always up for a photo shoot and literally poses. He loves to go outside with the big dogs and runs after them. Wall-E will play with him.

Wall-E is good soul and will obey any command, unless it involves the trimming of his toenails. He will chase the puppy, run from the puppy and herd the puppy. If all of the dogs come in and the puppy is still out, he will rush back out to find the puppy. He stands at the door anxiously waiting for all of his siblings to re-enter the house. Wall-E worries. A lot. Too bad he doesn't chew his nails while he worries.

Eddie goes to the vet tomorrow for shots and a vet check. Another opportunity to charm people. Then he will accompany me to Walmart. He is my service dog ...... he makes me happy and happy people might spend more money. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Monday, January 2, 2017

31 Wrenches

I am ready to take it all down and clean house! Ready for some normal, routine stuff. Well, as normal as life will get with a new puppy.

It is overcast and dreary today. Hard to get motivated, but I think I will jump right in and start in the office. I haven't purged files in a few years. Sounds like fun, huh? Not only the files, but I am still in the midst of the great utility re-do. Painting has happened and peg board wall is becoming more organized. I am down to the most time consuming and boring task of all ......... sorting out all the various containers of nails, screw, bolts, nuts, washers and everything of that size imaginable.

I have all the Philips head screws in one container, all the nuts, all the bolts, etc. Now I am sorting sizes of each and putting them in Diet Coke 2 liter bottles. You are wondering why Diet Coke bottles? Well, since that is the only thing HeWho drinks from a Bubba mug, will drink. I cut a hole that a hand will fit in and put an eye hook in the cap. They will hang from the peg board. And, YES, we have that many screws! So far ......

I still have to get all the tool stuff out of the office. There are lots of nook and crannies to stash stuff in. Just think of all the room I will gain by eliminating the tools in the office! After the office, I have to hit the golf cart! Yes, he has all manner of stuff in the cup holders and the floor. I plan to use an empty chlorine bucket and make a mobile "tool kit", then strap it to the golf bag holder. There is already one bucket full of chlorine strapped on for pool maintenance.

After the golf cart, I need to clean out the vehicle he drives and sort out the tools that get used most often into bins for easy access. There will be lots of "lost" stuff there, too. Then, there is the barn of Fred Sanford. I will have to wait for a very bright and warm sunny day and carry a big stick with me. I know of one old possum living in the barn among all the crap my husband has managed to accumulate. I am more worried about things like snakes and rodents. 

But I am just putting off the task at hand. I might as well get at the office. One step at a time. I do love to organize things. I am my father's daughter, after all. My dad liked everything in it's place. Everything had to be folded just so and stacked accordingly. He didn't get upset if it wasn't done right, he just took it upon himself to set it right.

I remember a phone call shortly after my mother died. I asked Daddy what he had done that day. He told me he picked up pine cones in the front yard and mowed. Then he let me know how many pine cones there were! I never noticed before then how many things I count!

So far I have discovered 31 wrenches ......

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Martha Is Charmed

Eddie imploring Martha, the boy cat, to please love him. Ignore the fact that I should have vacuumed the rug BEFORE taking pictures.

Martha is good at shunning. While I am not so good at cropping. I was playing with the outline feature and then couldn't figure out how to erase it. Boy, that rug is dirty! It has since been vacuumed.

Finally, Martha succumbs to the cuteness that is Eddie. Okay, I feel he need to explain the mess on the rug. This is where HeWho splits wood, sometimes (most of the time) drops the wood when he brings it in. I should vacuum more often than daily. Eddie has wood chips on his back. Maybe Martha will clean him up.

Toni Louis is the lone hold-out. She has yet to be charmed by the little ball of fur that is Eddie. She seems  to spend her day growling at Eddie. While Eddie remains totally unaware that he is the cause of her angst.

Eddie has acclimated to his forever home. It is like he has always been here. Although he looks like Emmy and was quite timid at first ....... he is more like Oscar! He is resisting my efforts at potty training. His puddles are tiny, but, like Eddie, they will grow ......... It is hard to be firm with him, he is just so cute!