Friday, May 9, 2014

Kisses Aren't Always Welcome

Can't seem to download pictures today, else you would be enchanted with my lilies .......

Nothing bothers me too much and I sit here sipping my V-8, in a Vicodin haze. I must say this the best V-8 I have ever had! Could the Vicodin have enhanced the flavor?

In addition to the pain from the void where my wisdom tooth once resided, I seem to have a foot malady as well. I have no idea what may have bitten my heel, maybe a spider. I tend to my gardens in my beloved flip-flops, so all of foot is bare as I am kneeling and digging. I didn't really notice anything other than an itch until Wall-E, the wonder dog was following me too closely and stepped on the back of my shoe. One of his wickedly long toenails grazed my heel and a pain shot all the way to my leg pit ( as explained by a young Adrienne ....... this is where your legs meet at the top). I stopped my voyage and took a peek at the heel, thinking it might need stitches. But, the skin wasn't even broken, just red and swollen.

My daily routine now includes soaking the heel in Epsom salts twice daily. It seems to be improving and the really good news is that my potted plants are loving the foot soak water! You didn't really think I would waste it by simply pouring it down the drain, did you?

In spite of my foot-ache I still managed to mow my back yard yesterday. The dandelion stems are taller than Cujo and he must feel like he is in the jungle as he goes about his daily business. Since I always remove any toys and other obstacles out of the way, I allowed the dogs to stay in the back yard with me while I mowed.

Cujo has gotten used to seeing the noise machine making row after row of nicely shaved grass and he likes to watch, from a distance. Wall-E and Toni Louise like to bark at the mower as I go along. I think they have a contest to see who will bark the loudest. Old Oscar sits on the stoop and watches, impatiently waiting to go inside, thinking than any entrance to the indoors is reason for a treat.

As I was finishing, Toni Louise was totally engrossed in what I thought was a stick or a toy that she had found. She was right in my path and refused to move. No amount of verbal persuasion seemed to work. She kept her head low to the ground and would look up at me when I called her name, but she did not move. I had to stop the mower and as I approached she stood up with her prize in her mouth. A dead mouse covered in dog saliva! Looked like a fairly fresh kill, although I am no expert and did not intend to check for body warmth or stiffness.

I wish Martha, the boy cat, would stop bringing gifts to his canine friends. All I can think about is Toni Louise licking my chin that morning!


Linda O'Connell said...

Life at the campground is interesting. Thank you for sharing. It makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

Our cats are in a killing mood around here. We have found two baby birds, one mouse, and a dove over a period of days, all lying in the same patch of tall grass in the backyard. Actually it's the only patch of grass, short or tall, in the backyard. I guess the cats like to have a nice place to lie with their fresh kill. Yuck.