Thursday, January 17, 2019

An Answer to my Complaint!

Good news. O'Cedar sent an e-mail to announce that they are sending a replacement mop that will be tested and inspected to the nth degree!

While this news made me smile, the weather forecast did not. They make it sound like we should rush out tomorrow morning and stock pile toilet paper and perishables, then hunker down to be encased in ice. As I posted before, I already stocked up on staples and necessities. I am not opposed to stocking up on some non-essential junk food!! I do have two prescriptions I am running low on and this will be a good opportunity to grab some really unhealthy food!

The snow continues to slide off the roof and there is an avalanche right outside the back door. Almost waist high to me. My short legged babies have to detour around it, then run to the edges under the eaves where they can see the ground and do their business. 

Eddie is sometimes  hard to convince to come inside. If you yell "TREAT" he will run faster that one would think possible. He even scaled the avalanche this afternoon. Like a conquering hero, he hurled his tiny long body at me from the top of the snow mound. Reminds me, I need to pick up more dog treats, too. 


River said...

Out here we don't have the ice and snow so there's no possibility of being snowbound, but if there's a possibility of a power blackout for any reason, or even the shops being closed for a public holiday, (one day!) people go nuts buying up supplies to "see them through". As if they don't already have half a supermarket in their pantries. The only thing I buy if I hear of a possible power blackout is batteries for the camping lamps and radio.

Val said...

I am so happy that you're getting a replacement mop! And so sad that this is what we have to be excited about!

Reminds me of when we were playing trivia on a Saturday night, and Genius looked at his middle school principal, who was standing up and pumping his fist because his team was in 3rd place. He saw Genius, and said, "This is all you have to look forward to when you get old." Heh, heh. Genius was horrified.

Linda O'Connell said...

While you are again snowbound, why don't you write complaint letters to as many manufacturers as possible, and see how many freebies you can accumulate? You could stock the store. Iam about sick of winter weather.

dkzody said...

Glad to know O'Cedar came through for you. It's an old company and I would hate to think it's gone the way of so many others who don't care about quality or customers.

You are probably going to get the storm that just blew through California leaving lots of rain, hail, and snow. We have sunshine today and the temperatures are forecast to be in the 60s this afternoon. I sure hope so as I would like to go out and clean up some of the storm debris.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

River, I am thankful that we don't lose power very often. Less than 10 times in 15 years, and only once was it prolonged. Still hate paying that power bill!

Val, I know, it is sad that a mop and bucket would be cause for a celebration. So sad.

Linda, I would be afraid of tempting Karma! As inviting as the thought of lots of free stuff is, it would be wrong for me to do that. Remember I am trying to create my own Karma.

dkzody, I am happy that I no longer feel compelled to change to a different brand. I really do like the mop and bucket. I hope the storm is all done in before it gets here.