Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wisdom Removed

It has been hot here at the campground. Seems like it was freezing one minute and suddenly it is in the 80's. A million things to do and the dandelions just keep popping up and standing at attention.

Time is a precious commodity here. There is wood to be split and stacked, grass to be mowed, fences to fix, tables to paint and bathrooms to clean. I try to do nothing through the middle of the night except sleep. I have had a toothache for awhile now. Tried to ignore it, I really don't have time for such things, but today I succumbed. I had an 8:00 am appointment.

I was not looking forward to sitting a spell in the dental chair, having a good healthy fear of dentists. I was the first patient of the day and arrived with minutes to spare. By 8:40, my wisdom tooth was gone and I was walking to my car with a bottle of pain pills.

Not one to waste a trip to town, I had carefully listed all the supplies I needed to pick up the night before. The pool is filling and will soon be full of swimmers. Those swimmers will be wanting rafts and balls and swim rings. They will hungry and thirsty and I aim to please. Still numb with Novocaine I made my first stop, only to realize the store was not yet open.

I am thrifty and not willing to waste even a drop of fuel (it makes me cringe to watch He Who Mows put gas in the mowers .... it always overflows). I meandered to another store next door and found tomato plants. Four for a dollar! Made me so happy. After stocking up on the pool supplies, I ended up at WalMart. Still feeling no pain, I took my time strolling the garden area. Nothing called out to me and I headed to the clearance plants .... or what I call the rescue center. I did rescue some petunias and some pansies, though I would have preferred perennials.

I gathered all the necessities and headed to the check out. I could feel the Novocaine leaving my face and lips. I carefully separated the tax free items from my personal purchases and was starting feel some pain. 

I was throbbing when I started out to my car. I always park on the same aisle and use the same entrance when I go to WalMart. Always. But, for whatever reason, I decided to park at the secondary entrance. I even told myself as I walked into the store, to remember which door I came in.

Now, minus that tooth of wisdom, I went out the door I normally use before I remembered my whim. I had made it to the check-out with just one shopping cart, but the clerk had decided I needed two. I was in pain and did not object. The dentist had said it would be best not to do a lot of bending and lifting for a few days.

So, there I was, pushing one cart and pulling the other, looking for my vehicle. The cart I was pushing seemed to defy me as I tried to maneuver the parking lot. I tired to reverse the order of the carts and the second one had a wacky wheel. I can only imagine how entertaining it must have been to watch me hunt down my car while fighting with those carts.

Did I mention that the parking lot slopes down towards the store, so it was an up-hill climb. Finally finding my car, I starting loading. As I was heaving the giant bag of dog food into my car, the second cart got away from me and I was forced to chase it. Go ahead, laugh. I am quite sure it was amusing to watch.

As I loaded the last of it, I felt a little "pop" in my jaw as I bent to remove the bag of flea/tick killer from the shelf under the cart. Yes, it was the clot in the hole left by the wise old tooth. Brought tears to my eyes. I seriously considered popping a vicodin right then and there, but decided against it. The 23 miles of interstate awaiting me needed my full attention.

I am now home, fully under the influence of my vicodin. The refrigerated items has been safely stowed away and I am sitting here happily rifting in my drug induced state. I hope I don't run out before I heal.



Joanne Noragon said...

Oh, can I relate. My oldest was probably one when I had two wisdom teeth removed. Picked her up from my MIL's on the way home, fed her, put her down for a nap. When my husband came home from work six hours later I was still passed out and a very confused baby hung over the crib rail, calling for mommy.

Kathy G said...

What happened to Spring?!?

Hope you feel better soon. I've not had wisdom teeth removed, but most of the other people living in my house have; it looks like it hurts a lot.

Val said...

Don't drink through a straw! You'll get a dry socket.

Genius had four wisdom teeth removed and two lower teeth along with them, because his jaw was so crowded. All they gave him was enough Tylenol to kill a liver, which he said did not work at all. Seems kind of barbaric to do him like that, but he was just 18, so he recovered quickly. He almost starved, though.

joanne said...

lost most of my wisdom a few weeks ago...I feel your pain. glad you made it home med free!

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh you poor woman... you starred in your own sitcom and then blew a gasket. I do hope you are feeling better soon.