Saturday, May 3, 2014

Colliding With Karma

April is finally over, it is official! The rains have let up for an absolutely gorgeous weekend.

As I have alluded to in previous posts, Murphy's law of misfortune has plagued the kampground of late. The "new" fridge is still not fixed, waiting on a part, the Pepsi machine lolls with cans of tepid sodas waiting to be cooled. Another part ordered.

The April showers and the chilly weather has kept me out of my gardens ........ Yesterday the grounds were finally dry enough to get the mowers out and I mowed and mowed with my trusty push mower, while He Who Mows was whipping through the larger areas on his big mower. We did not finish. I left the dog park til this morning, knowing it was far enough away from the kampers to not disturb anyone at 7 AM.

I noted a truck with a travel trailer that I did not recognize in a site I had not assigned. I pointed this out to He Who was about the business of finding fuel for my mower. I hinted that perhaps he should go and have a little chat with the occupant and maybe get payment. "It is early, just watch it." says He Who is loading gas cans into his vehicle.

I finished my dog park and went in for a cup of coffee. I took my coffee out to play in some mulch and enjoy my gardens. My favorite coffee drinkers came up for our Saturday morning session that I look forward to all week. We lingered outside, enjoying the gardens and I see the truck with non-paying tenant coming round the curve to leave. I start walking towards him and wave my hand for him to stop and he blows right by me. I yell, "HEY" and he keeps going. He Who Mows at 12 mph (clearly violating my speed limit) happens to look up at just the right time and gives chase to the man in the truck pulling the trailer that neglected to pay.

The truck ignores both of us and keeps going. This happens more often than I care to think about, though, not so blatantly. He Who Mows came flying up to me and told me to watch the truck to see which way he was going on the interstate and the next thing I saw was the little VW burning rubber, heading for the exit.

My buddies and I went on in and had our coffee, all the while wondering about the situation. It was appalling to think that someone would steal so blatantly. It is only $25, but it does add up. Clearly, law enforcement is not going to give chase to something considered trivial to them. It was brought to my attention that perhaps He Who was speeding might end up with a ticket to pay for his efforts. That would surely have been the icing on Murphy's cake.

But ........ I got a text from He Who fancies himself to be Andy Taylor (not Barney). He caught the perpetrator and retrieved payment!!!!!! No speeding tickets involved! Has Steven Murphy left the premises? This is a good sign. I think he should have doubled the price for all the effort it took to collect, but he only got the $25. I am happy with that.

Perhaps Steven Murphy hitched a ride .......... he was headed west .........


Joanne Noragon said...

I once chased a shoplifter and retrieved the tote she took from my both. Back at my booth other exhibitors came up. "Weren't you afraid she might have a gun and shoot you? She took from me..and me..and me." I turned out the bag and returned all the stolen jewelry. I knew I came back with more than I left with, but was a little chagrined to realize she only wanted my tote bag to stash the loot.

Val said...

Kudos to He Who for his diligence. You might have to start calling him The Enforcer.

When I worked in the insurance salvage store, our security guard chased a guy out the door, across four lanes of traffic, over a grocery store roof, and onto a railroad overpass. At the end, they were like Melissa McCarthy chasing the drug dealer in The Heat. It was a low-speed chase. Finally, the thief collapsed on the tracks.

"All this for a $20 pair of boots? Take 'em back, buddy. It's not worth it."

Yeah. He didn't even try to wear out a pair of exotic skins. Only the $19.99 specials.

Linda O'Connell said...

Wow! You did have some excitement. Don't you just love the greening up and the warmth?Enjoy your week.

ellen abbott said...

I'm surprised the guy stopped.