Thursday, May 15, 2014

Appearances Are Sometimes Just as They Seem

Early blooming iris just waiting to pop.

And here it is. Just in time for the tulips to start to fade away.

My gardens make me happy. This is day three of cloudy, gray days. I long to see the sun shine through. This weather seems to bring out the strange folk.

Phone rings, "Do you have any sites available?"  Depends on the date you might be referring to. "For when?" I ask. The man says tonight in a tone that indicates I should have known that. His next question is about my location. I repeat my well rehearsed answer and then ask where he is, so that I can direct him to my park. He is already on the outer road leading him to my location, having followed the signs on the road. So, why did he ask, I wonder?

Within minutes I see him at my drive. It is an older motor home. I watch as he exits and starts toward the office. Attired in gray sweats, I note that the front of his pants are wet ....... as if he may have peed himself while driving. But, no, he wouldn't just walk into the office soaked in urine. Surely he must have spilled a beverage .........

It was most definitely urine I smelled as he approached the desk. "Do you have a laundry room? I am going to need one." says the man who wet himself. No argument from me. Soon as he parked he started washing clothes. Guess he was out of dry clothes.


joanne said...

just when you think you've seen it all! 93degrees and cloudy here today and it's just killin' me.

Val said...

Yet he didn't ask about a shower room.

Anonymous said...

You see it all.