Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Not My Dog?

I mentioned my new furniture yesterday. I am happy to report the vomit is gone and did not leave a stain. I am quite certain that Toni Louise is the culprit. She remains blissfully unconcerned that she caused me angst.

When we turned our living room into retail space, it was clear that regular furniture was not going to fit into the space left. I had a love seat that I hoped to use, but it turned out to be too big for the space. We bought a rather large recliner for the man of the house. Actually a chair and a half, it dominated the space. Next came a recliner for me. So, our sitting room was strictly a two seater. If someone stopped by, we could pull the chairs from our "dining" area. 

It worked, as we don't have a lot of company in the winter and there are plenty of places to sit in the store. What didn't work was the three dogs in my lap all trying to get top billing. Cujo is a tucker, he would scooch down next to my left side on the seat beside me. That left my right side free to hold my laptop. Wall-E use to just lay by my legs until Eddie came along. Eddie liked to be on  my right shoulder. 

Because of Eddie's close proximity to my face, Cujo would get annoyed and slither up my side and lay his head on my lips for a kiss. While Eddie was okay with sharing me with Cujo, he did not like Wall-E coming up from the foot rest for some affection and he would insert himself between me and Wall-E, knocking Cujo out of his place. You can see that this was not a restful experience for me. On occasion, Toni Louise would also jump into the circus in my chair.

All this would be happening as HeWho sat blissfully in a chair that would easily accommodate a person and the four dogs and the cat. The easy solution would have been to switch chairs. I did consider it, but he sat on only one side for so long that anyone who dared sit in it leaned automatically to one side. The left side, Cujo's side.

During my trip to Minnesota, I was struck with inspiration. My son-in-law, Chad, got a new recliner that had heat and could massage!! This would solve more than one problem. You might recall that one of my biggest complaints is the temperature HeWho insists upon in the winter. His old chair was very worn, after all. I carefully measured my spaces and then went on Wayfair to solve my sitting needs. HeWho got a heated recliner that can also massage his aches and pains. I got what was referred to as a mini sectional. Just so you know, it is a love seat with an ottoman. It came with both arms, so that I could choose which side to attach the ottoman to.

When my new furniture arrived, I was on my way to the hospital to visit Kevin. We were both to tired to open the boxes when we got home. The next day, as HeWho went about his business, I opend all the boxes, read the directions and put my mini sectional together. All by my self! The recliner was in two pieces, but the seat was too heavy and awkward to manage alone.

HeWho sits in chairs did help me put his chair together. He also helped me take the other two recliners apart. My old recliner was light weight enough to move by myself. His old recliner was not. I managed to move the back, but the seat was not only heavy , but awkward. I had to have the assistance of the man of the house.

I was holding my end and ready to continue to the end destination for this used up recliner, but as soon as we got past the check-in desk in the store and dropped his end and left it there. The next day I heaved that sucker end over end until I got it where I wanted it. I might have uttered a few words about where I really wanted to put it!

I am quite happy with my mini sectional. I can put up my legs and all the dogs can find a spot to be near me. As I write this, Toni Louise is persistently nosing my hand off the keyboard. Wait, she is not my dog! 


Val said...

Oooh! Be careful not to upset Toni Louise! You know what she's capable of.

River said...

I have a recliner with no room either side of me for any pets, but Lola likes to lie on the raised foot section and sleep there. it drives me crazy because I have achy legs and once she is settled I can't move them to ease the aching without disturbing her and she won't sleep anywhere else as long as I am in my (our) chair.
I wonder why none of the dogs go to your husband's bigger chair?

RunNRose said...

It's been awhile since you posted pictures of the dogs. How 'bout doing that? Would be fun to match the style with the dog. We got rid of a recliner because the seat was totally lopsided from a man on one side and a dog on the other. We require recliners with the solid fabric between seat and footrest---as that place is necessary for the dogs. Sounds like you did a good job of solving your seating problems.
And, so lucky you did not end up with stains.

Linda O'Connell said...

I can see you handling that recliner. I would have done the same thing. Your new furniture seems accomodating to all the fur babies.