Monday, January 14, 2019


The snow finally stopped yesterday afternoon. As you can see, it has started to slide off the roof. Camper Kevin keeps adding to the wood pile to keep HeWho warm.

See my car over there. I am planning to layer on some clothes and go out to unbury it later on for a trip to the grocery. The situation here in my pantry is not good. Coffee. I am out of coffee. And HeWho is out of hearing aid batteries. He is making a huge dent in the diet coke in the store stock. Might as well get some bread and milk while I am there.

I used the broom handle to perforate the snow overhang, because ……. because I wanted to and it looks cool. I will continue until it falls. Another camper's car stuck in place and the unmoving truck of HeWho drives a lot. It is in gear and he can't get it out of gear to start it. So, there it sits, bereft of it's faithful master.

It is beautiful, this white fluffy stuff. I love to look at it. Now I wish we had not sold the snow mobiles. We were told that it never accumulated enough to ride. The first few years found that to be correct, but the weather pattern is definitely changing here. 

I still have all my gear. My snowsuit has a drop bottom for those times you have to use the woods as a bathroom. I could deliver mail and check on campers if I still had my machine! In a pinch I could ride the ditches to town and get groceries. Oh, who am I kidding. HeWho loves to go would be doing that. I would be here holding down the fort, sipping hot tea while waiting for my coffee.


Val said...

Cool pictures! Hick is afraid the sliding snow is going to rip off our gutters. Thank goodness your wife Kevin is keeping your husband HeWho warm!

Joanne Noragon said...

If it doesn't happen too often, it's fun.

RunNRose said...

Please let us know how the trip to the store turns out, Guess the roads are plowed? Yes, too bad you don't have a snow mobile!
Good luck!

Linda O'Connell said...

No coffee and no hearing aid batteries, an awful combination. A snowmobile would be good, for sure!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I really can't imagine living in an area with so much snow, it is stinking bloody hot here again today

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River said...

I see you've picked up a spammer. He/she visited my blog too :(
I'm surprised that snow overhang just hangs there instead of breaking and dropping off from the weight. I like the broom handle holes.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Val, Hick and I share the same concerns about the gutters. Took me forever and lots of nagging to get them installed and hooked up to my rain barrel. But, read on, that should be the least of my worries!

Joanne, the frequencies are increasing, it seems. We have more snow coming and bitter cold headed our way.

RunNRose, yes, the roads are plowed, just need to be able to navigate out of my own parking lot!

Linda, Coffee situation is critical. Hearing aid batteries, not as much. I can always text him while he sits next to me to tell him to turn the volume of the TV down, that my ears are bleeding!!

Jo-Anne, the thing about cold weather is that you can always put more clothes on, but when you are still hot completely naked, there is nowhere else to go!

River, I am not visiting Mumbai …. ever, so the effort was wasted. Read on, I should have employed that broom handle on the backside of the building!

ellen abbott said...

ugh. that's my opinion of snow.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Ellen, while it is pretty, I only want to see it for a very small amount of time and I am done now, yet it lingers!