Sunday, April 14, 2019


The weather is dreary and I can't seem to shake the melancholy that has settled over me like a shawl. I miss my Dad today. I just want to pick up my phone and call him, but there is no phone line in heaven.

So, I decided to vacuum, hoping the noise and activity would shake things up. It did. I kind of blew up the vacuum. Made a really big mess of things. Dust still lingers in the air.

I thought about calling HeWho was laying sewer line (yes, he is still putzing around with all those pipes and digging up everything). He texted while I pondered what I should do about my vacuum. Seems he hit a water line again. I decided to let him be and just go turn the red handle like he asked. 

I turned it counter clockwise. It seemed intuitive to do so. But I forgot to factor in the fact that he installed it. So, it would seem that I failed at that task, as well. So I took a broom and dustpan to mess, then dismantled the vacuum. 

It was not as hard as I thought it would be. It was pet hair clogging the life out of my vacuum. I carefully pulled out all the dog hair and the cat hair. I cleaned every part of that machine and put it all back together! Works like a charm again. I am so very proud of myself. It takes very little to make me happy. It wasn't broken, after all, just needed it's arteries cleaned out.

In the midst of the vacuum surgery, the phone rang. I answered in my usual voice  and a man kept yelling, "Hello, hello, is anyone there?" I identified my place of business once again and got the same response. He would not be satisfied until I said "hello".  Although tempted to say, "Hello, hello, can I help you." I just said hello. He was a bit frantic, telling me he was on the interstate and that there was a sign telling him to get off at 161, instead of 170 because the exit is closed.

The exit is NOT closed. What the sign most likely said was that the south bound road was closed AFTER you exit and in order to access that road you would need to get off at 161. For the life of me I could not make the man understand this and I give really good directions, if you listen to me. He cut in and yelled at me, saying, "If you don't tell me how to get to you, we will just skip you!!" I tried again, but that was several hours ago. I think I have been skipped.

Time to think about dinner preparations. What gastronomic delight shall I whip up tonight? Maybe sandwiches and chips. I shouldn't play with any more appliances today. We could just skip dinner and go straight to bed and hope for a better day tomorrow as far as I am concerned.


Joanne Noragon said...

I think plan B the bed, er, best.

Kathy G said...

I have to clean out the vacuum every couple of years. It's amazing how much 'yuck' is in there.

RunNRose said...

The good news is that you have a working vacuum. I'm sorry you were yelled at.
Y'know, maybe you are better off for having been skipped! That man doesn't
seem to be a model camper. May your tomorrow be better!

Val said...

Good to know that in all your spare time, you could moonlight as a vacuum cleaner cleaner! It's just as well that direction-seeking guy passed you by. Sounds like he'd be bringing a whole can of worms your way.

I, too, miss being able to pick up the phone, to talk to my mom. I talk to her anyway. We don't really need a phone now. And I'm the only one talking. But I put my message out there.

ellen abbott said...

just as well he skipped you. he'd have come in the exit and run over your flower beds.

River said...

I made my own big mess this morning, in the laundry, there was water everywhere!
I tend to clean out my vacuum after every three uses, mostly just taking apart the hose and checking the sections are clear, then taking apart the head and cleaning the brushes properly. my kids, on the other hand, leave their vacuum until it refuses to suck up anything at all, then buy a new one! I showed them how to clear the head by cutting away all the long hair and cat hair from around the turbo brush. Silly me. Now that's my job whenever I visit.

Linda O'Connell said...

Never a dull moment at your place. Your posts are truly a delight, not that I'm laughing at you.