Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who Let The Dogs Out

The new dog park was christened this past holiday weekend. It has come to my attention that signage is needed. Rules, I will need rules. This is not a doggie day care where you simply drop off your dog, then leave to go about your business. Nor is it a doggie bathroom where they do their business and leave it for others to stumble upon.

There is one seating area for those inclined to use the park as intended. I have anther seating area in the making. Also found a fire hydrant to install for those dogs wishing for something to hike their leg on.

In the meantime, I will need to print out some rules. I don't mind picking up my dogs' poop. They are, after all, my dogs. I do mind scooping up the leavings of other dogs. I do it out of necessity. I admit resenting having to do so.

A nice gentleman came into the store yesterday and asked how my weekend was going. I thought for a second, then told him that people were here, so not so great. He agreed that a certain percent of the population made life difficult for the rest ...... I wondered why they all showed up here!

I watched, with relief, as my holiday weekend guests exited. I was looking forward to a decent meal to be eaten while sitting at a table, followed by some mind- numbing TV and a long peaceful sleep. I put a slab of marinated ribs in the oven, shucked the fresh corn and prepared the fresh strawberries from my garden. To my utmost delight, the sky grew dark and it started raining gently!

Thinking life could not get any better, I looked at the clock to calculate just how many more hours I would have to be on display behind the counter. I saw a taxi cab in front of my building. Being located in the middle of nowhere (the closest city has just a 4-way stop), a taxi is not a common site. A woman gets out and comes in looking for a tent site. She asks if I remember her, because she has been here one other time. I told her that I saw so many people, and was about to explain that I only remember the people who cause me angst.

She tells me that they came last year and left early because it rained. I look at her and say, " Are you sure you want a site ...... it is raining right now." All the while thinking to myself that she has now caught my attention and will be remembered. She then asks me if I think it will continue to rain. I say yes, I think so; having no idea if this is true. She decides to stay and I rent out the site. I am curious about the taxi and watch to see if the woman and her children are simply dropped off, but the taxi stays.

As the afternoon drags on, I decide to take a nap and leave He Who had a nice nap the day before in charge. I had a very relaxing nap. Over an hour. It was still raining when I took over the registration desk. I learned that the people in the taxi had decided to leave because it was still raining and when offered a refund, she said they would just come back another day for free ...... I would have insisted on the refund, who knows what rainy day will bring her back?

If this Memorial Day weekend is any indication, I will have lots to document in the months to come.


Anonymous said...

I think the camping-by-taxi is the topper. I, who do not camp, would never have even considered packing my camping gear into a taxi for a trip to the campgrounds. If I was taking a taxi, it would have taken me to a 4-star hotel.

Val said...

A taxi to the campground? That's a new one.

Kathy G said...

I REALLY hope that people will read and obey your dog park rules, but I bet there will be a few bad apples who won't be bothered.

Linda O'Connell said...

Who let the freaks out? Love the fire hydrant idea.

labbie1 said...

Being one of the first to try out and christen the new park, we DID pick up our dog's poop, but there are surely those who don't and don't seem to really understand why it's important--after all, they don't pick it up at home, right? They actually say that! That taxi one is surely interesting! Perhaps they actually own the taxi service?