Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Still Searching

The grass is growing at a fast rate. I can almost hear it. The rains have finally held back and it is dry enough today to mow. I decided to start with my dog's yard. Many obstacles lie waiting to befuddle me.

Nonetheless, it has to be done. Eddie is a fan of the tufts of really tall grass. He likes to position himself in it and looks like he has a green cloak on. Of course, by the time I have him in the view finder for a picture, he runs towards me. He was cute though! You will have to take my word for it.

I put on some shorts and cotton shirt to absorb the sweat and headed to the back yard with my ready rake and poop bags. Four months of cold weather poop awaits my attention. I notice that my babies have been kind to me and pooped on the outer perimeter of the yard all winter. It is white, like ghost poop. I rake it all up and my shoulder begins to throb. 

I asked HeWho is in charge of all things with motors and gas to fill my mower and get it started for me. By now I am picking up other obstacles and I am annoyed. The old water heater is still in my yard, along with the old power box that was replaced when the well digging event occurred. The trenches from the heavy truck are awaiting some fill dirt, and as I recall, I was promised that some time ago.

I mowed my yard and am now exhausted and my shoulder is screaming at me. My thumb is in a brace, but still hurts and the sweat on my hand is making it slippery. The first mow of the season is always the hardest for me. I usually mow my back yard, my side yard, then around all my gardens and trees, ending up on the other side of the building before I take a break. I will be working my way up to that.

In the meantime, I tackled the spare bedroom. It used to hold a bed for company. Since my Dad died and my kids are too busy with their kids to visit, I gave the bed away. The room has become a catch all. I sorted and stacked and dusted and swept ….. BUT I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND MY GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL!!

I have gone over every square inch of my house. I dreamed about it last night. If you broke into my house and stole my George Foreman grill, please tell me. You can keep it, I just want to know where it is.


RunNRose said...

I always enjoy reading about your life. You are one of very few bloggers who writes so well that
pictures don't play a big part, (they are appreciated when they do come along, though.)
Sorry to hear about your throbbing shoulder and your thumb. I don't guess its possible
somebody borrowed your grill? We had a favorite suitcase come up missing. Spent days
looking for it. Then I remembered. Daughter was taking a trip while we were spending our
Summer in MN. She asked permission to borrow it from our house here in TX. By the time I remembered,
so much time had passed that she recalls nothing about it, I'll bet it's in the attic of her house!
Too bad the fun of reading your posts is often at your expense! Keep us posted.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I have two George Forman grills a large family size one and a small one or two person grill, neither of them are yours, just saying.

I have never used a lawn mower in my life.

Joanne Noragon said...

I'm sorry the hard work is so hard on you, this year. I hope it mostly resolves when you break in some more.

Val said...

Hick did our first mowing yesterday. On the riding mower, of course. My half-dachshund Jack also darted out of my picture before I could snap it. And I watched a rerun of The Office, where Michael had burned his foot on his Foreman grill. Sometimes our lives get intertwined.

Kathy G said...

Our lawn has had two mowings. It's hard to keep up with it at this time of the year.

River said...

Did I miss the part where you told about your thumb? Why the brace? What happened. I hope it gets better soon. I remember one dog I had years ago who always used the side yard and we'd go out there once a week to rake up the nuggets. He was very obliging by leaving the rest of the yard for the barbecue grill, kids swing set and trampoline.

dkzody said...

Did you put your grill in your motor home?

I have a way of finding missing things, but you might find it disconcerting. I stand in the middle of a room and calm my anxious mind and soul. Then I ask God to show me the missing item. Usually, within a few seconds, I get an idea of where the missing item is hiding, and sure enough, there it is.