Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Word from Cujo

Cujo here. I am sure you all know who I am if you read any of my Mom's blogs. Wall-E used to be the writer here. We all miss him, he was such a nice guy. Mom seems to be running out of things to write about, so she is letting me take a shot at it. She says I might be as entertaining as Wall-E.

We have been stuck inside together all winter, which is not that unusual. But my Mom says there is a pandemic going on and that is why Dad is in here, too. He is annoying to me. The other dogs like him, but I am a one person dog and he is not my person. I secretly want to gnaw his face off and it is only out of respect for my Mom that I don't.

The weather is getting warm and all of us dogs have been playing in the back yard and laying in the sun. I wasn't going to mention the big hole Eddie and I dug, but Mom found it. She just seems to know what we are up to all the time.

Today she mowed our yard and I am so happy about that. Last week Dad attempted to mow. It was awful. He does not do a good job. First of all, he neglected to pick up our poop! Mom picks it up before she mows, every time. Then he did not move anything out of the way, he just mowed around it. Us dogs did not appreciate his sloppy method. Oh, and he made us stay inside!

Mom lets us go outside with her. We follow her around and even show her where all the poop is. After we finish that part, she starts the mower. It is loud and Eddie likes to rush at the mower and bark, then he yells, "Mommy, watch me!" He is still young and does lots of silly things.

I like Eddie. He was just a tiny pup when he came to live with us. I wasn't sure about him at first. Martha, the boy cat took him over and would hiss at Toni Louise and I if we tried to get to close to him. Now that he is longer than me, he is my best friend. I still do not care for Toni Louise or Martha, the boy cat. Hey, I must be a one dog dog, too!

Mom says I am clever. I must go nap soon, It was hard work, following Mom around the yard,. Toni Louise is already napping. She must be dizzy, as she stayed in one spot and chased her tail while Eddie and I sniffed all the freshly mown grass. I wonder about her sometimes!

Another day is going by. Just like yesterday, but that's okay with me, as long as my Mom is holding me.


dkzody said...

Cujo, you are a wonderful writer. Tell your mom that we appreciate you taking the helm for a few blog posts. Be good to her and help her by not making too many messes. She really needs some rest, too.

Val said...

My compliments on your restraint, regarding NOT gnawing the face off of HeWho.

Debby said...

Cujo, I loved hearing your version, of life around the RV park. It's always good to hear what the dogs have to say.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh Cujo it was so nice to hear from you and how you see life around then park

Joanne Noragon said...

Thanks for all that news Cujo, and I'm especially pleased to know your fellas pointed out all the poo.

River said...

Nice to hear from you Cujo. I'm glad your Mum takes such good care with the mowing.