Sunday, August 15, 2021

Don't Be Ignorant!

As much as things change, they remain the same. It has been a slow weekend. The slowest since March. School is starting and it is normal for a slump right now.

It is just as well since I have not felt well all weekend. I have a sore throat, headache, earache, and am exhausted. Do I have Covid? Maybe, who knows? I am sure this is what we all think now whenever our bodies display more than one symptom that defines Covid. I have been wearing a mask around people just in case. I would feel terrible if I made someone sick. I slept until 9:30 this morning and was pretty useless for the remainder of the morning, so I lay down for a few hours and got back up at 4:00. Still feel tired.

Despite being tired I can still find irony in my daily life. Causes me to wonder about things. Things like the education of our youth. I do not understand the new math. I like it the way I learned it. It makes sense. Nowadays it seems we are to rely on devices to compute. I learned by memorizing math facts and constant repetition.

My brain is my calculator. I still count change back to my customer. A lost art it would seem. When I am shopping, I can determine the price of an item at any percentage off and usually know within a few dollars how much my cart will add up to. Without the use of the calculator on my phone. I seem to be a minority. I find that scary.

I have a bin of merchandise that I have a 1/2 price sign on. All of the items are even dollar amounts. If it is marked $2.00 ..... why would you need to ask what the amount would be at half price. I could have told the adult asking that it was now $1.50 and feel pretty certain that they would have paid it without question.

The word "ignorant" seems to be the newest misused word. Well, around these parts. When someone tells you that you are doing something that is clearly against the rules and your response is to tell them not to be ignorant ..... then maybe you should grab a dictionary and look the word "ignorant" up. 

I knew someone once who would preface all his statements with "I don't mean to sound ignorant, but ...". Over and over again throughout a conversation, causing me to tell him that if he preferred not to sound ignorant, perhaps he should not speak. He didn't get it.

Given the fact that words have lost their meanings and been assigned new ones and counting money is a lost art, it should come as no surprise that people believe conspiracy theories about the vaccine and will hold out until Covid strikes close to home, killing a loved one.

We all thought 2020 was bad, but 2021 doesn't seem so great either. I worry about all the children going back to school and am thankful I am not a mother of young children. I honestly don't know how I would handle sending them out the door knowing a virus lay in wait. Masked for sure, and vaccinated as soon as allowed to be. Still a scary state of affairs. Ignorance would be bliss!



Anonymous said...

You have my two thumbs pointing up, in your direction, and I'm almost fist pumping. Common sense prevails.

Be well.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh dear. Rest is exactly what you need. I sure hope it's not Covid or Delta. You are so right about words/meanings. I noticed some time ago that when I say, "Thank you" to the younger folks they reply, "No problem." What happened to "You're wecome?"

Please take care ofyourself and get to a doctor if you get worse. Every time I sniffle or he sneezes i worry. This is no way to live. And fear is eating me up thinking of my innicent 7 yr old great grandson going into the classroom. I asked if he was nervous or afraid. He said, "No i just want to find out how hard second grade is going to be. I want to go back to school." God bless him. And you, too.

Joanne Noragon said...

I am sad to report I find the current population pretty dumb, for all the reasons you give. They seem to function well enough in their world, but not in ours.

River said...

Is there a nearby facility where you can be tested? The best idea would be to isolate until you know for sure, but if you can't close down that makes things harder for you. I'm shocked that people can't work out half of two dollars!

luksky said...

What's even scarier is that now we are finding out that even masks and vaccines don't work against the virus. Just had a friend die of covid who had been vaccinated and wore the mask religiously. Of course, you won't hear about those cases "in the news".