Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Day Two With The Well Diggers

Looks like this will be a Two Blog Day. Like a Three Dog Night? I only have Four Dog Nights.
It is almost 5:00 PM and I am still cold, I still have no water, and I am becoming increasingly "witchy".

I have started asking when I will get water, so I can respond to my tenants when they call. Believe me, I am just as impatient for running water as they are. I have finally come out of my chilly bedroom. My fingers are stiff and cold  and the tip of my nose feels like it has been under refrigeration.

In case you may be wondering if I took advantage of the fact that I was in bed and could easily nap. I promise you, that did not happen. Between the phone, the dogs and HeWho likes to "check" on me and how I am doing, I might have gotten a 10 minute respite.

Sunday night, realizing that my back yard would be wide open for dog escapes, I reminded HeWho where the portable fence was and that he would need to set it up before the panel of privacy fence came down to accommodate the big truck. Reminded him again as he was pacing this morning waiting for the "well people" to arrive. Often late himself, I found it to be ironic that he was pointing out how late they were. The told him between 8 and 8:30 and did not arrive until 8:50ish. 

I gathered my canines and we joined Martha, the enormous boy cat in my bed. Martha was not in a sharing mood and refused to move from the part of the bed my feet normally took up. Not a big problem since I was sitting up. He was warm, too. I kept inching my toes under him. 

While Well Digger Helper and HeWho were staring at the TV to keep from saying unkind words about my appearance, Well Digger #1  created the bid for the job. Not long after that HeWho loves errands came in to tell me that he had to take the well digger to  (I honestly can't remember where, as this is the point that most conversations with him all start sounding alike). I just knew that they did not have what they needed and were going to get it. I nodded that I heard him and kept right on reading.

They had been gone quite some time when Eddie started whining and I knew he needed to pee. So, I put them all on the floor and started out to the gate. Big surprise ….. Well Digger Helper was ensconced in the big recliner that belongs to HeWho, watching TV! I thought I was alone in my own house. He had a sandwich in his hand, but I couldn't tell you if he brought it with him or helped himself to HeWho's wonder bread.

Turns out that finding a stranger sitting in my husband's chair was a minor irritation. I scooped Cujo up into my arms and assured the stranger that I had the biter in my arms, but that the other three might just hop into his lap. I head to the back door, prepared to let them all out when I notice that HeWho had failed to put the temporary fence up! Annoyed does not begin to describe what I was feeling. Did he expect them all to just hold it until the fence went back up?

Cujo at my heels, I go out and try to move the temporary fence, but it is stuck in ice. Now, I could grab a hammer and free it, but Well Digger has his trailer with pipes jutting into the area where the fence would go. I call HeWho and bend his ear about my situation and he calmly tells me to put each dog on a lead and take them out. A calm voice was not what I wanted at that moment and I pretty much just hung up on him. Had he just put the stupid fence up when I told him to, all this could be avoided.

My dogs do not like wearing their harnesses when not on a lead. So, when we are at home, they run around naked. I gathered harnesses and leads and took them all back into my bedroom to dress them, as I doubted that Well Digger Helper would want to assist me. At this point in time, he had yet to utter one syllable. When I was putting Cujo's harness on, I heard him talk to the other three dogs, so I know he had the ability to speak.

Have you ever tried to harness 4 dogs when they are excited about going out and also excited that a stranger was in their masters chair …… and he has food!? I took them out 2 at a time and carried out household trash while I was at it. 

You will recall the 2 pairs of socks stuck on my feet? Well, they wouldn't fit in a shoe, so I went out in my too big slippers and they got wet. But, since they were already wet, I took the next duo of dogs and carried another bag of trash to the dumpster. This time I shoved a wool cap on and an extra heavy coat. 

During all this, Well Digger helper sat mute in front of the TV. I lifted the doxies over the gate and proceeded to my bed to unleash them, then went back for the other two. I wasn't worried about Wall-E, as he is a gentleman and likes to meet people. Toni Louise is another story. She is very friendly and not afraid to get in your face and sniff your eyeballs. She is pushy and sure of herself and will put herself out there. If you rebuff her, she cares not and takes it as a challenge, as she will try many tactics to get in your face. 

I am not sure, but I think she may have taken most of his sandwich. Guess he should have waited in the truck and eaten his lunch there if he was looking for privacy. 

And this is when the computer locked up and refused all my efforts to free my post into the land of blog. We had water last night and I threw a meal together, then stood in the shower for quite some time. Then I collapsed into my chair. I was tired after sitting in my bed all day in between potty breaks on leashes. Must be stress.

Well Digger and Well Digger helper are back today to finish the job. I am back in my bed with my dogs. The fence has been restored and the canines are relieved of their harnesses. Well Digger commented that he had not experienced Cujo's rabid barking and snarling yesterday. This is why we are again confined to this room. Cujo absolutely HATED that man. I have no doubt he would have attacked the man if I had not had him in my arms. Why do people try to pet a dog that is snarling at them? As much as I was tempted to let Cujo go, I knew that one swift kick from the booted man would end my little guy and I would end up in jail for killing the man ……..                                   


RunNRose said...

Kathy, reading about your life makes my troubles shrink a lot. I am going to
steal your word spelled with a w instead of a b.
Witchy sounds a bit better. We are
Like you with the our dogs. Putting on harnesses means adventure. They live naked otherwise. I do hope the "well" episode will soon be over and you will have a little peace. I think I would have exploded if I found a stranger making himself at home in my house without my

Joanne Noragon said...

Kathy, I am so pleased this adventure has ended. It's horrid.

Val said...

I'm relieved that you finally got a shower. Not that I'm judging... I guess Even Steven is leveling out your good fortune for getting a FREE MOP.

A stranger sitting in your house having a sandwich!!! It's bad enough when Hick brings assorted acquaintances into our house to use the bathroom while I'm in my dark basement lair. HeWho should have at least warned you that he was leaving a guy behind!

Toni Louise is more outgoing than her double, my Sweet, Sweet Juno. They seem to have the same temperament, though, when they don't like a fellow canine. Juno DESPISES the neighbor dog Copper Jack, and doesn't hesitate to let him know.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Bloody hell you must have felt like the ob would never be done and you would never get your water back.

Kathy G said...

I think you handled the whole thing well. I would not have, and my tantrum would have made me look like a real idiot.

River said...

I think I'd be tearing strips off HeWho about the temporary fence. and about the stranger in his chair. How does one go off and leave a perfect stranger inside their home?

Linda O'Connell said...

I think I would still be witching. And to find a strange man in the house! Your life sounds like mine when I lived in Alaska ages ago. I spent winter in bed.