Monday, May 19, 2014

Site Of The Month, Cast Your Vote

 Site #14. Rich and Jackie. They do a nice job, always neat and clean. But, Jackie has a self proclaimed brown thumb. It is true. I have seen the results. She planted some hostas last year. They have peeked up through the ground, but look sad and little. She swears a camper must have urinated on them one weekend while she was gone. I don't know about that, but I do know you have to water them occasionally.

I took pity on her and built a garden. I gave He Who mans all matter of digging equipment instructions to dump a load of dirt in this area amidst the trees. He proclaimed this load of dirt to be "good dirt". I am not sure what he considers to be good dirt, but, it took some doing to remove the limbs and big roots and such. The mound you see was not smooth and rounded.

I fought with this "good dirt" and finally had an approximate shape I could work with. I dug up some of my perennials that were due for a good thinning and got to work. Cone flowers will be the anchor in the middle of the mound and day lilies will grace the edge on the yard side, while big tiger lilies will be on the road side. I worked as long as I could. It was still cold in the evenings. I was only half way there and had a plan in my head when I stupidly mentioned to He Who knows good dirt when he sees it that another bucket of dirt would have been better, but that I could make do with what I had.

I know better, really I do. When next I set out to complete Jackie's garden, I encountered a mountain of dirt he had decided to dump there. No, he did not hit the part I had already planted (lucky for him), but the mound was now lopsided. I literally had to climb to the top and start digging it down to make a reasonable looking shape. Not perfect, mulch will hide a multitude of sins. More lilies, cone flowers and hosta went into the garden. It is really coming to life now and looking nice.

There are ballots available in the office for voting for the site you think looks nicest. Nobody ever votes anymore. So, I decided to honor my hard work. I am, after all, the one who counts the votes.


Val said...

You've got my vote. Though I see it is unnecessary.

Linda O'Connell said...

Looks like despite his help, you are going to have a winning garden.