Monday, August 2, 2021

I am Cheap, I Mean Thrifty

 Ordering on-line has become my go-to source for a lot of things lately. I can sit here waiting on swimmers and campers and order supplies and not have to infringe on my gardening time. I find shopping to be tiresome. I do manage to make one shopping trip for supplies count with a careful list and knowing where all the items are in each store. 

We sell a lot of Pringles and boxed candy. So, when I make a list I write down what I have so that I will buy what I do not have. I have done this once or twice with a list for HeWho is always up for a run to the store. I had carefully listed what was on the shelf and the number of like items, thinking he would certainly remember my method.

He didn't and I ended up with tons of duplicates that were not good sellers. I was annoyed. If he had questions, he should have called me. But, whatever. I recently discovered I could order Pringles and have them shipped. If you might be thinking that this shouldn't be quite the revolution I am making it to be, this was not always the case. Some items are pick-up only.

I was happily ordering my different Pringles flavors, only to discover that not all the flavors will ship. This was annoying. I ordered the big variety packs of candy, but the 6 packs are pick-up only. Don't know why. You would think that all candy and Pringles were created equal and subject to the same rules. You would be wrong.

So, my order came. Or, shall I say my partial order came. Three packages. Two were bubble envelopes. One envelope had ONE CAN OF PRINGLES inside. The other envelope had an article of clothing. The oversized box had 2 cans of Pringles and a box of crackers. Not to mention the 20 yards or so of packing paper. It does not seem to be an efficient way to ship items. 

I save that paper and the boxes. In another life it will be serving as weed barrier next to the new fence. Newspapers and the shipping paper will kill the grass and I will plant a row of daylilies on top, then top it all with some good soil, landscape cloth and some kind of mulch or rock. I have about 100 feet of fence to make nice with lilies. 

Does this make me resourceful or cheap? I can't seem to help myself. The Pringles did not arrive in the best condition. I pictured in my mind that lone padded envelope being tossed from location to location. I will not be doing that again!


Debby said...

Resourceful. Nothing wrong with it. I do it too!

River said...

I am also bemused and annoyed at the amount of packaging used for online orders. Things bought and delivered within my own country seem to fare better, with a pair of shoes coming in their box inside a plastic bag envelope. Things from overseas have enough packaging to fill a dumpster. Amazon is particularly bad in this area, so I no longer buy from them.

Donna. W said...

I have to laugh at myself sometimes because I skimp and save on the smallest items, they splurge on something I don't need that costs $100.

ellen abbott said...

they shipped 3 cans of pringles in two boxes? what is wrong with people in this country. how many did you order? I keep all packing material and boxes as well. If I don't use the boxes they get recycled.

Val said...

I visualize your Pringles envelope being kicked around in a pick-up football game. Or maybe rugby! I know this is unlikely, because Amazon employees don't even have time to take a pee, much less enjoy a recreational break-time with your purchases.

Linda O'Connell said...

It's like Christmas at our house. The UPS guy brings little things in big packages and big things in small packages. You never know what's being dropped on the doorstep.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Not cheap at all because I would do the same but it makes one wondeeeer about what idiots packed the boxes to start with.