Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Was I Jealous?

Sunday afternoon, a beautiful day. I had big plans outside. I had sat down at the table holding Layla's rug and was just sitting there tying knots, as I am apt to do every time I find a minute. Felt pretty good, as the rug will soon be done. I was shouting talking to HeWho can never hear me. 

Out of nowhere a pain like I have never had shot through my chest, mid sternum, all the way to my back, then radiated across my chest up my neck and to my jaw. Took my breath away. I called out to Drew (HeWho has a name!) as loud as my breath would let me and he answered with , "What, you know I can't hear you!" His back was to me and I should have flung something at him, but my arms were busy holding my chest. He finally came around and asked what was wrong and I told him. He put a nitroglycerin under my tongue and said he was taking me to the hospital. 

The pain would not subside enough for me to stand up and I shook my head no and said "ambulance". He called and I was still trying to get up to walk the few steps into the store. My dogs were already frantic, they knew something was wrong and I knew that Cujo was not going to allow a bunch of strangers access to his mommy without getting a bite or two in on someone.

As luck would have it, we have some first responders that live here and Kristen was up here in a flash and helped me get into the store while HeWho held the dogs back. EMS has responded several times for Kevin and they loaded me into the ambulance fast. The EMT starting my IV said he knew there would be a crowd and he wanted to isolate me, then find out what was going on. I could see all my kampers coming up and I even waved at a few. More nitro on the trip and then finally some morphine and blessed relief.

My EKG was looking good on my arrival and after drawing blood and determining that I had not had a heart attack I was admitted. I was feeling a little let down to be honest. All the drama and no answers why it happened. This is why most women will just wait out pain and not seek help. Monday was an Echo and a chemical stress test. I saw my cardiologist before the tests and he told me I would be able to go home as soon as the tests were read. 

As I was finishing my sandwich, having been told that I could finally eat and drink again, the nurse practitioner came in. I was hoping she was there to discharge me. She told me that the cardiologist on call had read my tests and the Echo was with-in normal range. I was all set to scoot my butt across that bed and start pulling all the leads off my chest and ditch that gown for my own clothes when she said that my stress test was positive. "Positive, meaning I am out of here?" No, positive meaning that it showed some damage to my heart. 

Well, crap. Can't know if the damage is old or from Sunday, so I did not come home. Yesterday I had an angiogram to see if there were any blockages in my heart. I was awake through the procedure despite the nice drugs and watched the monitor as the dyes went through my arteries with no restraints. 

I came home late yesterday with some new medications that I really do not want to take. I will be obedient, though, but when I go back for a check-up I will be arguing my case. Lipitor has too many side effects and my cholesterol is borderline. They want it under 200 and mine is 206. I can increase the fish oil and change my diet, again. The other is Lasix. I have stopped writing twice to pee. 

After being confined to the bed for almost 3 days and all the drugs they pumped into me, I am weak and sore and not happy to be running to the bathroom so frequently. Could be worse, I suppose and I am happy to be home and away from all the germs they harbor in the hospital. I was not in the same hospital as the first Corona virus patient in St. Louis. I am thankful for that!!

So, when my cardiologist, who is also the cardiologist of HeWho had a major cardiac event, asked me what I was doing in the hospital …. I told him I must have been jealous of all the attention bestowed on my husband. He looked perplexed, as English is not his first language and he doesn't really know me that well!


BobbieJean said...

I don't know you but have lurked enough years to care about you. I don't think you are jealous. Empathetic, yes. :D
I'm sending up prayers on your behalf.

Be well.

Val said...

OH MY GOSH! I'm so glad you're okay! Good for you, getting the ambulance. Better safe than sorry. I tend to agree with you on the Lipitor issue. Hope everything is getting back to "normal" for you. Don't push yourself!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That would be so scary and so frustrating when the test show nothing and you feel like you don't get any real answers.

Linda O'Connell said...

That was a real scare. Take it easy and rest.

Joanne Noragon said...

Not happy reading. I hope all is well in the end.

Kathy G said...

Yikes! I'm hoping they find out what's going on.

River said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have damage to your heart. Hope you are well enough now to be carrying on as usual, but take care, take things a bit easier. It sounds scary.

ellen abbott said...

well, damn, Kathy. wondered why you'd been so quiet. hope all is well and they figure out what caused it.