Thursday, January 24, 2019

Sarcasm Keeps Me Sane

After reading all your comments on my previous posts, let me assure all of you that I am still "witching". I have apparently used up all my good karma! I say this because my clothes dryer died.

It died before the well pump did. I mentioned the death to HeWho. Do not think that he immediately rushed to the dryer to resuscitate it. First he asked what it was doing. I said it was doing NOTHING. "Is it tumbling, is it getting hot?" asked the man who has trouble hearing. I said, once again, that it was doing NOTHING. He then explained to me that he had to know what it was doing in order to fix it. Picture, in your mind a rabid animal with hackles rising and that would be me.

I then launched into a very lengthy description of taking the wet laundry from the washing machine and putting said laundry into the gaping mouth of the dryer, closing the door, cleaning the already clean lint screen and turning the temperature knob to my liking and then pressing the button that should have started the drying process. HeWho sighed and told me that I did not have to be so sarcastic when I explained things to him. I told him that I was aware of that and that being sarcastic was one of the simple pleasures of my life.

A couple days later, tiring of me handing him baskets of wet clothes to take to the dryers in the laundry room on the side of the building with a hand full of quarters, he decided to attempt to resuscitate my old dryer. This dryer must be over 20 years old! He moved some stuff around and took the panel off the top of the dryer and decided it needed a new switch. He ordered the new switch and after all the hulabaloo of the well event he installed the new switch and discovered that it was the motor.

So, yesterday, while I was stalking the aisles of Walmart waiting for my prescriptions to be filled and picking up some mundane necessities, HeWho was on a mission. He went to Menard's where every purchase was subject to an 11% rebate and bought a replacement for my old dryer. I am happy to have the ability to dry my clothes with out putting them on hangers and decorating my abode with our undergarments clothes pinned to a variety of hangers. 

I am clever when faced with a challenge. I am also loathe to go outside and walk on the treacherous ice that forms right in front of the laundry room. No matter that it is salted daily, if there is one square inch of the slippery stuff, my foot will find it and I will end up on my ample backside in an instant and there will be wet garments flung everywhere. I would rather not provide this image to any of my phone carrying tenants and end up on U-Tube.

But …… at my age, I do not want to spend lots of money on an appliance that's beauty is never on display. I told him to look for one that had dents or scratches, then argue the price down. He didn't. He got one that was "a great deal, already marked down and when you factor in the rebate, it was cheap." I am the one to fill out those rebate slips and submit them to the proper address for redemption. The rebate is over $50. I am pretty good at math and this talent lets me know that he paid more for this appliance than I would have wanted to spend.

When I voiced this, he told me that he was returning the one-phase snow thrower he bought in the midst of the snow storm because it did not work like the other one he drove some distance to obtain and that the return and the dryer kind of canceled each other out. I was unaware that his snow thrower cost that much and now I am wondering what the better snow thrower cost. He should really learn to think before he speaks.


Val said...

Well, along with the great pleasure HeWho provides as a dependable target for your sarcasm...there's also the fact that your hanging undergarments probably dried very quickly in his 85-degree wood heat!

Joanne Noragon said...

I have no solution. You credit HeWho with patience, but you have far more.

ellen abbott said...

I'd have opted for getting a new motor and fixing the old one.

Eddie Bluelights said...

I bet you love him to bits really . . . . lol
So funny. My gender rarely gets it right do we? . . . . but would you have us any other way?
Don't answer that!!!! lol
A belated Happy New Year.
Laughed so much I must visit regularly now I have started blogging again. . . :)

RunNRose said...

Hi. Ellen said she would have opted for a new motor, but given previous events in your life, I think that might have been an "iffy" venture.
This post has so much brightened my day!! Have spent the day at the hospital with my Old Man. One thing is for sure. I was never cut
out to be "on call" to fetch and carry, adjust this, hand me that! I so appreciate how you can rant and rave about things HeWho
does, ------but there is no doubt that you love him despite that. We here are the same. But I am the witchy one. To make matters
worse, no matter how much I witch, he tells me he love me........... Thank you for a bright spot.

Linda O'Connell said...

Sarcasm is sometimes a self defense mechanism or survival technique. Your posts are a toss up between will I laugh or sigh? I love your writing, sorry about your issues, though.

River said...

I've always done the buying of things like this so there's never any questioning of how much money was spent. When I had a husband around, if he was shopping for anything at all, he'd get the first one he laid eyes on :(

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Ellen is right about repairing things that still have use. HeWho is always happy to buy new. You will be happy to know that all the parts of the dryer will be used. We have two commercial dryers in the barn right now needing various parts that can be taken from this dryer to get them in tip top shape and back in the laundry room. The shell of the dryer and the motor will go be sold or donated for recycle.