Tuesday, January 29, 2019

So Very Bored

As winter drags on, one day turns into the next and I am plagued with a constant headache. I am convinced that the wood burning stove is responsible. I know that it saves a bundle of money and I appreciate the warm air. I will appreciate it a lot tomorrow as the temperature is supposed to drop into the negative. Wind chill factors in a lot here. 

We sit upon a tiny knoll here before the interstate dips into a valley. You will recall that the wind picked up a structure around the pool pump and carried it into the trees. It was a metal building that one would put in a back yard to hold tools and such. Not ugly, but not attractive. Looked a lot better than the pump and filters sitting there for all to see. HeWho is proud of his plumbing skills had various PVC pipes connected in a twisted fashion that one camper said looked like a Mouse Trap game. I took that to mean that it looked like a group of 4 year-olds had designed it. HeWho took it as a compliment. All of his plumbing looks like that, but most is covered in dirt. But, once again, I am off subject.

I was complaining about the ache in my head and boredom. I have things to do, but the areas I want to work in are cold. We do not heat the store. So, here I sit, with three dogs in my lap, wasting time watching TV and playing solitaire. HeWho happens to be up, so I ask for some Tylenol. I look up to see him not 2 inches from the TV studying the men from the hearing aid commercial. I suppose he didn't hear my request, so intent is he. I am fascinated by his fascination. (Did I mention just how bored I am?). Finally I asked what he was doing and he informed me that the bald guy has more nose hair that the other guy. My boredom must have crossed over to him.

So, I turned to Judge Judy to hear her dole out some justice in the form of common sense. Judge Judy does not entertain idiots. I have 13 episodes on the DVR. I plan to binge watch until it is time to disguise the leftovers with cheese or something. I am thinking a nice nap is in order. The dogs are asleep and HeWho was called out to a cab ride. 


Linda O'Connell said...

HeWho's astute observation about nose hair made me laugh out loud. Waiting for Saturday when it will be almost 60 degrees.

Val said...

Be careful with that headache! You might want to check out the carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms!

Joanne Noragon said...

Hard to believe, a close to one hundred degree swing in temperature in one week.

ellen abbott said...

What a thing to notice...nose hair! binge watching sounds good. so does a nap.

River said...

He's counting nose hairs? That's boredom with a capital B!
I like Judge Judy, I bought her book a long time ago, but don't know where it is now. Some one borrowed it then passed it on, I expect it is travelling around Australia.
The headache might be dehydration, people tend to drink less water in winter and with the wood fire also drying you out you might want to try a glassful a couple of times a day and see if that helps.