Friday, January 11, 2019

Moping About My Mop

As the snow is softly falling ….. really it is coming down pretty fast with a foot of the white stuff predicted to cover the ground ….. I am thinking about my O'Cedar Spin Mop. 

Just over a year old and the spin function has failed me. I confess that I did take great joy in spinning that mop relentlessly in order to irritate HeWho leaves that distasteful chore to his wife. Well, he did until he discovered the spin mop and all it's mechanical spinning. Could he be the one to put too much pressure on that pedal that pushed the gears to spin the mop? Probably.

Anyhoo, it stopped spinning the mop dry. I could push the pedal down, but then had to use the toe of my shoe to bring it back into position to spin again. When working properly, it does a great job of getting the mop really dry. I was annoyed, as I am apt to be, that it did not last longer. It was not inexpensive. I am not above squeezing a mop dry, but my hands do not work the way they used to. The cost was justified, well, it would have been if it lasted longer than a year. Forget the fact that I mop daily. I have another one I use for the bathrooms in the main building. O'Cedar should appreciate me and make the mechanism last longer.

HeWho is not nearly as thrifty as I am, bought another. Thank goodness I did not toss the old mop with the broken bucket. Because the new mop handle would not extend and lock in place. No problem, I say to HeWho likes to put these things together, there is nothing wrong with the old mop handle ….. or mop head, as far as that goes. I unscrewed the handle and offered it to my man as he was assembling the new mop head.
The mop head is in two parts that snap together, making it easy to toss the mop in the wash.

The part that attaches to the mop handle was cracked. I was not happy. As you know from the many times I have mentioned it, it would be a 46 mile round trip to take it back to Walmart. HeWho loves to go …. just go anywhere was willing, but I had mop water in my new bucket already. Using the parts from the old set, I put it together. Now the new mop does not want to stay clicked to the old part while I wash the old mop. And this thing is not cheap.

So, I flexed my fingers and got ready to send an e-mail to my friends at O'Cedar. I wasn't nasty, just relayed my frustration for a product that I liked that did not last very long and then, upon purchasing a replacement, found that some of the parts were defective. I got an answer that very day to let me know they had gotten my comments and that someone would be in touch with me "soon".

That was almost 10 days ago and I have not been "in touch" with anyone representing O'Cedar. Did I really expect a response? Why, yes, I did. It is good customer service to respond to complaints and try to make things right. 

Just to clarify, I do respond to complaints and try to make my customers happy. I will discount your stay or offer another stay at no charge, or even just ask the customer what I can do to make them happy. Sometimes there is nothing I (or anyone else) can do, they just want to be heard. I do not, however, respond to negative reviews posted on social media. I think to do so would just seem petty. I always know why someone has negative comments and it sometimes has absolutely nothing to do with anything wrong, other than the fact that they do not like me. 

Yes, that's right, there are people who do not like me! I don't like everybody, either.  Oh, I still like my spin mop and still use it daily. I just happened to get one that was either defective or damaged in shipping. No matter, I will still use their products. Maybe they have a back log of complaints to answer. Maybe they will still contact me and give me a coupon for a new mop head or a discount on a replacement. Who knows?


Val said...

O'Cedar might need a reminder, with a copy of the original email and their original reply! You are a good complainer (I sincerely mean that as a compliment), and I think you should follow through until you get satisfaction.

When I read the title, I though maybe you were talking about your hair! Not that I would term it a "MOP," mind you. That's just what popped into my lovely-lady-mulleted head.

Joanne Noragon said...

I called a company in Missouri yesterday, For some reason I used the regular number, not the 800. I believe that is the reason the phone was answered. I made my request and the person said she had it all written down and would give it to Peggy, who probably would call me Monday I asked just to be transferred. "Oh, no! I'm the last one here. We're all on the way out the door right now because of the snow."
I'm looking forward to your take on the snow.

dkzody said...

Are you on twitter? O-Cedar has a twitter account and I have found great success in naming a company on twitter in my complaints. I get action. You might try that. Oh, their twitter name is ocedarclean, and when I went there, I was able to see your spinning mop.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

How hard is it for a company to reply to a complain, not replying is rude

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Val, now that you mention it, the mop on my head could use some attention. Not to worry, I am not done with my friends at O'Cedar.

Joanne, you can believe the workers about the snow! Lots of businesses closed early. HeWho is driving me to drink since we are snowbound here. Something wrong with the 4 wheel drive on his truck. My car is still under all the snow. And it is still coming down.

dkzody, no, not on twitter. I am old and this is enough for me. Be assured, I am like a dog with a bone and will be in touch with them whether they want to hear me or not!

Jo-Anne, I just may be in a long line of other complaints. I will give them more time before I strike again.