Thursday, March 12, 2020

I Have Been Validated

I seemed to gain strength by the hour yesterday. I figured my body was metabolizing all the drugs that were pumped into it.

My hospital stay was not without fun! I had a roommate. I had thought that semi-private rooms were a thing of the past. I was in the old part of this hospital and I am pretty sure they chose to put the non contagious patients in those rooms and isolate the sick ones in private rooms. As far as that goes, I wanted to make my stay as short as possible. But having a roommate was entertaining.

My first roommate was scheduled for the same procedure I had and she was not very talkative. She left on my second day as soon as she recovered from her procedure and I was in a stress test and imaging lab most of the day. I was settled in and thinking I would have a room to myself when the second roommate was admitted.

We hit it off right away when I had to cross the room to the bathroom and I attempted to enter the facilities and found that my IV pole was too high to go through the door. Then I discovered it was too high to go out of my room to cross over to the nurses station. I could tell that she wanted to laugh, so I just started laughing myself and told her that most of the day my fluids were off and I was not even connected, yet for some reason I had kept dragging that pole with me.

Anyway, we stayed up until 2:30 talking. Like a pajama party with no food since we were both unable to have even water after midnight. I suppose I could have stayed another night to flush all the drugs out, but I really wanted to come home and sleep in my own bed. My roommate went home before I did and the nurses aide said they would miss us, that we were fun. I have been validated! 

They had told me that the "happy" shots they pushed into my IV would make me really sleepy and out of it. They didn't, not even the additional shot midway through. I was able to see the monitor and watch the dye go through my heart. That was interesting. With the initial incision to access my femoral artery I felt a sudden gush of warm blood flowing down my legs. I was a little concerned that my bladder had betrayed me and I sniffed the air tentatively. Maybe that's why they pumped more happy juice into me? Because I was sniffing the air?


RunNRose said...

What fun that you are still so cheerful after the nightmare you went through. Nice that you can laugh. It must take lots of anesthesia to knock you out. I guess you were aware of what was going on, but not suffering pain from the procedure. This reminds me of Joanne's description of her experiences after her bus injury. Amazing stuff. Meanwhile, I hope you are over the worst, and the meds work for you.

Joanne Noragon said...

How nice to come up with a congenial roomie.

Val said...

I would not want to be awake for that! When I had my bilateral pulmonary embolisms, I got a hospital roommate who kept asking what kind of wine she could order off the lunch menu. She definitely had better drugs than I did! But no wine.

River said...

That "wetting the pants" feeling is a side effect of the dye, I remember it from a couple of years ago when they checked my arteries.
I'm glad you're well again and how nice to have had a happy hospital stay.

msj09027 said...

I'm glad you are doing better. Heart matters are the scariest... My mom had 7 open heart surgeries to repair/replace valves, then a transplant. We would joke about taking in Mom for a valve job , but we were of course very concerned.

Almost two years ago, I went in for a "simple" Ablation operation for A-fib. At the end, they put the paddles on me to shock the heart back int sinus rhythm. My heart stopped beating for 20 minutes. Eventually they were able to restart my heart and after a week in ICU, I was able to go home.


Linda O'Connell said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. I had a 50 year old room mate JUGGLER when I was in my 20s who was so much fun. Then she told me to keep my mouth shut about her boyfriend when her husband arrived, and vice versa. LOL