Monday, August 23, 2021

Fresh Tomatoes!

 HeWho called me rude! I am not rude, unless someone deserves it! I have a sign right there on the front of the building stating the necessity of wearing a mask when entering my office. Not a suggestion, a mandate. If you refuse to don a mask, don't come in. Simple. I will even go outside to register a camper. I do not feel the need to explain my rules to you, nor do I care to hear your theories.

I painted a long line of fence this morning before the sun was high in the sky. It was still hot and muggy and I used almost a gallon of paint, one brush stroke at a time. As I made my way down the fence I clipped back spent flowers and dead limbs and no way was I going to not pull weeds. I was hot and tired when I entered the building after deciding to quit for the day. School started today and I decided to have a nice swim after all my efforts. 

It took more time to get my swimsuit on my sweaty body that it took to swim. HeWho had been holding his chair to the floor all morning while I labored with the paintbrush was snippy with me upon learning I was planning to swim. So I got snippy with him and he begrudgingly helped me get my swimsuit on, since my shoulders no longer have a good range of motion.

It was nice, but I like my water a lot colder. It will bring my core temp down better than a cold shower. So, I followed up with a very cold shower, dressed and dried my hair and then went to my office for my time of confinement. He must have felt some guilt about the number of hours he spends holding that chair down and he had washed the dishes!

Swimmers checked in and were in the pool later in the afternoon when thunder rumbled. It was so loud that even I could hear it despite the water that is still in my right ear. The thunder went on for some time and the swimmers stayed in the water. I usually walk out there to make them get out for safety's sake, but I didn't today. I just sat there with my wonky ear and read blogs.

Because he washed the dishes I made BLT's for supper as a special treat. He is not allowed bacon on his cardiac diet, and I got creative with turkey bacon. All I have to say about the culinary delights of this is that the tomatoes were fresh out of my garden and they were delicious!


Val said...

Mmm. Fresh garden tomatoes. They make even turkey bacon bearable!

Leslie said...

BLT's are one of my favorites! Turkey bacon is pretty good but nothing beats real bacon. I also love a tomato sandwich on toasted bread too if I have some real tomatoes, not the store bought ones.

Your business, your rules! People are so rude these days. I know a few that are so anti vaccine, anti mask that I just avoid ever discussing this with them. I get so mad at others that think I did not educate myself before making the choice to have the vaccine. Yet I have a few friends that has spouted off some of the rumors as fact without even doing any research themselves.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You're not rude, you are honest and straight forward

dkzody said...

Keep holding the line on those miscreants who refuse to wear a mask. What would HeWho do if you got sick and couldn't do all the work around there? Stay well.

Joanne Noragon said...

I've never needed B for a BLT. A fresh tomato is more than enough!