Wednesday, March 3, 2021


 You may recall the gift I received for Christmas. Yes, the dishwasher. I am still not sure of the button sequence to start it, so HeWho is in charge of dragging the machine across the floor and hooking it up to water and power. I load it, add the detergent, and unload it when it is done and shove it back in it's rightful place. I found that the liquid detergent works much better. I still have dishes to wash by hand, but it does make my work load lighter (said begrudgingly).

I could always do what my mother did when she wanted to get rid of an appliance for a new one, or decided she wasn't going to use one. She wanted a new refrigerator one time, so she would turn the temperature down to let the food spoil, then turn it back up before presenting her evidence to my Dad. He would help her toss all the food and say he was gong to go get her a new one and she would baulk at that and say that maybe the power had gone out overnight and she would "try" it again. On the third "try", she agreed to get a new one.

She could have saved all that time and energy and the cost of all that wasted food and just asked for a new appliance. My Daddy never denied her anything. He bought her a dishwasher in the last home they had. He installed it and carefully read all the instructions on the use and care of this new machine before making a file for it and putting everything pertaining to that machine in the file drawer. That was just how he was. The first time she was going to load it, he offered a few helpful suggestions .... after all their years together, you would think he would know better. She dropped what she was doing and walked out of the kitchen saying that he could load it himself FROM NOW ON. He did. It had become his task.

You would think I might have learned this tactic and followed her example. The very thought of HeWho loading my dishwasher all helter-skelter scares me. It would be hard not to re-do it every time. He has no concept of space and would either cram everything in too tight, or under load it. With just the two of us, we only run the machine every second or third day. 

I have a new phone. HeWho purchased it and called me twice for passcodes and such. I can make and receive calls and text, but every other function of the phone has me locked out because I can't remember my Apple password. I have never known my Apple password. Ever. Why is this, you may be wondering. Why would I forget this important information? I cannot forget what I never knew!

HeWho programmed my old phone. If you received a call from my phone the caller ID had his name on it.  The ID is my email address, but HeWho is not good at password making. I always make my passwords mean something to me. So that I can remember them. He makes passwords with random letters, numbers and symbols and is hard put to remember them. The private wi-fi here has a password and we can't use it ... because HE CAN'T REMEMBER IT!

After several attempts to change the password, I gave up. The phone tells me that the password cannot be changed because it has already been changed too many times. Um, not by me. Because I would know what the password was if I had changed it.

I am unhappy about this. I was in the middle of a book and that book will go back to the library today. I can't even get on that site to renew it. I handed the new phone to him this morning and he has now gone back to the store to enlist the help of the experts there. I am left here to my own devices of entertaining myself. 


Kathy G said...

I can't remember my Apple password either, and I made it!

One of the best things I've ever done is to register an online password manager. It costs about five dollars a month, and it took me a while to get everything in there, but now all I have to do is enter my master password (or use the thumb ID on my phone) and every one of them is available to auto-fill.

Marla said...

Passwords are the work of the devil. I'm convinced.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your mom's story reminded me of my mom. My dad brought home a chunkof unsliced slab bacon which mom had never seen before, and did not know how to cook it. So she put it on the window sill of their second floor apartment and gave it a shove. The area it fellin was not accessible.
Passwords...oh my, the only thing we fuss at one another about.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Funny to read this post watching telly this morning they had a segment about passwords at one point it was said to not to write them down and not to use the same password for multible sites. I do both of those things. I also do not like Tim to pack the dishwasher

Joanne Noragon said...

Wow. Sorry you haven't been able to make some good ground rules.

River said...

I suggest from now on you enter your own passwords that you will remember and not get locked out ever again. Also, have HeWho write down the number sequence to start the dishwasher and tape it to the front or top or side where you can easily see it.

Val said...

I have my Apple ID, and I only had an iPhone for two months. That's the only thing I ever needed it for. The girl who set up the phone wrote it down, and said KEEP THIS because people all the time forget their Apple ID. I was not happy with her when I saw that she had put the answers to my three security questions WITHOUT capitals. So... I have the paper right here, in case I ever need it again. Which I probably won't.