Monday, March 21, 2016

Tomorrow Will Be Better

I noticed that the peach trees were budding, even saw a few pink blooms Saturday night. I went to sleep dreaming of gardens and fresh fruit to come .......

Then I woke Sunday to see snow on the ground!! Put the brakes on Spring! No amount of coffee seemed to waken me and motivate me. I spent the day in a fog of aches and pains. Even the dogs complained, refusing to go out and get their feet wet. All day long, everything seemed to go wrong. The cat yakked on my bed and after cleaning that up, I just counted the hours and minutes until bedtime.

The sun was shining this morning, but I woke with a wicked earache and just a feeling of impending doom. This half decaf coffee is just crappy. My jaw and my ear hurts. I washed my face and even applied make-up, to pretend I felt good.

I was going about my business of daily chores. I emptied the ice trays and refilled them. I have 10, so I stack them 5 high. That's how I managed to spill five ice trays full of water. Oh, it gets even better. Had I simply spilled them on the counter or the floor, I would still have been unhappy, but the clean up would have been simple. I spilled them IN THE FREEZER.

Had to remove all the packets of vegetables under the top tray and then try to clean up all the water. The cloth I used wanted to freeze to the bottom and my hands were cold.

I had put a load of laundry on, but because I got stuck cleaning up the ice tray disaster, I did not close the lid to the machine in time and it simply emptied and spun, wasting the detergent. I hate waste.

I decided to take a nap. The phone woke me. Not even 2:00 and I just want the day to be done. Tomorrow should be better, shouldn't it? Dare I try to cook tonight?


Val said...

Probably too late now for this advice now. I would NOT try to cook, but would have HeWho pick up something for supper. Let him put it out on the table, too. Can't be too careful on one of these days.

luksky said...

Funny I read your post immediately after watching a video about how when we accept that life is difficult and not meant to make us happy, we come to accept those challenges and difficulties and life becomes easier. For me, that's easier said than done. Here's to hoping your tomorrow is better!

Linda O'Connell said...

that snow made me crawl right back in bed. Hey maybe it's a tooth problem. I had that ache once and it was a gum infection on my back molar. Dentist said to brush hard until it bleeds to let the infection out. Hope you're better.

Anonymous said...

Hope your Tuesday was terrific after such a crappy Monday.