Monday, January 21, 2019

Colder Than A Well-Diggers A$$

You have heard that saying, haven't you? The well people (as HeWho refers to them) are here. I confess that I have no idea how cold that part of their anatomy is, but I can tell you this: I am freezing!

I volunteered to bring the furry five into the bedroom with me and keep them from barking and being underfoot while the men dithered over the demise of the well pump. I did this for several reasons. The dishes are piled and dirty. I suppose I could have hidden them in the oven, but what do you expect when I have not had water for 2 days? Mainly, though, is my own appearance. Short hair is not easy to arrange when it is dirty. It is literally standing on end, as I have a habit of running my fingers through it while I am watching TV at night.

I closed the door to my bedroom to control the barkers. This means I have closed off the heat. It is 17 outside according to the read out on my phone and not much warmer in here! The sun is shining, so I opened the curtain hoping it would offer a meager amount of heat. I have fleece-lined leggings under sweatpants and two pairs of socks, a long tunic and a lightweight jacket, all topped with an artfully styled scarf wrapping my head and cold ears up. Nothing really matches, patterns or colors. I don't care. 

I venture out to heat some drinking water and make a hot beverage to consume while I am confined to my room. A blast of nicely heated air hits me and I see that HeWho and the well digger are ensconced in the sitting room watching TV. All warm and toasty. What the what! I am freezing! To make matters worse, they both stare at my attire and I can see they both want to laugh. Really, I will cut someone!

HeWho is full of sage wisdom, inquiring why I had closed the door. He has to raise his voice over the barking dogs now standing at the gate that separates the sleeping part of our abode from the awake part. I point at the dogs in answer to his question and ask if he wanted to hear them bark.

I prepare my hot drink and spy a McDonald's wrapper on the counter with a plain biscuit in it. Camper Stacy delivered breakfast! And this is mine, all mine. Well, mine and Cujo's and Eddie's and a very small crumb for Martha, the overweight boy cat. The other two are barking at the sitting room that is now empty. They have the ability to jump down from the bed.

Cujo is keeping my right leg warm under the covers. Eddie and Martha are having a cleaning each other session. I love it when Martha grabs Eddie's head and holds it down to thoroughly clean every inch of his face and then his ears. Just a throaty mewl will warn him to stay put!

Martha has completed his task and Eddie is paying him back, licking Martha's face. I can only imagine hair on my tongue and how I would be gagging as I watch. They really do love each other. Martha only tolerates Toni Louise and she has similar feelings towards him. 

Toni Louise manages to annoy all the other pets, but is jealous of the affection they get from me. She and Cujo hate each other immensely. She is forever trying to grab his treat or push him out of the favored position on my lap. Toni and I have our own special time together right after we all get settled in bed. The rest of the time she belongs to HeWho rescued her from the pound. I am good with that.

The new pump will be installed soon and I will be able to shower and wash dishes and mop the floor. Sad to be so excited about mundane chores. I find it hard to sleep when my house is in chaos. Can't wait to cook a decent meal tonight. Warm air is finally seeping into my room and the men are outside excavating, so all the dogs are in my bed, except for Toni Louise sitting by the gate pining for her master.

The price was a bit staggering, but it's not like we can delay installation and get quotes. I made sure to tell HeWho to get a warranty, in writing and not assume anything. Hoping this new pump will outlive me! 


ellen abbott said...

I think I'd have had a few words about the reason for the well digger's presence and it not being to watch TV.

Joanne Noragon said...

Go, Ellen. I' better at words with HeWho than WellDo.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I am glad you have a new pump and will be able to have a hot shower and clean dishes

Val said...

Hope you weren't paying the well digger by the hour! I also hope he wished he had your outfit on while he was in the cold, digging. I'm sure you warmed up, once you could bask in the glow of HeWho's 85-degree fire.

Kathy G said...

Sounds like once again you have everything under control.

River said...

Under such circumstances, what you wear and how it looks is totally unimportant. I do hope the new pump lasts long past its warranty.