Thursday, August 26, 2021

Excitement In The Afternoon!

You will not believe the excitement we had today! This is Cujo reporting, by the way. Let me set the scene for you ...

It was just a normal day here at the park, well if the temperature of over 100 degrees is normal. Mom was up early and mowing, getting her chores out of the way. When she came in she was wet. Not just sweat, though. Dad asked her why her hair was dripping. She stuck her head under the hose! Dad said that the water from the hose must have been freezing, but she said it felt good. Mom and Dad do not agree on temperature.

Mom went to shower and Dad fixed their lunch, this is not normal either. Not to worry, though, he did not clean up the kitchen afterwards. That really would have been out of the ordinary! Mom said she was really tired and her ear was hurting, so she swallowed some pills and Eddie and I followed her to the bedroom where we had the nicest nap. Bo likes to go to bed with us, but he won't stay for a nap. Eddie and I don't care as long as he leaves quietly.

I woke first and then Mom and Eddie got up. We all followed her to the back door. Mom opened the door and I saw a blur of gray fur run past Mom. At first I thought it was Martha, the boy cat. But I caught a whiff of wild animal and Mom yelled for Dad. Us three boy dogs took off after the wild creature and while Bo and Eddie had him in a corner and I went in for the kill!

I bit down, expecting to get a taste of flesh and ended up with a wad of fur in my mouth. Mom was still yelling for Dad, who was yelling back, "What is it?" What is it, indeed? Mom screamed then for him to come help her. Dad and Toni Louise came out together and Toni came running to help us boy dogs. The wild creature started to run again and Mom picked up Eddie.

That wild thing was running straight for Mom and Eddie!! Dad kicked at it and Mom took Eddie inside and came back out and grabbed Bo while she yelled at me to STOP. My mind was on this creature in MY yard. I was going to defend my territory, I tell you! I was prepared to fight to the end! 

Toni Louise and Dad kept getting in my way. The creature was quite ugly with buck teeth that he kept clicking at us. Why did he do that? Barking is so much more efficient! Toni Louise is not as brave as she would have us all believe. She let me take the lead! Scared, I think she was scared of the creature. I bet Martha, the boy cat would have helped me! I know he would have, he is not scared of anything!

About the time I was thinking about Toni Louise being afraid, Mom tossed Dad a bucket and he really got in my way then. I think this is when Mom saw her chance and she scooped me up with one hand. Mr. BoJangles was occupying her other arm. Mom must have gained a lot of strength from being afraid because she keeps telling me I am fat and makes a big deal out of lifting me with both her hands. 

She dumped Bo and me inside and Toni obeyed dad and followed her in. We left Dad to defend himself against the intruder. Dad came in and headed towards the bedroom! Did he really think this would be a good time for a nap? Where was this invader of our yard? Suddenly he came out of the bedroom with a shotgun!

No, I am not kidding! He headed to the back door and I was hot on his heels. I wanted to see this. Mom yelled "TREAT" and we all stopped in our tracks. Dad got out the door and we were all looking to see what our treat was. Mom said our treat was not being accidentally shot and to stop looking at her like that.

We heard the gunshot! Twice. Dad came in and put up the gun. Mom asked if he had killed it. When he said that he had she told him to remove the corpse from the back yard. We were all disappointed about that! We could have determined what the creature was. Dad said it was a beaver, then maybe a woodchuck. He didn't have a beaver tail and beavers like water. There is no water in our yard.

It turned out to be a really big groundhog. Mom went out to investigate how he got in our yard. It remains a mystery. I might need another nap now! Mom says that these are the dog days of summer and that animals do strange things. She was afraid for us dogs being bitten by that groundhog with his buck teeth that click. Why do they call it dog days? That doesn't seem right to me. I will need to sleep on it.

Until next time, this is Cujo signing off. 


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

I Do Have Masking Tape

HeWho was on his best game today. A camper buddy suggested a window for checking in, since a large amount of the population seems to find wearing a mask to be so bothersome.

Genius idea! I mentioned it to the man in the chair and he seemed to think it was a good idea as well.

Not sure if the idea was so appealing as the thought of going out to purchase plexiglass was. He does like to shop, this man who thinks gravity won't keep his chair on the floor. 

I fished a folding table out of the dumpster some time ago. I have no pride, you know. All it needs is a new dowel and a good paint job, nothing wrong with it. Thinking ahead, as I am apt to do, I had been waiting until HeWho was going to a hardware store to have him get a dowel for the table. I have various sizes of dowels around here, just not the size required. I gave him one of the broken pieces of the dowel and asked if he would get one while he was there.

He forgot it. It was one of two items he was supposed to get, so he hopped back into his truck and made a second trip. I thought about asking for bread, but I didn't want to confuse him.

The plexiglass in hand, and the dowel came in with him. I honestly thought I was going to be the one to install the plexiglass, or it would take a few weeks to get to. He bought a door for the house about a year ago and it still lingers on it's side next to all the extra pool paint.

I asked if he had planned to cover the entire length of the window, since that is the size he purchased. I had thoughts of a piece that would fit snug against the storm window and would only require removal of the screen. But he went outside and removed the storm window entirely and the plexiglass covers the entire window except for a 3" opening at the bottom to slide out a registration on a clipboard. Everything pertaining to checking in can be handled with no contact!

He bought AND installed in the SAME day! Problem solved for masks. But, what about merchandise? Well, you will have to bite the bullet and cover your mouth and nose if you want to enter my Covid free sanctuary! Or, you can always drive 23 miles to Walmart! Walmart will give you a mask, but they won't make you wear it. I was asked last week if I had masks to give out. No, I am not Walmart. Masking tape, I have that, but fear that covering the mouth and nose would be somewhat criminal.  

Monday, August 23, 2021

Fresh Tomatoes!

 HeWho called me rude! I am not rude, unless someone deserves it! I have a sign right there on the front of the building stating the necessity of wearing a mask when entering my office. Not a suggestion, a mandate. If you refuse to don a mask, don't come in. Simple. I will even go outside to register a camper. I do not feel the need to explain my rules to you, nor do I care to hear your theories.

I painted a long line of fence this morning before the sun was high in the sky. It was still hot and muggy and I used almost a gallon of paint, one brush stroke at a time. As I made my way down the fence I clipped back spent flowers and dead limbs and no way was I going to not pull weeds. I was hot and tired when I entered the building after deciding to quit for the day. School started today and I decided to have a nice swim after all my efforts. 

It took more time to get my swimsuit on my sweaty body that it took to swim. HeWho had been holding his chair to the floor all morning while I labored with the paintbrush was snippy with me upon learning I was planning to swim. So I got snippy with him and he begrudgingly helped me get my swimsuit on, since my shoulders no longer have a good range of motion.

It was nice, but I like my water a lot colder. It will bring my core temp down better than a cold shower. So, I followed up with a very cold shower, dressed and dried my hair and then went to my office for my time of confinement. He must have felt some guilt about the number of hours he spends holding that chair down and he had washed the dishes!

Swimmers checked in and were in the pool later in the afternoon when thunder rumbled. It was so loud that even I could hear it despite the water that is still in my right ear. The thunder went on for some time and the swimmers stayed in the water. I usually walk out there to make them get out for safety's sake, but I didn't today. I just sat there with my wonky ear and read blogs.

Because he washed the dishes I made BLT's for supper as a special treat. He is not allowed bacon on his cardiac diet, and I got creative with turkey bacon. All I have to say about the culinary delights of this is that the tomatoes were fresh out of my garden and they were delicious!

Monday, August 16, 2021

All My Fault

Just when you think you have heard it all.

The day started great. Mild temperatures, the pain in my jaw subsided from my tendency to clench said jaw while sleeping. Insomnia does have some benefits! I readied myself for mowing and informed HeWho is the master of the house to not release the hounds until I had the mower in the yard and the gate was closed again. Last time I was getting the mower through the gate, he opened the door and let them all out. They were crying and begging to go out, but since there is a window in the door, I assumed he might look out into the yard BEFORE opening the door. You know what that saying is about assumptions ...

The operation of dodging all the obstacles in my path to the gate went smoothly and I let my companions with four legs out to assist me in mowing the yard. I mowed half the yard, then the mower started slowing down and then revving up. This has been going on for some time now and I have been quite vocal about it. I like to mow my own yard, I just do not want to take care of the maintenance of the machine. I fill the tank with gas when there is no one close by to do it for me. I don't even fill my car with gas unless I absolutely have to. Should have been written in our vows!

I went inside and ask him if he had heard what the mower was doing. "Huh?" I am also not fond of repeating myself. The mower had slowed down so much that I didn't think the blade was rotating fast enough to cut. "Something is wrong with the mower," said the wife of HeWho can't hear until it is repeated.

"I don't know what your problem is, it always starts fine for me." he grumbled as he pushed the remote that would eject him from his chair. I did not say it wouldn't start. I followed him out and thought of grabbing an axe just in case the mower ran fine for him. I wanted to be prepared to smash it to pieces. It started and then continued to misbehave for the benefit for HeWho insisted there was nothing wrong. 

Not one to sit idly by while repairs are done, I headed back to the front of the store after hanging out laundry to continue painting trim. I painted until my muscles were telling me to stop. Watered all my containers and came inside to see about food for the evening.

Throughout all this, I answered calls and checked in reservations. Upon entry to my building I ask everyone not wearing a mask the status of their vaccination. Habit. Most people comply without comment. The unvaccinated are prone to trying to teach me the ways of the world.

I have heard all the conspiracy theories. I have heard all the excuses offered about how experimental the vaccine is. They are all experimental, just like every new drug on the market with ads prompting you to ask your doctor if the new drug is right for you. I really don't want to hear from all these people and am quickly losing patience with it. But today, the man standing before me sharing his "information" is the winner!

According to this man, all of the vaccinated people are the problem. Seems he thinks that by getting vaccinated, we have caused the mutation of the virus. I suppose I could have been a bit more diplomatic and not said that was the stupidest thing I have ever heard. He informed me that "the nurse" told him this theory.  I should have just simply shut my mouth and checked the man in. I was tired and my tolerance for stupidity was running low. I tried to explain that had we all gotten the vaccine, perhaps we would have herd immunity by now. I did control myself from suggesting that he had misinterpreted the information "the nurse" had relayed to him.

I checked him in and gave his directions to his site and went on with my dinner preparations. I heard someone come in and asked HeWho was holding his chair to the floor to handle it. It was the man telling HeWho that we have an awful park and he could not stay here. My fault, all my fault. The loss of revenue, not the mutation of the virus.


Sunday, August 15, 2021

Don't Be Ignorant!

As much as things change, they remain the same. It has been a slow weekend. The slowest since March. School is starting and it is normal for a slump right now.

It is just as well since I have not felt well all weekend. I have a sore throat, headache, earache, and am exhausted. Do I have Covid? Maybe, who knows? I am sure this is what we all think now whenever our bodies display more than one symptom that defines Covid. I have been wearing a mask around people just in case. I would feel terrible if I made someone sick. I slept until 9:30 this morning and was pretty useless for the remainder of the morning, so I lay down for a few hours and got back up at 4:00. Still feel tired.

Despite being tired I can still find irony in my daily life. Causes me to wonder about things. Things like the education of our youth. I do not understand the new math. I like it the way I learned it. It makes sense. Nowadays it seems we are to rely on devices to compute. I learned by memorizing math facts and constant repetition.

My brain is my calculator. I still count change back to my customer. A lost art it would seem. When I am shopping, I can determine the price of an item at any percentage off and usually know within a few dollars how much my cart will add up to. Without the use of the calculator on my phone. I seem to be a minority. I find that scary.

I have a bin of merchandise that I have a 1/2 price sign on. All of the items are even dollar amounts. If it is marked $2.00 ..... why would you need to ask what the amount would be at half price. I could have told the adult asking that it was now $1.50 and feel pretty certain that they would have paid it without question.

The word "ignorant" seems to be the newest misused word. Well, around these parts. When someone tells you that you are doing something that is clearly against the rules and your response is to tell them not to be ignorant ..... then maybe you should grab a dictionary and look the word "ignorant" up. 

I knew someone once who would preface all his statements with "I don't mean to sound ignorant, but ...". Over and over again throughout a conversation, causing me to tell him that if he preferred not to sound ignorant, perhaps he should not speak. He didn't get it.

Given the fact that words have lost their meanings and been assigned new ones and counting money is a lost art, it should come as no surprise that people believe conspiracy theories about the vaccine and will hold out until Covid strikes close to home, killing a loved one.

We all thought 2020 was bad, but 2021 doesn't seem so great either. I worry about all the children going back to school and am thankful I am not a mother of young children. I honestly don't know how I would handle sending them out the door knowing a virus lay in wait. Masked for sure, and vaccinated as soon as allowed to be. Still a scary state of affairs. Ignorance would be bliss!


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Dust Mites and Cat Dander

The oppressive heat prevents a good nights sleep lately. Rain threatened to fall today. Just a tease, though, no relief forthcoming. I worked outside yesterday morning, then came in and showered. Back out after supper, then another shower before bed. The air conditioning could not keep it cool enough and I was thinking about another shower when I woke. Worked awhile outside instead.

It occurred to me this morning that I needed to do a little more than just change the sheets and give my bedroom a once over. Could have been the dog and/or cat hair in my eyes and mouth when I woke. If my gardens are well tended, my house isn't. Sad, but true. I manage to keep the laundry done and the kitchen and bathroom clean. Only one of me and I don't seem to spread as far as I used to.

So, when I came inside, I discovered that HeWho is lazy had done more than just holding his chair to the floor. "Come look at this, the toilet is smoking!" I headed that way, noticing that Mr. Bo Jangles had torn apart another of his toys and white polyester fluff was all over the floor. "Grab the broom and get that up from the floor," I said as  made my way through the obstacle course of dog toys. My mind already thinking we would need to call upon someone with plumbing expertise and the house was a mess. 

I go into the bathroom to see that HeWho thinks himself to be funny had put an empty toilet paper roller between the lid and the seat of the toilet to make it look like the butt of a cigarette hanging out the "lips" of the toilet. He had to put a lot of effort into this, because the toilet lid is a soft close and wouldn't stay down on the cardboard roller. He weighted it with two rolls of toilet tissue. I was not as amused as he thought I should be.

After I put the toilet paper away and tossed the roller, lest Bo find it and tear it into a thousand tiny pieces, I announced that I would not be tending the store until I had thoroughly cleaned our bedroom. He looked like I had slapped his face!

I gathered all the necessary cleaning supplies and jumped right in. It was pretty awful! I filled the vacuum container three times! If pet hair were valuable, we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams! I even wiped down the walls. The vacuum cleaner is recharging and I will keep vacuuming tonight until it no longer picks anything up. 

I cleaned the bathroom, as well. I was on a roll, so why not? I even cleaned the drains in the sink and tub. I would make a great maid, except for the fact that I don't want to be one! I would have rather been in a garden. 

But, this is the part that really annoys me. As soon as I finished, HeWho loves to run errands invented one in order to not have to deal with the store. During my cleaning frenzy, I still manned the phone and took reservations and such. He had only two customers to deal with while I cleaned. As soon as he fled the park and I parked my tired body in this chair hoping for a little rest, it got busy. The phone began ringing non-stop, the door was chiming non-stop!

HeWho finished his errand and came back and all is quiet again. Why? As I am cooking our supper and sneezing every few minutes, I remind him that I am allergic to dust mites and he should be the one dusting. But, I am also allergic to cats and he gave me a cat one year for our anniversary ....


Sunday, August 8, 2021

Surgery Aliens?

Cujo here. This week has been very unsettling. On Tuesday morning Dad was up early. He never gets up before Mom and there he was, all dressed while Mom had barely sipped her coffee. Mom was not sitting in our usual morning spot where she drinks coffee and smothers my head with kisses. She was taking down the big basket that holds our harnesses and leashes.

Toni Louise started galloping around and jumping to get Mom's attention. I had no idea what was about to happen, but admit I was a little excited. This usually means we are taking a trip. I love trips! On trips I get to sit by Mom for the whole time we are driving. Eddie did not look happy. I saw Mom whispering to him earlier and he looked a little scared. Bo was, well, just Bo. Bo is always excited.

So Mom got a harness out for Bo and it took both her and Dad to snap it on him. He tried his best to wriggle out of Mom's arms and clawed her arm and tried to bite Dad. Then Mom put the basket back on the shelf. Toni started barking indignantly and I was stunned. A trip without me?

Dad walked out to the car with Eddie and Bo and Mom kissed them good bye. She told Eddie to take care of Bo and she told Bo to take care of Eddie. Finally she came back in and told Toni and me that they were going to the vet. Oh, okay. I thought they would get some shots and come back home soon enough.

We went outside with Mom and we mowed the back yard. Mom said she finished in record time because all the toys she picked up stayed where she put them and she didn't have to stop and move them. Then we went back inside. They were not back yet and Toni and I decided to take advantage of the quiet for a nice nap.

When we woke, it was still quiet. Too quiet. I waited all day for my dog brothers to return home and wondered what was taking so long. Mom was busy with the phone and customers and Dad doesn't talk to us dogs the way Mom does. Mom finally locked the store for the night and put dinner on the table. Toni is always begging for food, I don't do that, if Mom wants me to have something, she will give it to me. I was sitting on the floor right next to Mom in order to listen. Mom told Dad that the vet had called and Bo was awake and doing good. Then she said that Eddie did not have surgery because he had a bacterial infection on his skin and an ear infection. He got a shot of antibiotics and would have medicine for his ears coming home with him.

Surgery? Why would they need surgery? What could be wrong with my brothers? And, when were they coming home? Shouldn't they be here now? I went over to one of Bo's blankets on the floor and lay down. It smelled like Bo and Eddie. I kept my nose down and my eyes closed so I could pretend they were with me. Eddie is my best pal and I even missed Bo!

Did I tell you that Bo has started sleeping in our bed? He did! This left his bed in the night table on Mom's side of the bed empty, so I showed him! I stole his bed. I can get in and out all by myself. Mom has to lift me into her bed. My legs are short and Mom says that I am a little fat, I can jump down okay, but climbing up is impossible. So now I have an entire bed to myself. I still like to nap with Mom on her bed, though. 

Finally after a very long night that I spent in bed with Mom, Dad got up early again and left. He came home with Eddie and Bo. Toni was so happy to see Bo. All this time I thought she hated him. She is always growling and snarling at him. She tried to make me mad at her, but I was missing Eddie too much. I guess she likes to growl and snarl. Bo does, too. They were made for each other.

Mom explained the surgery to me. I had always noticed that Eddie and Bo has some private parts that I do not have. I used to have them, but I had surgery and came home without them. Bo's are gone. He said it didn't even hurt. Eddie still has his, although they are free of hair now. He said he went to sleep and then woke up itching. His finely honed nails are now short, though. 

Eddie says that when they put you to sleep they can do what ever they want. He told me that he dreamed they were aliens from outer space and they were experimenting on him. He says he might turn into a human now! I think he was teasing me, though. I am just glad that he is home. 

Friday, August 6, 2021

I Really Do Enjoy Painting

Feeling quite accomplished today. HeWho loves errands took Charming Eddie and Mr. Bo Jangles to the vet very early for their special operations. I was already into the laundry and poop pick-up in preparation for mowing.

Everything seemed to go quicker without Bo demanding that I stop to play and I completed my task in record time. I painted one side of the front of the building. I had lots of signs and decor to remove and clean as I made my way along. This could have been painted with a sprayer, but I chose to brush it on. It is rough cedar and not easy to paint, but I exceeded my goal.

I am pleasantly tired now. I still need a shower, but chose to sit here a bit to comfort Cujo and Toni Louise. Two sad faces greeted me when I came in. Cujo is distressed about Eddie being gone. Toni Louise misses Bo. She has no one to quarrel with. Cujo refuses to participate. 

The vet called to report on the surgeries. Eddie managed to avoid the loss of his manhood. The rash on his belly that was thought to be a yeast infection that was requiring the every other day bath and the use of the spray can of "Jock Itch" on his under carriage turned out to be a bacterial infection. No incision for this little guy. Instead he got a shot of antibiotics and a sleepover with Bo who did get an incision to remove his testosterone. 

I am sure Bo will appreciate the comfort of Eddie's presence, since he has never slept away from me before. They will come home tomorrow morning and will have a joyful reunion with their dog siblings.

Now, I hear a shower calling my name to be followed by a nice freshly made bed where I will dream of painting the other side of the building.

Monday, August 2, 2021

I am Cheap, I Mean Thrifty

 Ordering on-line has become my go-to source for a lot of things lately. I can sit here waiting on swimmers and campers and order supplies and not have to infringe on my gardening time. I find shopping to be tiresome. I do manage to make one shopping trip for supplies count with a careful list and knowing where all the items are in each store. 

We sell a lot of Pringles and boxed candy. So, when I make a list I write down what I have so that I will buy what I do not have. I have done this once or twice with a list for HeWho is always up for a run to the store. I had carefully listed what was on the shelf and the number of like items, thinking he would certainly remember my method.

He didn't and I ended up with tons of duplicates that were not good sellers. I was annoyed. If he had questions, he should have called me. But, whatever. I recently discovered I could order Pringles and have them shipped. If you might be thinking that this shouldn't be quite the revolution I am making it to be, this was not always the case. Some items are pick-up only.

I was happily ordering my different Pringles flavors, only to discover that not all the flavors will ship. This was annoying. I ordered the big variety packs of candy, but the 6 packs are pick-up only. Don't know why. You would think that all candy and Pringles were created equal and subject to the same rules. You would be wrong.

So, my order came. Or, shall I say my partial order came. Three packages. Two were bubble envelopes. One envelope had ONE CAN OF PRINGLES inside. The other envelope had an article of clothing. The oversized box had 2 cans of Pringles and a box of crackers. Not to mention the 20 yards or so of packing paper. It does not seem to be an efficient way to ship items. 

I save that paper and the boxes. In another life it will be serving as weed barrier next to the new fence. Newspapers and the shipping paper will kill the grass and I will plant a row of daylilies on top, then top it all with some good soil, landscape cloth and some kind of mulch or rock. I have about 100 feet of fence to make nice with lilies. 

Does this make me resourceful or cheap? I can't seem to help myself. The Pringles did not arrive in the best condition. I pictured in my mind that lone padded envelope being tossed from location to location. I will not be doing that again!

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Scammers Beware

 After we sell this and move on to retirement, what will I do for entertainment? The dogs and cat will be there, and HeWho will still be my primary source, of course. I am sure the phone will ring occasionally ...

The phone rang yesterday morning. A man informed me that he was giving a courtesy call from my electric provider. He tells me he has a disconnect for one of my meters that is delinquent. I have 8 meters and all 8 bills have been paid and I can prove it. He insists that he is only doing his job and that I should call the electric provider and take care of my delinquent bill to avoid any problems.

I was already annoyed, as I was unable to locate my new favorite accessory, my whistle, and I had to watch silently as a truck entered the exit drive and was speeding into my park. It was raining rather loudly and my yell didn't travel as well as I wanted and then the phone rang with this idiot. I told him to come on out if would would relish being beat up by an old woman and her friends and hung up.

I relayed this to HeWho arrived with a nice iced coffee for me and he went to the last call and dialed up the man who shall now be referred to as the idiot. The electric company is closed on the weekend and it is highly unlikely they would pull a meter on a Saturday when it can't be verified by an office.

He gave a number to HeWho was irate, having paid the almost $4000.00 bill last week. I opined that I thought it to be a scam. I heard the prompt when the number he called answered and it did sound just like our provider, stating the office was closed for anything other than emergencies. He hit number for customer service and it was answered right away.

HeWho retired to his old man chair for this serious business and I had to wait on customers and could not ear it all. When he came out, he said that they had applied one of the payments to another meter, in addition to the correct payment. This has happened before, so it would sound genuine, except for the drastic action of pulling the meter. He was told he would have to go to the Dollar Tree and get a card to make a 400 and some odd dollar payment immediately to prevent the meter from being disconnected. The minute I heard Dollar Tree card I yelled scam.

But HeWho must not have good blood flow to the brain, was thinking that the power to our "guests" would be cut off and all the complaints and refunds that would follow. I argued and he said that it was the electric provider's prompt that answered his call and I supposed that would be easy to duplicate and that for all we knew, it could be an "inside" job of some employee making extra cash.

Still, he got into his truck and headed to town and the Dollar General. Not to worry, my talent for nagging has gotten us out of more than one jam. I can be persistent, or so I have been told. He finally took a breathe and checked the bank account that showed clearly that all the meters had been credited with the proper amount. Case closed, well, maybe ...

The Fed X driver was delivering a package, when HeWho loves errands (real or not) arrived home. I have been known to chat with all the delivery drivers and we were talking about the scam that almost happened. HeWho entered the store as his phone rang. We each have a cell phone and another for the business. Calls pertaining to business most always come through the business line. But, his personal phone rang with the scammer on the other end asking if he had obtained the card from the Dollar General. He told the caller he was on to him and that he planned on reporting his scam attempt. Fed X promptly took the phone and identified himself as a deputy and informed the caller that law enforcement was on the way, because they were tracing the number and that scammer might consider packing it in and removing himself from his base of operation.

Most fun I had all week!!