Sunday, March 21, 2021

Covered In Dogs

 As I sit here with my ever present coffee and read all your comments, let it be known that I am not looking forward to this day! The weather will be perfect for getting out in my gardens.

The phone call from my previous post was able to find us ... No, they do not read my blog, assuming they read anything with much comprehension. After assuring me that they were on their way they did not arrive until it was dark (the call was in the morning). The office was already closed, with 4 envelopes taped to the front door.

In the past I would stay open if I had that many reservations arriving late. Covid and no contact check-ins has taught me that I do not have to be present to direct campers to their sites. Hence the envelopes with camper names on them. Inside the envelope each camper will find a map with the route to their site hi-lighted. This system works well for the most part and leaves me closing on time and not stuck in the office waiting. Like I said, it is chilly in there this time of year after the sun goes down. 

This building did have central heating when we bought it, but the very old furnace died and since we only have to go into the office to grab the mail, or check someone in, I saw no reason to heat that much space not in constant use. Our living quarters are well heated with a small gas unit and the ever present roaring fire that will sometimes reach 90 degrees. At those times I am thankful to have the office to let some of that hot air escape.

But, back to my new campers. They would appear to be first time camper owners. I put them in a pull through site, away from other campers. I like to spread them out when I have space, giving each camper a little privacy. We saw them arrive on the monitor in our living space.  The man retrieved the envelope with no problem and I promptly put him out of my mind ....

The first call happened shortly after. Not them, but my faithful camp workers. They didn't have a hose for water. My workers came up to the office to get one for them. Problem solved? Not so much. The travel trailer was an older unit and the cord for power was, how to put this and be politically correct ... unique, involving an extension cord and some sort of cord that would appear to be from a dryer or stove. The camper has tires that need attention and lacks a license plate. Add all this to the fact that none of the three adults could back it up all points to them being "newbies".

They will be staying through this evening and leaving tomorrow. If I venture outside, I will no doubt be assaulted with many questions and I like my solitude in my garden!

My coffee is gone and Bo is sleeping on my lap. He is a sweet little guy when he is asleep. He will actually seek me out when he is sleepy, but will not succumb to being picked up and kissed soundly on his tiny head. It has to be his way, he has to initiate contact. He can wiggle and fight his way out of the strongest hold. He is strong for a little guy. Those little legs can pack a punch you won't soon forget. All the while he makes this noise that makes him sound like some sort of prehistoric wild animal. He no longer attempts to bite me, but he does use his teeth with HeWho insists on holding him down just to hear him make noise. I must stop now, as my sweet and gentle Eddie has nosed Bo off my lap to gain access to it for himself. I am covered in dogs!!


River said...

I think being covered in dogs in much better in winter when they can keep you warm.
Thank you for the other explanations, it does make sense to not heat the office when you aren't in there all day, as I thought you were. I hope the newbies get the hang of things and learn to be better and fun campers over the years.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some people.........................
You must have a lot of patience

Joanne Noragon said...

I think your live will be better when "they" are gone.

Val said...

I hope nothing breaks to keep those people from leaving after one night! So you can escape from hiding.