Monday, March 29, 2021

Bo's Big Adventure

 Cujo here. Well, Mom took Bo to the vet. It took both Mom and Dad to put his harness on and then get him into his kennel. Mom said he was in rare form, being particularly difficult to deal with. We all watched and then Toni Louise thought it might be fun to jump up and try to get him out of Mom's grasp. We all joined in with barking. It was hilarious, I tell you. Toni was up on her hind legs, grabbing at him and he was using his toe nails to climb up on Mom's shoulders and over to Dad and back again. He had made up his mind he was not getting in the kennel.

Then Dad yelled at us dogs to "SHUT UP!!". We didn't. We aren't really afraid of him. Mom grabbed the fly swatter as Dad locked the door to the kennel. She held the fly swatter in the air and said "FLYSWATTER" in her no-nonsense voice. We all slinked back to our respective lounging places and got very quiet. As far as I know she has never actually swatted any of us dogs, but we have all witnessed her killing flies. I am glad I am not a fly!

As Mom was leaving, carrying young Bo in the kennel, I started to feel a bit sorry for him. I could smell his fear in that kennel. We usually go all together or in pairs to the vet and he was all alone. He came home a changed dog! 

He did stink of throw-up and Mom told Dad he had emptied his stomach on the way. Bo just got down out of Dad's arms and grabbed his favorite wooby and shook the daylights out of it. I tried to ask about his visit with the vet that I have not met yet, but he did not want to talk.

We all went outside with Mom, and Bo stayed quite close to her. He didn't try to chase his ball or jump up on our backs like he usually does. I was starting to worry! What did they do to him? He went down for a nap until Mom got our food ready. He ate every bite she gave him, but he didn't try to steal our bites. It was strange, this behavior from our old Bo.

Then he yelped when Mom touched his hind end. I heard her tell Dad that it must be his shot. They shot him?? I do not care for shots myself. Then Bo showed me his feet and whispered that they had cut his toe nails. He was really quite upset that this had happened. Wall-E felt the same way about his toe nails. Our old vet would give Wall-E a shot the minute we walked in. Mom said it was happy juice and Wall-E would stumble around until his turn. They would still have to put that thing on his mouth that Mom said was a muzzle because he hated it when someone messed with his feet.

Bo said he was already scared when he got there. He said a lady sprayed some stuff on his tail and legs to clean the vomit off and then Mom used a ton of paper towels to scoop all the vomit out of the kennel. Se said it was amazing amount of vomit from such a little dog. Bo weighed in at a hefty 11 lbs., by the way. Then he said the vet got down on the floor with him and tricked him into thinking she was nice before she shot him in the butt and then stuck a needle in him and stole his blood!

Okay, I have decided I am not going to go to see this new vet. No way! All that trickery! I will bite all of them, I tell you. Treat my little brother like that! I will show them who is the real boss. Well, it really isn't me, but I can trick them like they tricked Bo.

So, Bo is tired from his big adventure and Mom is working hard in the store. She told Dad everything had to be re-set on the peg fixtures, so he went outside. I think he was afraid she might ask for his help. She didn't, though. She told me that he had no sense of space and organization. I get that. Not to be mean, but he is sort of a slob. Okay, I did mean to be mean, but we all know how I feel about Dad!

I will be quite happy to see the end of this day.


Pam Johns said...

Poor Bo. I hope he’s feeling much better now,and that he hasn’t gotten sick again.

Kathy G said...

I'm thinking that maybe Cujo has a book in him :-)

River said...

Poor Bo, I know he must have been so scared, but these visits are necessary sometimes and just need to be got over and done with as quickly as possible. Bo will be alright again in a day or so. They took some of his blood to check it for germs and other nasty things that might make him sick, then if they find any, the vet knows what kind of medicine to use to make Bo better.
My cat had her toenails clipped last week too, I tell her she is going to the vet to get a 'manicure', but she still makes a fuss when I put her in the carrier.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh what an adventure Bo had.................

Val said...

I understand the FLYSWATTER, Cujo. Back in my day, it wasn't just for dogs!

Linda O'Connell said...

I sometimes forget I am reading a four legged critter post and get caught up in the action and emotions. The last two paragraphs are priceless! What an adventure.

Patrick Breen trial said...

Ohh..I hope Bo had an amazing adventure!