Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Complaining For Sport

The weather is making me want to curl into a ball and sleep until the sun shines again. In spite of the rain, I still have to deal with campers ...

I checked a man in around noon today. He only wanted electricity, no water, or sewer. I put him in a site that was easy to pull into and out of. Then I promptly put him out of my mind. It was dreary and overcast when he checked it. It rained for a couple of hours after that. Just a steady rain. Not a storm, no high winds, no torrential downpours.

I sat with my canines and watched a little TV and I may have dozed. HeWho was on one of his missions to get some supplies having to do with water or sewer. He came home and the rain let up. It was about 4:00 when my next campers showed up. I checked them in and we chatted about our dogs. They have a Chiweenie!! Found her on the side of the road. I am always ready to discuss animals.

As they were leaving the office the man from the earlier check-in came in to yell at me. Did I know that I parked him in a mud hole? He went on to tell me he would have to back up over 100 yards to get out of here. I explained to him that he was in a pull through site and he informed me that there was a deep hole at the end of his site and he would not be able to get out. Whatever, I apologized and offered to move him to a site of his choice.

He did not find my offer to be a solution, so I figured he just enjoyed complaining. My mother always enjoyed complaining and I encounter many people who seem to enjoy it. I also thought that the downed tree from yesterday may have fallen on that site and left a mess and HeWho forgot to tell me not to use the site. This happens more than I like.

I mentioned the man and his complaint to HeWho. I asked about the downed tree that was cut up yesterday and he told me that it was several sites away. The tree was cut up and all the debris was removed, so I have no idea what the man was referring to. I know there are puddles all about, but, really, I can't control that.

I puttered around in my porch plants and the rain started again, so I came inside to concoct supper. I pulled some leftover rice pilaf and a sour cream sauce left over from some pork chops and added it all to some cooked ground beef and shredded some cheese on top. Don't know what to call it other than "hot dish". It was hot and in a dish. Stuck it in the oven and sat down to check on my prescriptions.

According to JD Power and Associates, Humana mail order pharmacy ranked #1 in customer service. We will see about that! Tomorrow.

I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to reason with Humana and almost over cooked the hot dish! When I finally got off the phone, HeWho had rescued supper and there was someone banging on the office door. I dispatched HeWho was already standing. It was the complaining man. Claimed he was being "washed away". Yes, it was raining, still nothing spectacular. The man was traveling alone, I think I know why.  


Val said...

I enjoy complaining, but even I wouldn't blame you for the rain. Why can't that guy drive through a puddle? It's not like you gave him a site next to the Marianas Trench.

Linda O'Connell said...

Youo should have asked if he needed a Snickers. Maybe he was impersonating a crab ass. Some people are never happy and have to complain.

ellen abbott said...

my mother loved to complain. that's all she did. bitch and moan.