Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Complaining For Sport

The weather is making me want to curl into a ball and sleep until the sun shines again. In spite of the rain, I still have to deal with campers ...

I checked a man in around noon today. He only wanted electricity, no water, or sewer. I put him in a site that was easy to pull into and out of. Then I promptly put him out of my mind. It was dreary and overcast when he checked it. It rained for a couple of hours after that. Just a steady rain. Not a storm, no high winds, no torrential downpours.

I sat with my canines and watched a little TV and I may have dozed. HeWho was on one of his missions to get some supplies having to do with water or sewer. He came home and the rain let up. It was about 4:00 when my next campers showed up. I checked them in and we chatted about our dogs. They have a Chiweenie!! Found her on the side of the road. I am always ready to discuss animals.

As they were leaving the office the man from the earlier check-in came in to yell at me. Did I know that I parked him in a mud hole? He went on to tell me he would have to back up over 100 yards to get out of here. I explained to him that he was in a pull through site and he informed me that there was a deep hole at the end of his site and he would not be able to get out. Whatever, I apologized and offered to move him to a site of his choice.

He did not find my offer to be a solution, so I figured he just enjoyed complaining. My mother always enjoyed complaining and I encounter many people who seem to enjoy it. I also thought that the downed tree from yesterday may have fallen on that site and left a mess and HeWho forgot to tell me not to use the site. This happens more than I like.

I mentioned the man and his complaint to HeWho. I asked about the downed tree that was cut up yesterday and he told me that it was several sites away. The tree was cut up and all the debris was removed, so I have no idea what the man was referring to. I know there are puddles all about, but, really, I can't control that.

I puttered around in my porch plants and the rain started again, so I came inside to concoct supper. I pulled some leftover rice pilaf and a sour cream sauce left over from some pork chops and added it all to some cooked ground beef and shredded some cheese on top. Don't know what to call it other than "hot dish". It was hot and in a dish. Stuck it in the oven and sat down to check on my prescriptions.

According to JD Power and Associates, Humana mail order pharmacy ranked #1 in customer service. We will see about that! Tomorrow.

I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to reason with Humana and almost over cooked the hot dish! When I finally got off the phone, HeWho had rescued supper and there was someone banging on the office door. I dispatched HeWho was already standing. It was the complaining man. Claimed he was being "washed away". Yes, it was raining, still nothing spectacular. The man was traveling alone, I think I know why.  

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Meet My Four Legged Family

 My four legged friends, Cujo and Wall-E. Cujo is my sweet little red boy. Very brave, as long as he is in my arms. He is around 9, not really sure, since he was a rescue. Already turning gray on his face and paws, he might be a tad overweight. He does love treats! Always by my side.

Wall-E is the white boy licking his paws. He is very anxious and has some issues. But, if I am sad or upset he knows it. He will sit next to me very quietly, occasionally putting a paw on me. His bark, though, will make your spine tingle. Hands down, the most annoying bark I have ever heard. He barks about everything and nothing. He is currently barking at the cat. A homely guy, but very tender hearted. He will let me do anything to him. I can pull his jaws apart and retrieve things I don't want him to have, look in his ears, but he will bite anyone who attempts to trim his nails. That being said, he has only bitten me once. He will snarl at me and warn me that I am in dangerous territory. I bite my dogs back. That is how the mother teaches the pups not to bite. Works for me.

And here she is in all her glory. Toni Louise in her master's lap. Goofy looking girl, she came from the dog shelter. We don't know what she is or how old she is. Nine or ten is our best guess. Her fur is soft, but not as soft as Eddie's. She has no maternal instincts and she is the alpha of our pack. Oscar was the alpha for his entire life. No one ever challenged him. I knew that she would take his place. Cujo is too timid and Wall-E confided to me that he did not want the job. He gets anxious when I let him be in charge in my absence.

Today I spent a lot of time outside mowing and dealing with check-ins. Toni let me know she was not happy with me by peeing in my shoe. Lucky for me the shoe is washable. I rinsed my feet and flip flops outside and came in for a break. I was drying my feet when I heard the door and slipped on my other flip flops as I headed for the office to check a camper in. One shoe was very wet. I know it was her, as she seemed quite proud of herself as I squished by. Spiteful, she is spiteful!

Charming Eddie is quite photogenic, don't you think? Just look at that face and tell me you are not in love! Eddie has a sweet disposition. He prefers me, but is okay with HeWho is the master of Toni Louise picking him up and petting him. He likes people and he likes to be the center of attention.

Eddie does have a sneaky side to him that is not so charming. He has started to challenge Toni Louise. He has many things in his favor. All the dogs love him and so does Martha, the boy cat. Toni Louise is feared by Wall-E, hated by Cujo, ignored by Martha, the boy cat. Cujo simply avoids her, but I have seen him jump on her if she gets too rough with Eddie.

Martha, the boy cat is a force to be reckoned with. Martha is unaware of his status as a cat. He thinks Eddie is his puppy and I am pretty sure he thinks he is a human. He takes great pleasure in tormenting Toni Louise. He will roll around in the floor with Eddie and often I have seen him curled up next to Cujo or Wall-E asleep. He and Toni are rivals, though.

So for all of you who have never "met" my four legged babies, you can now put a face with the antics. Almost dark here and I have one small plot of grass to mow before I quit for the day. It is boggy and has to be done with the push mower. Rain is in the forecast and I want to knock it down before it starts to grow again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Not My Dog?

I mentioned my new furniture yesterday. I am happy to report the vomit is gone and did not leave a stain. I am quite certain that Toni Louise is the culprit. She remains blissfully unconcerned that she caused me angst.

When we turned our living room into retail space, it was clear that regular furniture was not going to fit into the space left. I had a love seat that I hoped to use, but it turned out to be too big for the space. We bought a rather large recliner for the man of the house. Actually a chair and a half, it dominated the space. Next came a recliner for me. So, our sitting room was strictly a two seater. If someone stopped by, we could pull the chairs from our "dining" area. 

It worked, as we don't have a lot of company in the winter and there are plenty of places to sit in the store. What didn't work was the three dogs in my lap all trying to get top billing. Cujo is a tucker, he would scooch down next to my left side on the seat beside me. That left my right side free to hold my laptop. Wall-E use to just lay by my legs until Eddie came along. Eddie liked to be on  my right shoulder. 

Because of Eddie's close proximity to my face, Cujo would get annoyed and slither up my side and lay his head on my lips for a kiss. While Eddie was okay with sharing me with Cujo, he did not like Wall-E coming up from the foot rest for some affection and he would insert himself between me and Wall-E, knocking Cujo out of his place. You can see that this was not a restful experience for me. On occasion, Toni Louise would also jump into the circus in my chair.

All this would be happening as HeWho sat blissfully in a chair that would easily accommodate a person and the four dogs and the cat. The easy solution would have been to switch chairs. I did consider it, but he sat on only one side for so long that anyone who dared sit in it leaned automatically to one side. The left side, Cujo's side.

During my trip to Minnesota, I was struck with inspiration. My son-in-law, Chad, got a new recliner that had heat and could massage!! This would solve more than one problem. You might recall that one of my biggest complaints is the temperature HeWho insists upon in the winter. His old chair was very worn, after all. I carefully measured my spaces and then went on Wayfair to solve my sitting needs. HeWho got a heated recliner that can also massage his aches and pains. I got what was referred to as a mini sectional. Just so you know, it is a love seat with an ottoman. It came with both arms, so that I could choose which side to attach the ottoman to.

When my new furniture arrived, I was on my way to the hospital to visit Kevin. We were both to tired to open the boxes when we got home. The next day, as HeWho went about his business, I opend all the boxes, read the directions and put my mini sectional together. All by my self! The recliner was in two pieces, but the seat was too heavy and awkward to manage alone.

HeWho sits in chairs did help me put his chair together. He also helped me take the other two recliners apart. My old recliner was light weight enough to move by myself. His old recliner was not. I managed to move the back, but the seat was not only heavy , but awkward. I had to have the assistance of the man of the house.

I was holding my end and ready to continue to the end destination for this used up recliner, but as soon as we got past the check-in desk in the store and dropped his end and left it there. The next day I heaved that sucker end over end until I got it where I wanted it. I might have uttered a few words about where I really wanted to put it!

I am quite happy with my mini sectional. I can put up my legs and all the dogs can find a spot to be near me. As I write this, Toni Louise is persistently nosing my hand off the keyboard. Wait, she is not my dog! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Investigation Continues

Two days in a row, I have left the house to do errands. No snuggle time on my new mini sectional while sipping my coffee. The dogs, not HeWho rushes out to procure his McDonald's breakfast. I prefer to sip my coffee in relative silence and the dogs have yet to start a morning conversation.

Yesterday, the dogs were not particularly happy with the prospect of my departure, but brave and stoic. After all, those special little dog treats and toys do not arrive by magic. This morning was a different story. I had a clinic appointment at 8:45. I allowed just enough time for a short cup of coffee before jumping in the shower and giving my short tresses more that a finger comb. Put on make-up as well. No need to frighten the locals.

Toni Louise cares little about my whereabouts unless there is food involved. She has made her choice abundantly clear that she prefers the company of HeWho lets her eat out of his plate at times. Oh, he will yell and put up a big fuss, but she still gets what she wants. I keep telling him that he has to establish himself as the alpha, but he has waited far too long for that.

Toni Louise is the alpha here with the dogs. Wall-E hates confrontations and Cujo is and always will be only obedient to me. He could care less about her and simply avoids her. Eddie, charming though he may be, has begun to challenge her. He is brave and determined.

This morning, three sets of eyes stared accusingly at me as I gathered my purse, keys and glasses as I prepared to depart. I told Eddie that he could be in charge while I was gone (it was his turn anyway). I saw the nurse practitioner and she was very happy about my blood pressure and my weight. I only gained about 4 lbs over the winter. That should be easy enough to sweat off when I am mowing. I left them with some of my blood and a referral for a dermatologist and decided to see what Orschlein's  might have in the way of plants.

I may have gotten a little carried away, but I had cash and without a money trail to follow, HeWho will never notice more plants in my gardens and hanging baskets. Came home with a few good buys from the grocery and proceeded to repackage the meats for the freezer and put away everything. I was told that I should be eating better, since I tend to forget meals when I am involved in the garden. I downed my pills with a big glass of orange juice and ate some grapes. Good eating!

Then I decided to sit down and check my e-mails before going out to play in some potting soil. I did mention that my mini sectional is new. So new that I used my quilt of many doxies at play and covered it. Many (two) doxies sit with me after all. I thought I might be in for retaliation when I left this morning. Wall-E carefully avoided me when I returned and two little doxies were anxious to go out. Toni Louise stood proudly in the middle of the kitchen and peed in the floor. She seemed oblivious to my scolding and simply went to her self made bed under the table by her master's chair and plopped down. She thinks we can't see her when she goes under this table. She sat calmly licking her feet while I berated her.

I know that by now you are aware that something bad happened to my new mini sectional purchased from Wayfair (they had just what I needed) with a heather gray tone upholstery. One of the dogs moved the quilt I had tucked neatly on the seat and vomited on my new mini sectional from Wayfair.

It is not even a month old!! Of course I cleaned it and have high hopes that it will not leave a stain. But I will always know. What I don't know is which dog did this atrocity to my new mini sectional with the gray upholstery. Oh, I have interrogated each dog separately. I am leaning heavily towards Toni Louise, but Cujo seemed a little guilty, as well. I always know when Wall-e is guilty. He has a tell. He squints his eyes and scrunches his head down into his chest, making him look like he has no neck. Eddie, the charmer, becomes overly affectionate. Yes, it was definitely Toni Louise or Cujo.

The investigation continues ….

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Heavy Heart

I have been busy. But, I am always busy this time of year. Today will be no different. I am usually enchanted with nature and outside doing all the necessary things that Spring growth brings. The snow we had recently was a surprise, but seems a distant memory, as everything is either blooming or green and growing by the minute.

While my body is busy working, my mind is always occupied. Lately it has been a dismal occupation. Our friend, best camp worker ever, aka my wife, Kevin is sick. I was mean to him and forced him to go to the hospital, only to find out that he has cancer. To say that we are devastated is an understatement. His cancer mirrors my Dad's.

Today is Easter, a time to rejoice. I am choosing to believe that God works miracles. Kevin is coming home today. Please offer up prayers for my friend who is like the younger brother I never had.

I will be mowing today, can't have Kevin come home to an unkempt landscape! I would prepare a feast, but he can't eat. 

My heavy heart is lighter today. 

Sunday, April 14, 2019


The weather is dreary and I can't seem to shake the melancholy that has settled over me like a shawl. I miss my Dad today. I just want to pick up my phone and call him, but there is no phone line in heaven.

So, I decided to vacuum, hoping the noise and activity would shake things up. It did. I kind of blew up the vacuum. Made a really big mess of things. Dust still lingers in the air.

I thought about calling HeWho was laying sewer line (yes, he is still putzing around with all those pipes and digging up everything). He texted while I pondered what I should do about my vacuum. Seems he hit a water line again. I decided to let him be and just go turn the red handle like he asked. 

I turned it counter clockwise. It seemed intuitive to do so. But I forgot to factor in the fact that he installed it. So, it would seem that I failed at that task, as well. So I took a broom and dustpan to mess, then dismantled the vacuum. 

It was not as hard as I thought it would be. It was pet hair clogging the life out of my vacuum. I carefully pulled out all the dog hair and the cat hair. I cleaned every part of that machine and put it all back together! Works like a charm again. I am so very proud of myself. It takes very little to make me happy. It wasn't broken, after all, just needed it's arteries cleaned out.

In the midst of the vacuum surgery, the phone rang. I answered in my usual voice  and a man kept yelling, "Hello, hello, is anyone there?" I identified my place of business once again and got the same response. He would not be satisfied until I said "hello".  Although tempted to say, "Hello, hello, can I help you." I just said hello. He was a bit frantic, telling me he was on the interstate and that there was a sign telling him to get off at 161, instead of 170 because the exit is closed.

The exit is NOT closed. What the sign most likely said was that the south bound road was closed AFTER you exit and in order to access that road you would need to get off at 161. For the life of me I could not make the man understand this and I give really good directions, if you listen to me. He cut in and yelled at me, saying, "If you don't tell me how to get to you, we will just skip you!!" I tried again, but that was several hours ago. I think I have been skipped.

Time to think about dinner preparations. What gastronomic delight shall I whip up tonight? Maybe sandwiches and chips. I shouldn't play with any more appliances today. We could just skip dinner and go straight to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow as far as I am concerned.

Saturday, April 13, 2019


I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. You will recall that the chilly and windy weather had HeWho telling me not to mow. He also placed a blanket across my legs with loving care as I watched Judge Judy yell at the litigants in her courtroom.

I had plenty I could have been doing inside. But, as I sat there with three warm dogs surrounding me, I fell asleep as Judge Judy was delivering her verdict. I awoke with Eddie's ear and Wall-E's paw in one hand while the other hand lay atop Cujo's head. 

That raw chicken was still in the sink, not quite thawed and it was already 4:00!! How had I managed to catch a nap without any customers or ringing phones? But, the chicken would need to cook, and cook fast. Supposed to be a young fryer, this bird weighed 6.6 lbs!! To cook it whole I should have had it cooking slowly in the oven. The innards were still frozen!

Pinterest and Instapot to the rescue. I found a recipe for a 3 lb. chicken that was supposed to come out very tender and tasty. I followed the directions and put the water in first, then the spices and I was to gently lower the chicken into the water, making sure the water covered the chicken. I cut my fat bird down the middle. One side looked a bit smaller, so I used it. The water level was a little over the fill line in the pot liner, but the recipe said to cover the chicken.

I debated briefly with my common sense and won the argument. I locked down that lid and set the cook time to zero. The recipe said that the pressure build up time and the release time would cook that chicken. 

Being Friday, I had some check-ins to do. I chatted with a few kampers and I heard the pot start to hiss louder than it had ever hissed as the pressure started in the pot. I returned to the kitchen to find water covering the counter and dripping to the floor. 

The steam was so wet that water was collecting on the ceiling and dripping onto the floor! I felt like I was in an episode "I Love Lucy".  I grabbed the dish towel and started sopping up chicken water as fast as I could. It seemed to be coming out faster than I could wring it out and mop it up. The pressure seemed to take forever to release so I could open the pot.

I expected to find just the chicken and very little water inside, but it looked just like it did when I locked the lid on! I felt like I had wiped and mopped for at least 30 minutes. I wish I had wrung it out into a measuring cup (well, not the water on the floor). How could it be that there was still all that water in the pot?

The chicken was good. I made the garlic/butter sauce in the recipe and served it with brown rice and fresh spinach. Beware of filling that Instapot over the fill line! That is the lesson for today!

Friday, April 12, 2019


The temperature has dropped. Not to freezing, but enough to have a sweater handy. I thought about mowing. But I needed to find a tasty recipe for tonight's meal. So far I have failed to find one that speaks to me and the thawing chicken in my sink. 

HeWho just strolled through and placed a blanket on my legs and told me to stay inside, out of the wind. I must obey him, right? I can hear the windchimes even with the windows closed, so I already knew the wind was strong. I thought I might warm up pushing the mower while listening to a book.

I am listening to The First Lady by James Patterson. His books never disappoint. The narrator is a different story. I listen to a lot of books and there are good ones, mediocre ones and really bad ones. Some of them just read the words, with no voice inflection at all. If I have read the author previously and really like their work, I can plow through and use my own imagination. Most times, though, I will just return the book and start on another. I get them from the library, so it's not like I paid for them.

Well known authors generally have good narrators and I can't imagine that anyone proofed this performance before releasing it. She was okay with voice inflection, but mispronounced some words that really make her seem simple minded. Drove me a little crazy. I was mowing and every time she mispronounced a word I would yell out the correct pronunciation. I did have some people look at me as they drove by and I am sure they though I was a little on the crazy side.

She must not be a history buff, as she pronounced Potomac as "potta-mack". See what I mean? That word is in the book a lot. The first lady rides a horse and she really mangled that one. I am not even sure what she was trying to say, but the way she said it, it had too many vowels. Without actually seeing the word I couldn't be sure, but I think it might have been Arapahoa. She said "air-a-pa-ho-a" with the emphasis on a different syllable at times. I think it must have ended in "a" because she said it, but it was probably a silent "a".

Maybe I am being too critical? But, if someone was paying me to read the book aloud, I would have a dictionary close at hand for words I was unfamiliar with ….. or I would ask someone! So now I am wondering how much this job pays. I can read aloud and it would be a fun job. Of course I would read the entire book before I attempted to read it aloud. I would do a little research to make sure I was pronouncing all the words correctly, and I would definitely have someone listen to it before I submitted my work for publication. But, maybe that's just me!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Foggy Mind

My day is not going well. So, you think, what's new? …..

Yesterday was a big buy day at several major stores. The warm days mean that I need to stock the store. I had already purged the store of expired items. That means I tried to use any food items in my own meal planning and tossed the rest. My expired items are just barely out of date, as I rotate my stock diligently and always try to buy staples with the expiration (one of my grandchildren always said "expirement date") date as far out as possible. HeWho picks up the frozen items at Sam's is not as careful as I am, but I will give the ice cream and such away as the season ends.

The expired Excedrin I tossed in my purse came in handy on that flight to Minnesota. Nothing wrong with the drugs, just maybe not as effective, but they knocked out my headache. Upon my return from shopping, with a large sedan trunk and back seat full, I texted my arrival to the men in the park.

They usually see me pull in and run like little kids to unburden my vehicle, always knowing I have snacks for them. That did not happen yesterday. I got a text back from HeWho was laying new sewer lines inquiring about me needing help. Of course I wanted help! I had lots of big case items that were heavy.

They sent me a helper and the two of us unloaded the car. Alex is a diabetic, so I dared not ply him with sweets. I had bought some diet sodas with him in mind, but they needed to go in the cooler first. I will make sure he gets one today.

Shopping, then putting away all that stuff is exhausting. I did it and handled the flow of traffic through the store, often having to stop and chat. Good thing I can load a cooler and talk at the same time. HeWho will come to a dead halt when he talks, but that is another story. 

When HeWho is the master of sewer did come in, I questioned him about Kevin (aka my wife). Kevin was not doing well when I left for my trip. While I was away, I got a call from HeWho knows nothing about the drugs he takes. He was sure Kevin was in the midst of a very painful gout attack. He described the swelling and pain and I agreed that he was probably right. HeWho thinks everything is gout, having had many attacks. Colchicine used to be the standard for treating gout and was dirt cheap. When it was found to be the culprit causing major damage to internal organs, doctors stopped prescribing it so liberally and now the drug is expensive.

HeWho prefers to take a pill rather that changing his diet or lifestyle used to take it daily, along with Allopurinol. Of course he no longer takes it. When he went in for his annual check up two days before my trip, he called me from the clinic to ask if he needed refills. "That is why you are there." said his wife who fills his pill takers. I had told him when he asked why he had to go to the clinic.

Another call about 5 minutes after the first call. "Um, what do I take?" I referred him to his I-Phone with the list I entered for him while he was having his finger re-attached in the emergency room last year. So, when he called me in Minnesota and asked, "Where is my colchicine?!" I was somewhat annoyed. I calmly explained to him that he was no longer on that drug. He argued, of course, causing me to ask if he even looked at the list of medications on his phone. How silly of me. He probably handed the phone to the person entering the re-fills and left that up to them. Good thing I put the dosing info along side the meds!

Kevin refused efforts to take him to an urgent care or the emergency room. HeWho called me again to see if I thought cranberry juice to be a remedy. I told him it would definitely help with a urinary infection or kidney stones, but since the knee and the ankle were the culprits that it probably wouldn't help, but wouldn't hurt either and if it would make him feel better he could procure it and offer it to the sick man.

Finally, Kevin called the last doctor who treated him and HeWho picked up the prescription for the colchicine and the pain meds. I was told that he was on the mend. Then I saw him. He looked life death warmed over and I told him to stay off his leg and give his body time to recover. He might be my "wife", but he is still a man and would not take my advice. I saw him out at the dig site trying to help with the new line of sewer pipes. He finally came to the office to pick up the items he asked me to get for him. He looked worse and I instructed him to go lay down for a couple of hours.

He called to report that his blood pressure was 96/57. I shouted at the poor man then and told him to get in bed and check it again in an hour and if it was lower he was going to the hospital. He was up and walking around "trying to feel better" when he gave me the blood pressure reading. He did not call me back. 

I checked in a few campers and took phone calls and reservations while HeWho was on another run for supplies. No surprise that he has made 4 trips for sewer pipe so far on this project. How hard can it be to measure and add a few extra just in case and pick it all up at the same time?

Long story here, I know, but Kevin did go to the emergency room last night. HeWho took him (I have night blindness and I would have taken him, but I only drive about 40 when I can't see well). I went to bed at 10 and I think HeWho came in after midnight. Kevin stayed at the hospital just as I predicted. He was having trouble eating, swallowing to be exact and will have an endoscopy some time today. He was hungry when I talked to him and mad that I had insisted on him going to the hospital. The wrath of sick men …. just rolls off my shoulders like oil.

So, the rest of the morning has been just awful. After the man of the house came to bed last night, Cujo decided he needed another drink of water, then Martha, the fat boy cat, stood next to my side of the bed griping to go outside (he must have come in when HeWho came home). By then it was 2 o'clock and I finally drifted off only to be awakened at 6:30 by Eddie who decided it was wake up time and wanted to go out. I was so tired, I decided to go back to bed and slept until 8:30.

Mt series of naps were not restful and my mind is foggy. I lost the store phone twice and had to call it with my phone to locate it. I turned the washer on and put laundry detergent in, but forgot the laundry and the second time I located the store phone I saw that someone had called and I redialed the number. It was me. The first time I called to locate the phone. Should I even try to mow? I need to mow, I want to mow. What If I forget what I am doing and try to mow the water in the pool? What if I fall asleep while mowing?

The weather had cooled down and a nice breeze is blowing. Perfect to mow. Supposed to rain later in the day. It snowed in Minnesota yesterday and I fervently hope that it does not head this way! But, with the way my day is going, it could.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Still Searching

The grass is growing at a fast rate. I can almost hear it. The rains have finally held back and it is dry enough today to mow. I decided to start with my dog's yard. Many obstacles lie waiting to befuddle me.

Nonetheless, it has to be done. Eddie is a fan of the tufts of really tall grass. He likes to position himself in it and looks like he has a green cloak on. Of course, by the time I have him in the view finder for a picture, he runs towards me. He was cute though! You will have to take my word for it.

I put on some shorts and cotton shirt to absorb the sweat and headed to the back yard with my ready rake and poop bags. Four months of cold weather poop awaits my attention. I notice that my babies have been kind to me and pooped on the outer perimeter of the yard all winter. It is white, like ghost poop. I rake it all up and my shoulder begins to throb. 

I asked HeWho is in charge of all things with motors and gas to fill my mower and get it started for me. By now I am picking up other obstacles and I am annoyed. The old water heater is still in my yard, along with the old power box that was replaced when the well digging event occurred. The trenches from the heavy truck are awaiting some fill dirt, and as I recall, I was promised that some time ago.

I mowed my yard and am now exhausted and my shoulder is screaming at me. My thumb is in a brace, but still hurts and the sweat on my hand is making it slippery. The first mow of the season is always the hardest for me. I usually mow my back yard, my side yard, then around all my gardens and trees, ending up on the other side of the building before I take a break. I will be working my way up to that.

In the meantime, I tackled the spare bedroom. It used to hold a bed for company. Since my Dad died and my kids are too busy with their kids to visit, I gave the bed away. The room has become a catch all. I sorted and stacked and dusted and swept ….. BUT I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND MY GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!!

I have gone over every square inch of my house. I dreamed about it last night. If you broke into my house and stole my George Foreman grill, please tell me. You can keep it, I just want to know where it is.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Losing My Grill

I am happy to be home. My own bed, my husband and my furry pals awaited my return. It is always good to be home.

The weather is great. I spent the day outside with all my potted plants. I trimmed and pinched and replanted and watered. In between I occasionally pulled a weed or two .... or maybe more. I painted an old chandelier and hung humming bird feeders from it. I cleaned all the debris left in the store from storing all those plants for the winter.

I am tired now, pleasantly so. The store has been closed for the day and I can finally sit down. The potatoes are baking. the salad is done. Only thing left is to cook the steaks. Just one little problem.

You will all recall my last adventure when I undertook the painting and rearranging of my kitchen cabinets. Everything is back in place. But I seem to have lost my Geoge Foreman grill. It is sizable enough that one would think it would be hard to lose. I have searched the house over and cannot locate it. HeWho plumbs is laying new sewer pipe and I was just going to toss the steaks on it. It is quick and easy. Or it would be if I could find it.

It is not the small model. It is the bigger one. Not easy to tuck away in a hidden corner. Bigger than a bread box. I looked in all the areas that I put the stuff I took out of the cabinets. I even looked in my bedroom and my sewing room. I can't find it. HeWho looked while he was in here, working on the theory that it was probably right in my line of vision and I still couldn't see it.

I asked the dogs! I feel like I am losing my mind. The thing didn't just get up and walk away. I am now resigned to walking all the way to the grill on the pavillion next to the pool and grill my steaks there. In public. Where I can easily be seen and talked to. I am ready to sit in utter silence and do not relish the idea of sharing my quiet time.

You know what they say about the best laid plans.