Sunday, August 8, 2021

Surgery Aliens?

Cujo here. This week has been very unsettling. On Tuesday morning Dad was up early. He never gets up before Mom and there he was, all dressed while Mom had barely sipped her coffee. Mom was not sitting in our usual morning spot where she drinks coffee and smothers my head with kisses. She was taking down the big basket that holds our harnesses and leashes.

Toni Louise started galloping around and jumping to get Mom's attention. I had no idea what was about to happen, but admit I was a little excited. This usually means we are taking a trip. I love trips! On trips I get to sit by Mom for the whole time we are driving. Eddie did not look happy. I saw Mom whispering to him earlier and he looked a little scared. Bo was, well, just Bo. Bo is always excited.

So Mom got a harness out for Bo and it took both her and Dad to snap it on him. He tried his best to wriggle out of Mom's arms and clawed her arm and tried to bite Dad. Then Mom put the basket back on the shelf. Toni started barking indignantly and I was stunned. A trip without me?

Dad walked out to the car with Eddie and Bo and Mom kissed them good bye. She told Eddie to take care of Bo and she told Bo to take care of Eddie. Finally she came back in and told Toni and me that they were going to the vet. Oh, okay. I thought they would get some shots and come back home soon enough.

We went outside with Mom and we mowed the back yard. Mom said she finished in record time because all the toys she picked up stayed where she put them and she didn't have to stop and move them. Then we went back inside. They were not back yet and Toni and I decided to take advantage of the quiet for a nice nap.

When we woke, it was still quiet. Too quiet. I waited all day for my dog brothers to return home and wondered what was taking so long. Mom was busy with the phone and customers and Dad doesn't talk to us dogs the way Mom does. Mom finally locked the store for the night and put dinner on the table. Toni is always begging for food, I don't do that, if Mom wants me to have something, she will give it to me. I was sitting on the floor right next to Mom in order to listen. Mom told Dad that the vet had called and Bo was awake and doing good. Then she said that Eddie did not have surgery because he had a bacterial infection on his skin and an ear infection. He got a shot of antibiotics and would have medicine for his ears coming home with him.

Surgery? Why would they need surgery? What could be wrong with my brothers? And, when were they coming home? Shouldn't they be here now? I went over to one of Bo's blankets on the floor and lay down. It smelled like Bo and Eddie. I kept my nose down and my eyes closed so I could pretend they were with me. Eddie is my best pal and I even missed Bo!

Did I tell you that Bo has started sleeping in our bed? He did! This left his bed in the night table on Mom's side of the bed empty, so I showed him! I stole his bed. I can get in and out all by myself. Mom has to lift me into her bed. My legs are short and Mom says that I am a little fat, I can jump down okay, but climbing up is impossible. So now I have an entire bed to myself. I still like to nap with Mom on her bed, though. 

Finally after a very long night that I spent in bed with Mom, Dad got up early again and left. He came home with Eddie and Bo. Toni was so happy to see Bo. All this time I thought she hated him. She is always growling and snarling at him. She tried to make me mad at her, but I was missing Eddie too much. I guess she likes to growl and snarl. Bo does, too. They were made for each other.

Mom explained the surgery to me. I had always noticed that Eddie and Bo has some private parts that I do not have. I used to have them, but I had surgery and came home without them. Bo's are gone. He said it didn't even hurt. Eddie still has his, although they are free of hair now. He said he went to sleep and then woke up itching. His finely honed nails are now short, though. 

Eddie says that when they put you to sleep they can do what ever they want. He told me that he dreamed they were aliens from outer space and they were experimenting on him. He says he might turn into a human now! I think he was teasing me, though. I am just glad that he is home. 


River said...

Thanks for the update Cujo. I am glad you had Bo's blanket to lie on so you could pretend they were still at home with you. I also think you are clever to steal Bo's bed and have it all to yourself.

Val said...

Glad you are all reunited, Cujo. And that you know the whole scoop now, and realize you really didn't miss anything by not going on that "trip!"

Linda O'Connell said...

Aww poor babies. I know they do miss one another. Youbring them to life on the page.