Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ever Changing Weather

We had a fantastic warm spell. I made good use of the time and made some progress in my utility/laundry room. The door wall is back up, just in a different location. I have added more soda bottles to hold various items that can now be easily seen. And yet …. it is still not organized to my satisfaction. 

I confess that I did stop and head to my sewing room to get some much needed cleaning done and devoted an entire day to that. The reason being that my sewing room is, hands down, the coldest area in the entire building. Figured that I should use that warm weather to the most advantage. I made major progress in there and now I want to sew. But, alas, winter has returned and the temperature in there is at about 35 degrees.

Yes, I could stick an electric heater in my sewing room, but there are other things I can do in here. In the living area, where I can strip down to a tank top and shorts and watch the sweat as it rolls down sides and face. 

Despite the warm spell, HeWho is perpetually cold, still built fires and cranked out the heat. Every time I passed the heater, I turned it down and every time he came in, he turned it up. He would build a fire fit for roasting a pig on a spit, and as soon as it started to emit enough heat to make me want to escape to the out doors even in 20 degree weather ……… HE WOULD LEAVE!

Today, it is cold out there. I think it was 19 when we woke and snow is in the forecast. Well, it is 81 in here and HeWho says he is cold. He has his long johns on and his flannel lined jeans, thick socks with his slippers on and a flannel shirt. I have throws conveniently placed within reach of either of our chairs. He is reclined, watching some sort of nonsense about tools on TV. The one on now is showing some apparatus to clean the gutters. Of course it makes noise and has a motor. It glides along with a chain driven body with brushes and such to churn the debris from the gutter. Looks to me like a waste of money, unless you are going to devote most of your life to gutter cleaning.

He is entranced and I stare at him, until he can feel it and shake my head in the negative. He uses the power washer to clean the gutters and that works out just fine. I have cleaned the gutters myself with a brush and my own arm power. I actually ended up using a small garden spade to scoop and put the contents in my hanging baskets along with the potting soil. Compost. I think I was faster than his power washer and managed not to make such a mess on the front porch.

But, I digress. I look at the thermostat and announce the temperature. He informs me that the floor is cold. like I didn't know hot air rises. I am sweating. I just heard something fall in the laundry room. The heat has made me lazy and I decide to worry about it tomorrow. The chicken has not thawed and I am predicting Chinese cuisine for dinner. For now, I will go peel my sweat soaked shirt off and take a cool shower.


Joanne Noragon said...

Wasn't that a fabuloso warm spell, all the way from Missouri to NE Ohio. Now the curtains are drawn against cold air. And it's snowing.

Kathy G said...

Wow, HeWho is seriously cold! It could be medically related. Has he told his doctor about his symptoms?

Val said...

81! We have to set our thermostat on 70, and I'm always freezing. But 81? That's too hot, even with the winter chill in my bones! You could have roasted that chicken in there.

River said...

I suspect HeWho is cold might warm up with a little physical exercise. My mum always told us to go run around the block if we complained of feeling cold. Or her favourite, "go and clean your room, that will warm you up"
Perhaps you could send him to Australia for a week? We're heading into a heatwave with temps over 40C for a few days.

ellen abbott said...

we have a new gutter across the front of the house as the old one had rusted through. after cleaning it out the second time I called my fix-it guy and had him put gutter screens up.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Far from cold here, more like stinking bloody hot going to be around 35°c or 95°f here today.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Joanne, yes, the weather was indeed fabulous, but I felt like Mother Nature was playing a joke on me!

Kathy G, yes, I mentioned it when he had his last visit. I was told this is part of the aging process. We are the same age!

Val, well, what can I say. Maybe he will put a spit in the wood stove for me to skewer the meat of the day on. I would say it would keep him occupied, but he would forget about the food and go somewhere ……

River, you are right! Maybe if he got up and actually did something he would get warmed up!

Ellen, we don't have trees in the front, so the gutter does not clog up too often. It is low enough for me to feel comfortable on a ladder and I do use the compost.

Jo-Anne, perhaps you would like a visitor?