Friday, March 22, 2019

Calamity Jane?

Yesterday was  … pretty crappy. I waxed eloquent about it right here. Described the sheer awfulness of my day only to see it slip away as the computer failed to save or publish my rantings. After that I attempted nothing.

This morning I awoke to this …. 

 I have been told by many that it is impossible to over winter a geranium. Here is proof that I accomplished that and it bloomed!!

A close up of my very healthy plant. I will confess that I have plant lights above it. Not all of my plants did this well, but seeing this after a day of calamities has definitely started my day right!

I spent the entire day on my feet yesterday with the exception of driving time. I hit three stores to gather necessities of living and then spent the remainder of my day putting it all away while doing various chores.

I had help unloading the car, but the rest was up to me. I threw some clothes in the washer, then saw the snow cone holder that was a bird house for Martens in another life. It will hold 4 snow cones, making large orders go a little faster. I cleaned it up and painted it white. Time and drips had made it look a little sad, so while I was right there, I sanded it and took it to the kitchen to be painted while I was putting away groceries. I have one counter left that is yet to be finished. It is a small "island" on wheels and has come in handy while fishing all the touch up painting. 

I was also drilling 36 holes in a 1 X 8" piece of shelving board that is almost 3 feet long. I had asked HeWho to make a pot lid rack with wooden dowels to replace the one I stole from the pot lids to use as a plate rack. He looked at me like I had suddenly grown a beard and informed me that the dowels would be expensive. He always tries to appeal to my cheapness when trying to avoid doing things. Four dowels cost $4 at Walmart. I picked them up yesterday after making sure I had the correct size drill bit. I was determined to drill all the holes and cut all the dowels and get it glued and ready for paint.

Last week I refinished the snow cone counter top and painted my candy display case a bright green. This is when the snow cone holder came to my attention. I plundered through all the cans of my "oops paint" collection that I buy on the cheap, never knowing which project it will be used on. I settled on a bright purple. I thought it would compliment the green candy display case, not to mention hide drips of syrup, as well. 

I set the half full can on my counter in the kitchen. I washed a sink full of dishes, transferred the laundry to the dryer. I would have hung the laundry outside, but for the fact that the replacement of the pump in the well meant that they knocked down my clothesline. I was not happy. 

After the laundry was on its way to dry, I decided to tackle the drilling, then paint both pieces. I had to use the drill of HeWho. It has more power than mine. It is also heavier, so I had to put my thumb brace on. It makes me a little clumsy, but helps my thumb joint to not throb all night. I wasn't even halfway done with all those holes and I was growing tired of holding the drill. I  was carefully collection the sawdust to make a Firestarter with the spent wax of scented candles.

I shifted my board to make more holes and in doing so I hit that quart of paint, knocking it to the floor. I had not even tried to remove the lid and it was one of those plastic cans …. but the lid flew off and the paint flew out in a giant arc on the floor. Yes, it did.

I stood there staring at the mess and daring the canine contingent to even think about approaching. I grabbed the brush and the snow cone holder and painted it with some of the larger pools of paint. Then I took an old dog towel and smeared the rest of it up.

I suppose it could have been worse. The floors are yet to be done and it didn't hit the walls. The dogs were not close by and didn't get paint in their fur and shake it everywhere, nor did they track purple foot prints one the untouched areas of the floor. I drilled the remaining holes and quit for the day. Leftovers were on the menu and the dry clothes waited until this morning.

The bloom set me off to a good start today. I put a second coat of purple on the snow cone holder, a second coat of paint on the entryway at the back door and changed the sheets on my bed and I am on my third load of laundry. So far I have not spilled anything!


RunNRose said...

Gee, what a dull, unexciting life I lead! When I think I am having a bad day, all I have to do is read about yours,
and mine is instantly better! Of course, I am never nearly as busy as you are. A purple snow cone holder
sounds like like a good idea. A purple splashed floor, maybe not so much!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Your life is more interesting then mine, Friday's are my shopping day and the busiest day of the week for me

Joanne Noragon said...

How awful. I would have cried.

River said...

You are the queen of multi-tasking.
I'm a little astonished at the geranium. We have them everywhere in Australia and they thrive all year round. I've never thought they might not survive a northern winter.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your posts are as colorful as your paint choices. I would have smeared that paint into a perfect design and called it floor art. LOL That geranium is amazing.

ellen abbott said...

somehow I knew when I read you took the purple paint into the kitchen that it was going to spill. so lucky it didn't get on any of your newly painted cabinets.