Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Waste, I Hate Waste!

I have wanted to expand this garden in my side yard for some time. The curve I had created a few years ago is not easy to  mow, so I decided to make a friendlier curve and set bricks in the ground so that I can put two wheels of the mower on the brick and eliminate the need to weed eat. Seemed simple enough. The ground was wet and easy to dig. I used the sod I dug up in other locations in the park. I never, ever waste.

I got a little carried away and kept going with the brick ...... Since I have no shortage of free mulch, I put down a very heavy layer. 125 five gallon buckets to be exact. The bucket load equates to a bag at the garden center. I hauled 6 buckets at a time. I just scored another bucket and can haul 7 now. This is cedar and when the breeze wafts into my bedroom at night it smells wonderful. Actually, it smells a lot like Christmas!

Turned out better than I had envisioned. I am still hauling mulch to various gardens in the park with my 7 buckets and the golf cart. My limbs are aching and I have quite the tan.

The week before a holiday weekend is always filled with last minute projects ..... and reservations. Just took a call from a woman requesting an electric tent site. Oh, and make it a secluded one ........ Secluded? On a holiday weekend, she will be lucky to find a spot at all. She was a little miffed when I tried to explain that I was pretty much booked solid and the only tent sites left would definitely not be secluded. She says she will call back after she talks to "her man". Really, she said "her man".

Next call was a woman requesting a tent site pool side. When I explained that all those were reserved she said, "Well, just put us on the beach then." Beach? I don't have a beach. "You know, the beach by the lake." Um, I don't have a lake. I have a pool and a pond. No lake. " Isn't this Cuivre River State Park?"

And that is how the day was going. Between fielding calls and running buckets of mulch to the dog park I was keeping an eye on the office. Saw a Missouri Propane Commission vehicle drive up. I went up to see what the man needed. He was still sitting in the government vehicle, windows up, engine running and air on. He finally looked up and exited the vehicle. Just a safety inspection. Didn't need me. I went back to my task and set two stepping stones, covered the ground, and laid my load of mulch. He was still there, at the dispense station doing his inspection. Why am I noting this? Because, the vehicle was running the entire time. Waste. My tax dollars at work!!  


Val said...

Maybe that worker guy was looking for the beach.

Joanne Noragon said...

You make my teeth curl. I tell people to turn off their cars all the time. It costs less money to restart a car fifteen seconds later than to let it run those fifteen seconds. Look it up, I tell them.

ellen abbott said...

You didn't expect him to sweat did you? That's one of my pet peeves, adding to the pollution level for no good reason.

I have an acre and a half of grass to reduce with gardens and a little meadow that is attached to the new shop.

joanne said...

i got lost somewhere, did you have surgery on that shoulder or are you dragging it around in a mulch bucket too?

Anonymous said...

I too wondered about your shoulder and how it was doing with all that mulch hauling. Joanne asked it much better than me, though.

The beach question made me laugh. Living near the ocean, the only beach I can think of is the one down by the seaside.

Linda O'Connell said...

There are all kinds in this world, and it looks like the season has just begun. Be careful with your shoulder hauling all that mulch.