Monday, March 22, 2021

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Unable to download the pictures I took, this leaves me with just my words to describe it to you. So, many years ago, after Oscar bit the child who came into our home, despite the signage warning about the dogs; I began to think of ways to separate the doors and keep the traffic coming in the correct door. The doors were quite literally side by side.

A knee wall was erected between the door and signage was made bigger. And a serious effort to keep the door locked was instituted. People continued to try to gain entry until I simply eliminated the door entirely. For some years now the half wall meant to keep the doors apart has been there. No use for it remained and I decided to take it down.

When my brain comes up with a wonderful idea, HeWho is afraid a job will fall to him is not usually on board. I don't know why, as I am perfectly able to take down walls! He was adamant about leaving the wall in place. Of course this acted as a catalyst for me. I took it as a challenge and was happily dismantling said wall when HeWho seems to think he is the boss of me, happened upon me and my project.

"You know you won't be able to get that whole wall down today, don't you? I am busy on another project and I can't help you." says the man who is mistaken about my abilities. I asked him if I had asked for his help and he said that I had not, then left quickly. By the time we had established that I was taking on the task of the wall and he left, I had already removed all the trim. I had a pry bar, a hammer and my drill and had no use for someone in my way offering unsolicited advice. 

The project that was going to take me several days (according to him) took me less than an hour. This does not mean that I was left to my own devices, as yet another man offered assistance and I snapped at him, asking if I looked like I needed help. Despite the fact that nails instead of screws had been used to construct this wall, I removed every element piece by piece and except for a couple of pieces of trim it can all be re-used. Did I mention that I knew what I was doing?

Now I am left with a big, welcoming opening that leads to the door. I was musing about the front of the building, lamenting that it was time to paint again, when I had an epiphany! All morning I had heard the sound of saws as the men were trimming weak limbs and cutting up fallen trees. It was like background music to my thoughts. I could have actually been talking to myself, as I do value good advice.

One of my challenges is trying to keep the gravel in the driveway and out of the building. The porch is concrete and easy enough to sweep everyday. I have door mats (plural) as well as the brushy mat to get mud off boots. They can't help but step on them before entering, but I am always looking for ways to have that gravel fall off the shoes before it comes inside. I had some pavers to step on as you came towards the opening, but they looked a little skimpy now that I had enlarged that opening.

I love to use resources I already have access to, rather than buy something new. I have access to trees!! Too bad I don't have a sawmill. HeWho loves any equipment that makes noise. Chainsaws make a good bit of noise and if they had one on wheels that could be driven for a reasonable price, I am certain we would own one. I needed a whole bunch of the rounds cut in slabs to "pave" the entry way. 

In the past, I have asked HeWho likes chainsaws to cut some of these rounds for me. I was thinking of them all being the same thickness and well, that just doesn't happen when HeWho is in charge of the saw, I have no doubt he would have happily cut up some of the larger limbs and stumps for me, but I didn't want them all to be unlevel. It would be like walking on a tilt-a-whirl. He would try hard, and probably even manage to make some perfectly fine slabs for my idea, but would lose interest long before he had fulfilled my needs.

I asked Craig, instead. That very day he cut them! I moved all the pavers and raked the gravel away to reuse it to fill in. It is nicely settled now and as soon as they dry out I plan to treat them to a water seal. While we were laying the rounds, I mentioned that an arbor over the rounds would look good. That evolved into using some cedar trees on our property and it is also done!

All that is left is to hang some baskets of ferns and petunias, string up some lights and it will look very welcoming. I do have pictures waiting to download.

Too bad I can't show it to you. Yesterday I put up 500 mini lights and attached them to a timer. I  was inside when it finally got dark enough to trigger the timer. I had planned to go outside to look at it, but I didn't have to! The monitor in our house lit up like the sun was shining. Very impressive.

I added the last string of 100 mini lights this morning, then found more lights to wrap cedar posts with. There are already clear lights that define the roof line, thanks to my old friend, Kevin. I was thinking of him as I was weaving the lights through the small limbs in the top of my new rustic arbor. I wasn't the only one. His brother Alex came up on his golf cart and said he bet Kevin was watching me right then. Probably so, since they are so bright he will be able to see them from heaven. Missing my friend today.


Joanne Noragon said...

What a great, wonderful, decorative, useful project. Of course Kevin was twirling above.

River said...

I'm sure your pictures are worth looking at, but I can already "see" the things you've done in my mind. Such a pretty place you've made.

ellen abbott said...

can't wait to see the pictures. I rarely ask my husband for help, would rather do the work myself. that way it gets done the way I want when I want. and the fact is we women don't need their help mostly.

Kathy G said...

I can't wait to see the actual completed project.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Sad face here asno photos but a great post

Linda O'Connell said...

I love your tenacity: he knows I am capable of takinmg a wall down.
Maybe you should build a cage for those hooligans who don't follow campgroumd rules.
Spring is here and I am happy. Bet your business picks up, too.